Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Asiana Airlines Ticket

For passengers, the Asiana Airlines cancellation policy comes with multiple functions. It can aid them in revoking different types of tickets. Through this, they can comprehend how to apply for refunds. Furthermore, passengers can learn about their eligibility for free benefits, compensation, etc.

Which Rules Govern the Asiana Cancellation Policy?

The Asiana Airlines flight cancellation policy is regulated through these rules:

  • Prior to departure, you can confirm that you will not fly.
  • The rules for cost differences/reversals can vary as per:
    • Tickets
    • The location of buying fares
  • For revocations relating to China, confirm the terms from the airline.
  • Not attending flights after checking in invites penalties.
  • Reversals are allowed prior to online flight check-in.
  • Depending on your itinerary (domestic/international):
    • The terms governing this policy are different sometimes.
    • Prior to canceling tickets, check the same with Asiana.
  • Upgraded Standby bookings can be canceled.
  • This policy can support revoking Online Special Fare (Cambodia) bookings.

How does Asiana Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy Work?

With Asiana 24 hour cancellations are covered under a policy. It works in the following manner:

  • You can discontinue reservations online.
  • Approach the branch office of Asiana in case purchases were made through it.
  • On the same day of reserving flights, you can reverse them.
  • Prior to 24-hour revocations, ensure that 7 days are left prior to take-off.
  • The following do not apply:
    • Refund charges
    • Other fees
  • If revoking post the date of buying fares due to midnight, free benefits aren’t given.

Remember: The above applies to twenty-four-hour cancelled flight refunds too.

Is there an Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy for Mileage Trips?

Through the Asiana cancellation policy, one may cancel Mileage bookings but not transfer them due to the death of someone in the family. 

How to Cancel Asiana Flights Online?

Using the website of this airline, you can get 2 options to revoke your flights online. Additionally, receive help through its social media platforms.

Method 1: Through Website/Chatbot

You can try locating your flight with the “My Asiana” option on the site of this airline. Then try to manage your booking. 

Otherwise, prefer using the bot in the following way:

  • See to it that you are on the official Asiana Airlines website.
  • Find the option of “Customer Service”.
  • Through this, come to another page and select “Chatbot Service”.
  • Avoid any pop-ups appearing.
  • Wait for the bot to load.
  • In the space to type, write “Cancel My Flight”.
  • Following this, you have to tap on “Change & Refund”.
  • Here, you need to give your ID and password.
  • Or, choose “Log in with Membership Number”.
  • Once signed in, you can find the option to undo your reservation.
  • Also, submit the fees when applied.

Tip: One can use this online method for 24-hour Asiana flight cancellations.

Method 2: Preferring Social Media 

This option is more suitable for revocations amidst specific situations. Along with finding answers to particular queries in those situations, you can receive help to cancel Asiana flights.

Use the following to connect with the experts of this airline:

PlatformLink to the Platform

How to Cancel Asiana Tickets Offline?

Based on your country or region, you can dial the contact number dedicated to cancellation requests. This will aid you in connecting offline with an official. He/she will guide you on how to cancel your tickets. 

Asiana Airlines Cancellation Phone Number
The UK+44-845-602-9900
Japan+81-3-5812-6600Domestic: 0570-082-555
Korea+82-2-2669-8000Domestic: 02-2669-8000, 1588-8000 
China+86-10-8451-0101Domestic: 400-650-8000
The US+1-800-227-4262
Italy+39-041-260-5552 (Venice)+39-06-6595-26975 (Rome)

Get in touch with the branch offices of the airline for other regions. To find their contact information, check the website of the operator.

When is Asiana Airlines Cancellation Fee Charged?

This air carrier gives you a risk-free window of 24 hours. After this is over, it can charge for revocations. 

  • For Online Special Fare (Cambodia), the cost is $50.
  • To reverse other tickets, the Asiana Airlines cancellation fees can vary.
  • Based on the type of fare and flight, the carrier can determine the costs.

For No-Shows:

In case a flier hasn’t shown up or canceled a confirmed booking, the charge is:

  • Domestic: KRW 8,000-10,000/way for issuance before/on 19 or 20.10.2022
  • International: USD 120 or KRW 120,000

What is Asiana Airlines Refund Policy?

Asiana refund policy is implemented by this airline. It works via some rules. 

  • These rules vary depending on the location of purchasing tickets.
  • For Award, promotional, or group tickets, contact Asiana to know the terms.
  • You can receive baggage charges back when canceling flights before their departure.

For Fares with Partial Use

When the segments of your tickets are used, the Asiana refund policy guides that:

  • You can get your money for unused parts. 
  • Charges for used parts are deducted.
  • Penalties will apply.

When Refunding Domestic Flights:

From 01 August 2016 onward, the following apply:

  • The timeframe to get refunds is indicated by a ticket’s expiration date.

Applicable money-back charges, when required, are:

Fare TypeClassRefund Fee in KRW (Ticket Issuance before/on 19.10.2022)Refund Charge in KRW (Ticket Issuance before/on 20.10.2022)
Business CU2,0003,000
Economy (Normal)Y2,0003,000
Economy (Special)T/L/W/F/G/J/Z/D/O8,0009,000
Economy (Discounted)B/A/H/Q/M/E/K/V/S5,0007,000

After Revoking International Trips:

Applicable from 20 May 2016, the terms are:

  • You can request your money 30 days post the date of expiry of a ticket.
  • For J.C. and Y classes (all routes), refund applications within 90-61 days prior to departure:
    • Have no charge
    • Invite 30,000 KRW service fee 
  • In the case of all classes/routes, 91 days before take-off, penalties are waived.
  • Unused fares with Korea as the origin point invite a refund charge.

This Asiana cancellation refund charge depends on the time of making your request as tabulated below:

ClassRoute Duration91 to 60 Days before Departure (KRW)60 to 41 Days prior to Take-off (KRW)40-21 Days before Departing (KRW)20 to 11 Days prior to Leaving (KRW)In 10 Days of Departure (KRW)Any Day after Using Partially (KRW)
B.MShort30,00030,00030,000Or, 50,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward)50,000Or, 70,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward)70,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward)50,000
B.MMedium30,00030,00030,000Or, 50,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward)70,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward)110,00070,000
H.E.QShort30,00030,00050,000Or, 70,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward70,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward90,000Or, 110,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward70,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward
H.E.QMedium30,00030,00070,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward110,000150,000120,000
K.S.VShort30,00050,00070,000Or, 90,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward90,000Or, 110,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward110,000Or, 130,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward100,000Or, 120,000 (Ticketing date from 01.09.2022 onward

Refunds for Mileage Trips:

  • Money-back in the following forms is not available:
    • Cash
    • Exchanges/Sales
  • When Mileage/Upgrade Awards trips are unused, the refund charges per person are:
    • Within 12 Months of Issuance: 3,000 miles/USD 30 
    • For others: USD 100/10,000 miles

Mode/Duration for Receiving Refunds

When you have to get back your money, the mode and duration are:

  • Depending on how you paid for a fare, the refund will be received.
  • In case cost differences are involved, the duration to receive it is long.

Who Can Request Refunds?

As per the Asiana Airlines refund policy, the following people can place requests:

  • Ticket holders can make requests in person.
  • Otherwise, those who legally represent holders can place requests.
  • In the second case:
    • Certain documents are needed.
    • Requests are accepted where the sale was made.

How Do You Request Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Refunds?

On Asiana Airlines cancellations in some cases can get you refunds. Given that you are eligible for the same, move to the chatbot facility of this airline.

  • It works through the authorized website.
  • Once you access the bot, mention “Flight Cancellation” on chat.
  • It will direct you to the refund option.
  • Follow the directions to make a request.

Is a Policy Available for Asiana Airlines Cancelled Flights?

In case this carrier discontinues flights, it gives a policy with these terms/provisions:

  • This airline can revoke tickets because of:
    • Bad weather
    • Issues with the carrier
    • Legal reasons
    • Bookings not confirmed
    • Safety issues
    • Identification problems
  • In certain scenarios, both tickets and baggage allowance are refused.
  • Such tickets won’t be automatically reversed or refunded.
  • Waivers for money-back fees are:
    • Given, in general, 
    • Not provided for claiming money online or via mobile.
  • To receive refunds on Asiana cancelled flights, contact:
    • Counters at the airport
    • Booking centers
    • The airline’s region-wise offices

What to do if Asiana Cancelled My Flight?

When a reserved trip is no longer available, several provisions are given.

For Domestic Booking

Passengers get the following choices:

  • You can obtain involuntary money-back/refunds.
  • For unused tickets, you can receive the complete amount.
  • Given that a flight is interrupted, the refund rules can vary.

When Flying Internationally

International travelers can get these provisions under the Asiana Airlines cancellation policy:

  • They can get alternative flights.
  • Flights on other carriers may be given.
  • They can access rerouting options.
  • Or, they may receive refunds (involuntary).
  • Further assistance is provided when cancellations result in missing connecting trips.

Is Asiana Airline Cancellation Compensation Given?

Those who have Mileage Tickets can receive compensation when their trips are revoked by the operator. When having other fares, contact it to identify your eligibility.  

Does Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy have Restrictions?

Mainly for fares with discounts, this reversal policy is limited.

  • You may not be able to discontinue discounted tickets.
  • Such tickets may also not be eligible for complete refunds.

Winding up, a comprehensive Asian Cancellation policy has been given by this carrier. In various situations, it guides travelers to use its features and easily reverse tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel Asiana flights?

Utilize the chatbot facility on the website to cancel a flight online.

Is Asiana Airlines cancelling flights?

It will be ideal to check the status of your flight to learn whether the carrier is discontinuing it.

How do I get a refund from Asiana airlines?

When eligible for online refunds, use this carrier’s chatbot to make a request.

Does Asiana give refunds?

Yes, refunds are provided by this operator.

How much Asiana charge for cancelled flights?

One can identify the exact charges while revoking a trip or by contacting this airline.

Can Asiana reservation be cancelled without penalty within 24 hours?

In some situations, Asiana Airlines free cancellations without penalties are facilitated within twenty-four hours.

What is Asiana policies to cancel flights?

You can discontinue official bookings through the facility called cancellation policy.

Does Asiana have 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, one can access a twenty-four-hour reversal policy.

Is Asiana Airlines cancelled flights compensation in cash?

The type of compensation can depend on your fare. Accordingly, it may or may not be in cash.

Can I be allowed Asiana Airlines free cancellations?

Yes, provided that you revoke trips in 24 hours, free revocations are given.

Why did Asiana Airlines cancel flights?

Owing to harsh weather, aircraft problems, and booking-related issues, this airline can cancel flights.

What if Asiana cancelled my flight?

Opt for refunds, rerouting, and such alternatives when the carrier discontinues your booking.

How to make an Asiana international flight cancellation?

Using the chat option on the airline’s website, revoke international flights. Or, get help via social media.

Who can use the Asiana 24 hour cancellation feature?

Those who have official reservations can use the 24-hour cancellation facility.

Is there an Asiana Airline non-negotiable cancellation fee?

To get information regarding non-negotiable fees, contact the officials of this operator.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my Asiana flight?

When you are eligible for refunds post reversals, you will get them.

How many hours before can I cancel my Asiana flight ticket?

3 or more months before, you can make advance revocations when a refund is required.

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