Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport

Image of Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport

The Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport located in Minnesota was established over 102 years ago. This airport mainly facilitates flights used for commercial purposes. It was expanded over 2,900 acres, covering a large area and offering different varieties of amenities. This airport also has a massive rush of passengers every year. 

The following sections dive into more details about the Minneapolis Airport and its operations. 

What is the General Information About the Minneapolis St Paul Airport?

The location of the Minneapolis Airport, its coordinates, and other such details are mentioned in the below-given table. 

Airport Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport 
Airport Type Military/Public 
Operator Metropolitan Airports Commission 
Serves Minneapolis-Saint Paul 
Hub For Sun Country Airlines Delta Airlines Bemidji Airlines 
Minneapolis Airport Code MSP 
Minneapolis Airport Terminals Two Terminals Terminal 1Terminal 2 
Minneapolis Airport Coordinates 44.8849° N, 93.2131° W
Minneapolis Airport Runways 4/2212R/30L12L/30R17/35
Minneapolis Airport Address 4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111, USA
Distance from the city 10 miles or 16 kilometers down Minneapolis 
Official Website https://www.mspairport.com/
Official Phone Number +1 612-726-5555

What is the Main Airport Code for Minneapolis?

The Minneapolis Airport Code is the one that enables air freight agencies to certify a particular airport. These codes are given below: 

WMO Code 72658 
Minneapolis Airport Zip Code 55425 

How Many Runways Are There at the Minneapolis International Airport?

The Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport currently has 4 runways that undertake the take-off and landing of both domestic and international flights. These are as follows: 

Runways Dimensions Surface 
4/2211,006 ft or 3,355 meters Concrete 
12R/30L10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
12L/30R8,200 ft or 2,499 meters Concrete 
17/358,000 ft or 2,438 meters Concrete 

What are the Additional Services and Facilities Available at the MSP Airport?

The services offered at the Intercontinental Minneapolis St Paul Airport can prove to be extremely beneficial, especially to those who have long stopovers. Some of these facilities include: 

  • Dining
    • Angel Food Bakery 
    • Blue Door Pub 
    • Camden Food Company 
    • Buffalo Wild Wings 
    • Caribou Coffee 
    • Cibo Express Gourmet Market 
    • The Cook and the OX 
    • Crisp and Green 
    • Farmer’s Fridge 
    • Holy Land Deli 
    • Joe and the Juice 
    • LoLo American Kitchen 
    • Minnesota Wild Bar and Restaurant 
    • Poppy’s Bagels 
    • Red Cow 
    • Starbucks 
  • Shopping
    • Adventure North 
    • Estes Twin Cities News 
    • iStore 
    • Hudson News 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • MSP Shopping by Dufry 
    • The North Mercantile 
    • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 
    • Swarovski 
    • Frivolous 
    • Hammer Made 
    • Open Book 
    • Sky Connect 
    • Sunglass Hut 
  • Other Services 
    • Airport Conference Centre 
    • MSP Airport Lounge 
    • United Club 
    • XpresSpa
    • Banking Services 
    • Armed Forces Service Center 

What is Shown by the Minneapolis Airport Map?

This map is a digital copy of the entire construction of the airport. It shows the direct routes, shortcuts, and straightforward navigation to all the terminals and concourses of the carrier. The map of Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport also indicates the boarding gates housed by each concourse. This will enable fliers to find the gate they are assigned to easily. 

Given below is the official map which will be made available on the official site of the airport as well: 

Image of map of msp airport terminals

How Much is the MSP Airport Parking?

The charges for parking at MSP Airport are based on the number of hours the vehicle will use the parking space. They can also change as per the availability of the spots at the respective terminals. 

Image of parking at the msp airport

There are different parking types made available at the airport like daily, value, elite, valet, or quick ride ramps. The charges for each of these facilities differ as follows: 

Daily Parking at Minneapolis Airport:

The MSP Airport parking rates under this category are charged on an hourly basis. These are mentioned here: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 5 
Each Extra Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 30 

MSP Airport Value Parking:

Value parking for MSP Airport can be availed via light rail service. You can also charge your electric vehicles here: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 5 
Each Extra Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 23

MSP Airport Quick Ride Parking: 

This cheap parking MSP Airport allows you to halt your vehicles at economical prices. You can reach this spot using the shuttle services provided by the airport: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 19

Valet Parking: 

This type of Minneapolis Airport parking is available only at the first terminal. The fee charged includes: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 10
Each Extra Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 55

MSP Terminal 1 Parking: 

This parking service can be availed when dropping off passengers. The Minneapolis Airport Parking prices under this category are listed below: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 5
Each Extra Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 30

MSP Airport Parking Terminal 2: 

The airport parking Minneapolis Terminal 2 has automated entry and exit points. Usually, you will be required to pay using credit cards. 

Duration Fee Charged 
First Hour USD 5
Each Extra Hour USD 3 
One Day USD 36

The ePark Elite Parking service is also provided by this airport. For this, you will have to register in advance and pay a fee of USD 65 a month. 

How Long Are the MSP Airport Security Wait Times? 

There is no fixed MSP Airport wait time as it solely depends on the passenger rush of a particular airline. Hence, the wait times keep getting updated in real-time. However, the estimated wait time at each security point is mentioned below: 

Image of minneapolis airport wait times
Checkpoint Wait Time 
North Checkpoint Less than 10 minutes 
South Checkpoint Less than 15 minutes 
Checkpoint 1 at Terminal 2 Less than 20 minutes 
Checkpoint 2 at Terminal 2 Currently Closed 
Skyway Currently Closed 

The TSA Pre-check will be open between the hours of 4 am and 8 pm. 

Note: This airport requires its customers to arrive at the airport two hours before the take-off of domestic flights and 3 hours prior in case of international flights. 

What are the Airports Near Minneapolis International Airport? 

In case the operations at the main airport get too hectic, the flights can sometimes get transferred to any airport near Minneapolis MN. The list of such airports is outlined here: 

  • St.Cloud Regional Airport (75 miles) – STC 
  • Rochester International Airport (87 miles) – RST 
  • Chippewa Valley International Airport (95 miles) – EAU 
  • Duluth International Airport (144 miles) – DLH 
  • Central Wisconsin Airport (174 miles) – CWA 
  • Eastern Iowa Airport (220 miles) – CID 

Is There A MSP Airport Lost and Found Department? =

This airport does have a lost and found department located at Terminal 1 on the valet level. Any item misplaced at any point in the airport should be reported to this lost and found MSP Airport department. For this, the official website of the airport has to be visited. However, if the item is lost on the airplane, you will have to contact the respective airline itself. 

  • This department will function between the hours of 7: 30 am and 3:30 pm. 
  • To reach the agents, you can dial the Minneapolis Airport lost and found phone number which is 612-726-5141. 
  • The online form should first be filled out before contacting the agents. 

How Many MSP Airport Terminals Are In Operation?

There are two MSP Terminals which are classified into different concourses. The first terminal has seven concourses while the second terminal has one concourse. Each of these concourses has a checkpoint where ticketing for different airlines takes place. Other amenities will also be provided at the terminals around the clock. 

MSP Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 Minneapolis Airport is named after Charles Lindbergh, a famous American Aviator. This terminal has 117 gates spread across all its 7 concourses named A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.  It is about 1.6 km from the second terminal. Ground transportation will also be here. Some of the main airlines operating via this concourse include Air Canada, Air France, Delta, United, Spirit, etc. 

Minneapolis Airport Terminal 2 

The second terminal is named after Hubert Humphrey, Vice President representing Congress. It is a smaller terminal consisting of only 14 gates. It is home to only one concourse H.  Most international flights use MSP Terminal 2 for their arrivals. Frontier, JetBlue, Allegiant, Southwest, Condor, etc, are some of the main airlines operating from this terminal. 

What are the Airlines Operating from the Minneapolis St Paul Airport?

Many international airports use MSP gates and terminals to carry on their operations. Every airline using this airport has its own concourse for ticketing and baggage deposit. This helps in avoiding unnecessary crossovers and delays. Boarding gates will be allotted on the day of departure itself. 

Image of minneapolis international airport

What is the Spirit Airlines MSP Terminal?

Concourse E under Terminal 1 is assigned to this carrier as its main MSP Spirit terminal. This concourse is quite large and hence passengers can easily move around and get their proceedings completed quickly. Once you finish checking in your baggage, you can head to the allotted boarding gate with the help of the signage available at this terminal. 

Which is the Southwest Terminal MSP?

Terminal 2, particularly Concourse H, is assigned to this carrier via which it provides all its flights. In case you are arriving at the airport in your own vehicle, you can follow the driving directions to get to the MSP Southwest terminal. Otherwise, the airport offers public transportation facilities to reach this concourse. Own vehicles can be parked at the available parking lots. 

What is the Main Icelandair MSP Terminal? 

Terminal 2 has one concourse lettered H. Icelandair Terminal MSP is the one that undertakes all the functions related to the carrier, be it check-in, luggage deposit or collection, flight changes, and upgrades. Even in case of Icelandair cancellations, alternative flights will be offered from the same terminal. 

What is the Frontier Terminal MSP Airport? 

This airline uses Terminal 2 to facilitate its flights. Although this terminal only has one concourse H, the Frontier Airlines MSP terminal is well managed to properly undertake both arrivals and departures. It also has different types of services including parking options and shuttle services. Also, if you are traveling along with Frontier Pets, you can use the pet relief areas at the terminal before boarding the flight. 

What is the JetBlue Terminal MSP? 

Terminal 2 is designated as this carrier’s main departure area. Under Concourse H, the boarding gate will be decided on the day of take-off itself and will be indicated on your boarding pass. To avail of the boarding pass, you must deposit your luggage before the minimum check-in time and complete the TSA screening at the JetBlue MSP Terminal. 

Which is the MSP United Terminal? 

Out of the two terminals, United Terminal MSP is the first one with Concourse E as its primary take-off location. To buy a ticket or check in, you will have to go to Level 1 of this concourse. Based on the itinerary, curbside United check-in might also be offered by the carrier. After checking in, you will have to go to level 2 to complete the security screening procedure. 

Which is the American Airlines MSP Terminal? 

Concourse E of the first terminal is indicated for the usage of these flights. This terminal has the highest number of parking lots in the airport and hence proves to be extremely useful to the passengers coming in their own vehicles. Moreover, at least one checkpoint always remains open at the American Airlines terminal MSP for assistance to the passengers. 

What is the Main Southwest Terminal MSP Airport? 

This carrier provides all its flights from Terminal 2 which is the main Southwest Airlines MSP Terminal. The one Concourse available here, H, has several dining and shopping options which can be accessed after the successful completion of the Southwest baggage check-in process. Waiting rooms or clubs can be visited in case your flight is delayed. For lounge access, booking must be done in advance. 

Which is the Delta Terminal MSP Airport? 

Managed by Terminal 1, this airline uses concourses A, B, C, D, F, and G for its operations. To check into your flights at the MSP Delta terminal, you will have to go to the second level. The same level offers baggage drop-off services as well. To navigate within the terminal, walkways can be used. It is connected to the other terminal through a connector bridge. 

What terminal is Sun Country at MSP?

All the departures and arrivals of flights belonging to this airline take place at the second terminal at the H Concourse. If you wish to complete your check-in process in advance, you can use the curbside check-in option offered at the Sun Country Terminal MSP. If this service is not offered, you will have to wait in the general TSA lines to complete the procedure. 

What is the Allegiant Air Terminal MSP? 

The boarding and take-off of these flights take place at the second terminal. The Allegiant terminal MSP housing Concourse H offers both short and long-term parking for the benefit of different passengers. The availability of parking spaces can be checked in advance at the main site of the airport. Even if the Allegiant flights are canceled, the reservation for the parking spots does not get revoked. 

Which is the Alaska Airlines MSP Terminal? 

This airline runs on Concourse E of the first terminal. With its variety of amenities, it is mainly suitable for long-haul flights. In case of missed flights or delays, enough room will be provided at the MSP Alaska Airlines terminal for the passengers to stay for a while. During such stays, you can visit the bookstores or the news centers present at this terminal. 

What is the Air France MSP Terminal? 

Air France MSP terminal is the one operating from the first terminal, specifically at Concourse G. The quick check-in and ticketing process facilitated here makes it easier for the passengers to board their flights. Even upon arrival, travelers will be directed to the baggage collection centers to ensure a hassle-free process. Overall, all the functions at this terminal are properly supervised. 

What is the KLM Terminal MSP? 

Terminal 1 provides the ticketing services related to this airline. At Concourse E of KLM terminal MSP, you can reserve flights on the spot. It offers both domestic and intercontinental flights. Based on your itinerary, you will be allotted a boarding gate after the check-in process. During this check-in process, passengers must make sure that their KLM baggage is within the required weight limit. 

What is the Aer Lingus MSP Terminal? 

This airline does not have a certain Aer Lingus MSP terminal for flight operations. However, sometimes, terminal 2 can be used to provide flights operating under this carrier. Lounges associated with this airline can also be accessed from this terminal. Aer Lingus has recently made an announcement that it will be providing more flights to MSP Airport. 

What is the Condor Airlines MSP Terminal? 

Terminal 2 is assigned to this airline to carry on with its services. To arrive at the H Concourse, public transportation facilities can be utilized. Then, check-in should be done at level 1 while security screening should be done at level 2. Once all the formalities are completed, you can explore the various shopping centers at the Condor MSP terminal. 

Where do the Minneapolis Airport Arrivals Take Place? 

Both terminals at this airport facilitate the landing of flights. Hence, arrivals at Minneapolis Airport occur at both terminals at the designated concourses. After arriving, you will first have to collect your baggage. Later, you can either wait at the airport for a while or use a taxi or other transportation services to make your way out of the airport. 

Where do Minneapolis Airport Departures Take Place? 

MSP Airport departures take place from both terminals available at the airport. The departure gate will be assigned as per the flight schedule and the itinerary. The airport makes sure that no two flights are scheduled for take-off at the same time. If during departure, you are faced with delays, you will have to wait at this assigned boarding gate itself.

The Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport ensures that all passengers get access to adequate facilities and amenities. The agents here make sure that there is no room for confusion during any of the ticketing processes. Hence, convenience and safeguarding of travelers is the main priority of this airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Sun Country at MSP?

Terminal 2 is the Sun Country MSP Airport terminal.

What terminal is Delta at MSP Airport?

The Delta terminal is MSP Airport is the first terminal.

Which terminal is Delta at MSP?

Terminal 1 is indicated as the official Delta terminal in MSP.

What terminal is Southwest at MSP?

The second terminal is used as the Southwest Airlines terminal MSP.

What terminal is MSP at MSP?

The official United Airlines terminal at MSP is Terminal 1.

Which terminal is Sun Country at MSP?

The Sun Country Airline terminal MSP is the one undertaking its flights from terminal 2.

What terminal is American Airlines at MSP?

Terminal 1 is the primary American Airlines terminal at MSP.

What terminal is Spirit at MSP?

MSP Airport Spirit Airlines terminal is the first terminal for all arrivals and departures.

What terminal is Frontier at MSP?

The second terminal is designated as the Frontier Airlines terminal MSP.

Which terminal is Southwest at MSP?

MSP Terminal Southwest is shown as Terminal 2.

What terminal is Allegiant at MSP?

To visit the main Allegiant Airlines MSP Terminal, go to the second terminal.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at MSP?

The Alaska Air MSP terminal is known to be the first terminal.

Which terminal is United at MSP?

MSP Airport United Airlines terminal is none other than Terminal 1.

What airlines are at terminal 1 MSP?

Airlines like Alaska, Delta, Spirit, KLM, etc are housed by the Terminal 1 MSP.

What terminal is Sun Country MSP?

MSP Airport Terminal 2 is the terminal allotted to Sun Country Airlines.

Is there long term parking at Terminal 2 MSP?

At this terminal, parking for MSP Airport is offered as per the availability of the lots.

What terminal is JetBlue at MSP?

Terminal 2 is the main MSP JetBlue terminal.

Which terminal is American Airlines at MSP?

MSP American terminal is the main terminal 1.

Which terminal is Spirit at MSP?

Terminal 1 is the primary MSP terminal for Spirit Airlines.

How early to arrive at MSP terminal 2?

For international flights, you should arrive 3 hours prior and 2 hours in advance for domestic flights at MSP Airport.

What airlines are at terminal 2 MSP?

MSP terminal 2 airlines include Red Way, Frontier, Allegiant, Condor, JetBlue, and Sun Country among many others

What time does security open at MSP terminal 1?

The security check opens at 4:oo am at the MSP International Airport.

Does MSP Terminal 2 have a clear?

Airport MSP Terminal 2 has security clearance facilities.

What terminal does Southwest use at MSP?

All the ticketing and boarding operations of this carrier take place from the Minneapolis Airport terminal 2.

What time does TSA open at MSP Terminal 2?

TSA screening at this terminal will open at 4:00 am each day.

Which terminal is Alaska Airline at MSP?

The first terminal is designated as the Alaska Airline terminal MSP.

Which terminal is Frontier at MSP?

For boarding these flights, the Frontier Airline terminal MSP 2 should be visited.

How much is long term parking at MSP Terminal 2?

Minneapolis Airport lost term parking at terminal 2 costs around USD 36.

How much is parking at MSP Airport Terminal 1?

Parking at the MSP Airport terminal one is about USD 30.

What airlines fly out of MSP terminal 2?

Sun Country, JetBlue, Red Way, Frontier, etc are some of the airlines operating via Terminal 2 MSP.

What is terminal 2 at MSP Airport?

This is the terminal that undertakes international flights and has the concourse H

What MSP terminal is Allegiant?

Allegiant Air MSP terminal is the one being managed by Terminal 2.

What terminal does Frontier use at MSP?

Frontier Airlines is managed by the MSP Airport Terminal 2.

What terminal does Icelandair use at MSP?

Terminal 2 is the main Icelandair MSP Airport terminal.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at MSP?

All operations of this carrier take place from the second terminal.

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at MSP?

MSP Terminal Southwest is allotted to be terminal 2.

What terminal is Southwest at MSP Airport?

This airline offers its services from the second terminal.

Which terminal does Allegiant use at MSP?

This carrier uses Terminal 2 as its official MSP Allegiant Terminal.

Which terminal is Allegiant at MSP?

This is one of the many airlines housed by the second terminal for all its proceedings.

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