Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

singapore airlines baggage allowance
Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

For the comfort of its passengers, Singapore Airlines baggage policy has been established. This policy focuses on carrying the luggage allocated to the passengers as per their cabin class. Knowing the baggage policy for checked and carry-on items is a must when a trip is planned with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Luggage

Singapore Airlines checked baggage applies two different concepts for passengers. Passengers should remember while traveling with Singapore Airlines that it uses a “weight concept” instead of a “piece concept” on most flights. Singapore Airlines’ check-in baggage policy uses the ideology of weight concept as how many kilos you can carry inside the flight. This weight concept is necessary to pass the check-in guidelines. 

Passengers flying in different cabins are subject to board the flight with these weight restrictions:

  • Economy Class
    • Flexi: 77 pounds
    • Standard: 66 pounds
    • Lite: 66 pounds
  • Premium Economy Class: 77 pounds
  • Business Class: 88 pounds
  • First-Class and Suites: 110 pounds

As per the piece concept, here is the chart showing the number of bags you can carry, concerning the Singapore Airlines check-in baggage allowance:

Cabin ClassNumber of Checked BagsWeight Restrictions
Economy Class230 kilograms
Premium Economy Class240 kilograms
Business Class250 kilograms
First-Class250 kilograms

Fees for Taking Excess Baggage Inside Singapore Airlines

When a person carries more than the allotted baggage, then he/she has to pay a few extra dollars for passing through the boarding process of Singapore Airlines. The excess baggage policy of Singapore Airlines explains that this air carrier adds some fees when extra items are taken. The number of items to be carried inside Singapore Airlines is based on the itinerary covered. 

Below is the representation of the fees charged on bringing additional items as per the Singapore Airlines cabin baggage allowance policy:

From/ToSingaporeBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
Band 1$3$6$9$18$24
Band 2$6$9$12$21$27
Band 3$15$18$21$30$36
Band 4$21$24$27$36$42

Overweight or Oversized Singapore Airlines Baggage Fees

Based on whether you will be flying on a weight-concept or piece-concept itinerary, the limitations on checked luggage may vary on Singapore Airlines. For weight-concept travel, you will be charged a fixed fee for each kilogram of extra weight baggage. This sum might be anywhere from $8 to $110. Overweight baggage is charged a fixed cost on piece-concept trips. One way, this may cost anything from $100 to $225 for each overweight baggage. 

Mentioned herewith is the Premium Economy Singapore Airlines baggage allowance fees for overweight and oversized luggage:

BandsOverweightOversized Baggage Fees
Band 1$100$80
Band 2$140$100
Band 3$140$140
Band 4$180$180

Liquid Restrictions Placed by Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ baggage policy has some guidelines for carrying limited liquids on its flights. This is because carrying liquids can be hazardous sometimes. Also, while the security passes, these liquids have to be checked for the safety of both the staff and the passengers. Here are a few liquid items accepted by Singapore Airlines:

  • Syrups
  • Gels
  • Toothpaste
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Aerosol cans
  • Deodorants
  • Mascara
  • Liquid-solid mixtures
  • Liquid soaps

On carrying liquids, the baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines international flights has a few basic guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  • All the liquids have to be packed in a single bag.
  • The bag should be waterproof.
  • Only 3.4 ounces of liquids are allowed inside the flights.
  • The bag must be a plastic one and sealable.

Items Allowed in Singapore Airlines

These items are allowed at Singapore Airlines as per the TSA guidelines which need to be followed. The list of the allowed items includes:

  • Baby food
  • Baby seat
  • Makeup tools
  • Hairbrush
  • Handbags
  • Electronic devices
  • Strollers
  • Jacket
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Blanket
  • Books
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Blankets
  • Chargers
  • Laptops
  • Power Banks

Bringing Infants Inside Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines cares for all passengers flying from its flights. Some passengers may want to carry infants. Carrying them is allowed as per the infant baggage allowance of Singapore Airlines. They are allowed to travel on this airline but by following some basic rules. Singapore Airlines do not permit infants that are 2 days old or below to travel. Passengers are not allowed to fly with babies during the first seven days after their birth.

Children between the ages of 2 and 11 require their own tickets and are eligible for discounted rates. Below mentioned are some additional guidelines that a passenger needs to follow while traveling with an infant:

  • It is not necessary to buy a separate seat for children under the age of two. 
  • Nonetheless, Singapore Airlines should be notified that your child would be riding in your lap. Only one infant is permitted to travel on the lap of each person. 
  • If you decide to buy a different seat for your infant, keep in mind that you will need an authorized child restraint system.

Singapore Airlines Pet Policy

The baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines international flights permits only small pets inside the flights. Pets are carried inside Singapore Airlines only when they are properly vaccinated. Also, they should possess their medical records while traveling. Based on the policy, here are some guidelines for pets to follow:

  • On any of Singapore Airlines’ flights, pets are not permitted to fly in the cabin.
  • When your pet is at least 3 months mature, it can fly with you as checked-in luggage.
  • Your pet’s total weight, including the carrier, should not exceed 70 pounds.
  • If you have more than one pet, they must be transported in different containers.
  • Pets that weigh more than 70 pounds in their kennels can be carried as a cargo hold.
  • Small pets must not weigh more than 30 pounds.

Sports Items Approved by Singapore Airlines

Sporting equipment is limited to the regular baggage policy of Singapore Airlines, which states that it is included in the free luggage allowance. However, if the weight of the sports equipment is surpassed, then Singapore Airlines extra baggage fees will apply. The following are equipment that can be carried inside the flights of Singapore Airlines:

  • Golfing equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Canoes
  • Ski equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Archery equipment
  • Baseball
  • Pool cues
  • Spearguns
  • Bowling equipment
  • Golf clubs

Musical Instruments

As far as the musical instruments are concerned, there is a strict guideline for carrying them under Singapore Airlines. The guidelines separate these musical instruments into large and small pieces of equipment. These small and large musical instruments must not go above 23 kilograms, as stated in the Singapore Airlines baggage policy. The musical instruments that can be transported via this airline are:

  • Tabla
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drumsticks
  • Drums
  • Keyboard

Restricted Items on Singapore Airlines

According to TSA guidelines, sharp objects and certain flammable products are not allowed on Singapore Airlines. Bringing them inside the check-in process might cancel your flights, looking at the Singapore Airlines baggage allowance to India. Things such as explosives, firearms, and dangerous goods are not allowed to be taken inside the flights. They are restricted due to safety reasons. For example, there can be instances when dry cells or batteries may explode. 

Described below are the items that have been prohibited by Singapore Airlines:

  • Knives or pocket knives
  • Blades
  • Scissors
  • Swords
  • Needles
  • Stun guns
  • Hockey sticks
  • Battery operated machines
  • Lithium batteries
  • Dry ice
  • Explosives
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Poisonous substances
  • Certain gases
  • Gun powder
  • Household items
  • Gasoline
  • Matchsticks
  • Lighters
  • Firearms

Saving Excess Baggage Costs on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines may cost you extra fees when you carry more than the required luggage. You can save costs on excess luggage in several ways. The first way is to contact the credit card holders of the airline. When traveling with Singapore Airlines, a number of credit card issuers, notably CapitalOne, provide cards that refund qualifying baggage costs. If you have a card like the VentureOne Rewards card that enables you for this benefit, then you may be eligible to receive an account credit to pay your baggage costs after your trip.

Access to Singapore Airlines’ loyalty program is another way to save money on baggage costs. It also comes with some extra baggage benefits that might help you save money. This comprises Singapore Airlines baggage allowance for checked luggage that is double the usual amount.

Also, see our recent post on Alaska Airlines baggage policy before flying with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Singapore Airlines baggage size limit for checked items?

Checked baggage will only be allowed if it is within the weight and size limits. On Singapore Airlines, the size limit for check-in luggage is 158 cm or 62 inches. These dimensions include the combined ratio of height, length, and width. You will not be allowed to carry bags that exceed these limits unless you pay additional charges.

What is the maximum size of carry-on luggage allowed on Singapore Airlines?

Passengers on Singapore Airlines are allowed to carry one personal item that measures 15.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches onboard. Passengers flying with the Singapore Airlines baggage policy are allowed to bring a normal carry-on bag with a maximum linear size of 45.3 inches.

What is the hand baggage weight limit on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines’ hand baggage allowance permits Economy and Premium Economy travelers to bring one standard piece of luggage measuring up to 15.4 pounds. Passengers in Business Class and First-Class are allowed to bring two normal carry-on bags, each measuring 15.4 pounds.

How strict is Singapore Airlines about baggage allowance?

Singapore Airlines has a strict baggage allowance policy when it comes to bringing checked items inside its flights. For Economy passengers, only two bags of 23 kilograms are approved by this airline. According to the Singapore Airlines check-in baggage policy, Business Class and First Class passengers may take up to three bags of 32 kilograms each.

What is the maximum baggage weight for Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines’ maximum baggage weight for carrying items is 32 kilograms. The maximum size dimensions are 152 centimeters. When any passenger exceeds these weight and size constraints, he/she has to pay Singapore Airlines excess baggage fees.

Can we carry musical instruments on the flight of Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can carry some musical instruments inside the flight of Singapore Airlines. It has to be noted that only small and medium-sized musical instruments are allowed following the Singapore Airlines excess baggage policy. The weight of these musical items must not surpass 23 kilograms.

What are the luggage types under Singapore Airlines baggage policy?

The Singapore Airlines baggage allowance policy of this airline is quite inclusive in terms of the types of bags. It mainly allows the passengers to bring two types of baggage which include checked and carry-on luggage. Other than this, passengers can also carry excess baggage under overweight and oversized luggage options by paying extra fees.

How much is extra baggage on Singapore Airlines?

Usually, the extra baggage fees charged by this airline depend on how many excessive items you wish to carry. This Singapore Airlines excess baggage fee starts at USD 3 for band 1, USD 6 for band 2, USD 15 for band three, and goes up to USD 21 for band 4. It can also vary as per your itinerary and usually ranges between USD 21 and USD 42.

What is the Singapore Airlines cabin baggage size limit?

The maximum size allowed for cabin baggage on Singapore Airlines is 115 cm (sum of length, height, and width). This size limit is the same for all fare classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First class. The limit is such that these bags can be easily stored in the aircraft.

What is allowed in Singapore Airlines’ international baggage allowance policy?

On Singapore Airlines, the international baggage allowance policy determines the conditions that apply to international flights. According to this policy, passengers can carry checked, cabin, and excess luggage. The maximum baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines international flights for each of these items is based on your fare class. It commonly ranges from 24 kgs to 50 kgs.

How many kg baggage Singapore Airlines allows Economy passengers?

As cabin baggage, passengers in Economy Class can bring one bag not exceeding 7 kgs. Speaking of checked luggage, the standard allowance is 35 kgs per bag. Members of the PPS club of Singapore Airlines can bring an additional weight of 35 kgs whereas Star Alliance members can bring an additional 20 kgs. The same conditions apply to Premium Economy as well.

What are Singapore Airlines baggage dimensions for Business Class?

With regard to carry-on luggage, the maximum allowed dimensions are 7 kg weight and 115 cm size for Business as well as First classes. For check-in baggage on Singapore Airlines, the weight limit on Suites and First class is 50kg and 40 kg in Business class. Additional weight up to 20 kg will be allowed for Star Alliance members. The size limit is 158 cm or 62 inches for check-in luggage.

What if I exceed the Singapore Airlines baggage size limit?

You will not be allowed to check-in your baggage unless it is within the given weight and size limitations on Singapore Airlines. Hence, in case your luggage happens to be oversized, you will have to purchase an additional allowance. You will be charged a Singapore Airlines overweight baggage fee as per the allowance requirements.

What is the Singapore Airlines baggage weight limit for checked luggage?

This airline offers 4 fare classes within the standard fare category. These include Lite, Value, Standard, and Flexi. It is further outlined by the Singapore Airlines baggage policy that the weight limit for Lite and Value classes is 25 kgs on checked luggage with an additional weight of 25 kg for PPS Club members. For Standard and Flexi fares, the weight limit is 30 kgs. An additional allowance of 20 kg for Star Alliance members is further observed on Singapore Airlines.

How many check-in baggage allowed in Singapore Airlines?

Generally, 2 pieces of checked luggage are allowed by this airline. This allowance is the same for the Economy and Business classes. However, on flights other than from Canada and the USA, the allowance may differ based on the itinerary. You will be informed of these changes in allowance by Singapore Airlines during reservation.

What is the Singapore Airlines baggage allowance policy?

This is a policy by Singapore Airlines that outlines all the important regulations about baggage allowance. It specifies the weight and size restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage. It also reveals information about how much baggage is allowed in Singapore Airlines, what the prohibited items are, and how much extra luggage is permitted. The charges for extra luggage are additionally highlighted by this policy.

How much does extra baggage cost on Singapore Airlines for KrisFlyer members?

Significantly, the members of the KrisFlyer program of Singapore Airlines will be entitled to exclusive discounts on the purchase of additional baggage. They can enjoy discounts on top of the usual sales offers. To know the exact amount of extra baggage fee and the price benefits, KrisFlyer members will have to directly connect with the airline authorities.

How much excess baggage Singapore Airlines allows for PPS Club?

PPS Club members can enjoy extensive benefits with Singapore Airlines when it comes to additional luggage. The PPS members with a First Class ticket will be eligible to bring 50 kgs of extra baggage. In Business Class, extra 40 kgs are allowed while in Premium Economy Class, excess 35 kgs are permitted, hints at the Singapore Airlines excess baggage policy. The PPS Flexi and Standard ticket holders are entitled to 30 kgs as well. 

How strict is Singapore Airlines about baggage allowance?

To ensure the safety of its passengers, Singapore Airlines implements baggage allowance rules quite strictly. All the luggage carried by the travelers will be subject to weight and size checks. Any luggage exceeding the normal limit will be considered overweight and may not be allowed. Therefore, passengers will have to duly obey the baggage regulations when traveling with this airline.

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