Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW Airport) is one of the most popular commercial airports. It is regarded as the second-largest airport in the state with over 20 million passenger traffic in 2019 alone. Midway Airlines was named after this airport. 

Chicago Midway International Airport derived its name from the Battle of Midway. The facility owns a plush terminal complex with 43 gates having next-gen facilities to make the travel experience of passengers unforgettable. The CTA Orange Line and Stevenson Expressway are two prime features of the airport that add to the popularity of the airport immensely. 

Before deriving its name from the Battle of Midway, Chicago Midway Airport (MDW Airport) was originally named Chicago Air Park when it was first built in 1928. The airport had to undergo many transformations over a period of time. It had twelve 12 hangars and four next-gen runways in 1928. 

The airport is spread across an area of just one mile flanked by five runways and other buildings. 

General Information about Chicago Midway International Airport

The following table is an overview of MDW Airport indicated below:

AirportChicago Midway International Airport
Airport TypePublic
OperatorChicago Department of Aviation
Built in (years)1927
ServesChicago metropolitan area
Hub forSouthwest Airlines, Midway Airlines, ValuJet Airlines,
Chicago Midway Airport CodeMDW
Chicago Midway Airport Terminals1
Chicago Midway International Airport Runways4
Chicago Midway International Airport Coordinates41°47′10″N 87°45′09″W
Chicago Midway Airport Address5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
Official Website
Official Phone Number(773) 838-0600
Elevation620 ft / 189 m

Chicago Midway Airport Code

Midway Airport Code is MDW. This state-of-the-art facility is located 13 km from the main business district Loop in Chicago, Illinois at a height of 189 meters above sea level. 


Midway Chicago Airport Map

The Midway Airport location Map is a useful tool for finding your way around the airport, and for planning your journey.

Chicago Midway International Airport Runways (MDW)

Chicago Midway Airport (MDW Airport) is spread across an area of just one square mile. In this area, this facility encompasses four state-of-the-art runways: 

04R-22L6,446 ft150 ftPartially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadamYes
04L-22R5,507 ft150 ftAsphaltYes
13C-31C6,522 ft150 ftConcreteYes
13R-31L3,859 ft60 ftConcreteYes

Chicago Midway International Airport (Chicago Midway Airport Code MDW) is located at the center of buildings and other developments, which is why the runway threshold is slightly misplaced to provide clear landings and take-offs to airlines. 

Chicago Midway Airport Terminals MDW

This facility features a single terminal building with 43 gates and other amenities: 

  • Concourse A : 19 gates
  • Concourse B : 26 gates 
  • Concourse C : 03 gates 

Nearest Airports to Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Some of the closest airports to MDW Airport are:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport : 31 miles 
  • General Mitchell International Airport : 98 miles 
  • Fort Wayne International Airport : 178 miles 
  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport : 189 miles 
  • Indianapolis International Airport : 194 miles

Airlines Operating from Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

The following airlines operate from Chicago Midway Airport:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Midway Chicago Airport located?

Chicago Midway International Airport, along with its Chicago Midway Airport code, is located eight miles or 13 kilometers away from the Chicago Center, Illinois, U.S. It is about a 20 minute-distance away from Chicago’s downtown district. This airport is closer to Chicago’s town center.

What is the airport code for Chicago Midway?

The airport code for Midway Chicago is MDW. It has been titled by the International Air Transport Association or IATA. Visitors from Chicago Midway International Airport might find this code on their tickets and baggage tags. In addition to its IATA code, this airport also has its ICAO Code. The ICAO code for Chicago Midway International Airport is KMDW.

What airlines fly into Midway Chicago?

There are several airlines that fly into Midway Chicago Airport. North Country Sky, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Porter Airlines, ViaAir, Ultimate Air Shuttle, and Volaris Airlines are some of the major airlines that depart from various international and domestic airports like Midway Chicago. Also, they fly back to this airport, having the MDW Airport code.

Which Chicago Airport is nicer?

For domestic travel, Chicago Midway International Airport (Midway Chicago Airport code) is preferable since it has shorter queues. This airport is convenient and close to downtown Chicago, thus, making it a better choice for business travellers. In terms of dining, Chicago Midway International Airport has a wide range of options too.

Does Midway Airport have international flights?

Yes, Midway Airport has been operating many international flights daily. This airport, along with the Chicago Midway International Airport code, has around 216 daily non-stop flights to approximately 78 US locations. It has about 7 flights every day going to 9 global locations as of June 2021.

How early should I arrive at Midway Airport?

Passengers arriving at major airports, such as Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW Airport code), must arrive at least around 90 minutes before departure. This is done to guarantee that the passenger has adequate time to visit the check-in desk if he has to do so for any requirement, such as to check baggage.

Can a 747 land at Midway Airport?

Yes, 747 can land at Midway Airport. For a long time, this service has been operating at this airport (Chicago Midway Airport code). It is because this airport asked for permission to grant approval for the same. Hence, after getting support from the U.S. Government, 747 can land at Midway Airport. However, some minor restrictions may be applicable.

Why is Chicago Airport called Midway (Chicago Midway Airport ZIP code)?

Chicago Airport came to include Midway in its name due to an occurrence during World War II. Due to this war, an extreme battle was fought in the Pacific. This was the Battle of Midway. Thus, in the honor of the same, Chicago Airport was given the name Midway in 1949.

Are there skycaps at Midway?

Yes, for those who require particular help, the skycap service is provided throughout the airport, having the MDW Airport code. In addition to this service, baggage carts are also provided at the entry points as well as the Baggage Claim area.

Is there a curbside baggage check at Midway Airport (Chicago Midway Airport code)?

Yes, there is a curbside baggage facility available at Midway Airport. The road network at Chicago Midway International Airport runs across the terminal and the unique security area. The entrance of the airport has curbside accessibility to the departure walkways via a pedestrian bridge.

Can you bring food through security at Midway Airport?

Yes, you can bring food through security at Midway Airport, having the Chicago Midway International Airport code. Solid food products can be carried either in your carry bag or baggage. You may be instructed to keep items like cereals separate from the carry-on luggage. As per the TSA officials, such food items can clog your bags as well as impede clear pictures in the X-ray machines at the airport. Also, eatables in liquid or jelly forms may not be allowed here.

Can you smoke at Chicago Midway?

Chicago Midway Airport, known by its MDW Airport code, does not allow smoking and e-cigarettes at the airport premises. This is because the indoors of this airport are entirely smoke-free. However, there are several designated smoking areas for passengers who smoke. These areas can be of use to you.

Can you sleep at Chicago Midway Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at Chicago Midway Airport. There are various options for passengers to relax here. Concourse C of this airport (Chicago Midway Airport code) is regarded as the safest and cleanest. There are a few seats for stretching out yourself. If you don’t pack an additional layer, a sleeping mat, or a pillow, then you will most likely end up on the floor. A few concrete seats are available inside the TSA Security checkpoint. Here, the three concourses converge. Once the checkpoint has closed, you might spend the night here as well.

Are masks required at Chicago Midway Airport?

At Chicago Midway Airport, every traveller is required to wear a mask. This step has been taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Also, as per CDA or the Chicago Department of Aviation, wearing masks ensures the safety of the travellers at this airport (Chicago Midway International Airport code).

How long are TSA lines at Midway Airport?

According to TSA data given by the city, the standard TSA wait time at Midway International Airport is four minutes. This has dropped from 15 minutes and 11 minutes, respectively, since May 2021. Over the same time span, the usual peak wait time at Midway Airport (Midway Airport code) dropped from 65 minutes to 10 minutes.

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