Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Code MAD

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 28042

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 40°28'18"N / -3°-33'-45"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: LEMD
Observation Time: 21/05/2021 10:25 am

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About Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Code

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is also known as Madrid Airport. Madrid Airport code is MAD. This airport got its IATA code from the capital city of Spain Madrid. 

The Madrid Airport Zip Code is 28042

About Madrid Airport (MAD)

Spread across an area of 7,500 hectares, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD Airport ) is regarded as Europe’s second-largest airport just behind France’s Roissy Airport (CDG). 

With passenger traffic of over 61 million in 2019, this facility is Spain’s busiest airport. It is just 13 kilometres from Madrid’s iconic Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor de Madrid while the financial centre is just 9 kilometres from here. 

Madrid Airport (MAD) Runways

Madrid Airport Code (MAD) is serviced by four world-class runways: 

  • 14R/32L 4,100 m asphalt 
  • 18L/36R 3,500 m asphalt 
  • 14L/32R 3,500 m asphalt 
  • 18R/36L 4,350 m asphalt/concrete 

These runways handle 165,740 aircraft movements and 401,133,380 tonnes of cargo annually.

Madrid Airport (MAD) Terminals

Madrid Airport Code / Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD Airport) features five passenger terminals: T1, T2, T3, T4, and T4S. 

Nearest Airports to Madrid Airport (MAD)

  • Salamanca Matacan Airport 172 km
  • Valladolid Airport 174 km
  • Burgos Airport 209 km
  • Albacete Airport 223 km
  • Logrono Airport 243 km

Major Airlines Operating from Madrid Airport (MAD)

  • Aegean Airlines 
  • Aer Lingus
  • Aeroflot
  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • Aeromexico
  • Air Algerie
  • Air Canada
  • Air  China
  • Air Europa
  • Air France
  • Air Moldova
  • Air Transat 
  • airBaltic
  • Alitalia
  • American Airlines 
  • Avianca

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
14R-32L 13,084 ft 197 ft Asphalt Yes
14L-32R 11,483 ft 197 ft Asphalt Yes
18R-36L 13,711 ft 197 ft Asphalt Yes
18L-36R 11,483 ft 197 ft Asphalt Yes
How did Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD Airport code) get its name?

Madrid-Barajas Airport, having the Madrid Airport code, was named around 83 years ago. This was also the time when it came into service. Its name was changed to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas. This name was given in honour of the new Spanish president who passed away in 2014.

Where is Madrid Barajas Airport located in Spain?

Madrid Barajas Airport, which has the Madrid Airport code, is located in the northeast of the city in Spain. It is situated in the district of Barajas. Madrid Airport is only 12 km from the centre of Madrid.

What is the name of Madrid’s main international airport?

There is just a single primary international airport in Madrid. The major international airport servicing Madrid in Spain is Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. It is often called Madrid–Barajas Airport with the Madrid Airport code.

How big is Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas airport?

Madrid Airport, having the Madrid Airport code, acquires 7,500 acres of land. It occupies the highest land after Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. It is considered the second largest airport in Europe on the basis of its structural dimensions. In 2019, it was Madrid–Barajas that saw 61,8 million flyers, probably due to its size. Thus, becoming one of the biggest airports in the world.

Where are the air rooms at Madrid Airport?

The Madrid Airport, which holds the Madrid Airport code, has numerous air rooms. The air rooms are situated in the public section of the Madrid Airport’s T4 terminal. These air rooms are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for customers’ convenience and easy travel.

What is the global ranking of Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD Airport code)?

As per the Eurostat agency data, the Madrid Airport, known by its Madrid Airport code, is the 5th best European airport. Also, according to ACI agency statistics, this airport is the 15th best airport in the world in terms of its passenger traffic.

How much is a taxi from MAD Airport to the city center?

The cost of a cab or a taxi from Madrid airport (Madrid Airport code) to the downtown center is 30€. This fare is the same throughout the day and night times. However, if your location is beyond the city ring, you will be charged according to the taximeter.

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