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Charlotte Douglas International Airport is located six-mile-west of the city’s central business area in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the primary airport for commercial and military use in the Charlotte metropolitan area. CLT is the sixth busiest airport in the U.S. with around 43 million passengers. 

Here is a detailed analysis of this airport that helps passengers for a convenient and comfortable travel experience. 

What is the General Information about Charlotte Airport?

An overview of the Charlotte Douglas Airport that reveals the basic details like the location, size, terminals, etc., of the airport is highlighted in the table below. 

AirportCharlotte Douglas International Airport
Airport typePublic
Owner/OperatorCharlotte Aviation Department
ServesCharlotte Metropolitan Area
Charlotte Douglas International Airport CodeCLT
WMO Code:72314
CLT Area8.683 mi²
Terminals1 Main Terminal and Concourses A, B, C, D, and E
Charlotte Douglas Hub forAmerican Airlines, US Airways, PSA Airlines, and MORE
CLT Coordinates35°12′50″N 080°56′35″W
Airport Address5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy., Charlotte, NC 28208
Distance from the city8 miles (13 km)
Passengers Statistics (2022)Nearly 48 million
Aircraft operations (2022)505,589
Phone Number704-359-4013

What are the Charlotte International Airport Codes?

When booking flights operated under this airport, you will have to check for its official code. The main Charlotte Airport code is CLT. Some of the other codes are given as follows: 

WMO Code 72314 
Charlotte Airport Zip Code 28208

What is the Charlotte Airport Map?

The interactive map of Charlotte Airport terminals allows passengers to filter the view of the airport by selecting the arrival and departure locations. It enables travelers to view estimated walk times between two points. It also provides the most recent hours of operation for all shopping, dining, and relaxing options. 

CLT Airport Map

Charlotte Airport Terminals

There is only one Charlotte NC Airport terminal which is split into concourses, accessible by foot after clearing security. This terminal is linked to parking lots, car rental centers, and major highways/interstates via a looping road system. 

Charlotte International Airport Main Terminal

  • Level 1– It is the lowest level designated for arrivals, containing A1, A2, A3, B, C, D, and E. Access to ground transportation, ATM, information, and queries counter, baggage claim, and concessions, is available from this level.
  • Level 2– It houses the Charlotte Douglas International Airport departures. It encompasses The Atrium and several other services. 

Note: Here, concourse and terminal are used as alternative words, but the main terminal is only one.

Charlotte Airport Terminal A

The Charlotte Airport Terminal comprises 21 gates including Concourse A North. It includes 12 gates from A1 to A13. Security checkpoint A is located to the west here. It is the airport’s main terminal for various airlines like American, Delta, Spirit, etc. It offers amenities like shops, charging stations, ATMs, and many more. 

Terminal B Charlotte Airport

This Concourse has 16 gates, numbered from B1 to B16. Ten additional boarding gates were added in 2016. The Charlotte Airport Terminal B is accessible from the Atrium. The nearest security checkpoints to this terminal are checkpoints A and B. It mainly serves American Airlines. 

Charlotte Airport Terminal C

It includes a total of 18 gates from C2 to C19. The main security checkpoint is located at Terminal C Charlotte Airport. Next to this Concourse C, there is the American Airlines and Admirals Club. Free Wi-Fi and pet relief centers will be made available here around the clock.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Terminal D

This is an international concourse without any customs preclearance facility. This concourse can be reached from the ticketing level (First). It has 13 gates in total with a range of services. The nearest security check-in points are available on the east side near checkpoints D and E. 

Charlotte Airport Terminal E

Terminal E has 38 gates numbered E1-E34, E35a-b, and E38a-b.  Passengers can access Terminal E Charlotte Airport from the ticketing area. It is located to the east of the airport and is shaped like the letter “Y”. It only caters to EAS and American Eagle’s flights.

What are the Airlines Operating from Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT?

Image of charlotte douglas airport

The Charlotte International Airport offers its services to 8 main carriers and around 15 regional airlines. Overall, these airlines serve more than 175 destinations, both international and regional. Hence, boarding under each of these carriers takes place from a particularly designated concourse.  

What is the Charlotte Airport Southwest Terminal? 

Southwest flights are managed by Concourse A at this airport. Southwest check-in has to be completed here. It can be done at the northern extension of the Southwest Terminal CLT. After check-in, you can explore various shopping centers located here. 

Where is the Charlotte Airport Delta Terminal? 

Concourse A is used by this carrier to serve passengers at both domestic and international levels. At the Delta Terminal Charlotte Airport, customers will have to deposit their baggage before undertaking the Delta check-in process. Luggage can be weighed at the carousels available at this terminal. 

What is the main Charlotte Airport Air Canada Terminal? 

For both arrivals and departures of this airline, Concourse A is used. Along with the general amenities like hotels or retail centers, services facilitating Air Canada unaccompanied minors are also offered here. Further, the Air Canada Terminal Charlotte Airport ensures a hassle-free and smooth boarding process. 

What is the Charlotte Airport United Terminal? 

One of the biggest airlines that uses Concourse A is United. The United Terminal Charlotte airport has information centers to solve passenger queries about United check-in, luggage deposit or collections, or any kind of flight cancellations or upgrades. For further assistance during these processes, you can directly contact the ground staff agents available at the terminal. 

Which is the Charlotte Airport American Airlines Terminal? 

There is more than one American Airlines Charlotte Terminal. These include Concourses B, C, D, and E. They are used for the operation of these flights. Concourses B and C serve domestic destinations while the other ones provide international flights. When an American flight cancellation occurs at one concourse, check-in will be shifted to the nearest center. 

Which Terminal is JetBlue at Charlotte Airport? 

The main concourse designated for the take-off of JetBlue flights is Concourse A. Since many airlines operate via this concourse, it can handle high traffic at all times. In case you are looking for a spot to wait for your alternative JetBlue missed flight, this concourse can be a good option. Waiting rooms can be provided at the JetBlue Charlotte Terminal. 

What is the main Charlotte Airport Lufthansa Terminal? 

Concourse D is allotted as the Lufthansa Terminal Charlotte Airport. It is mainly used for international flights operating under this carrier. The check-in centers at the terminal can also be used for requesting Lufthansa flight cancellations. Requests about flight changes and modifications should be directly placed with the authorities here. 

Is there a Charlotte Airport Frontier Terminal? 

For accessing flights of this airline, Concourse A has to be visited. This is where Frontier check-in and cancellations take place. The Frontier Airlines Charlotte Terminal offers convenience-oriented facilities to passengers in the form of various restaurants, nursing centers, and charging stations. 

What is the Volaris Charlotte Terminal? 

The gates used by this airline are housed by the D Concourse. Guadalajara is the main destination served by this carrier from the Volaris Terminal Charlotte Airport. It also offers customs services. Additionally, to help passengers during Volaris flight cancellations or delays, compensation, and free food or drinks will be offered at the terminal. 

What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Charlotte Airport? 

Concourse A is home to all operations under the Spirit Airlines Charlotte Terminal. Being one of the most used concourses, it houses several facilities. It also has separate animal relief stations if you happen to be traveling with Spirit Airlines pets. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi services as well. 

What is the Contour Airlines Charlotte Terminal? 

Recently, this airline has partnered up with CLT Airport to undertake its services from Concourse E. The gates E1 to E3 of the Contour Airlines CLT Terminal host all the check-in and baggage centers associated with this carrier. The EAS (Essential Air Service) flights of Contour function from these gates. 

How Many Runways are at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

There are four runways at this airport for the landing and take-off of flights. The dimensions of these runways as per the map of Charlotte NC Airport terminals are as follows: 

RunwayDimensions Surface 
18L/36R 8,677 ft or 2,645 meters Asphalt and Concrete 
18C/36C10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
18R/36L9,000 ft or 2,743 meters Concrete
05/237,502 ft or 2,287 meters Asphalt and Concrete 

How Many Airports Are Closest to Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

The following list highlights the airports closest to Charlotte International Douglas Airport: 

  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (111 miles) – GSP 
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport (104 miles) – CAE 
  • Asheville Regional Airport (104 miles) – AVL 
  • Florence Regional Airport (123 miles) – FLO 
  • Greensboro Piedmont Triad International Airport (80 miles) – GSO 

What are the Terminals for Charlotte Airport Arrivals?

Generally, the carriers operating via this airport land at all the concourses of the main terminal. The arrivals at Charlotte Douglas Airport will be scheduled based on the traffic at the particular runway. After arriving, flyers will have to head to the baggage carousel center. They can also book transport services at the exit point of the arrival gate. 

Where do Charlotte Douglas Airport Departures Take Place?

Most of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport departures take place from all five concourses. Your departure terminal will be indicated on your boarding pass. At these concourses, passengers will first have to pass through the security checkpoints and luggage deposit centers. Only after their successful completion, the passengers will be eligible for departures. 

What are the Available Additional Services and Amenities at Charlotte Airport?

In case you have a stop-over at this airport or a long wait, you can utilize the services offered like dining or lounge access. Other similar facilities provided at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT include the following: 

  • Shopping 
    • 3Sixty Duty-Free 
    • Brighton Collectables 
    • Brooks Brothers 
    • Charlotte News and Gifts 
    • CNBS Express 
    • Dylan’s Candy Bar 
    • InMotion Entertainment 
  • Dining
    • Auntie Anne’s 
    • Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
    • Beaudevin 
    • Black n Blue Bar 
    • Bojangles 
    • Brookwood Farms BBQ
    • Burger King 
  • Other Amenities
    • Parking 
    • Wifi and Charging 
    • ATMs and Currency Exchange 
    • Pet Relief Areas 
    • Nursing Rooms 
    • Sanitiser Stations 
    • Chapels 

Is There Charlotte Airport Parking Facility Available?

There are different lots available for parking at Charlotte Airport. Travelers will be subject to the payment of a specific fee in order to avail of these parking spaces. It can be used either on a short-term or a long-term basis. 

Image of charlotte douglas airport parking lots

How Much is the Charlotte Airport Short Term Parking Fee?

The Charlotte Airport parking cost applies on a short-term basis. This service is offered at levels 4-7. Passengers can get here using the walkways connected to the terminals: 

Duration Fee Charged 
First 15 minutes Free 
Per Hour USD 6 
24 hours USD 24 

At the North Lot, parking is also offered on a daily basis which comes under short-term nature. The parking fees include: 

Service TypeParking Charges/Per Day
Daily Deck USD 12 
Daily North Lot USD 12 
Express Deck Preferred USD 16 
Express Deck Self Parking USD 16 
Valet Parking USD 35 
Cell Phone Lot Free 

Tip: Passengers who pre-book parking spots can get a discount of about 60%.

How Much is the Fee for Charlotte Airport Long Term Parking?

There are 2 lots that offer CLT long term parking facilities. Visitors can check for the availability of these spots online before going to the airport.

The rates for long-term parking at this airport are mentioned here: 

Parking Lot 1 USD 10 per day 
Parking Lot 2 USD 10 per day 

What is the Charlotte Airport Security Wait Time?

Usually, the duration of the Charlotte Airport wait times depends on the checkpoint at which a flyer is undergoing security screening. They can differ as follows: 

Checkpoints Waiting Time 
Checkpoint A 21 to 44 minutes 
Checkpoint B 
Checkpoint D 
Checkpoint E 10 to 20 minutes 

The Charlotte Airport TSA wait times for pre-screening can be as shown below: 

Checkpoints Waiting Time 
Checkpoint B Variable 
Checkpoint C 10 to 20 minutes 
Checkpoint D Variable 

In general, the hours for which these checkpoints will be open can change as per the flight schedule. Their standard timings are mentioned below: 

  • Checkpoint A – 3:30 A.M. to 7:45 P.M.
  • CP C – 3:30 A.M. to 7:45 P.M.
  • Checkpoint D – 4:30 A.M. to 10:45 P.M. 
  • CP D Employee – 7:45 P.M. to 10:45 P.M. 
  • Checkpoint E – 4:30 A.M. to 10:15 P.M. 

Though Charlotte Douglas International Airport only has one terminal, it does not compromise on convenience for its passengers in any manner. All the essential services are made available here. Passengers can access them as and when required. Moreover, any customer queries will be immediately solved by the agents at the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport is CLT Code?

CLT code stands for Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

What terminal is American Airlines at CLT?

Concourse B is the main American Airlines Charlotte Terminal.

What terminal is American Airlines at Charlotte?

This airline uses all the Charlotte Airport terminals including A, B, C, and D.

What terminal does American Airlines use at Charlotte Airport?

This airline uses Concourses A, B, D, and C at the CLT Airport.

Is American Airlines in one terminal at Charlotte?

No, there is more than one Charlotte American Airlines Terminal.

Which terminal is American Airlines at CLT?

The main terminal along with Concourses A, D, B, and C is used by American Airlines.

What terminal is Frontier at Charlotte Airport?

Primarily, the Frontier Airlines CLT Terminal is Concourse A.

What terminal is Contour Airlines in CLT?

The concourse indicated as Contour Airlines CLT terminal is Concourse E.

What terminal is Southwest at CLT?

Charlotte Airport Southwest Terminal is Concourse A for both arrivals and departures.

What terminal is Delta at Charlotte Airport?

The main Delta Terminal Charlotte Airport is Concourse A which has 21 gates.

Does Delta fly to Charlotte NC?

Yes, Delta Airlines flies to Charlotte Airport Terminal A here.

How many terminals does Charlotte Airport have?

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport has one main terminal which is divided into 5 consecutive concourses.

How many terminals at Charlotte Airport?

There is only one terminal at Charlotte International Airport.

Does Charlotte have an international terminal?

Yes, the main CLT Airport terminal undertakes the working of all international flights.

How many terminals in Charlotte Airport?

This airport has one terminal and 5 Concourses – A, B, C, D, and E.

What terminal is Chick-fil-A in Charlotte Airport?

The retail outlet is located behind security checkpoint B at terminal B Charlotte Airport.

What terminal is Volaris Airlines at Charlotte Airport?

Arrivals/departures of this carrier take place from Concourse D, the main Volaris Terminal Charlotte Airport.

What terminal is Lufthansa Airlines at Charlotte International Airport?

Concourse D is allotted as the official Lufthansa Terminal at CLT.

What terminal is JetBlue at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

This JetBlue Terminal Charlotte NC Airport is in Concourse A.

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at Charlotte Douglas Airport?

The Concourse named Charlotte Airport Spirit Terminal is A.

What terminal is United Airlines at Charlotte Airport?

The official Charlotte Airport United terminal is Concourse A.

What terminal is Air Canada at Charlotte International Airport?

Flights of this carrier use Concourse A as their main Charlotte Airport Air Canada Terminal.

How much is Charlotte Airport long term parking fee?

The long term parking Charlotte Airport fee can be around USD 10 for a day.

How much is Charlotte Airport short term parking fee?

Charlotte Airport short term parking fee can be between USD 6 and 35 based on the duration.

Is parking there at Charlotte International Airport?

Yes, CLT Airport has both short and long-term parking facilities available.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Charlotte Airport?

Passengers can use the free Wi-Fi at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

What is the airport code for Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

The airport code for Charlotte Douglas Airport is CLT.

Where is Charlotte Douglas International airport clt?

The complete address for Charlotte airport is 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States.

Does Charlotte airport have curbside check-in?

Charlotte Douglas airport includes curbside check-in for airports like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United airlines.

How much is daily parking at Charlotte Douglas airport?

Parking rates range from $7 to $35 per day at off-airport lots with free shuttle service.

How much is long-term parking at CLT airport?

It costs 10 USD for long-term parking at the airport.

How much is short-term parking at Charlotte Douglas airport?

It costs between 6 USD to 24 USD for short-term parking at the airport.

How long does it take to walk from Concourse E to Concourse B?

The passengers can travel between the terminals for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Where can I find a map of Charlotte Douglas International airport?

The CLT airport terminal map is available on the website. Head to the information for more information.

Does Charlotte airport have TSA Precheck?

Yes, TSA Precheck is available at dedicated lanes at Checkpoints B and D.

Can you sleep at Charlotte Douglas International airport?

Charlotte airport is open 24 hours a day, allowing travelers to spend the night sleeping for early flights or cancellations.

How long does the TSA wait at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

The average wait time at the Charlotte Douglas Airport ranges between 10 to 20 minutes. 

How far is Charlotte Douglas International Airport from Laurinburg NC?

CLT is located 18 miles to the west of Laurinburg NC.

Does Charlotte Douglas Airport have sleeping pods?

Charlotte Douglas airport offers six private sleeping pods with an area of 56 square feet and a shower facility.

Does Charlotte Airport have a tram?

There are no trams or buses available to connect between flights at CLT Airport (Charlotte NC Airport code). This is because all the gates are approachable from a single location. Every security checkpoint leads to all the concourses and airplane gates. Hence, there is no need for trams or buses or any other such facility at CLT Airport (Charlotte Airport code).

Can I smoke Vape at Charlotte Airport?

The city of Charlotte has passed new legislation prohibiting tobacco products from being used in municipal facilities. It specifies that CLT Airport, which has the CLT Airport code, is a governmental structure. As a result, employees are no longer permitted to smoke, use vaporizers, or use tobacco products in the CLT Airport premises or in transportations to the airport. The same can be applicable for travellers as well.

Is CLT (Charlotte Airport code) a big airport?

Yes, CLT Airport, with the Charlotte NC Airport code, is an enormous airport. CLT Airport spans over an area of 5.558 acres or 2.249 hectares of an area. It was the 11th largest passenger traffic airport in the United States in the year 2019. More than 50 million travellers have been processed by CLT Airport. It has been the world’s sixth-largest airport, as classified by aviation movements. Hence, due to this reason, this airport is known as one of the biggest airports in the United States.

Is CLT Airport easy to navigate?

True, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which has the Charlotte NC Airport code, is one of the most accessible and easiest airports to navigate. This is because the usual security waiting time at CLT Airport is just a little over 13 minutes. Hence, it becomes easy to quickly get to the places at the airport.

Does Charlotte have international flights?

Yes, CLT Airport operates many international flights throughout the day. With the CLT Airport code, Charlotte Airport is a significant airport in the United States. CLT Airport is an international airport that serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Regular passenger flights are available from Charlotte Airport to 186 cities across 24 countries.

How early should I get to the Charlotte Airport?

We suggest you arrive at the Charlotte International Airport at least 3 hours earlier than your scheduled time for the departure of the international flights. Check to ensure if your location has any restrictions with respect to the travel. 

Make sure that you keep with yourself one completed copy of the necessary travel-related documents to CLT Airport, having the Charlotte NC Airport code. Then it will be easier for you to travel if your location needs those documents.

Do you have to wear a mask at Charlotte Airport?

Yes, all the travellers at Charlotte Airport, with the charlotte Douglas international airport code, are required to wear a mask due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlotte Airport is a public facility that is owned and administered by the city of Charlotte. As a result, all the visitors, staff, and travellers at CLT Airport must wear a mask at all times.

What is clt airport code?

CLT Airport code works as an identifier for Charlotte Douglass International Airport. The three-letter code is usually added to the documents or tickets relating to this airport.

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