How to Cancel Singapore Airlines Ticket?

How to Cancel Singapore Airlines Flights

When you realize that you have made a blunder in reserving your flight ticket, correcting it should be your first action. In case of correction is not possible, then you can opt for a flight cancellation option. This carrier is aware that sometimes it is necessary to cancel a wrong ticket booked by the passenger. Therefore, the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy is implemented to facilitate the flyers with the best possible methods to revoke the ticket. It makes it simpler for visitors to reverse their bookings at any time. Also, they can learn more about the requirements, conditions, and penalties related to the cancellation of this policy. 

How To Cancel Flight Singapore Airlines

Does Singapore Airlines have 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, Singapore Airlines has 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. According to this policy, Passenger can cancel their ticker within 24 hours of purchasing booking without paying any fees. If you cancel your ticket on time, then you can get your money back. Singapore Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy is applied for both refundable as well as non-refundable tickets.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy Rules of 2023-2024

The cancellation policy of Singapore Airlines has been made to allow the Flyers to revoke their flights easily. However, to cancel the flights quickly and without any hassle, there are some conditions mentioned in the policy which need to be followed. These conditions must be abided by the tourists as well as the operator. The purpose of these conditions is to provide easy and quick cancellations to them. 

The conditions outlined by the Singapore Airline cancellation policy are listed below: 

  • Cancellation of the flight is permitted to a passenger when a reservation is made online via this air carrier’s website, telephone customer care, and at the terminal of the airport. The reservation should be booked through the official sources of the carrier.
  • Provided that a booking is made via a third-party agent, a traveler must contact him or her to make the revocation. 
  • It should be kept in mind that flight reversals will impact your entire itinerary, as well as all the travelers, on your reservations. 
  • A visitor can cancel her/his booking with this airline only up to twenty-four hours prior to the flight takeoff. 
  • For genuine reasons like a sudden death in the family or illness of a passenger or a member, you can reverse your reservation at any moment, considering the Singapore Airlines flight cancellation policy. 
  • For these reasons, certain documentation needs to be submitted by the visitor to the airline. 
  • Tickets that have been used partly cannot be canceled by the airline. 
  • With Singapore Airlines, a flight pass is not allowed to be canceled. 
  • For Lite tickets on this air provider, cancellation of the flight is not permitted. 

How to Cancel Singapore Airlines Flight?

It can be quite easy to communicate with the officials regarding the Singapore Airlines flight cancellation. They may be on duty around the clock to assist you with your reversal procedure. Or else, when the line is busy or not able to connect, you can choose the online method for canceling your flight in an emergency. To opt for the online method, you will have to navigate the website and cancel a reservation in a few steps. 

Method 1: Cancel Singapore Airlines Flight by Online

This Singapore air carrier makes it simple for its passengers to cancel their flights at any time after booking. The operator’s website should be accessed in order to initiate the revocation process. Then, you can utilize the feature named Manage Booking. With this tab, you will be able to look at your reservation details and cancel it with ease. 

The following are the steps to Cancel Singapore Airlines: 

  • Open the Official Website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Select the “Singapore Airlines Manage Booking” Section. 
  • Now Enter your booking details to manage your itinerary
Singapore Airlines Manage Booking
  • Enter “Six Character Booking Reference” and the “Last/Family Name“. 
  • After that Click on the “Manage Booking” button. 
  • Now you have your booking lists, Select that you want to cancel.
  • Press on the “Cancel” option to complete the cancellation process. 
  • Pay the fee if necessary.
  • You will receive a notification on your registered email address.

Method 2: Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Over the Phone

Simply calling Singapore Airlines will connect you to a live caller of a customer service department for making your cancellations. This process of calling the airline makes it incredibly simple for customers. On the call, you need to explain the problem to the air representative and request a solution. With complete discretion and without disclosing personal details, the experienced officials initiate the Singapore Airlines ticket cancellation procedure instantly. 

To find the telephone number of this airline, you just need to visit Singapore Airlines’ main website. Choose the “Contact Us” feature given at the bottom of the page. Scroll down the page a little and you will be able to see the phone numbers from the different countries. Choose your preferred country as well as the city and connect with the airline. 

Note: According to the Singapore Airlines reviews, the calling method is the most trusted and reliable as it makes the cancellation process quick and easy. This is because the agents personally help their customers with any of their concerns. 

Most of the customer service numbers of different countries for Singapore Airlines are as follows: 

CountryPhone Number
USA(833) 727-0118* (24 hours)
Uk020 7660 8988 (
UAE971 2 611 8749
Ukraine38 044 490 65 02
China886 2 77507708
Spain34 935472938
South Africa27 10 500 9046
Singapore65 6223 8888
Saudi Arabia966 12 6206201
Qatar974 4499 5741
Philippine63 2 8539 4588
new zealand64 9 282 0352
Japan81 3 4578 4088
France33 1 86 47 73 99
Australia61 2 7209 4388

How Singapore Airlines Award Cancellation Policy Work?

Award reservations are primarily premium airline tickets that are rewarded to the passengers. It is accessible for buying flight tickets using the carrier’s credit. Also, concerning the Singapore Airlines Award ticket cancellation, they can gain points that can be used to get free or significantly discounted reservations on the booking of further flights. 

singapore cancellation policy

These tickets are acknowledged for improving your trips in a few ways. Using these tickets will be more beneficial when you want to cancel them at any moment after booking them. A critical requirement you must adhere to cancel an award ticket is to start the process of revoking soon after booking. As per this policy, you can make Singapore Airlines cancel Award tickets by going to the airport.  Alternatively, calling the air carrier is also suggested. 

How much are the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Fees?

For flight cancellations, Singapore Airlines provides a payment structure in which you need to pay certain fees whether you choose the online or offline method. In light of this, in some scenarios, you can cancel a flight without paying an additional fee. 

Otherwise, there are some specific Singapore Airlines cancellation charges levied on revoking your flight. Also, this penalty will vary or change depending on some factors. Among all, one such factor is the destination you choose to travel to. Other factors like timing of reversal and fare type are also important. 

To find the Singapore Airlines booking cancellation fee, go through the following information:

Fare TypeCancellation Fee
SaverSGD 150 (US\$109)
ValueSGD 200 (US\$146)
AdvantageSGD 250 (US\$183)
FlexibleSGD 50 (US\$37)

What is the Singapore Airlines Refund Policy?

In accordance with some requirements specified in this refund policy, the provider offers a return to its passengers. Provided that they satisfy all the requirements, then the air carrier gives a travel voucher to book the next flight in the future in some instances. Furthermore, when this is not suitable for you, you can ask for a cash refund as well. 

To fulfill all requirements, you must follow the rules of the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy for a refund below: 

  • To receive an entire refund, make sure to revoke a booking 24 hours after purchase. 
  • Discounted tickets like Promoted children’s reservations are non-refundable. 
  • Within a year of the date of issuance, Singapore Airlines tickets may be refunded. 
  • The refund amount is decided by the visitor’s location. Furthermore, the kind of ticket and remaining days left from the departure comes into effect. 
  • To comply with the Singapore cancellation policy, you will not get an entire return if you cancel your reservation after one day of making it.
  • Only the refundable taxes will be repaid when you revoke your non-refundable ticket. 
  • Money back will be given in the actual kind of payment method. 
  • A refund will be given in seven to ten business days when you have purchased your flight via credit or debit card. 
  • Assuming that you have booked your plane ticket by using a cheque or cash, then you will be eligible to get a refund in ten to twenty business days. 
Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

How to get a refund from Singapore Airlines? 

For claiming a refund to the passengers, an online method is suggested for travelers. With this method, you just need to visit the website of this provider. There, an Assistance Refund Form will be available. This form will help you in claiming your refund by entering pertinent information, as per the Singapore flight cancellation policy. 

There are several actions that must be taken in order to claim a refund from the flyer:  

  • Firstly, go to the website of this provider. 
  • Select the “Assistance Request Form” tab under the “Travel Info” feature available in the upper panel of the website.
  • The next page will be redirected. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can now see the three options given on the page. Select the “Cancel My Booking For a Refund” tab from there. 
  • Now, the refund request form will be located on a similar page that needs to be completed.
  • Then fill out the form details such as “Email Address”, “First/Given Name”, “Last/Family Name”, “Phone Number, and other asked information. 
  • Accept and tick mark all terms and conditions below and hit the “Submit” button. 
  • Soon you will receive your refund from this carrier in the payment source you chose for booking. 

Note: If you have also reserved a bag allowance, then you can ask over the phone whether or not Singapore Airlines baggage allowance will be covered in the refund amount. 

How do I get compensation for Singapore Airlines Cancelled flights?

When cancellation takes place from the airline’s side, compensation will be provided to tourists. According to EC Regulations 262/2004, the entire amount may be reimbursed to the passengers’ payment mode depending on the flight route. Furthermore, the last stop and airport of origin can also determine the amount of compensation. 

With the following details, you can get a better understanding of what amount will be given by the airline as Singapore Airlines flight delay compensation: 

  • Singapore Airlines will not compensate you when a flight is canceled due to weather. In this kind of scenario, it will relocate you to an alternate flight. 
  • This air operator minimizes the difficulties suffered by customers due to flight revocation by offering lodging, meals, and conveyance to the accommodation. 
  • A passenger can get up to USD 700 as reimbursement when her/his flight is canceled by the provider. 

One of the well-known carriers to travel is Singapore Airlines. This carrier appears to be accurate, particularly with its services regarding the cancellation process. By understanding the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, travelers can revoke their flights without any trouble. For canceling the tickets, different methods are also available for the passengers. Hence, every flight cancellation may be simply done with its well-equipped policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if Singapore Airlines cancel flight?

When Singapore Airlines decides to cancel your reservation, you can expect help from the operator. You will be given the option of catching the next flight available. Assuming that the next reservation is not comfortable for you, then you can receive compensation against the reversal of your flight. 

Can I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight?

No matter what the reason is, a tourist can cancel his or her booking at any moment in urgency. Concerning that, you should notify Singapore Airlines up to 24 hours prior to the planned departure. Additionally, the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy allows you to request a refund on your ticket reversal. However, in some instances, you will be charged a penalty by the carrier.

Is there an online option under the cancellation policy Singapore Airlines?

The online option is available for travelers to make flight cancellations. This has made it easier for them when they do not want to use the conventional option. They only need to visit the website to begin the revocation using the online procedure. To opt for this method, just select the “Manage Booking” tab. Enter the information as asked in the appropriate blanks. Then choose the flight and press the “Cancel” tab to complete the procedure. 

Is there a Singapore Airlines Award cancellation policy?

The policy for Singapore Airlines Award ticket cancellation has been put in place to permit the revocation of bookings. This ticket can be simply reversed and a refund can be requested. The award cancellation refund can be only obtained when your ticket is fully unused. Moreover, a fee may be deducted from the total amount on cancellation. 

Which type of ticket is eligible under the Singapore Airlines Business class cancellation policy?

As per the Singapore Airlines Business class cancellation policy, there are three categories of fare types. It consists of Lite, Flexi, and Standard fares. For Lite, passengers are not allowed to cancel their flights. On the other hand, Standard and Flexi tickets are eligible for cancellation. However, with reversal, a certain amount of fee will be charged or assessed by the air operator depending on the rules of this policy. 

On what factors are Singapore Airlines cancellation charges decided?

With different types of fares, the cancellation charges will be decided. The key factor affecting this charge includes the timing of flight cancellation. Furthermore, your intended location is also significant for the same. Thus it is difficult to predict in advance the exact reversal charge. To know more, you can contact this air company. 

Can I receive a Singapore Airlines cancellation refund on the same day?

With Singapore Airlines, a refund will be available when you cancel a reservation while adhering to the policy rules. Nevertheless, when all rules are obeyed, still, a refund cannot be given on the same day. If you have paid for your flight using a debit or credit card, you will get a refund in seven to ten working days. Furthermore, twenty working days will be taken by the carrier when you have made your booking via a cheque or cash payment mode. 

What is the booking cancellation fee for Singapore Airlines?

When a passenger cancels a flight after 24 hours of a booking, he or she will be requested to pay USD 100 to USD 500 as a fee. On the other hand, a booking cancellation fee of Singapore Airlines of USD 100 to USD 400 will be levied if you revoke a ticket 24 hours earlier than the departure. Therefore, this fee can vary now and again by the airline. So, it is essential before reversing your plane ticket, to connect with the provider. 

Can I get the benefit of Singapore Airline free cancellation?

When a visitor cancels a flight 24 hours after a reservation, she/he can avoid paying a reversal fee. Usually, this is referred to as a risk-free time. Moreover, due to major sickness or death in the family, you can get the benefit of Singapore Airlines free cancellation. 

Which method is suggested for Singapore Airlines 24 hours cancellation?

On Singapore Airlines cancel within 24 hours or one day after purchasing a ticket, and a calling method is suggested. Considering this, you will need the contact number of this air carrier. This can be obtained from the website of Singapore Airlines. Once found, call the airline immediately and share your concerns. Furthermore, you will be asked to provide some details regarding your flight. After giving all the necessary information, the process will begin and upon completion, you will be informed by the operator. 

What is the Singapore Airlines Award cancellation fee?

There can be a certain amount of fees charged when you choose to cancel your Award ticket. Based on the fare type, the amount can change. In addition to this, the timing of cancellation is an important factor in deciding the Award cancellation fee for Singapore Airlines. You can contact the airline and request an exact amount of cancellation. 

What is the Singapore Airlines cancellation refund policy?

All of the regulations for requesting a refund are detailed in this refund policy. It specifies how and when to make a claim. Also, it describes if a traveler qualifies for the same or not. Other rules are included as well in the refund policy.  

What facilities are provided as Singapore Airlines canceled flight compensation?

When Singapore Airlines cancels the reservation of its tourists, it tries to provide alternate flights to them. Otherwise, if this option is not suitable for them, the provider will give compensation of up to USD 700 depending on their flight distance. Additionally, in some instances, hotel lodging, meals, and beverages are also provided. 

What is the Singapore cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy of Singapore Airlines is established for the safe and easy revocation of the flight. All the rules for cancellation are listed in the Singapore Airline cancellation policy. It describes the right time for reversing a plane ticket. Additionally, the penalties and refunds are indicated in this policy. Furthermore, a part of this policy is focused on when the air carrier cancels a flight. Considering this, compensation is also provided by the carrier. 

What is the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Deadline?

Passengers can change or cancel their Singapore flight ticket up to 10 minutes before their scheduled departure time.

Does Singapore Airlines have 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Singapore Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy for most tickets. This means that you can cancel your flight without penalty within 24 hours of booking, as long as the booking is made at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date.

What is the booking cancellation fee Singapore Airlines?

The Singapore Airlines booking cancellation fee is for More than 24 hours before departure: No fee, Within 24 hours of departure: SGD 100 and for a No-show: SGD 200.

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