Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Image of Detroit International Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Known as the Detroit Airport, is an international airport located in Michigan. It is one of the largest airports in the US covering an area of 4,850 acres. It serves 39 states in the US and also 30 international destinations. This DTW airport is recognized for its satisfactory customer service and quick operations. 

Other details about the facilities provided at the airport, the estimated security wait time, and the parking charges are discussed here. 

What is the General Information about Detroit Metro Airport?

The following information about Detroit International Airport includes general details like the terminals, location, main hubs of the airport, etc

Airport Detroit Metropolitan Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Wayne County Airport Authority 
Serves Detroit Metropolitan Area Greater Toledo in the United States Windsor, Ontario (Canada) 
Hub For Delta Airlines Spirit Airlines 
DTW OpenedSeptember 4, 1930,
Detroit Metro Airport Code DTW 
Detroit Metro Airport Terminals Edward H. McNamara Terminal – 3 Concourses – A, B, and C Evans Terminal – Concourse D 
Detroit Metro Airport Coordinates 42.2132° N, 83.3525° W
Detroit Metro Airport Runways 4R/22L4L/22R3R/21L3L/21R9L/27R9R/27L
Detroit Airport Address Romulus, MI 48242, USA
Distance from the City22 miles from Downtown Detroit 
DTW Official Website 
Official Phone Number +1 734-247-7678

What is the Official Detroit Airport Code?

The main Detroit Metro Airport Code is DTW. However, there are other codes as well useful in the identification of the airport. These are given below: 

WMO Code 72537 
Detroit Airport Zip Code 48242 

What is the Need for Detroit Airport Map?

The DTW Airport Map is also known as the terminal map. It mainly shows the structure and design of both of the airport terminals. The location of the concourses is highlighted as well. Further, the different levels of the airport are shown so that passengers can easily find the check-in and boarding points. 

The following map enables the fliers to get a clear idea about the complete terminal structure of the DTW Airport: 

Image of detroit airport terminal map

What are the Additional Facilities and Services Offered at the DTW Airport?

Services like shopping, dining, and relaxation activities are provided at this airport. These can be accessed at both the terminals of the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport: 

  • Shopping
    • Brighton Collectibles 
    • Brooks Brothers 
    • Brookstone 
    • CBS News Smartshop 
    • Estee Lauder Beauty Boutique 
    • Ink by Hudson 
    • Sound Balance 
    • Spanx 
    • Wall Street Journal 
    • World Duty-Free 
    • Z Market and Mills Pharmacy 
    • Time Newsstand
  • Dining
    • Cat Cora’s Taproom 
    • Coffee Beanery 
    • Corridor Kitchen 
    • Detroit Street Lunchbox 
    • Grobbel’s Gourmet Deli 
    • Illy Coffee and Fountain Bar 
    • Mezza Mediterranean Grill 
    • Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto 
    • Robert Mondavi Experience 
    • Subway 
    • The Shed Bar 
    • Sora Japanese Sushi Bar 
    • Vino Volo 
    • Reflections
  • Other Services
    • ATM 
    • Bottle Filling Stations 
    • Help Centers 
    • DTW Lost and Found 
    • Detroit Parking Facilities 
    • Kids Play Area 
    • Nursing Rooms 
    • Minute Suites 
    • Vending Machines 
    • Detroit Wi-Fi 
    • Religious Reflection Rooms 
    • DTW Pet Relief Area

How Much is Parking at Detroit Airport?

The Detroit Airport Parking is categorized into short and long-term parking. Hence, the rates vary as per the option you choose. The time for which the facility is utilized also affects the parking charges. 

Image of detroit metro airport parking map

DTW Airport Parking under Short Term Nature

The short term Detroit Metro Airport Parking is offered at the McNamara terminal and the Big Blue Deck garage. It is also accessible to handicapped passengers. Given below are the charges for this type of facility 

Duration DTW McNamara Terminal Parking RatesBig Blue Deck Parking Rates 
Half an hour  or lessUSD 4 USD 4
Half an hour to 1 hourUSD 6 USD 6
1 hour to one and a half  hoursUSD 7 USD 7
One and a Half hours to 2 hours USD 8 USD 8
2 hours to 3 hoursUSD 12 USD 12
3 hours to 4 hoursUSD 16 USD 16
4 hours to 5 hoursUSD 20 USD 20
5 hours to 6 hoursUSD 24 USD 24
6 hours to 7 hoursUSD 28 USD 28
7 hours to 8 hoursUSD 32 USD 32
8 hours to 9 hoursUSD 36 USD 36
9 hours to 24 hoursUSD 40 USD 40
Maximum 24 Hours USD 40 USD 40

On-spot reservations can be made by visiting the staff supervising ground transportation at the airport. 

Image of parking at dtw airport

Detroit Airport Long Term Parking

Vehicles taller than 7 feet can utilize the long term facilities. Long term parking at Detroit Metro Airport is also made available in the same garages as the short term parking. But, the fee can slightly vary as given below: 

Duration DTW McNamara Terminal Parking Rates Duration Blue Deck Parking Rates 
Half an hour or lessUSD 4 Half an hour or lessUSD 4 
Half an hour to 1 hourUSD 6 Half an hour to 1 hourUSD 6 
1 hour to one and a half hoursUSD 7 1 hour to one and a half hoursUSD 7 
One and a Half hours to 2 hours USD 8 One and a Half hours to 2 hours USD 8 
2 hours to 3 hoursUSD 12 2 hours to 3 hoursUSD 12 
3 hours to 4 hoursUSD 16 3 hours to 4 hoursUSD 16 
4 hours to 5 hoursUSD 20 4 hours to 24 hours USD 20 
5 hours to 6 hoursUSD 24 Maximum 24 hours USD 20 
6 hours to 24 hours USD 28 
Maximum 24 hours USD 28 

Valet Parking DTW Airport

The Metro Detroit Airport parking also includes valet parking facilities. You can rely on the airport agents to park your vehicle at the required garage by paying a certain amount fee: 

Duration Parking Fee Charged 
O to 2 hours USD 12 
2 hours to 3 hoursUSD 16 
3 hours to 4 hoursUSD 20 
4 hours to 5 hoursUSD 24 
5 hours to 6 hoursUSD 28 
6 hours to 7 hoursUSD 32 
7 hours to 8 hoursUSD 36 
8 hours to 9 hoursUSD 40 
9 hours to 10 hoursUSD 44 
10 hours to 2 hours USD 47 
Maximum 24 hours USD 47 

If you wish to access the parking facility, make sure to arrive early at the airport to ensure the vacancy of the spots. 

How Many Runways Are There at Detroit Metropolitan Airport?

There are a total of 6 runways at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW of varying dimensions as highlighted in the following table: 

Runaways Dimensions Surface Material 
4R/22L12,003 ft or 3,659 meters Concrete 
4L/22R10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Asphalt / Concrete 
3R/21L10,001 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
3L/21R8,500 ft or 2,591 meters Asphalt / Concrete 
9L/27R8,708 ft or 2,654 meters Asphalt / Concrete 
9R/27L8,500 ft or 2,591 meters Concrete 

How Long Are the Detroit Airport TSA Wait Times?

The airport has security checkpoints at different locations that undertake the TSA screening. These Detroit Metro Airport TSA wait times depend on your arrival time and also the customer volume of a respective airline. Hence, these wait times keep changing. 

Image of detroit airport tsa wait times
  • These checkpoints usually open at 4:00 am
  • It might take about 11 minutes to complete the entire process. 
  • For customs and border inspection, the estimated time can be more. 
  • TSA wait time is calculated after you begin the security screening process. 
  • For international flights, this time might increase. 
  • The checkpoints will be open until all the flights scheduled are handled. 

Is There a DTW Airport Lost and Found Department?

If you have lost your belongings at the security checkpoints of the airport, you will have the option to connect with the Detroit Airport lost and found department. In case your luggage has been misplaced, you will have to contact the airline you were flying with. For items lost at any other place in the terminal, the WCAA Police Department has to be contacted directly. 

  • The Detroit Airport lost and found phone number is 734 942-3126
  • If you wish to directly visit this department, you will have to head to 11100 Metro Airport Center Drive, Suite 160, Romulus, MI 48174.
  • The Detroit Metro Police Department can be contacted at 734 942-2222

Note: The contact details of each airline operating via this airport are given on its official site. Items lost on the airplane can only be retrieved by connecting directly with the airline agents. 

How Many Detroit Airport Terminals Are in Operation?

There are two terminals at DTW Airport. They are the Edward H. McNamara Terminal and the Evans Terminal. While the former has 3 concourses A, B, and C, the latter has one Concourse D. These are used for both departure and arrivals. Further, these concourses are encompassed with several facilities for the convenience of the customers. 

Detroit Airport McNamara Terminal

The DTW Mcnamara Terminal was formerly known as the Northwest World Gateway. It was originally established in 2002 under the design given by the Smith Group. Its three concourses A, B, and C consist of 103 gates in total. Airlines like Aeromexico, Delta, WestJet, and Air France conduct their operations from here. 

Detroit Evans Terminal

Though the Detroit Airport Evans Terminal only has one concourse D, it serves more airlines than the Mcnamara terminal. It was earlier known as the North Terminal. It consists of 29 gates that mainly serve SkyTeam Airlines. Moderation of this terminal is currently undergoing to include facilities like pet relief areas and parking. Some of the major airlines that use this terminal include Air Canada, American, Frontier, Sun Country, Southwest, Jetblue, and others. 

Image of dtw airport

What are the Airlines Operating from the Detroit International Airport?

The Detroit Airport provides facilities to different carriers around the world. It enables the airlines to serve various national and international destinations. To prevent any hassle at the airport during boarding or landing, all the airlines operating from here are assigned to either of the two terminals. This type of segregation helps in managing the passenger volume and prevents overcrowding. 

What is the Aeromexico Detroit Terminal?

The McNamara terminal is the official Aeromexico Terminal DTW. Its three concourses help in the easy completion of the ticketing procedures. Level one of this terminal houses the baggage claim centers while level 3 has the ticketing centers. Most of the international arrivals under this airline take place at this terminal. 

What is the Detroit Airport Delta Terminal?

All the operations related to this carrier are supervised by the DTW McNamara terminal. As this terminal is home to one of the longest concourses, passengers can undertake all their proceedings in a quick and hassle-free manner. Further, the Delta Terminal DTW also has moving walkways and people movers to help travelers move around. 

Which is the Air France Terminal DTW Airport?

In order to board flights managed by this airline, passengers will have to go to the McNamara terminal. This DTW Air France Terminal has lounge access where passengers can stay overnight in case they do not have any flights. A registered pass can be obtained to get access to shopping and dining stations as well in case of Air France misses flights

What is the Official Westjet Detroit Terminal?

The Westjet Detroit Terminal is under the roof of the McNamara Terminal DTW. The recent renovation of this terminal has resulted in the introduction of new electronic directories. Using these, passengers can scan their boarding pass after the Westjet baggage deposit and their respective boarding gates will be indicated. This is a feature only available at this terminal. 

What is the Air Canada Terminal DTW?

The terminal assigned to this carrier is the Evans terminal which was known as the North Terminal and was recently renamed in 2022. This DTW Air Canada Terminal has 2 checkpoints that offer customs and border inspection. Hence, the security screening process is made easier and faster here due to these facilities. 

Which is the Lufthansa Detroit Terminal?

The Evans terminal DTW is used by the carrier to serve its customers. Be it convenience facilities or luxury services, all are offered at this terminal. It only has one concourse, D, which undertakes both arrivals and departures. The agents at the DTW Lufthansa terminal make sure that no passenger faces any inconvenience during these processes. You can also visit the information centers to resolve other queries. 

What is the Alaska Air Detroit Terminal?

Alaska Airlines undertakes all its flights from the DTW Evans terminal. It has check-in and departure counters at level 1 and baggage claim carousels at level 2. The Alaska Airlines Detroit terminal has different types of facilities like parking, charging stations, wi-fi, etc. It also has a pet relief area which is beneficial to passengers flying with Alaska Airlines pets

What is the Royal Jordanian Detroit Airport Terminal?

This is one of the airlines that uses the DTW Evans terminal for boarding. It has two lounges that access to which have to be reserved in advance. Priority pass travelers can also get entry to the lounges. For on-spot reservations, you will have to connect with the agents at the Royal Jordanian Detroit Airport Terminal and check for availability. 

What is the Main American Airlines Terminal DTW?

DTW American Airlines terminal is the Evans terminal DTW. This terminal has an optimized TSA system that makes security screening easier. It has two extra baggage carousels present near the Federal Inspection Services area and also has an oversize baggage carousel. Thus, luggage deposit and collection are made safer and easier. 

What is the DTW Southwest Terminal?

The DTW Evans Terminal is assigned to this carrier as its official terminal. Owing to the impressive modernization of the Southwest Terminal DTW, it was declared the winner of the “Build Michigan” Award Project. Hence, it offers several amenities to passengers including waiting rooms and clubs that can be used during flight delays or Southwest cancellations

What is the DTW Frontier Terminal? 

Another airline housed by the Detroit Evans Terminal is Frontier. This carrier serves several destinations across the world via this terminal. For Frontier check-in, you will have to visit the second level of the Frontier Terminal DTW. Any requests for flight change upgrades should also be made at the ticketing centers available here. 

Which is the Main DTW Spirit Terminal?

This airline is assigned the Detroit Evans Terminal. Due to its moving walkways, passengers can easily get around the Spirit Terminal DTW. It also features a Sky Bridge that connects the check-in level to the parking and ground transportation area. A moving walkway is also located at the lower level of the terminal that serves the international fliers. 

What is the JetBlue Terminal DTW?

One of the major airlines facilitated by the Evans Terminal is JetBlue. The vast area of this terminal is suitable to handle the large customer base of this carrier. Further, the JetBlue Detroit Terminal is encompassed with amenities that make it comfortable and convenient for passengers to use this terminal. If you are denied access to any of these amenities, you can contact the terminal agents. 

What is the Main DTW United Terminal?

The Detroit Evans terminal is known as the United Terminal DTW. Once the United check-in process is completed, travelers can obtain their boarding passes here. The boarding gate will be indicated on this pass. Passengers at this terminal can be denied the pass if they do not report to the airport within the specified time. Hence, it is essential to follow the minimum check-in time.

What is the KLM Terminal Detroit Airport? 

This carrier is not given any of the Detroit terminals as its main operating concourse. However, when necessary, the take-off and landing of these flights take place at the DTW Mcnamara terminal. But, the KLM DTW Terminal can change as per the passenger volume and the runway clearance. Passengers will be made known well in advance regarding which gate and which terminal they should head to. 

What is the Virgin Atlantic Detroit Terminal?

There is no official Virgin Atlantic Detroit terminal at this airport. Only the codeshare flights operated by this carrier are undertaken by the airport. Hence, based on such flights, the Virgin Atlantic terminal is decided. More information about the gates will be given on the passengers’ boarding passes. 

Where do Detroit Metro Airport Departures Take Place?

The two terminals present at this airport, that is, McNamara and Evans undertake flight departures. While the DTW McNamara terminal handles both national and international Detroit airport departures, the DTW Evans terminal mainly supervises domestic flights. Both these terminals have separate levels assigned for departures. Check-in and baggage deposit is also an important step before departure.

Where do Arrivals at Detroit Airport Take Place?

All the Detroit Airport International Arrivals occur at the Mcnamara terminal while the domestic arrivals are undertaken at the concourse housed by the Evans terminal DTW. If any change in the arriving terminal occurs due to any reason, passengers will be transported to their respective baggage claim area via the airport shuttle services. Once you collect your baggage, you can access the taxi services to get to the city. 

What are the Airports Closest To Detroit Airport?

Some of the airports near Detroit in easy reach from the DTW airport are listed below. You can get to these airports using taxi services. 

  • Windsor International Airport (33 miles) – YQG 
  • Toledo Express Airport (67 miles) – TOL 
  • Bishop International Airport (55 miles) – FNT 
  • Lansing Capital Region Airport (74 miles) – LAN 
  • Freeland MBS International Airport (98 miles) – MBS 
  • Fort Wayne Airport (138 miles) – FWA 

The Detroit international airport manages all the processes via its 2 terminals. The provision of numerous services proves to be beneficial to the customers. Further, the proper arrangement and design of the airport also prevent confusion among the passengers. Hence, all the operations are smoothly completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What terminal is Spirit at DTW?

Detroit Airport Spirit Terminal is the Evans terminal.

What Terminal is Delta at DTW?

The DTW Mcnamara Terminal is the official Metro Detroit Airport Delta Terminal.

What terminal is American Airlines at DTW?

Detroit American Airlines Terminal is assigned to be the Evans Terminal.

What terminal is Southwest at DTW?

The Evans Terminal is known to be the main Southwest Terminal Detroit Metro Airport.

What terminal is Delta at DTW?

The McNamara Terminal Detroit Metro Airport is this carrier’s official terminal.

What terminal is United at DTW?

United Airlines DTW Terminal is the Evans Terminal.

What terminal is Frontier at DTW?

Boarding of these flights takes place at the Detroit Airport Frontier Terminal which is the Evans Terminal.

Which terminal is American Airlines at DTW?

Evans terminal is the American Terminal DTW.

Which terminal is Spirit at DTW?

Detroit Airport Spirit Airlines terminal is the Evans Terminal.

What are the two terminals at DTW?

Mcnamara and Evans are the two Detroit terminals.

What terminal is United Airlines at DTW?

All the operations of this carrier are undertaken by the Evans Terminal Detroit Airport.

Which terminal is Southwest at DTW?

DTW Southwest Airlines Terminal is the Evans Terminal.

Which terminal is United at DTW?

The Evans terminal is the main United DTW Terminal for both departures and arrivals.

How many terminals are at DTW?

There are two Detroit Metro terminals – McNamara and Evans which house 4 concourses in total.

What Terminal is JetBlue at DTW?

The Detroit Airport JetBlue Terminal is the Evans terminal.

How do you get between terminals at DTW?

Shuttle services will be provided by the airport to get between the terminals Detroit Airport.

What airlines are in North Terminal DTW?

The Evans terminal DTW Airlines includes Air Canada, United, JetBlue, Frontier, American, Southwest, and Lufthansa among others.

What airlines are in the North Terminal at DTW?

The North Terminal, also known as Evans Terminal, houses airlines like United, Frontier, Icelandair, Alaska, Spirit, etc at the DTW Airport.

What terminal does American Airlines use at DTW?

American Terminal Detroit Airport is the Evans Terminal.

What terminal does Delta fly out of at DTW?

At the Detroit International Airport, Delta flies out of the McNamara terminal.

What terminal does Southwest use at DTW?

The official Southwest Airlines Detroit Airport Terminal is designated to be the Evans terminal.

What terminal does Spirit use at DTW?

Evans Terminal is used as the Detroit Metro Spirit terminal.

What terminal is Air Canada at DTW?

Air Canada Terminal at DTW is assigned to be the Evans terminal.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at DTW?

For visiting the Alaska Airlines Terminal DTW, you will have to head to the Evans Terminal.

What Terminal is American at DTW?

The Evans terminal is the official American Airlines Terminal at DTW.

What Terminal is Frontier Airlines at DTW?

For check-in and baggage deposit of these flights, you can use the North Evans terminal DTW.

What terminal is Lufthansa at DTW?

Lufthansa Terminal Detroit Metro Airport is the Evans terminal.

Which terminal is the North terminal at DTW?

The Evans Terminal DTW was formerly known as the North Terminal.

How long is terminal A at Detroit Airport?

The Concourse A / McNamara Terminal Detroit is approximately 1.6 km in length.

How long is the McNamara Terminal in Detroit?

This terminal is about 1.6 km in length.

How many terminals does Detroit Airport have?

The DTW Airport has only 2 terminals.

Can you walk between terminals at DTW?

To get from one terminal to the other at the Detroit International Airport, terminal shuttles are the only option.

What terminal at DTW is American Airlines?

The Evans terminal is the main American Terminal DTW.

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