Salt Lake City Airport Parking Options, Availability, and Fees

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While picking up or dropping off someone at the Salt Lake airport, it would be necessary for some visitors to utilize the parking services. For this reason, the Salt Lake City Airport parking facility is made available. This will also enable the passengers to halt their vehicles for time-being while they complete their trip via SLC Airport. The other important aspects of parking at this airport include its location, availability of the spots, fees charged, and weight restrictions imposed. Once they have a good understanding and easy access to this information, they will be able to easily book this service. 

Is There Parking at SLC Airport? 

To the benefit of both arriving and departing passengers, parking at Salt Lake City Airport is made available. These spots can be obtained upon the payment of a certain fee. The different parking options available at this airport are classified as follows: 

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  • Economy Parking 
  • Daily Garage Parking at Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Lot E Parking 
  • Pick Up/Drop Off-Park and Wait 

What are the Terms and Conditions of SLC International Airport Parking? 

There are some conditions and rules that are applicable to SLC Airport parking. When passengers decide to utilize parking spots, it is mandatory for them to abide by changes in fees. Another term is that an extra fee will have to be paid for vehicles that exceed the size limitations. 

  • In case of any sudden fire or theft, the airport will not be responsible for the loss.
  • Along with general ones, the rules of the federal and state government apply. 

Is Salt Lake City Airport Handicap Parking Available?

Parking at Salt Lake City Airport offers accessible or the Disability Parking option. It is for passengers with disabilities. Only those with the special placard or their vehicles, that indicate their disability, will be allowed to use it. It is offered at the price of the Economy lot spots. 

  • These spots are made available in the Economy lot, next to the Shuttle bus stops. 
  • 106 spots are offered only for halting cars. 
  • 23 spots are designed to facilitate the parking of vans. 
  • 6 spaces are offered for the parking of electric vehicles. 
  • In order to utilize these spots, you will have to pay a fee of USD 12 per day. 
  • To reserve these spots in advance, dial 801-575-2887 or 801-575-2401. 

How Much is Economy Parking at SLC Airport? 

The fee for Economy Parking at SLC Airport depends on the duration for which you reserve the spot. Generally, the prices of this lot are economical and, hence, easily affordable. Passengers can pay the fee using cash. Otherwise, credit cards will be accepted as well. 

airfleetrating-SLC airport parking fees
Duration Parking Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 2 
Each Additional Hour USD 1 
Maximum 24 Hours USD 12
Per Hour in the Walking E Lot USD 21 

Note: For queries regarding the cost structure or for reserving these spots, dial the number 801-575-2887. 

How Much is Salt Lake City International Airport Parking Garage Fee? 

Salt Lake City Airport parking garage rates depend on whether you wish to park your vehicle on a short-term or long-term basis. Both cash and credit cards can be used for the payment of these charges. This type of parking is offered on four levels. Accordingly, reservations can be made, after paying the cost.

Salt Lake City Short Term Parking: 

The short term parking at SLC Airport is offered at the garage that is situated directly to the south of its terminal. These spots are offered indoors, protecting the vehicles of the passengers. Further, since it is nearest to the terminal, it can easily be reached via a short walk. 

The rates for the short-term garage parking at Salt Lake City International Airport are as follows: 

Parking Duration Parking Fee 
Per Hour USD 5 
Maximum 24 Hours USD 35 

Long Term Parking SLC Airport: 

Usually, long term parking at Salt Lake City Airport is offered at the second level of the garage. It is a few meters away from the sky bridges of the terminal. This parking amenity also provides space for oversized vehicles. A total of USD 55 per day is to be paid to utilize this service. USD 35 is charged for long-term parking at garage Levels 2 and 3. 

How Much is Lot E Parking SLC Airport? 

The fee for Parking Lot E at SLC Airport is charged on an hourly and daily basis. An extra fee might have to be paid for oversized vehicles or in times of lack of immediate availability of the spots. Given below is the fee charged: 

Duration Cost for Parking
Per Hour USD 5 
24 Hours Maximum USD 21 
  • This lot is located to the east of the parking garage, past the Economy Lot. 
  • It is made available outdoors, hence, the spots will be uncovered. 
  • If you do not have a reservation in advance, you can request an on-spot booking. 

What are the Additional Services Offered by Salt Lake City Airport Parking? 

This airport in Utah offers different complimentary services that come along with the parking facility. These can include in-lot facilities, shuttle services, and on-ground transportation. Some of the other services offered in addition to the parking at SLC Airport include: 

  • Battery Jump 
  • Vehicle Relocation 
  • Assistance for refueling 
  • Fire Tyre Inflation 

Note: For further assistance or to report any issue relating to the parking spot, call 801-575-2401. 

Is there a Shuttle Service to the Salt Lake City Airport Economy Parking Lot? 

Shuttle services are provided by the airport from the terminal to the Salt Lake City International Airport Economy parking lot. This lot is situated near the South and the West end of the terminal building. This helps travelers to save time and also easily reach their parking spot. 

  • These services are made available for free without requiring any additional charges. 
  • The shuttle will run every 5 to 7 minutes. 
  • Travelers booked under any airline or any concourse can use this service. 

Where is the SLC Airport Park and Wait Garage? 

The Salt Lake City Airport park and wait garage is located to the South of the main terminal and to the west of the terminal drive. It is housed on the first level. This is where drivers can wait to pick up the arriving passengers. 

  • Drivers can know about the arrival of the passengers via the information provided on LED screens. 
  • When travelers have collected their baggage, the sign “ready for pick up” will be displayed on screens.
  • Once they arrive at the curbside, they can connect with their drivers through cell phones. 
  • Accordingly, arrangements can be made and passengers will be picked up. 
  • All the drivers at the park and wait garage must follow the idle-free policy. 
  • This means that no vehicle can halt unnecessarily for longer than 2 minutes. 
  • For such vehicles, first, a warning will be issued after which penalties will be levied. 
  • This rule is applicable to both public and private vehicles. 

How to Book a Parking Spot at Salt Lake City Airport? 

Passengers will be given the opportunity to book the parking spot at SLC Airport in advance. This can be done either by contacting the airport authorities directly or by using the official site of the airport. For the online method, you can follow the steps given below: 

  • Open your web browser and go to the “SLC Airport Parking” web page. 
  • Here, move to the “Parking at SLC” section. 
  • Under the “Airport Parking Reservations” section, provide the following details: 
    • Check-in Date 
    • Check-in Time 
    • Check Out date 
    • And, Check Out Time 
  • After providing all the appropriate details, click on the “Pre Book and Save” button given to the right. 
  • This will show you the ability of the spots in the different garages. 
  • You can select the spot that suits your requirements. 
  • To confirm your space, complete the payment by following the on-screen directions. 
  • Credit cards can also be used to complete online transactions.

How Much is Overnight Parking at SLC Airport? 

The rates for overnight parking at SLC Airport depend on the availability of the spot. Overnight parking might not be allowed on all days. Hence, you will have to connect with airport authorities and let them know, in advance, about your requirement. The exact amount of the fee will also be informed by these authorities. Accordingly, you can book your spot. 

Is SLC Airport Parking Safe? 

As per the SLC Airport parking reviews given by various passengers and users, it is deemed to be quite safe to station your vehicles at this airport. All the vehicles will be constantly supervised by the airport agents. 

Also, the indoor spots further ensure the safety of automobiles. Any issue with the parking spaces can be brought to the notice of the airport staff who will offer immediate assistance. 

Understanding the requirements of various passengers, a variety of Salt Lake City Airport parking options are given. Both indoor and outdoor parking facilities can be availed by the passengers as per their needs. Additionally, shuttle services are provided in order to timely reach these parking spots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking at SLC Airport?

Yes, parking facilities are made available at the SLC Airport.

How much is Salt Lake City Airport Economy parking?

The fee for Economy parking at this airport can range between USD 1 and USD 21.

Is there a shuttle from Salt Lake City Airport to Park City?

Shuttle services in the form of taxis will be offered between Salt Lake City Airport and Park City.

How to get cheap parking SLC Airport?

Booking the Economy parking lot is the cheapest way to get parking at this airport.

Can I book SLC Airport Parking in advance?

Yes, parking can be booked in advance by contacting the airline authorities.

Where is parking near SLC Airport?

Garage parking and other spots are offered near the terminals of this airport.

How to get from the terminal to parking at SLC Airport?

Airport shuttle services will be provided to transport the passengers from the terminal to the parking spots.

How to book SLC Airport Parking?

You can either call the airport authorities or pre-book the spot via the airport’s website.

What is SLC Airport Parking map?

This map is a tool that shows the location of different parking spots and their availability.

How do I pay for parking at SLC Airport?

You can pay the parking fee using either cash or credit card.

Is there long term parking at SLC Airport?

Yes, long-term parking is offered both at garages and the Economy Lot of SLC Airport.

How much is long term parking at SLC Airport?

Based on the location, the fee for long-term parking can be up to USD 55.

How much does it cost to park at SLC Airport?

Generally, the Salt Lake City Airport parking fee can go up to USD 55.

What is the cheapest place to park at SLC Airport?

The Economy Parking Lot is the cheapest place to station vehicles at SLC Airport.

Can I drop off passengers at the SLC Airport parking lot?

Salt Lake City Airport park and wait facilities can be used while dropping off passengers.

Do you need to reserve parking at SLC Airport?

It is not mandatory to reserve parking as the airport accepts on-spot bookings as well.

Is parking free at SLC Airport?

No, you will have to pay a charge to get parking at SLC Airport in Utah.

How much to park at Salt Lake City Airport?

The parking charges start at USD 1 and can range up to USD 55.

How much is overnight parking at SLC Airport?

You will have to contact the airport authorities to know the exact overnight parking fee.

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