What Terminal is United at Salt Lake City Airport?

airfleetrating-What Terminal is United at SLC Airport?

The Salt Lake City Airport, used by United Airlines, has one main terminal and two concourses, A and B. Knowing what terminal is United at SLC Airport is necessary when flying with this carrier. Operations related to United Airlines like check-in and baggage collection take place at the main terminal building while departures take place at Concourse B. The terminal building is also home to additional benefits like parking, shopping, charging stations, and dining centers. Hence, if the passengers know the structure of the terminal and the location of the various important points, they will be able to use all the available services easily. 

What is the General Information about United Terminal SLC Airport?

The SLC United Terminal building is located at the center of the airport. It enables fliers to access the check-in centers and baggage deposit locations. It also provides other amenities helpful to passengers like TSA pre-check, and waiting rooms. Given below is some more general information about this terminal: 

Official website https://slcairport.com/ 
Airport Location Utah, Salt Lake City, United States 
Airport Address W Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84122, USA
Airport For United Airlines 
SLC Airport United Terminal Main Terminal Building  – Check-in
Concourse B – Departures 

What is the SLC Airport United Airlines Terminal Map?

The SLC Airport United Terminal map gives a detailed view of the composition of the terminal building. As you zoom into the map, you will find the location of lounges, restaurants, parking spaces, and car rentals present in the terminal. This map also highlights the gates present at the concourses. Hence, it proves to be especially beneficial to passengers visiting the airport for the first time. 

The United Airlines Terminal Map at SLC Airport is depicted below: 

airfleetrating-Salt Lake City Airport Map

What is the United Airlines Arrivals SLC Airport Terminal?

Level 1 of the main terminal building is the primary center for United Airlines SLC arrivals.  Mostly, this terminal building houses international flights. Further, ground transportation services are also provided here for easy transfer of passengers from the deboarding area to the baggage collection points. Fliers can collect their luggage from the belt assigned to them.

From here, you can either navigate to the parking garage if you have to retrieve your vehicle or avail of the available taxi services near the exit gate.

What Terminal is Used for United Airlines SLC Departures?

Level 2 of Concourse B is allotted for United Departures at SLC. After checking in at the main terminal, you will have to head to this concourse to find your departure gate as highlighted on your boarding pass. During the wait time before departure, different amenities at Salt Lake City Airport can be utilized at the passengers’ convenience. 

What is the SLC United Terminal for International Arrivals/Departures?

The international arrivals of United flights occur at the main terminal building of the airport. For this, level 1 of the building is used. Level 3 of this terminal building has the check-in points while the second level hosts security screening.  

All the international United flights depart from Level 2 of Concourse  B. The United Airlines SLC Airport Terminal for departures has a self-check-in facility for baggage deposit. Boarding passes will also be issued here. 

How Much is Baggage Allowance at United Airlines SLC Terminal?

Passengers traveling with United can carry checked and carry-on bags. Weight and size limits will be imposed on these luggage items. United baggage allowance does not usually include overweight items, but additional charges must be paid if necessary. Baggage should be deposited at the United SLC Terminal before departure: 

  • One carry-on bag and one personal item are allowed except in Basic Economy.
  • Checked Bags of 23 kgs in Economy and 32 kgs in Business Class are allowed. 
  • Baggage fees should be determined using the “Fee Calculator” on the airline’s site. 

Is There a Lounge at SLC Airport United Terminal?

The SLC Airport United Airlines Terminal does not have any specific lounge for this carrier. The airport only has two lounges, namely, Delta Sky Club and United Services Organisation. The former is exclusive to Delta passengers while the latter can only be accessed by military members and their families. 

How Much is the Lounge at SLC United Terminal?

There is no lounge for United at this airport, hence no specific fee structure. Should a United Club be introduced at the SLC Airport United Airlines Terminal, a formal announcement will be made by the carrier. As of now, there is no news regarding any such developments. 

What is the United SLC Terminal for Check-In?

To conduct United check-in, passengers can head to the main terminal building. Based on the type of check-in you wish to go for, like a curbside or self-use kiosk, the location of the check-in center can differ. The United Airlines terminal SLC has the following check-in locations: 

Check-In Type Check-In Location 
Curbside Check-In Level 3 – Outside Security – Main Terminal 
General Check-In Level 2 – Gateway – Parking Garage 
Priority Services Level 2 – Security Checkpoint – Main Terminal
Self Use Kiosk Main Terminal Building 

Is there a TSA Pre-Check at United Airlines SLC Terminal?

The SLC Airport Terminal United has TSA pre-check service available in order to hasten the security screening process. To use this facility, you will have to register in advance on the TSA government website. 

  • The SLC Airport TSA Pre-Check service can be accessed near the security checkpoint at Level 2 of the main terminal. 
  • Its functioning hours are between 4:20 am and 8:00 pm. 
  • This service is only available to low-risk fliers. 

What is the United Airlines SLC Phone Number?

If you have any queries or wish to file any claim, you can connect with the United SLC authorities using the following contact details. Information about United flight changes, cancellations, or name changes can also be obtained by contacting the toll-free number of this carrier. 

Purpose of Connecting Phone Number 
General Queries (800) – 241- 6522
Reservations and Bookings 1-800-864-8331
United SLC Baggage Claim1-800-335-2247
MileagePlus Bookings 1-800-421-4655

Where is Parking at SLC Airport United Terminal?

This airport has one common parking garage for passengers of all airlines. Hence, the fee for United Airlines SLC parking remains the same as for the other carriers. The different SLC Airport parking options offered and their relative rates are mentioned here: 

Parking Type Parking Fee 
Hourly Garage Parking USD 5 per hour 
Daily Garage Parking USD 35 per day 
Premium Garage Parking USD 55 per day 
Lot E Parking USD 5 per hour 
Long Term Parking USD 12 per day 

The United Terminal at SLC Airport makes sure that all the requirements of the passengers are duly met. It also provides quick assistance to the fliers through the various helpline numbers. Services like TSA pre-check and on-ground transportation further simplify the proceedings for travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Terminal is United at SLC?

The main terminal building is used by United at SLC Airport.

What are the United flights from SLC?

From SLC, United flies to regions like Denver, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Antonio.

What is the SLC Airport United baggage claim phone number?

To contact United for baggage claims, you can use the number 1-800-335-2247

Where does United fly directly from SLC?

Some of the United direct flights from SLC include destinations like New York, Denver, Chicago, Burbank, Detroit, etc.

Is there a lounge at United SLC Terminal?

No, United Airlines at the Salt Lake City Airport does not have any lounge.

What terminal is United at Salt Lake City Airport?

The main terminal is used for United check-in and Concourse B is used for United departures at SLC.

Where is Salt Lake City Airport United Airlines curbside check-in located?

Curbside check-in for United Airlines at SLC is located at Level 3 of the main terminal.

Is there parking for United at SLC Airport?

The airline has general parking including for Salt Lake City Airport United Airlines Terminal.

What are United nonstop flights from SLC?

United flies non-stop to domestic destinations like Las Vegas, New York, Denver, etc from SLC.

How much is parking at United Terminal SLC Airport?

The price for parking can be between USD 5 and 55 at SLC based on the duration.

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