Charlotte Douglas International Airport Code CLT

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Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 35°12'50"N / -80°-56'-35"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KCLT
Observation Time: 05/03/2021 2:51 am

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About Charlotte Douglas International Airport Code

Charlotte Airport code is CLT. The ICAO code for this airport is KCLT and IATA code for this airport is CLT (Charlotte Airport Code). This facility is located six miles from Charlotte’s main city in North Carolina. Its elevation above sea level is 228 meters. 

The Charlotte Douglas Airport zip code is NC 28208.

About Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

The recipient of the prestigious Eagle Award in 2010 for “Best Airport” from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT airport code) is one of the world’s 10 busiest airports. Two key reasons that helped this facility bag this coveted award were its quality service and value for money.  

According to a report, the airport with the Charlotte Douglas International Airport code CLT welcomes more than 50 million passengers annually and serves over 178 destinations all around the globe. It aims to provide quality products at the lowest price possible to its passengers from all walks of life. This facility was previously named after the former mayor of Charlotte–Ben Elbert Douglas Sr. in the year 1954. It was renamed in 1982 to its present name Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) Runways

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT airport code) is flanked by four next-gen runways with a world-class passenger terminal. 

  • 18L/36R : Asphalt/Concrete 
  • 18C/36C :Concrete 
  • 18R/36L :Concrete 
  • 5/23 : Asphalt/Concrete

It houses the Charlotte Air National Guard Base and its unit 45th Airlift Wing (145 AW) of the North Carolina Air National Guard. 

Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) Terminal

This state-of-the-art facility has just one terminal with 115 gates and five concourses that house facilities such as baggage claim, ticketing, and security. 

  • Concourse A: 21 gates
  • Concourse B: 16 gates
  • Concourse C: 18 gates
  • Concourse D: 13 gates
  • Concourse E: 46 gates

Nearest Airports to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

  • Concord Regional Airport: 27 km 
  • Winston-Salem Airport: 120 km 
  • Greenville-Spartanburg Airport: 122 km
  • Greensboro/High Point Airport: 132 km
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport: 143 km 

Major Passenger Airlines Operating from Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT)

CLT Airport (Charlotte Douglas International Airport code CLT) operates these airlines:

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
05-23 7,502 ft 150 ft Partially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadam Yes
18R-36L 10,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
18L-36R 8,676 ft 150 ft Partially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadam Yes
18C-36C 10,000 ft 150 ft Other “CONC-F” No
Does Charlotte Airport have a tram?

There are no trams or buses available to connect between flights at CLT Airport (Charlotte NC Airport code). This is because all the gates are approachable from a single location. Every security checkpoint leads to all the concourses and airplane gates. Hence, there is no need for trams or buses or any other such facility at CLT Airport (Charlotte Airport code).

Can I smoke Vape at Charlotte Airport?

The city of Charlotte has passed new legislation prohibiting tobacco products from being used in municipal facilities. It specifies that CLT Airport, which has the CLT Airport code, is a governmental structure. As a result, employees are no longer permitted to smoke, use vaporizers, or use tobacco products in the CLT Airport premises or in transportations to the airport. The same can be applicable for travellers as well.

Is CLT (Charlotte Airport code) a big airport?

Yes, CLT Airport, with the Charlotte NC Airport code, is an enormous airport. CLT Airport spans over an area of 5.558 acres or 2.249 hectares of an area. It was the 11th largest passenger traffic airport in the United States in the year 2019. More than 50 million travellers have been processed by CLT Airport. It has been the world’s sixth-largest airport, as classified by aviation movements. Hence, due to this reason, this airport is known as one of the biggest airports in the United States.

Is CLT Airport easy to navigate?

True, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which has the Charlotte NC Airport code, is one of the most accessible and easiest airports to navigate. This is because the usual security waiting time at CLT Airport is just a little over 13 minutes. Hence, it becomes easy to quickly get to the places at the airport.

Does Charlotte have international flights?

Yes, CLT Airport operates many international flights throughout the day. With the CLT Airport code, Charlotte Airport is a significant airport in the United States. CLT Airport is an international airport that serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Regular passenger flights are available from Charlotte Airport to 186 cities across 24 countries.

How early should I get to the Charlotte Airport?

We suggest you arrive at the Charlotte International Airport at least 3 hours earlier than your scheduled time for the departure of the international flights. Check to ensure if your location has any restrictions with respect to the travel. 

Make sure that you keep with yourself one completed copy of the necessary travel-related documents to CLT Airport, having the Charlotte NC Airport code. Then it will be easier for you to travel if your location needs those documents.

Do you have to wear a mask at Charlotte Airport?

Yes, all the travellers at Charlotte Airport, with the charlotte Douglas international airport code, are required to wear a mask due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlotte Airport is a public facility that is owned and administered by the city of Charlotte. As a result, all the visitors, staff, and travellers at CLT Airport must wear a mask at all times.

What is clt airport code?

CLT Airport code works as an identifier for Charlotte Douglass International Airport. The three-letter code is usually added to the documents or tickets relating to this airport.

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