Philadelphia International Airport

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The largest airport in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia International Airport, was opened 98 years ago in 1925. This is a public airport located in the Delaware country of Pennsylvania. It serves around 9.8 million passengers hence having one of the highest passenger volumes. The airport undertakes the operations of 22 airlines serving both national and international flights.

More information about the terminals of the airline, its operations, the availability of services, and other features is given below. 

What is the General Information about Philadelphia Airport?

General information about Philadelphia International Airport PHL includes details about the airport code, its main hubs, the main locations it serves, and other such information as given below: 

Airport Philadelphia International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Philadelphia Department of Aviation 
Serves Delaware Valley 
Hub For American Airlines UPS Airlines 
Philadelphia Airport Code PHL 
Philadelphia Airport Terminals Terminal A – East and West Terminal B Terminal C Terminal D Terminal E Terminal F 
Philadelphia Airport Coordinates 39.8731° N, 75.2437° W
Philadelphia Airport Runways 8/269L/27R9R/27L17/35
Philadelphia Airport Address 8500 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA
Distance from the city 7 miles or 11 km from the city downtown 
Official Website
Official Phone Number +1 215-937-6937

What is the Philadelphia Airport Code?

The Philadelphia International Airport Code is an indicator that the airport is officially listed with IATA or ICAO. Only such registered airports will be allowed to handle flights. 

WMO Code 72408
Philadelphia Airport Zip Code 19153

How Many Runways Does PHL Airport Have?

The Philadelphia International Airport PHL has four runways used for a variety of aircraft. Given below are more details about the dimensions and surface material of these runways: 

RunwaysDimensions Surface Material 
8/265,001 ft or 1,524 meters Asphalt
9L/27R9,500 ft or 2,896 meters Asphalt
9R/27L12,000 ft or 3,658 meters Asphalt
17/356,500 ft or 1,981 meters Asphalt

What is the Use of the Philadelphia Airport Map?

The terminal map or the PHL Airport map is extremely useful to passengers for finding their way within the airport. In case you wish to locate any of the terminals or the boarding gates, you can utilize this map. In case travelers face any difficulty in finding the ticketing, check-in, or baggage deposit centers, the map can be referred to. Further, if it’s your first time visiting the airport, the map proves to be of greater use. 

You can find the official map of the PHL Airport here: 

airfleetrating-Philadelphia Airport Map

What are the Airlines Operating at the Philadelphia International Airport?

There are around 22 airlines that offer their services via this airport. To make it easier for the customers of the different airlines at the Philadelphia airport, each carrier is given a specific terminal to conduct their operations. You will be informed of such assignment at the time of reservation and any change in terminal will be conveyed at the appropriate time. 

What is the Alaska Terminal PHL Airport? 

The Alaska Airlines Philadelphia Airport Terminal for ticketing is Terminal E. Terminal D is where baggage claim takes place. Hence, based on whether you are departing from or arriving at the airport, you will have to head to the assigned terminal. If you are unable to find your gates, the guidance of the terminal agents can be sought. 

What is the American Airlines Terminal PHL? 

Both the ticketing and luggage claim procedures related to flights of this carrier take place at Terminals A, B, and C. Since there is more than one Philadelphia Airport American Airlines Terminal, passengers must be cautious during the boarding process. Make sure you reach the correct terminal allotted as per your flight itinerary and schedule. 

Which is the British Airways Terminal Philadelphia Airport? 

The West side of Terminal A is allotted to this carrier for it to undertake all its proceedings. This Philadelphia Airport British Airport Terminal has a galleries lounge near Gate A-14. You can visit this lounge during the wait time. Similarly, other facilities like free wifi and charging stations can also be enjoyed at this terminal. Basic dining services will also be made available. 

What is the Delta Terminal at Philadelphia Airport? 

Terminal D is indicated as the Philadelphia Airport Delta Terminal. The same terminal conducts both check-ins and Delta luggage collection processes. It also has the Sky Club where passengers can halt for a while. Travelers can head from this terminal to the B or C Terminal via the connector system. Walkways can also be used for this purpose. 

What is the Frontier Terminal PHL Airport? 

All the operations of this flight are managed by Terminal E. For international flights, the east side of this terminal is used. Customs and security are keenly conducted at this Philadelphia Airport Frontier Air Terminal. If you wish to make changes or Frontier cancellations to your flights, you will have to visit the ticketing counters at the same terminal. 

What is the JetBlue Terminal PHL Airport? 

For checking into these flights, you will have to use Terminal E. However, boarding can take place from the gates located at Terminal D. The Philadelphia Airport JetBlue Terminal houses different types of shopping facilities and retail stores that can be accessible by passengers at any time during their wait time. 

Which is the Lufthansa Philadelphia Airport Terminal? 

Philadelphia Airport Lufthansa Terminal is known to be Terminal A, especially on the West side. Most of the international arrivals take place at this terminal. Even the Lufthansa check-in process is conducted here. The terminal authorities make sure that all these proceedings are completed without any delay and that the passengers face no inconvenience. 

What is the Philadelphia Airport Qatar Airways Terminal? 

The operations related to this airline, like boarding, ticketing, and baggage claim are conducted at the West side of Terminal A. Owing to the renovation of the Qatar Airways Philadelphia Airport Terminal in 2012, it is now large enough to provide enough space for many passengers at a time. Further, the terminal also has animal relief areas for passengers flying with Qatar pets

What is the Philadelphia Airport Southwest Terminal? 

This carrier serves its passengers via Terminal E. This is the terminal that is mainly used by military members. Hence, the TSA and security are quite strictly handled at Southwest Terminal Philadelphia Airport. However, the agents at the terminal will be available all the time if you wish to seek any kind of assistance. 

What is the Spirit Airlines Terminal PHL Airport? 

Passengers flying with this carrier can check in their bags and get the boarding pass at Terminal D. But, the boarding of the flights takes place from Terminal E. Therefore, to avoid any confusion while finding your Philadelphia Airport Spirit Terminal, make sure to double-check the gate numbers given on your boarding pass. Otherwise, you can also visit the information desks. 

Which is the Sun Country Terminal PHL Airport? 

There is more than one official Sun Country Terminal PHL Airport. This means that if you wish to check in and obtain your boarding pass, you will have to head to the E Terminal of the airport. However, if you require to collect your baggage, you will have to visit the D terminal of the airport. Hence, this depends on whether you are arriving at or departing from the airport. 

What is the United Terminal PHL Airport? 

All the operations of this airline are undertaken by only one terminal, that is, Terminal D. Both check-in and United baggage claim procedures can be completed here. Usually, the PHL United Terminal is fixed and no changes or transfers occur. Even if any such sudden change occurs, passengers will be informed immediately. You can then head to the new terminal as per the information given. 

What is the Aer Lingus PHL Terminal? 

Terminal A manages the flights operated under this carrier. As one of the biggest terminals, the Aer Lingus PHL Terminal houses different lounges and galleries. If you wish to gain access to these lounges, you can pre-book your reservation. Parking facilities are also made available at the garage located near this terminal, available to all domestic and international passengers. 

Which is the Icelandair Terminal Philadelphia Airport? 

Terminals D and E are used by this carrier to manage their flights. To know the exact Icelandair Terminal Philadelphia Airport for departures, you will have to check your boarding pass. The gate numbers will be clearly indicated on this pass. However, for baggage claims, the airport authorities themselves will lead you to the luggage carousels. 

Being one of the most famous airports in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia International Airport tries to offer the best possible services to all its customers. It keeps the terminals under constant check so that any issue or hassle can be avoided. The airport also makes sure that the agents are available round the clock to take care of customer needs when required. 

What are the Additional Services and Facilities Offered at the Marriott Philadelphia Airport?

The amenities provided at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott range from dining services to relation centers. Given below is a list of such services: 

  • Shopping:
    • Hudson News 
    • Duty-Free 
    • Evolve 
    • Lego 
    • Kylie Cosmetics 
    • Stellar News 
    • Minute Suites 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • Heritage Books 
    • Brighton Collectibles 
    • InMotion Entertainment 
    • Brooks Brothers 
    • Sunglass Hut 
    • Tumi 
    • Time to Fly 
    • Sound 
    • Lids and Lids Kids 
    • Life is Good 
    • 5th and Sunset 
    • Fuel Rod 
    • Black Friday
    • Sound Balance 
    • Beauty on the Fly 
    • Lily Palmer 
  • Dining:
    • Chickies and Petes 
    • Dunkin
    • Jack Duggan’s Pub and Restaurant 
    • Currito Burrito 
    • Yummy Pretzels 
    • Cibo Bistro and Wine Bar 
    • Subway 
    • Chick fil a 
    • Vini Vino 
    • Sky Asian Bistro 
    • Jamba Juice 
    • Earl of sandwich 
    • Good 2 go 
    • Philly Pretzel Factory 
    • Smashburger 
    • Le bus cafe 
  • Other services:
    • Lounges 
    • Rooms 
    • Parking 
    • Lost and found 
    • Security checking 
    • Charging stations 

How Much is the Fee for Philadelphia Airport Parking?

To halt your vehicle at this airport, you can use its parking facilities. Parking at PHL airport is divided into short and long-term categories. Based on this, the fee will be decided. The fee can also vary as per the availability of the spots. 

airfleetrating-PHL airport parking

Philadelphia Airport Short Term Parking 

Short term parking Philadelphia Airport is on the ground and upper level of the garage. The rate of this type of parking is given in the table mentioned here: 

Duration Parking Fee charged 
Upto half hour USD 5
Till one one USD 7 
Till one and a half hour USD 9 
Till 2 urs USD 12 
Till 2 and a half hours USD 14 
Till 3 hours USD 17 
Till 3 and a half hoursUSD 20 
Till 4 hours USD 28
Till 24 hours USD 48 

Philadelphia International Airport Long Term Parking 

The long term parking Philadelphia Airport is offered at the offsite area. The fee charged can be around USD 3 to 3.20 per day, the exact amount will be informed to you at the time of reservation of the parking spot or at the airport. The following locations offer such types of facilities: 

  • The parking spot south 
  • The parking spot north 
  • WallyPark 
  • Express Park south 
  • Smart park 
  • Park and fly 
  • Jet stream parking 
  • Park and get airport parking 

PHL Airport Parking for Frequent Flyer Members 

Passengers who are members of any of the programs like AAdvantage, Aviator, and MAstwercard, can access this facility at a reduced fee. The PHL Airport parking fee for such members can be as follows: 

Duration Parking Fee charged 
Upto half hour USD 4
Till one USD 5 
Till one and a half hour USD 7 
Till 2 urs USD 9
Till 2 and a half hours USD 11
Till 3 hours USD 13
Till 3 and a half hoursUSD 16 
Till 4 hours USD 22
Till 24 hours USD 38

If you wish to avail of cheaper parking, you can go for the Philadelphia airport economy parking service. A fee of USD 15 will be charged for 24 hours. This is the cheapest option offered by the airport. 

Where Do Philadelphia Airport Departures Take Place?

To ensure hassle-free Philadelphia airport departures, all the terminals of the airport are utilized. This makes sure that there is no overlap in flight schedules. To know the departure terminal, passengers should check their boarding pass. The gate number will also be highlighted in this pass. At the gate, travelers will be required to verify their identity after which departure will be allowed. Hence, all the departure proceedings are systematically undertaken at this airport. 

Where Do Philadelphia Airport Arrivals Take Place?

The arrivals at this airport take place based on the terminal assigned to a specific carrier. Generally, all of the terminals from A to F, facilitate serving arriving passengers. Arrivals at Philadelphia International Airport can be domestic or international. Hence, as per the nature of your flight, the arrival terminal will be decided. You will be informed of this terminal while on board or at the time of reservation. 

How Long Are the Philadelphia Airport TSA Wait Times?

The airport has different checkpoints at the different terminals that complete the security screening process. The PHL airport TSA wait times can differ at each of these checkpoints. Given below are the operation hours of these screening areas and the estimated wait time: 

Airport Checkpoint Operating Hours Estimated Wait Time 
Terminal A West point 5:15 am to 10:15 am 4 minutes 
Terminal A East 4:15 am to 6:00 pm 3 mins 
Terminal b 3:45 am to 9:15 pm 
Terminal C 4:30 am to 8:00 pm 
Terminal D or E 3:45 am to 11:15 pm 3 mins 
Terminal F 6:00 am to 9:15 pm 

If you go for the Philadelphia airport TSA precheck option, your wait time would be reduced by a few minutes and you will be able to complete the process quickly. 

How Many Philadelphia Airport Terminals are Currently in Operation?

The terminals at PHL include A, B, C, D, E, and F. Hence there are a total of 6 terminals but terminal A is divided into east and west sides. Each of these terminals is designed to undertake different flights and handle varying amounts of crowds. The total number of gates in all these terminals adds up to 126. These are connected to each other via connectors. 

airfleetrating-Philadelphia Airport

Philadelphia Airport Terminal A 

PHL terminal A is categorized into two parts, west and east. White the west side has 13 gates, the east side has 11 gates. Modern techniques were used in the design and construction of this terminal. Both sides of this terminal house several domestic and international carriers like British, Lufthansa, Qatar, American, etc. It also is home to clubs and lounges of these carriers. 

Philadelphia Airport Terminal B 

This terminal has 15 gates and is mainly used by American Airlines. Along with Terminal C. the PHL Terminal B was renovated recently with a project cost of around USD 138 million. This was undertaken to increase the space for passengers at the terminal. Terminal B is the most popular for its dining and restaurant services. It is connected to terminal c via a B/C connector. 

PHL Terminal C 

Similar to Terminal B, terminal C PHL was also renovated under the same project for its expansion. It has 14 gates in total. Most of the American and American Eagle flights undertake their operations from this terminal. Philadelphia marketplace at this terminal offers a variety of food and dining services accessible to all passengers at any time. 

Philadelphia Airport Terminal D 

Established in 1973, PHL Terminal D has 16 gates. With its recent upgradation in 2008, this terminal is now connected to the terminal e via a concourse. This also provided a link for the baggage claim areas of terminals d and e. Airlines like Air Canada, Delta, Jetblue, Sun Country, United, and Alaska operate from here. 

Philadelphia Airport Terminal E 

This terminal has 17 gates and is used by airlines like Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska. This Terminal E Philadelphia Airport has a special USO lounge that can be used by the military as well. It has the same type of shopping and dining facilities provided at the other terminals. The check-in and luggage centers are also handled well at this terminal. 

Philadelphia Airport Terminal F 

The PHL Terminal F has 38 gates in total. It is known to be the regional terminal of the airport. It has special jet bridges for easy access to the regional gates. This terminal was recently opened and hence is the second newest of all the terminals. Hence, modern facilities and amenities are used to make the passenger experience more comfortable here. 

Is there a Philadelphia Airport Lost and Found Department?

The PHL lost and found department is housed by the communication center of the airport. It takes hold of all items found on the airport premises near the terminals, restrooms, and TSA checks. For claiming these items, passengers will be required to fill out a form or call the airline authorities. After verification of the passenger’s identification, the item will be handed over. 

airfleetrating-Lost and Found
  • The communications center can be found between terminals C and D of the airport. 
  • It will be open between the hours of 8 am and 12 am. 
  • The Philadelphia Airport lost and found phone number is 215-937-6888. 
  • Passengers can also reach the airport via the email ID
  • If your item has been left behind on the aircraft, you can connect with the baggage claim office of the respective airline. 
  • For special items misplaced at the TSA checks, authorities can be contacted at the email
  • The TSA lost and found department will be open between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm every day. 

What are the Airports Closest to the Philadelphia International Airport?

There are some airports close to Philadelphia Airport which are as listed here. The distance by road for each of these airports is also mentioned here. Should any mishap occur at the main airports, the subsidiary airports can be of use. 

Frequently Asked Question

How much is parking at Philadelphia Airport?

The fee for parking PHL Airport depends on the duration and can range between USD 4 and USD 48.

Where to park at Philadelphia Airport?

Philadelphia Airport parking is provided near the terminals at the upper and lower garages.

Does Philadelphia Airport have clear?

Yes, the Philadelphia Airport TSA clearance will be conducted at all the checkpoints.

What airport is PHL?

PHL stands for the Philadelphia International Airport.

What time does TSA open at PHL?

The opening time for TSA Philadelphia Airport depends on the particular checkpoint and it could be as early as 3:45 am.

Does PHL have clear?

The airport has security clearance facilities and accordingly, the Philadelphia Airport TSA wait times can vary.

What is the cheapest parking at Philadelphia Airport?

The Economy Parking option is the cheapest parking at Philadelphia Airport.

How much is long term parking at Philadelphia Airport?

Philadelphia Airport long term parking fee will be about USD 3 to USD 3.20.

How early to get to Philadelphia Airport?

For departures, you will have to arrive at the PHL Airport at least 2 hours before the boarding process starts.

How far is Philadelphia Airport from Atlantic City?

The distance between Philadelphia International Airport and Atlantic City is around 66 miles.

Are masks required in Philadelphia Airport?

Based on the rules of your arrival destination, you may be asked to wear a mask at the Philadelphia International Airport PHL.

Can Uber pick up at Philadelphia Airport?

Yes, Uber services will be made available at this airport.

Is there a hotel in Philadelphia Airport?

There are hotels located within just a few miles of the Marriott International Airport.

Can I leave my car at Philadelphia Airport?

The long term parking PHL Airport facility can be used if you wish to leave your car for a long time at the airport.

Can you smoke at Philadelphia Airport?

No, you will not be allowed to smoke at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Does Philadelphia Airport have free wifi?

Yes, free wifi services will be made available at this airport.

How many miles to Philadelphia Airport?

This airport is located 11 km or 7 miles from the city’s downtown area.

How much is an Uber from Newark Airport to Philadelphia?

The price for Uber between these two airports can be between USD 150 and USD 334.

What time does Philadelphia Airport security open?

Based on the checkpoint, the security can open at 3:45 am at the earliest.

Where is TSA Precheck at Philadelphia Airport?

Terminals C, D, and E and the East side of Terminal A have the Philadelphia Airport TSA precheck facility.

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