KLM Baggage Policy

KLM Baggage policy
KLM Baggage Policy

The KLM baggage policy has been made with proper guidelines for carrying the items to its flight. These guidelines have been formed to keep KLM’s passengers aware of the weight and size limit of bags that they can carry. Also known as Air France-KLM Airlines merger, this baggage policy can also be essential for figuring out how many carry-ons and checked baggage are allowed. 

KLM Baggage Allowance for Carrying Checked Bags

KLM Airlines allows its customers to check their first bags free of charge. The baggage charges or allowance for the flyers can be in link with the route of travel and the cabin class selected. The charges, as well as baggage allowance, can also be based on the country in which the airline is operating. KLM baggage allowance to South Africa, Canada, the USA, and other countries can differ from each other. 

The baggage allowance weight limit and the number of bags the visitors can carry on KLM flights are:

Cabin ClassNumber of BagsWeight Restrictions (Pounds)Size Limit (Linear Inches)
Economy Light150 62 
Economy Standard150 62 
Premium Economy270 62 
Business Class270 62 
First-Class370 62 

There can be exceptions for baggage allowance for KLM Economy passengers. These exceptions like free checking can be based on particular itineraries. Travelers flying in Economy Class are permitted to carry the first and second pieces of their bags measuring up to 23 kg and 158 cm. They can carry these two bags free of charge based on the route they choose.

Tip: KLM Economy restricted baggage allowance charges may or may not be applied. To avoid paying them in any situation, you may use KLM’s baggage calculator.

KLM Excess Baggage Policy

KLM Airlines instructs its passengers that whenever they bring an extra item on a flight, it should be within 23 kilograms. In the event that the checked bag exceeds the weight restrictions, you may be charged with the KLM extra baggage fee price. This extra baggage fee can be on a per kilogram basis. 

Tip: Extra baggage allowance can be purchased online or at the airport for a cost that depends on the route and duration of the trip. The purchased bag size of the extra items must not surpass 158 centimeters in dimensions.

The following is the chart of KLM Airlines extra baggage fees according to different routes:

RouteExtra Baggage Fees
Within EuropeEUR 25/USD 40
Europe-Middle EastFree
Europe-The U.S.EUR 50/USD 60
Europe-CanadaEUR 50/CAD 75

KLM Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fees

The airline, KLM, can charge baggage fees for overweight as well as oversized items. Different KLM baggage fees for international flights and domestic flights may be observed.

Find what can be the fees applied for taking overweight and oversized items at KLM flights in the table below:

RouteOverweight Baggage Fees in USD, EUR, & CADOversized Baggage Fees in USD, EUR, & CAD
Ajaccio Bastia Calvi Figari2040
Within France7040
Intra Caribbean network5540
Between France and DOM100100
Between Miami & Fort-de-France7528
Between the USA & Europe100300
Between the U.S. and All Others300300
Between Canada & Europe EUR 85EUR 250
Between Canada & Other CountriesCAD 90CAD 360
Between Europe & Middle East75300

Allowed Items as per KLM Baggage Policy

KLM Airlines baggage allowance for carry-on approves only limited items. The items that are approved by this operator can be taken as hand luggage or as carry-on bags. A carry-on bag and a personal bag must not be more than 23 kilograms to pass through the checkpoint of the airport. 

Some of the items that can be brought under KLM Royal Dutch Airlines baggage policy are:

Baby strollersWheelchairShoes
MedicinesDuty-free itemsLaptops
Electronic gadgetsChargersMobility devices
Baby foodBaby car seatSafety Pins
UmbrellaPower BanksHearing aids

Following KLM Airlines’ hand baggage allowance for international flights, these limitations also apply, specifically for liquids:

  • Containers for liquids and gel-like materials can hold up to 100 ml.
  • All liquid items must be transported in a plastic or a seal-tight bag.
  • Travelers must take their liquids from their carry-on baggage and present them separately at the airport security checkpoint.
  • Duty-free liquids must be transported in a zip-lock bag.
  • Medicines and special meals are acceptable to be carried inside the flights. They must be presented to security while checking in, as per the KLM carry baggage allowance for international flights.

KLM Baggage Policy for Taking Infants

With headquarters established in Amstelveen, KLM Airlines takes utmost care of infants traveling with it. They must travel with an individual above 16 years of age. That individual must be responsible for guarding the infant on the aircraft. If the Unaccompanied Minor Service is not bought, then the adult and infant must travel together, describes the KLM baggage policy.

The rules that apply to the flyers traveling with their babies on KLM Airlines are:

  • On a parent’s lap, infants under the age of two should always fly at a discounted infant rate. 
  • When you are flying with a baby, the infant price may not apply if:
    • Before the return trip, your baby becomes two years old.
    • You want your infant to have its own seat on the plane.
  • Infants who are 2-year-old or above, as may be written in the KLM Airlines baggage policy, must always fly in their own seats.
  • KLM Airlines can offer reduced fares for infants above the age of 2.
  • When an adult is traveling with more than 1 infant, each one must have his/her own seat. 
  • Only one infant is permitted to fly on the lap of an adult.
  • On all intercontinental trips, carrycots can be available. They can be suitable for babies under the age of ten months and whose weight is less than 10 kg.

KLM Baggage Policy for Carrying Pets Onboard

There can be many customers of KLM Airlines who may carry pets onboard. Special rules may have to be followed by them while transporting their pets in the cabin or the cargo hold. 

The rules for KLM Airlines cabin baggage allowance for pets are:

  • On a majority of flights, the airline can accept small cats and dogs inside the Economy Class. The baggage fees of traveling with pets can vary depending on the destination.
  • Small dogs can be allowed to ride on KLM Airlines Business Class baggage allowance within Europe. They may be allowed in the cabin given that the total weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 18 pounds. 
  • The pets should be kept in a suitable container below the seat. The container can be kept in front of you throughout the trip.

Sports and Musical Instruments Accepted by KLM Airlines

KLM can assist you with the transportation of your sporting equipment inside its airplane. KLM checked baggage policy allows for the transport of small and large sports instruments as well. When flying with bigger equipment, you can buy up to 9 checked luggage items. However, if the instruments are bigger than the usual dimensions for checked luggage, then you must contact customer service to make your reservation.

Golf clubs, snowboards, etc., can be transported as checked luggage or as an additional bag, depending on your allocation. The other sports instruments that you can bring inside the KLM aircraft include:

  • Golf bags
  • Hockey gear
  • Diving equipment
  • Ski equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Fishing equipment
  • Scuba diving tank
  • Bicycles
  • Tandems
  • Shooting equipment
  • Scooters
  • Kite surfs
  • Windsurfing board
  • Archery equipment
  • Bodyboard
  • Kite surfs
  • Longboard

KLM Baggage Policy on Musical Items

Passengers can bring, as the KLM baggage policy marks, their musical instruments in hold luggage, hand luggage, or on a ticketed seat in the main cabin. Small musical instruments such as flute, drums, or a small piano can be included in your checked bags. They should not occupy more space than your free baggage allotment. 

Other instruments that can be taken with a passenger on KLM Airlines are:

  • Guitar
  • Tabla
  • Drumsticks
  • Harmonium
  • Cell bass

These weight and size restrictions must be ensured while bringing musical instruments, outlines the KLM international baggage allowance 2019, 2020, and 2021:

Economy Class

  • Maximum Weight: 50.5 lbs/23 kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 158 cm or 62 inches

Business Class

  • Maximum Weight: 70.5 lbs or 32 kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 300 cm/118 inches

Restricted Items at Air-France KLM Airlines

Some items, when taken inside the flights, can cause harm to the people/property onboard. To avoid the same, the use of firearms, explosives, dangerous goods, poisonous chemicals, etc. are prohibited at KLM Airlines. When any customer is caught bringing such items onboard, he/she may be denied entry.

To make your flying plans better, prevent yourself from bringing these items in your KLM checked baggage allowance:

  • Firearms
  • Pointed or edged items
  • Stunning devices
  • Blunt objects
  • Workmen’s tools
  • Chemical and toxic substances
  • Explosives and flammable items
  • Electronic batteries 
  • Lithium batteries 
  • Smart baggage 
  • e-Cigarettes 
  • Self-balancing devices 
  • Portable electronic devices 
  • Lighters 
  • Matchsticks
  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Recalled devices 
  • Alcohol

For knowing how other airlines’ policies work, you may browse our site. We specifically suggest reading the AirAsia baggage policy.

Frequently Asked Questions for KLM Airlines Baggage Policy

How much does it cost to add a bag to KLM Airlines?

At KLM Airlines, if your cabin class only allows for one bag, then you may expect to spend from EUR 55 to EUR 100 for carrying a second bag. This will also be based on the route used. Any additional KLM international baggage fees can cost approximately 70 to 240 Euros for adding a single bag. When your added bag is found to be overweight, this airline may charge between EUR 20-EUR 100.

Can I check in 2 bags with KLM?

Yes, when you are a Business Class passenger of KLM Airlines, you can check-in two bags. Business Class flyers can take up to 70 lbs of bags as per the KLM checked baggage policy. It has to be ensured that each bag should be no more than 158 centimeters or 62 linear inches.

Is KLM strict with baggage allowance?

KLM baggage allowance may not be as stringent as some airlines during check-in. Particularly with check-in luggage, KLM Airlines does not weigh every piece of luggage to be carried. Nonetheless, you must follow the KLM check-in baggage size allowance to avoid any last-minute penalties.  

What is KLM Jet Airways baggage allowance for Business Class passengers?

KLM Business Class allowance for taking bags at this airline comprises restricted to size and weight guidelines. Business Class travelers should not carry more than 32 kilograms of baggage with them. Additionally, the size of the bag must not reach more than 62 inches.

What are the KLM baggage fees for Economy Light passengers?

Economy Light passengers can carry additional items by paying the baggage fees of 40 Euros. This baggage fee is for carrying bags per kilo. For every checked bag, the KLM baggage fees have to be paid by the customer at the screening counter.

How can I prepay for my luggage?

You can pay for your baggage at the airport or from the KLM website before your booking. When you wish to pay at the airport, you can pre-pay by reading the KLM baggage policy fees at the check-in desk. This process may be done up to 30 minutes prior to your flight’s departure time.

What are KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ carry-on allowances?

Carry-on baggage limitations of KLM Airlines vary by ticket. All travelers are allowed at least one checked bag and one standard-size carry-on bag for each flight. Standard weight limitations vary by price, so be careful to verify the KLM online baggage analyzer when flying. This will help you to pack as per its carry-on allowances.

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I searched a lot about the KLM hand baggage weight allowance as we were flying with our babies. The case was we had so much baby stuffs to carry that we were not sure how much hand luggage this airline would allow us. Upon searching the net, we found this policy and it explained nicely about the hand luggage weight concept. Thanks for posting it.

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I had left my handbag at the flight of KLM Airlines. Then when I contacted the staff of this airline, it helped me a lot. Once when my neighbor lost her stuff on this airline, this baggagge policy came to the rescue. Thanks for the little help by uploading the KLM lost baggage policy.

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