Basrah International Airport (BSR)

Located in the heart of Basrah, Basrah International Airport (BSR) is regarded as the country’s second largest international airport. It was constructed in the 1980s by the State Organisation for Roads and Bridges (SORB) with an aim to provide a gateway to Iraq’s only port. 

Basrah Airport was a VIP facility from the very beginning. The airport has undergone many transformations ever since it started operations in the 1980s. It is home to Iraqi Airways and is brimming with world-class amenities to make the travel of passengers an unforgettable experience of their lifetime. 

General Information about Basrah Airport

The following table is an overview of Basrah Airport indicated below:

AirportBasra International Airport
Airport TypeMilitary/Public
OperatorIraqi Government
Hub forIraqi Airways
Basrah Airport CodeBSR
Basrah Airport TerminalsTerminal 1
Basrah International Airport Runway1
Basrah International Airport Coordinates30°32′56.0″N 47°39′44.9″E
Basrah Airport AddressHM39+4CQ, Basrah, Iraq
Official Website
Elevation11 ft / 3 m

Basrah Airport Code

Basrah International Airport code is BSR. This three-letter IATA code is based on the name of the airport. Located in the southern city of Basra at a height of 3 meters above sea level, this state-of-the-art airport is home to Iraqi Airways. 


Basrah Airport Map

The Basrah Airport location Map is a useful tool for finding your way around the airport, and for planning your journey.

Basrah International Airport Runway

Basrah Airport (BSR) runway features a single runway: 

14-3213,124 ft148 ftConcreteYes

Nearest Airports to Basrah International Airport (BSR)

Some of the closest airports to Basrah Airport are:

  • Kuwait International Airport – 150 km 
  • Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base Airport – 180 km
  • Ahwaz International Airport – 200 km 
  • Nasiriyah Airport – 249 km 
  • Khark Island – 292 km 
  • Mahshahr Airport – 341 km 
  • Dezbul Airport – 351 km 
  • Qaisumah Domesti Airport – 393 km 

Airlines Operating from Basrah International Airport (BSR)

The following airlines operate from Basrah Airport:

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