Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy

Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy
Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy

For passenger safety, smooth airline procedures, etc., the Asiana Airlines baggage policy has been made. The policy has been built with rules that notify the passengers about carrying limited luggage onboard. Limited luggage of this airline indicates the number of bags to be carried when flying. The South Korean operator’s baggage allowance policy has certain restrictions too. These can be about the size and weight of luggage that customers can carry. These restrictions must be followed for a smooth flying experience inside the flight. 

Asiana Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

When luggage items comply with Asiana’s baggage allowance rules, they are marked as suitable for check-in. To ensure this compliance, the policy for checked baggage has been based on 2 concepts: weight concept and piece concept. Asiana Airlines domestic flight baggage allowance focuses on the weight concept. For international flights, this airline has formed the piece concept. The number of bags to be carried can depend on these concepts as well as the class of travel or international route. 

Look at the table below to find the Asiana Airlines allowed baggage limit of domestic and international routes with respect to different cabin classes. 

RouteEconomy Class Limit in Kilograms/ Number of BagsBusiness Class Limit in Kilograms/ Number of BagsFirst Class Limit in Kilograms/ Number of Bags
Korean Domestic20, 1 bag
Other International Countries23, 2 bags32, 2 bags32, 3 bags
Within the United States23, 1 bag32, 2 bags32, 3 bags

Note: The number of bags to be carried applies to all adults and children traveling in different classes.

For carrying checked items at Asiana Airlines, passengers should follow the weight and size limits. The maximum weight restriction for carrying checked baggage on Asiana flights can be 32 kilograms. The size limit for bringing on checked bags can be 62 linear inches. When any passenger needs to check 3+ bags, he/she can do so by paying the Asiana Airlines excess baggage fees or overweight item charges.

Asiana Airlines Free Luggage Allowance

With the availability of free luggage allowance, Asiana Airlines has enabled its flyers to carry complimentary bags at no charge. Beyond the complimentary limit, passengers may have to pay charges for carrying additional bags. The amount of free luggage can vary depending on the route and class of travel at Asiana aircraft. The Asiana Airlines baggage policy can enable complimentary bag allowances to be pooled. When 2 or more people travel together to the same destination or place of stopping, this pooling can be accepted. Upon request, travelers may be allowed a total free luggage allowance equal to the sum of the individual bag limits.

Adults and children can be entitled to the following free baggage allowances on Asiana Airlines:

Checked BaggageEconomy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
Non-American DestinationsAmerican DestinationsAll DestinationsAll Destinations
Number of Pieces1 piece2 pieces2 pieces3 pieces
Weight (in kg per piece)2332
Dimensions (in inches per piece)62

Excess Baggage Carried at Asiana Airlines

For carrying more than the necessary number of bags, Asiana Airlines can charge additional baggage fees. Asiana Airlines excess baggage fees on flights departing from foreign destinations may vary depending on local currency exchange rates. On all routes at this airline, a set pricing scheme or fixed cost may be set per piece of luggage applied. 

Asiana Airlines baggage fees for excess bags on the U.S. routes are described below:

CategoryBasisAsia-U.S. Routes Charges in DollarsAsia-Saipan Routes Charges in Dollars
Excess Baggage Fees23 kg200100
Excess Weight Fees24-32 kg100100
33-45 kg400200
Size: 158-203 cm200100
Excess Bulk FeesSize: 203-292 cm400200
Sum of 3 dimensionsbetween 203-292 cm400200

The Asiana Airlines baggage fees for international routes other than the United States are as mentioned below:

CategoryBasisShort-haul Routes Fees (in dollars)Korea-Japan/Taiwan/China/Macau/Hong Kong/Mongolia Fees (in dollars)Asian Routes Fees (in dollars)Asia-Europe/Africa/Middle East/Oceania Fees (in dollars)
Excess Baggage Fees1 piece of 23 kg6080110140
More than 2 pieces90110160210
24-28 kg35406090
Excess Weight Fees29-32 kg506090110
33-45 kg90110170210
Size: 159-203 cm90110170210
Excess Bulk FeesSum of 3 items between 203-292 cm160200320400

Asiana Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Each customer at Asiana Airlines can be permitted to bring hand or carry-on luggage that can fit in the overhead bin or beneath the seat. Asiana Airlines hand baggage allowance may be subject to these specified weight and size restrictions per piece:

  • 10 kilograms can be the maximum weight that may be carried.
  • 115 cm can be the maximum size of the piece.
  • 40 x 20 x 55 cm can remain the maximum piece dimensions of the luggage.

The Asiana Airlines baggage policy permits the visitors in First and Business Class to bring 2 pieces of carry-on luggage with them. Just one piece of luggage can be allowed per person in Economy Class.

Allowed Items at Asiana Airlines

The Transport Security Administration or TSA has approved Asiana Airlines to accommodate certain items on its flights. These items are approved as they are generally considered safe by the TSA. 

Note: For allowance, the allocated size and weight limits of this airline having its headquarters in Seoul should be maintained.

Owing to AirAsia baggage allowance, below-listed are the items that can be carried by its flyers onboard:

  • Baby cereals
  • Strollers
  • Handbags
  • Backpack
  • Baby car seat
  • Books
  • Duty-free products
  • Umbrella
  • Wheelchairs
  • Assistive devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Mobility devices
  • Chargers
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Clothes
  • Headphones
  • Reading material
  • Medicines
  • Shoes

Note: These items should be carried as per the rules of the Asiana Airlines baggage policy. They must be properly sealed in bags so that they do not cause any harm to other fellow passengers. Also, each item must be transported for screening to avoid any problems during the flight.

Asiana Airlines Liquid Policy

Passengers can be allowed to take liquids with them on all flights, according to the Asiana Airlines baggage policy of international and domestic flights. They can carry liquids in small containers. Those containers need to be within 100 milliliters. 

Other such rules for carrying liquids can be as stated below:

  • Only one resealable plastic bag may be allowed per person.
  • An adequate amount of liquids may be carried for medicines and infant meals.
  • Bought at airport duty-free stores, these items can be allowed to be taken if they are packed in a tamper-evident safety bag:
    • Alcohol
    • Perfume
    • Liquid duty-free products

Asiana Airlines Infant Baggage Policy

Passengers flying with their infants have to follow certain guidelines made by the Asiana Airlines baggage policy. These guidelines are made to ensure the safety or health of the infants on the flight. Even if the infant is delivered healthy, it is suggested that no newborn under the age of one week book a plane since babies have fluctuating body temperature regulation. Also, they may not have completely formed lungs and other body components. When the infant is required to fly, Asiana Airlines may need to obtain medical approval ahead of time.

Asiana Airlines can provide Baby Fare to newborns aged 7 days to 2 years. This can include the following benefits:

  • Babies can fly for free on domestic flights in South Korea.
  • The Baby Cost can be 10% of the adult ticket for international flights. There may be no reserved seats offered. Unless the Child Fare is paid, a seat may be supplied.
  • A compact and folding stroller may be transported in the cabin, provided that there is sufficient storage space. Otherwise, the stroller can be treated as checked baggage. 
  • In contrast to carry-on luggage, baby food for in-flight consumption can be permitted in the cabin. 
  • Seats can be supplied when Child Fare has been paid by the customers.

Asiana Airlines Pet Baggage Policy

Pets can be approved to fly in the main cabin as well as in the cargo hold of Asiana Airlines. However, for flying under the Asiana Airlines baggage policy, the flyers carrying their pets should obey these rules:

  • Pet dogs, kittens, and domestic birds can be brought into the main cabin of Asiana flights. For this, the total weight of the pet and container should be less than 15 pounds. 
  • For the length of the travel, pets should be kept in their carriers.
  • Unless they have two pups under the age of 6 months, each traveler can be allowed to carry one pet per carrier.
  • Carriers are required to stay beneath the seat in front of you for the whole trip.
  • Asiana Airlines may allow pets to fly as checked baggage. For this, the total mass of the pet and cage should not approach 99 pounds.

Sports and Musical Equipment Approved at Asiana Airlines

Each year there can be many visitors who may bring sporting and musical instruments onboard at Asiana Airlines. For bringing them, the weight and size limitations should be maintained by a passenger. The weight limit for carrying these items can be 23 kilograms. The overall size dimensions should be under 158 centimeters.

Below-mentioned is a detailed list of what items are allowed for sports and music at Asiana Airlines:

  • Golf equipment
  • Snowboarding equipment
  • Water skiing equipment
  • Windsurfing board
  • Surfboard
  • Wakeboard equipment
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Hockey equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Kiteboard
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Drumsticks
  • Tabla
  • Guitar
  • Cello

Prohibited Items at Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines’ baggage policy has made a rule for not bringing prohibited items on the flight. Prohibited items such as poisonous things or electronic battery devices may cause serious incidents at the aircraft. Hence, such items may have been prohibited by Asiana Airlines. 

Described below are some of the items that can be restricted by the Asiana Airlines baggage policy:

Lithium batteriesToxic substancesFlammable objectsFlammable liquids
Gaseous substancesDry iceBlunt objectsHammers and drills
Self-defense gadgetsLightersMatchsticksExplosives
e-CigarettesOrganic peroxidesCorrosive materialsRadioactive materials

To plan a smooth flying experience, it can be essential to follow all the rules and regulations of the Asiana Airlines baggage policy. It is important to understand that these rules and regulations can be imposed for the utmost safety of the passengers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much luggage can I take on Asiana Airlines?

A flyer, as per the Asiana Airlines allowed baggage, can carry bags of 23 kilograms each. This baggage limit is for Economy passengers. Business Class and First Class travelers can take the bags weighing 32 kilograms each.

How many complimentary checked bags do you get at Asiana Airlines?

On a complimentary basis, Asiana Airlines domestic baggage allowance may permit carrying two bags of 20 kilograms. When you are flying within the U.S. routes, you can bring 2 bags for Economy Class. They must be under 23 kilos. Two bags can be allowed for Business Class passengers and 3 bags for First-Class ones. However, on non-U.S. routes, only a single piece can be allowed for Economy passengers. For the other two classes, the allowance can be the same.

How many bags can you carry on Asiana Airlines?

Customers in Asiana Airlines’ Economy Class are allowed to pack 1 normal carry-on bag and one personal item. Travelers in Business and First Class are allowed to take 2 normal carry-on bags and one personal item. 

What are Asiana Airlines’ overweight baggage fees?

Asiana Airlines baggage overweight fees can be USD 80. These are the charges for bags upto 32 kilograms. For baggage above 32 kilograms, the fees can be higher up to USD 80.

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