EVA Air Check In Policy

EVA Air Check In

Evergreen Airlines or EVA Air is the second-largest airline in Taiwan with a passenger volume of about 6 million fliers. Since the airline has to handle check-ins of all of these passengers, it has come up with the EVA Air Check In policy. This policy guarantees easy access to the boarding pass by putting together a simple check-in process. Thus, if you are flying with this carrier, be it a domestic or international flight, you ought to know the conditions and directives of this policy.

EVA Air Check In Rules

While taking up the EVA check in procedure, there are certain regulations to be implemented. Some of these conditions are mentioned here: 

  • Only flights operated by EVA Air and UNI Air can be checked in. 
  • For reservations made with travel agencies, you will have to connect with the agent. 
  • You must comply with the immigration and security regulations after checking in. 
  • Seat selection can be done before checking in only. 
  • Ineligible travel documents will not be accepted for check-ins.

EVA Check In Documents 

To be eligible for EVA Air check-in, you must submit all the documents as required by the airline. These usually remain the same for both domestic and international flights. 

  • Booking Reference 
  • Ticket Number 
  • EMD Number 
  • Accurate Last name or Family name 
  • Membership Details (if applicable) 

If you are directly checking in at the counter, you will have to show your: 

  • Government-issued passport
  • Flight Ticket 
  • Identification proof 
  • Health Documents (when required)

EVA Air Check In Time 

The airline has given a specific EVA Airlines check in time exceeding which you will be subject to EVA cancellations. The time limit is as follows: 

  • Eva Airlines Online check in will begin 48 hours before the flight departure.
  • It will be open until an hour before the take-off. 
  • Obtain your boarding pass at least 30 minutes before the flight. 
  • Passengers with special needs have to check in at least 2 hours before the flight.
  • Eva Air international flight check in time is 2 hours before departure flight.

What are the EVA Air Check-In Methods? 

There are quite a few ways to manage your EVA Airline check in. Based on the nature of your flight, you can choose from the available modes. 

Method 1: EVA Air Online Check In

Online check in EVA Airlines should be done using the main site of this carrier. Only fliers with official and confirmed bookings will be eligible for checking in online. The steps to be followed are: 

eva air online check in
  • Open the Official website of Eva Air.
  • Select the “Online Check In” option under Manage Booking. 
  • Enter the details asked like “Booking Reference or Ticket Number”. 
  • Give your full name as well. 
  • Click on the “Log in” button. 
  • Your booking will now be retrieved. 
  • ‘Follow the directions on the site to further the process. 
  • Get your boarding pass and confirm your details. 
  • Print out your pass. 

Method 2: Check In at the Airport 

If you are flying with EVA baggage, choosing to check in at the airport can be the most plausible option. The steps included in this type of EVA Airways check in are mentioned below: 

Eva Check in at Airport
  • Find your departure terminal and go to the available check-in counters. 
  • Connect with the agents and provide all the details required. 
  • Deposit your luggage and get your bags tagged. 
  • You will now be given your boarding pass. 
  • Go to the boarding gate and show the boarding pass at the time of departure. 

Method 3: Check In Using the Mobile App 

The airline has a separate mobile application where passengers can conduct different kinds of proceedings. To use this EVA check-in app, you will have to make an account first. Other steps include: 

eva air mobile check in
  • Log into your account if it is already existing. 
  • Head to the Check-In section on the app by following the in-app directions. 
  • Enter details regarding your booking. 
  • Mention your personal information as well. 
  • Check into your flight after selecting a seat. 
  • Upon completion, a digital boarding pass will be sent to your email. 
  • Print this pass for submission at the airport. 

Note: This app is available for both Android and IOS at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. 

Method 4: Using Kiosk for Checking In 

If you wish to perform the EVA Air flight check in independently, you can go for the self-use kiosk. Airports like Singapore, Chagai, Toronto, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seattle, Tokyo, Heathrow, etc have these devices. 

Eva Air Kiosk Check In 
  • Find the self-use kiosk at your departure terminal. 
  • On the first page, select EVA Airlines. 
  • Under the “Identity” page, click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • Select the number of passengers you wish to check-in. 
  • Enter the booking reference number. 
  • Scan your passport and retrieve your flight. 
  • Enter all the required information by following the directions. 
  • Use the “Change Seat” option if you want to select your seat. 
  • Check in your bags if you have any. 
  • Print your boarding pass and confirm the itinerary. 

EVA Flight Check In Boarding Pass

After completing check in for EVA Air, you can get your pass either digitally or in print. Both of these are valid. 

EVA Air Boarding Pass for Check in
  • If you check in online, your pass will be sent to your email. 
  • For app check-ins, you will be given a digital pass. 
  • At the airport counters, passes will be issued in print. 

EVA Air International Check In Policy 

If you are flying internationally with this carrier, the following check in EVA Air international guidelines are applicable: 

  • Online check-in is not available for international charter flights. 
  • On long-distance flights, online baggage check-in might not be available. 
  • Check-in for connecting flights should be done at the airport. 
  • Cross-border rules apply based on the end destination. 

The EVA Air check in policy is one of the simplest policies with definite rules and regulations. In case you face any trouble understanding any of these guidelines, you can connect with the airline agents who will provide ready assistance. Hence, it is quite easy to check in on this airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How early can I check in for my EVA Air flight?

You can check in your EVA flight up to 48 hours before departure.

When can I do online check in for EVA Air?

EVA Air allows you to do online check in between 48 hours and 1 hour before departure.

Can I check in laptop EVA Air?

Yes, you can check in your laptop with EVA Air. However, it must be packed in a carry-on bag under airline’s size and weight restrictions.

What is an Eva Air automated check in?

Eva Air Automated check in is a process that allows you to check in for your flight using a self-service kiosk or mobile app. This can save you time at the airport.

Does EVA Air do online check in?

Yes, EVA Air offers online check in for international flights.

What is the minimum check in time for EVA Air?

The minimum Eva Air international flight check in time is 2 hours before departure and 1 hour before departure for domestic flights.

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