Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Guide 

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is located six-mile-west of the city’s central business area in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the primary airport for commercial and military use in the Charlotte metropolitan area. CLT is the sixth busiest airport in the U.S. with nearly 48 million passengers in 2022 and led more than 505,500 arrivals and departures. It comprises one main terminal and further includes six concourses. 

Here is a detailed analysis of the Charlotte international airport terminals for passengers for a convenient and comfortable travel experience. 

General Info Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Here is the overview of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport – 

AirportCharlotte Douglas International Airport
Airport typePublic
Owner/OperatorCharlotte Aviation Department
ServesCharlotte Metropolitan Area
Charlotte Douglas International Airport CodeCLT
WMO Code:72314
CLT Area8.683 mi²
Terminals1 Main Terminal and Concourses A, B, C, D, and E
Charlotte Douglas Hub forAmerican Airlines, US Airways, PSA Airlines, and MORE
CLT Coordinates35°12′50″N 080°56′35″W
Airport Address5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy., Charlotte, NC 28208
Distance from the city8 miles (13 km)
Passengers Statistics (2022)Nearly 48 million
Aircraft operations (2022)505,589
Phone Number704-359-4013

Charlotte Douglas Airport Codes

Charlotte Airport code is CLT. The ICAO code for this airport is KCLT and IATA code for this airport is CLT (Charlotte Airport Code). This facility is located six miles from Charlotte’s main city in North Carolina. Its elevation above sea level is 228 meters.


CLT Terminal Map

The interactive Charlotte Douglas international airport map allows passengers to filter the view by selecting the arrivals and departure locations and view estimated walk times between two points. It also provides the most recent hours of operation for all shopping, dining, and relaxing options. Charlotte airport terminal map is available below. 

View the Charlotte Douglas International Airport Map

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminals

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has one main terminal and six concourses, accessible by foot after clearing security. The airport is linked to the parking lots, car rental center, and major highways and interstates via a looping road system. 

Here are the Charlotte airport terminals to help passengers choose the right departure gate and airport counter for their requirements. 

CLT Airport Main Terminal

It is an essential part of the CLT airport. It includes three levels for the passengers with amenities like parking, rental car, baggage claim service, and more. You can find the following levels at the airport under the main terminal- 

  • Level 1– The Charlotte Douglas International airport arrivals level is the lowest level of baggage carousels, containing A1, A2, A3, B, C, D, and E. Access to ground transportation, ATM, information, and queries counter, baggage claim, concessions, is available from this level.
  • Level 2– It houses the Charlotte Douglas International airport departures and check-in levels, and each concourse has a separate security checkpoint. This level also encompasses The Atrium, which is a glass-enclosed framework within this level accompanied by numerous services and concessions. 

Concourses- You will find the following gates at the concourses- 

CLT Airport Terminal Concourse A

Concourse A comprises 21 gates including Concourse A North. Also- 

  • It includes 12 gates from A1 to A13. It is located at the first level or the ticketing level.
  • It is the Charlotte Douglas international airport terminal for various airlines except for American airlines. It offers amenities like shops, charging stations, ATMs, etc. 
  • Security checkpoint A is located west of Concourse A.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Terminal Concourse A North

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Concourse A North- 

  • Concourse A North was originally intended to be a separate terminal but instead became an extension of Concourse A, which opened in 2016.
  • The expansion was completed in two phases, the first in Spring 2018 with 9 new gates and the second in 2020 with 16 additional gates.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Terminal Concourse B

Concourse B comprises the following- 

  • It has 16 gates, numbered from B1 to B16. Ten additional boarding gates were added in 2016.
  • It is accessible from Atrium. 
  • The nearest security checkpoints are available from checkpoints A and B. 
  • It has several charging stations, an ATM, and a few restaurants and shops.

CLT Airport Terminal Concourse C

It includes a total of 18 gates from C2 to C19. Add to that- 

  • You can access it by Atrium. 
  • ATMs, charging stations, restaurants, and shops are available here for passengers. 
  • The security checkpoint is located at Concourse C. 
  • Next to Concourse C is the American Airlines and Admirals Club.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Terminal Concourse D

It is an international concourse without any customs preclearance at the airport. Also- 

  • This concourse can be reached from the ticketing level (First level).
  • It has a variety of charging stations, ATMs, currency exchange, restaurants, shops, and currency exchange services.
  • CLT Airport Concourse has 13 gates.
  • The nearest security check-in points are available to the east side near checkpoints D and E. 

CLT Airport Terminal Concourse E

It has 38 gates numbered E1-E34, E35a-b, and E38a-b. In addition to that- 

  • It can be reached from the ticketing area (First level). 
  • There are several charging stations, restaurants, shops, and other facilities on the concourse.
  • It is located to the east of the airport and is shaped as a y-shaped concourse. 
  • It only caters to one airline- American Airlines. 

Mezzanine Level– It includes chapels and lounges for the passengers at the airport. 

List of Airlines Uses CLT Airport Terminal

AirlinesTerminalAirlines use CLT Airport Terminal
Swift AirConcourse ASwift Air Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Delta AirlinesConcourse ADelta Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
SouthwestConcourse ASouthwest Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Volaris AirlinesConcourse DVolaris Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse D
LufthansaConcourse DLufthansa Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse D
Viva AerobusConcourse AViva Aerobus Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
JetblueConcourse AJetblue Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Swift AirConcourse DSwift Air Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse D
Spirit AirlinesConcourse ASpirit Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
United AirlinesConcourse AUnited Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Frontier AirlinesConcourse AFrontier Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Air CanadaConcourse AAir Canada Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
Viva AerobusConcourse DViva Aerobus Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse D
Contour AirlinesConcourse AContour Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse A
American AirlinesConcourse BAmerican Airlines Charlotte Douglas International Airport Terminal Concourse B

Airlines Operating from Charlotte Douglas International Airport

CLT offers nonstop service to 179 destinations, including 36 international locations and 3 U.S. territories. It includes eight prominent carriers, three international aircraft, and fifteen regional aircraft. Some flights to Charlotte Douglas international airport are given below- 

  • Southwest Airlines– It operates via Concourse A for all its operations. Make sure to complete the Southwest airlines check in online to save up time at the airport. 
  • United Airlines– It travels via Concourse A and allows passengers to tackle any flight-related details via the Manage Booking portal on the website. 
  • American Airlines– Concourses B, C, D, and E handle only one airline-American airline for all its operations for arrival and departure for international travel. Keep the airline baggage policy in check to complete the security check-in time. 
  • Jetblue– It operates via Concourse A. The airline promotes easy booking and flight change guidelines for passengers. 
  • Frontier– frontier airlines use Concourse A for all their arrivals and departures at the airport. Passenger can check in Frontier Airlines at CLT Airport.
  • Lufthansa– It operates through Concourse D for domestic and international flights. If any issues arrive, you can apply for a Lufthansa flight cancellation and issue a refund.
  • Via Air– It is handled by Concourse A for arrivals and departures at the airport. If you wish to travel with a pet, Head to the Via Air pet policy for more information.

Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) Runways

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT airport code) is flanked by four next-gen runways with a world-class passenger terminal. 

  • 18L/36R : Asphalt/Concrete 
  • 18C/36C :Concrete 
  • 18R/36L :Concrete 
  • 5/23: Asphalt/Concrete

It houses the Charlotte Air National Guard Base and its unit 45th Airlift Wing (145 AW) of the North Carolina Air National Guard. 

CLT Runway Data

05-237,502 ft150 ftPartially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadamYes
18R-36L10,000 ft150 ftConcreteYes
18L-36R8,676 ft150 ftPartially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadamYes
18C-36C10,000 ft150 ftOther “CONC-F”No

Nearest Airports to Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Here is a list of the airports located near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT- 

  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport– It is located 111.4 miles apart to the south-west of Charlotte airport via SC-322 E. 
  • Florence Regional Airport– Florence regional airport is located  123.4 miles via SC-151 N/ State Highway 151 the south-east of the Charlotte airport. 
  • Greensboro Piedmont Triad International Airport  – It is located 78.9 miles from the CLT airport and also serves as a hub for major domestic and international airlines. 

CLT Airport Lost and Found

It is crucial to fill out and submit the Lost & Found Reporting Form and get in touch with each agency separately if you have any questions because items left behind at CLT are turned in to several agencies based on where they were located. Add to that-

  • The Airport Lost and Found office is at Baggage Claim Zone A. 
  • It is open 2 days a week between 7 am to 11 pm. 
  • Items that remain unclaimed for 30 days will become the property of the City of Charlotte. So, contact the administrator to arrange to pick up the required items. 

Here are some of the important contact details- 

CLT Airport Lost and Found704-359-8765
Restaurants and Food Court –
Retail Stores704-359-1890

Security and Customs at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas international airport reviews are high as it is dedicated to making the travel experience memorable and safe for passengers. The security-related information can be accessed on the website. Make sure the security checkpoints are subject to change and the ticketed passengers can access any concourse or aircraft gate from the checkpoints. 

Security at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport- The security measures taken by the CLT include the following- 

  • Security Checkpoints– CLT has 5 security checkpoints for international flights, excluding the countries with pre-approval. The security checkpoints are handled by the Federal Transportation Administration (TSA). Only passengers with tickets are allowed to travel beyond the checkpoints- A, B, C, D, and E. 
  • TSA’s Pre program– The TSA’s Pre program streamlines security screening of eligible passengers at collaborating airports. It is available to air travelers, TSA members, and members of CBP’s Trusted Traveler program. Lanes are available at security checkpoints B and D, and eligibility and enrollment requirements can be found online.
  • Global Entry– It is a Customs and Border Protection program that enables pre-approved, low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arrival in the United States. The Global Entry Enrollment Office operates by appointment solely and is located in Arrivals/Baggage Claim. Walk-ins are currently not accepted. Use the courtesy phone outside the Credentialing Office to consult the enrollment center while at the airport.
  • Automated Passport Control– 24-hour self-service At CLT, APC kiosks have been installed to cut border clearance wait times by up to 50%. Passengers are directed to the kiosks upon entry and should scan their passports, answer declaration questions, and confirm passenger information before receiving a confirmation. They are handed over to a CBP officer for final processing.

Customs at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport- Here are some of the key customs or measures required by the passengers at Charlotte airport terminals. 

  • Arrive early and allow for extra time when traveling with young children, infants, elderly or disabled passengers.
  • Do not carry mace, pepper spray, firearms, fireworks, flammable materials, household cleaners, and pressurized containers. You can check the TSA prohibited items list on the website for more details. 
  • Look out for unattended packages and bags and notify authorities. Maintain surveillance of your belongings and refuse packages from bystanders. 
  • Prepare answers to questions about who packed the bags and if you left them unattended. 
  • Do not joke about having a bomb or firearm in your possession, as it can lead to delays and missed flight departures. Inappropriate jokes, threats, etc. are not entertained. 
  • A valid government-issued photo ID and boarding pass is required for gate access at airport checkpoints.
  • Liquids must be contained in a bottle 3.4 ounces or less and placed in one quart, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and only one bag per passenger is permitted. Exceptions include baby food and special medical purposes. 
  • Passengers should wait until arriving at their destination to wrap gifts. Do not wrap gifts before check-in. 
  • Never leave cars unattended at the terminal. Unattended vehicles may be towed.

CLT Airport Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

The airport is dedicated to providing the best facilities for passengers. You can find various Wi-Fi stations and charging points around the airport. 

  • Wi-Fi- Free WiFi is available to passengers throughout the terminal. To connect, select the network “CLT Free WiFi” and type in the website or refresh the browser.
  • Charging Stations– there are various power outlets located in Gates A1-A29 and B1-B16, along with power outlets throughout the Atrium and all concourses. You will find charging stations with seating at the airport. 

Safety Tips While Using Charging Stations At the Airport- Keep in mind that- 

  • Use a charging wire that you own or that someone you know only.
  • Install the most recent operating system update on your smartphone at all times.
  • When charging, disable data transmission features, and if asked to share, deny access.

The charging stations and the free accessible wifi is available throughout the airport. However, make sure to keep yourself safe and use appropriate measures while using public wifi. 

Facilities and services at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas Airport features necessary amenities like wifi, charging stations, currency exchange centers, sanitizer stations, mother’s room, etc. 

  • Wi-Fi and Charging stations– You can find free wifi and multiple charging stations around the airport for your convenience. 
  • Sanitizer Stations– Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the terminal. 
  • Mother’s room– The Mother’s Rooms at CLT offer nursing moms a tranquil area to pump or breastfeed in a quiet setting, accessible by stairs or elevators. They include cushioned chairs, a diaper change station, a sink area, and numerous power outlets in addition to individual breastfeeding booths divided by privacy curtains.
  • Pet relief Areas– Pet Relief Areas are located inside the terminal on Concourse A, in the restroom corridor, and on Concourse E near Gate E36.
  • Currency Exchange and ATMs– CXI provides foreign currency exchange, travel insurance, Western Union, fax/copy services, cash traveler checks, stamps, and calling cards. The airport features Bank of America ATMs. 
  • Interfaith Chapel– The Interfaith Chapel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the Atrium on the upper level.

Travel to and from CLT 

If you travel to the airport via public means of transport, here are some of the available options. 

  • Hotel Courtesy Vehicles– They are available to select hotels and motels through four Traveler Information Centers on arrival. baggage claim level. 
  • Taxi– The four taxi firms available are accessible through the airport’s taxi line: City Cab, Crown Cab, Green Cab, and Yellow Cab from 6:45 a.m. until 12:15 a.m.
  • Limo, Shuttle Services- Limousines, Sedans, and Shuttle or Van services are available by pre-arrangement. Contact the service provider via Visitor information boards. 
  • Bus service– Sprinter whisks is an unmatchable bus service running every 20 minutes on weekdays and 30 minutes on weekends and nights. 

Some of the popular ways are discussed above. However, the passengers must check the availability, offers on group travel, and other deals before making the final decision. 

Directions by Car to Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Passengers who choose to travel with their private vehicle can use the following routes for Charlotte Douglas international airport directions- 

  • From I-85– Follow these directions-
    • To get to Wilkinson Boulevard, take North Josh Birmingham Parkway south from Exit 32, Little Rock Road or you can take Exit 33 to Billy Graham Parkway. 
    • There will be banners along The Jow Birmingham Parkway indicating the airport. 
  • From Uptown Charlotte– Use the route below to reach the airport faster-
    • Take I-277 to I-77 South, Exit 6B to Billy Graham Parkway, and exit at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 
    • The airport sign is available at the Birmingham Parkway. 
  • From I-485 Northbound (Inner)– The directions are as follows-
    • Take Exit 9 to US-29 N/US-74 E/Wilkinson Boulevard and turn right onto Josh Birmingham Parkway for the airport. 

There are some other routes that you can go for like I-485 Southbound (Outer), From I-77, and I-277 S/US-74 W. 

Parking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

CLT airport parking features six on-site choices. You will find the information below- 

CLT Short-term Parking- The hourly parking deck is located just across from the main terminal and is connected by walkways to/from level 2. Add to that- 

  • The first 15 minutes are free, with each hour costing $6, up to a daily maximum of $24. 
  • The spaces are located on Levels 4 to 7. 
  • It is available on a first come first serve basis. 
  • These parking lots charge a flat fee of $12 per day.

CLT Long-Term Parking– The long-term lots at CLT offer competitively priced parking, accessible by the courtesy shuttle bus and costing just $10 per day.

Express Deck– Travelers can enjoy a luxurious Charlotte Douglas international airport parking experience with luggage assistance, shuttle service, and vehicles waiting at the deck when they return. It costs 16 USD per day. 

Car Rental at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Rental cars are another great option for passengers. Rental car companies are located in the Rental Car Facility in the Level 2 lobby at  Hourly Deck opposite the terminal at Charlotte Douglas international airport CLT. 

Some of the available options include- 

CompanyContact Details 

Airport Hotels at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas airport is well facilitated with nearby hotels for passengers. The nearby hotels are above 3 stars and some offer exclusive perks like free shuttle service to the airport. 

  • Home2 Suites by Hilton Charlotte Airport– Home2 Suites is located 13 kilometers from Charlotte City center with a fitness center, outdoor pool, free WiFi, and private parking.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte-Airport– Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte-Airport offers free hot breakfast, an indoor pool, a 24-hour business center, a no-smoking policy, on-site fitness center. 
  • Courtyard Charlotte Airport North– Courtyard Charlotte Airport offers free Wi-Fi and an indoor swimming pool, 32-inch cable TV, soundproofed windows, and work desks. It is located at a 5-minute drive from CLT airport. 
  • Holiday Inn Charlotte Airport, an IHG Hotel– Holiday Inn Charlotte-Airport Conference Center offers free shuttle service, 24-hour shuttle service at the airport, an outdoor pool, and high-speed internet access.

Research airport hotels to find the best option for you. You can find shuttle bus services, chauffeur, and coach services from the hotels to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

CLT Airport Lounges

CLT airport lounges ensure that passengers have access to the best amenities and relaxation. 

  • USO Lounge– USO Lounge offers premium food, Wi-Fi, a Children’s Area, snacks, TV, and Internet Terminals. It is available at the Main terminal i.e. Terminal 1 operates between 6 am to 10 pm. 
  • American Airlines Admirals Club: It is located on Concourse B on the main Terminal and offers premium food, TV, Wi-Fi, printers, Internet Terminals, snacks, and copiers.
  • The American Airlines Admirals Club: Located in Concourse C on the main terminal, it provides printers and copiers, television, premium food, snacks, Internet Terminals, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.
  • The Centurion Lounge: It is available at the Main Terminal at Concourse D and E. It facilitates Premium food, children’s area, snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, showers, and TV, among others.

These are some of the popular options available at the airport. However, the passengers must check the official website or get in touch for Charlotte Douglas airport lounges with the airport officials for more details about the lounges. 

Dining and Drinks at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The vicinity of the CLT airport offers a wide variety of dining and shopping alternatives. While concourse C maintains a reasonable balance between the two, concourses A and B feature more food options than shopping ones.

  • 1897 Market– The 1897 Market has a bar, a restaurant, as well as a variety of grab-and-go meals. It is located on Level 2 near the Atrium after security check-in. 
  • 3Sixty Duty-Free & More– Grab snacks, alcohol, tobacco, and other quick eateries at 3Sixty Duty-Free & More. 
  • Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar– Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar offers a variety of burgers and cocktails. It is available near Concourse C. 
  • Auntie Anne’s– It is situated near the Atrium and level 2. It provides freshly baked goods like pretzels and pretzel dogs. 
  • Brioche Doree– Passengers can visit Brioche Doree after the security check is complete at Level 1 near Concourse E. It features freshly baked sandwiches and other goods and a coffee bar. 

These are some of the outlets you will find at the Charlotte Douglas airport. Check out the website for other options like shopping centers and vending machines and to know Charlotte Douglas international airport reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the airport code for Charlotte Douglas International airport?

The airport code for Charlotte Douglas airport is CLT.

Where is Charlotte Douglas International airport clt?

The complete address for Charlotte airport is 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States.

What is the international terminal at Charlotte Douglas international airport?

Concourse D is the main concourse for international flights.

Is Charlotte Douglas international airport big?

CLT is a compact airport with all concourses accessible by walking.

What city is Charlotte Douglas International Airport in?

The airport is located in the Chicago metropolitan area, North Carolina.

Does Charlotte airport have curbside check-in?

Charlotte Douglas airport includes curbside check-in for airports like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United airlines.

How much is daily parking at Charlotte Douglas airport?

Parking rates range from $7 to $35 per day at off-airport lots with free shuttle service.

How much is long-term parking at CLT airport?

It costs 10 USD for long-term parking at the airport.

How much is short-term parking at Charlotte Douglas airport?

It costs between 6 USD to 24 USD for short-term parking at the airport.

How many terminals does Charlotte airport have?

Charlotte Douglas airport includes only one Terminal building bifurcated into multiple Concourse.

What terminal is Delta at Charlotte airport?

Delta airlines operate via Concourse A for arrival and departure at the airport.

How long does it take to walk from Concourse E to Concourse B?

The passengers can travel between the terminals for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Where can I find a map of Charlotte Douglas International airport?

The CLT airport terminal map is available on the website. Head to the information for more information.

Does Charlotte airport have TSA Precheck?

Yes, TSA Precheck is available at dedicated lanes at Checkpoints B and D.

Can you sleep at Charlotte Douglas International airport?

Charlotte airport is open 24 hours a day, allowing travelers to spend the night sleeping for early flights or cancellations.

How long does the TSA wait at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

The average wait time at the Charlotte Douglas airport ranges between 10 to 20 minutes. 

How busy is Charlotte Douglas international airport?

It is ranked among the busiest airports in the world with an average of 1,400 arrivals and departures daily.

How early is alcohol served at charlotte Douglas international airport?

The passengers can purchase or are served alcohol between 7 am to 2 pm from Monday to Saturday.

How far is Charlotte Douglas International airport from Laurinburg NC?

CLT is located 18 miles to the west from Laurinburg NC.

What terminal does American Airlines use at Charlotte airport?

American Airlines operates via Concourse B, C, D, and E at CLT.

Does Charlotte Douglas Airport have sleeping pods?

Charlotte Douglas airport offers six private sleeping pods with an area of 56 square feet and a shower facility.

Does the Charlotte airport stay open all night?

Charlotte airport is open 24 hours. Thus, the passengers are free to spend the night at the airport if necessary.

Does Charlotte Airport have a tram?

There are no trams or buses available to connect between flights at CLT Airport (Charlotte NC Airport code). This is because all the gates are approachable from a single location. Every security checkpoint leads to all the concourses and airplane gates. Hence, there is no need for trams or buses or any other such facility at CLT Airport (Charlotte Airport code).

Can I smoke Vape at Charlotte Airport?

The city of Charlotte has passed new legislation prohibiting tobacco products from being used in municipal facilities. It specifies that CLT Airport, which has the CLT Airport code, is a governmental structure. As a result, employees are no longer permitted to smoke, use vaporizers, or use tobacco products in the CLT Airport premises or in transportations to the airport. The same can be applicable for travellers as well.

Is CLT (Charlotte Airport code) a big airport?

Yes, CLT Airport, with the Charlotte NC Airport code, is an enormous airport. CLT Airport spans over an area of 5.558 acres or 2.249 hectares of an area. It was the 11th largest passenger traffic airport in the United States in the year 2019. More than 50 million travellers have been processed by CLT Airport. It has been the world’s sixth-largest airport, as classified by aviation movements. Hence, due to this reason, this airport is known as one of the biggest airports in the United States.

Is CLT Airport easy to navigate?

True, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which has the Charlotte NC Airport code, is one of the most accessible and easiest airports to navigate. This is because the usual security waiting time at CLT Airport is just a little over 13 minutes. Hence, it becomes easy to quickly get to the places at the airport.

Does Charlotte have international flights?

Yes, CLT Airport operates many international flights throughout the day. With the CLT Airport code, Charlotte Airport is a significant airport in the United States. CLT Airport is an international airport that serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Regular passenger flights are available from Charlotte Airport to 186 cities across 24 countries.

How early should I get to the Charlotte Airport?

We suggest you arrive at the Charlotte International Airport at least 3 hours earlier than your scheduled time for the departure of the international flights. Check to ensure if your location has any restrictions with respect to the travel. 

Make sure that you keep with yourself one completed copy of the necessary travel-related documents to CLT Airport, having the Charlotte NC Airport code. Then it will be easier for you to travel if your location needs those documents.

Do you have to wear a mask at Charlotte Airport?

Yes, all the travellers at Charlotte Airport, with the charlotte Douglas international airport code, are required to wear a mask due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlotte Airport is a public facility that is owned and administered by the city of Charlotte. As a result, all the visitors, staff, and travellers at CLT Airport must wear a mask at all times.

What is clt airport code?

CLT Airport code works as an identifier for Charlotte Douglass International Airport. The three-letter code is usually added to the documents or tickets relating to this airport.

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