What Terminal is Spirit at SLC Airport? 

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Salt Lake City International Airport manages different carriers operating around the world, one of which includes Spirit Airlines. Those having reservations with it should know what terminal is Spirit at SLC Airport to arrive or depart with ease. Also known as SLC, this airport comprises 1 terminal. It has several concourses. Concourse B at this terminal is used by Spirit Airlines. Fliers should also know the location of the various check-in counters, baggage deposit, and collection centers, as well as security checkpoints. Moreover, while learning about the terminal used by the airline, the levels for domestic/international operations should be inferred.

What is the General Information About the Spirit Airlines SLC Terminal? 

The main terminal building of Salt Lake City Airport is where the major operations related to this carrier take place. This Spirit Airlines SLC Terminal building has 3 levels for arrivals, security screening, and check-in, respectively. 

More details about this terminal are mentioned below: 

Main Terminal Building  – Check-in concourse B – Departures https://slcairport.com/ 
Airport Location Utah, Salt Lake City, United States 
Airport Address W Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84122, USA
Airport For Spirit Airlines 
SLC Airport Spirit Terminal Main Terminal Building  – Check-in
Concourse B – Departures 

What is the SLC Airport Spirit Terminal Map? 

To give an in-depth analysis of Spirit Airlines SLC Airport terminal, a map has been designed. This map gives a drone view of the layout of the airport and the terminal building. It, thus, makes it easier for passengers to identify the various important spots located within this terminal such as departure and arrival gates.

Given below is a detailed view of the airport terminal map of this airline at SLC: 

airfleetrating-Salt Lake City Airport Map

What is the Spirit SLC Airport Terminal for Arrivals? 

The main terminal building of the airport in Utah is the hub for all arrivals of this carrier. Specifically, Level 1 of Spirit Terminal SLC Airport is used for this purpose. All the arriving fliers will have to collect their baggage. For this, they can visit the luggage collection belts at this level. 

What is the Spirit Airlines Salt Lake City Airport Terminal for Departures? 

At Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), departures take place from Concourse B at the main terminal. Check-in for the flights is conducted at the same terminal. 

Before heading for departures at SLC, travelers have to make sure that all the required pre-boarding processes are duly completed. These include check-in, handing over luggage, and clearing the security check. 

What is the SLC Spirit Terminal for International Arrivals/Departures? 

International passengers flying with Spirit will arrive at Level 1 of the main terminal building at SLC. The same level has a baggage collection point. Other facilities like dining and shopping will also be provided here. 

Additionally, one of the eminent features of the Spirit Airlines SLC  terminal is the provision of taxi services to enable travelers to easily exit the airport. 

  • International flights operating under Spirit take off from Level 2 of Concourse B. 
  • However, check-in for these flights should be done at Level 3 of the main terminal. 
  • For departures, baggage should be deposited at Level 2.

How Much is Baggage Allowance at SLC Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal? 

Checked bags and carry-on items are included in the Spirit baggage allowance. These bags will be thoroughly screened at the TSA checkpoints and any harmful items will be discarded. Once your bags are properly deposited at the Spirit Airlines Salt Lake City Airport Terminal, head to the boarding gate. 

  • One personal item can be carried for free. 
  • 1 checked bag up between 18 and 23 kgs will be allowed for USD 79. 

Is there a Lounge at Spirit Airlines Terminal at SLC? 

The Salt Lake City International Airport does not have a lounge for Spirit Airlines. The lounges available at this airport are for other carriers which may be availed of in case of transit flights. SLC has not yet made any announcements regarding the establishment of a lounge for this carrier. 

airfleetrating-Lounges at SLC Airport

How Much is the Lounge at Spirit Airlines SLC Airport? 

As there is no lounge at the Spirit Terminal at SLC Airport, no charges are levied. Passengers can use the waiting areas as an alternative to a lounge at this airport. Usually, these areas do not require charges.

What is the SLC Airport Spirit Terminal for Check-in? 

In order to check in and deposit your items, counters at the main terminal building of SLC are to be used. Passengers can either choose the curbside Spirit Check-in option or the self-check-in. It is necessary to complete checking in at least an hour before the departure of your flight. 

Given below are the different locations of the check-in stations at the SLC Airport: 

Check-In Type Check-In Location 
Curbside Outside Security of Main Terminal – Level 3 
Over-in-Line Gateway – Level 2 
Kiosk Security Checkpoint of Main Terminal Building 
Priority Services Main Terminal – Level 2 

Is there a TSA Pre-Check at Spirit Terminal SLC Airport? 

Level 2 of Spirit Airlines SLC Terminal offers the TSA precheck benefit. However, to be eligible for this facility, fliers will be required to have prior registration. Also, the service can only be availed during the operating hours. 

What is the Salt Lake City Airport Spirit Terminal Phone Number? 

To connect with the authorities of the Spirit Airlines SLC Terminal, the official contact number can be used. The agents can be contacted 24/7 to seek any kind of assistance regarding an issue. 

Purpose of Connecting Contact Details 
General Queries (855) 728- 3555
Spirit Vacations 877-377-0791

Where is Parking at Spirit Airlines SLC Terminal? 

There is no specific parking at SLC Airport for Spirit since a common garage is used by all airlines. There are different parking types made available at the airport according to which the fee is charged. 

Parking Type Parking Fee (In USD)
Garage Level 2 (Premium) 55 per day 
Garage Levels 2 and 3 (Daily) 35 per day 
Garage Levels 2-5 (Hourly) 5 per hour 
Economy Parking (Long-Term)12 per day 
Lot E Parking 21 per day 

Where does Spirit Fly from SLC?

Spirit Airlines has flights departing from Salt Lake City Airport to Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. These Spirit flights from SLC arrive at BQN or Rafael Hernández International Airport. 

Beyond this, there are more locations suggesting where does Spirit Fly from SLC Airport:

Las VegasLAS/Harry Reid International Airport
OrlandoMCO or Orlando International Airport
NewarkNewark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Los AngelesLAX or Los Angeles International Airport

The Spirit Airlines SLC terminal prioritizes customer service. It offers various check-in and luggage collection points to avoid overcrowding since there is only 1 terminal. It also provides ground transportation, and accessibility services to cater to the requirements of all the fliers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SLC Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal?

The main terminal building is assigned as the primary terminal for Spirit Airlines.

Where does Spirit fly from SLC?

Spirit Airlines flies to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Phoenix from SLC.

Where does Spirit fly direct from SLC?

Direct Spirit flights from SLC are to regions like Oakland, San Diego, Seattle, etc.

Is there parking at the SLC Spirit Airlines Terminal?

SLC Airport has general parking for all airlines operating from the airport.

Does Spirit Airlines at SLC have a lounge?

No, the Spirit Airlines Terminal at SLC Airport does not have a lounge.

How much is parking at Spirit Terminal SLC Airport?

The parking fee at the SLC Airport can range between USD 5 and 55.

What Terminal is Spirit at SLC Airport

Terminal 1 or Concourse E is used by many airlines, including Spirit, Frontier, and JetBlue at SLC Airport.

What Concourse is Spirit at SLC Airport?

Concourse E is used by Spirit, Frontier, and JetBlue airlines at SLC Airport.

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