Wizz Air Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel a Wizz Air Flight

It is possible that you reserved a flight with Wizz Air and want to cancel it now. Owing to any reason, the reversal can take place. The Wizz Air cancellation policy is made to aid you in such situations. It can be beneficial because it tries to protect your revocation fees and provide returns when properly followed. Therefore, one should be aware of this policy’s rules and regulations before revoking it. 

Conditions under Wizz Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Before attempting to utilize this policy or feature, it is important to understand its main requirements. 

  • A flight should be canceled at least three hours before the planned departure.
  • In the event of two-way booking, a flyer should reverse the first flight ticket prior to its departure. 
  • A reversal cannot be possible when an initial flight has already taken off. 
  • For flight tickets acquired from any travel agency, a flyer should directly connect with the same in case of any reversal. 
  • One-way trips can be discontinued within 3 hours before your flight leaves.
  • You can undo two-way trips before your first flight departs, not after it has left.
  • When you cancel 2-way bookings, both trips will no longer be available.
  • If you use a WIZZ voucher to pay for a trip and then cancel it, the tickets for all passengers in that booking will be discontinued.
  • You can undo a booking but add-ons like a membership for WIZZ Discount Club and third-party services will not be revoked automatically.
  • To undo a partner/agent’s service, directly get in touch with it.

WIZZ Flex Tickets Cancellations

You may have purchased WIZZ Flex tickets individually or via the bundle – WIZZ Plus. The reservations can belong to the outbound or one-way trip category. For both, the rules to reverse the tickets can vary.

For One-Way Trips:

  • 3 hours prior to the departure, you can revoke your trip.

In the case of Outbound Trips:

  • When you have a return trip, discontinue it within 3 hours of the departure.
  • After the aircraft leaves, you cannot revoke the booking.

Policy for Wizz Air 24-Hour Cancellation

Following the needs and conditions of flyers, this airline has introduced a 24-hour reversal policy. Under this, flyers can get more alternatives and benefits from the carrier. 

  • As a part of the Wizz Airlines cancellation policy within 24 hours feature or policy, flyers can revoke a booking in twenty-four hours of purchasing. 
  • Moreover, the air carrier will issue a complete refund if your flight was made seven days or more prior to the planned leaving date. 

Cancellation Reasons at Wizz Air

Visitors can undo their reservations for many reasons. It can be due to: 

  • bad weather, 
  • road traffic, 
  • passport issues, 
  • medical problems, 
  • work emergencies, 
  • and other such incidents. 

Sometimes, luggage issues can arise as well. For that, when you are aware of the correct baggage allowance, you can avoid such problems. 

Ticket Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

Wizz Air may not provide any reversal policy during the pandemic of COVID-19. Hence, when a traveler requires to reverse a flight due to coronavirus-related issues, he/she will be subject to the standard terms as well as fees. 

Note: A flyer who has only WIZZ Flex tickets is allowed to revoke a plane ticket because of such situations without any charges.

Methods for Canceling Reservations on Wizz Air

The Wizz Air flight cancellation policy has offered multiple procedures to reverse a flight. Both offline and online procedures are available for flyers, considering their preferences. 

Method 1: Canceling Flight Tickets Online

The tickets of Wizz Air can be revoked online via the operator’s site regardless of whether they are en route to national or international locations. This method enables travelers to revoke their tickets with ease but requires them to carry out the process on their own. 

  • Navigate to the authorized website of this airline.
  • Press the option “Check-in and Bookings” on the first page of the site. 
  • Input your flight data in the given spaces. The data can include:
    • “Passenger’s Last Name” 
    • “Confirmation Code” 
  • Now, hit the “Search” button. 
  • A reservation list should be displayed on your screen. 
  • Select a booking to use the feature for cancellation on Wizz Air. 
  • press the “Cancel” tab. 

You may be asked about the reversal fees when necessary. Given that the payment is submitted, the airline will send you a verification message. 

Method 2: By Calling the Customer Assistance Department 

For discontinuing a plane ticket, the carrier, Wizz Air, has given a calling method. With this, you can connect with the officials of the airline who can undo your flight quickly. This method can be the best for last-moment reversals as they can save you time compared to self-initiated cancellations. 

To initiate this method, you will have to dial one of the following numbers: 

CountriesContact Numbers
Denmark 90-101-012
Germany 090-010-002-591

Note: There are more numbers available for other countries on the “Contact Us” page on the site. 

Over the phone, an official will ask you about the purpose of calling. Then you can explain to him or her about the need for cancellation. Also, provide your plane ticket details including your: 

  • Complete name
  • Departure time and date
  • Ticket number
  • Seat number

With the help of this information, the officials will track your reservation and cancel it on your behalf. Then you will be asked to pay the fees for discontinuing along with the calling charges. In the end, you will be informed about your revoked plane ticket status. 

Method 3: For WIZZ Flex Users

Regardless of how you have purchased a WIZZ Flex ticket, you can cancel it online. This method is for individual bookings and reservations involving 2 fliers. 

  • Come to the authorized website of “Wizz Air”.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Find your trip.
  • Then cancel this flight.
  • When your booking has more than 1 flier, choose the people for which the reversal is applicable.
  • Your decision will have to be confirmed.
  • Make the payment of the fees to go ahead.

Wizz Air Ticket Cancellation Fee

Wizz Air can charge a fee for revoking a flight. Also, after it is paid, the process of reversal can be considered complete. Based on the circumstances, the fees can vary. According to the cancellation policy, a revocation made up to two weeks prior to a schedule will incur a €65 cost per traveler. 

Kindly look at the below-given details as well before canceling plane tickets: 

Duration Before a Flight LeavesFees per Flight and per Traveler
Up to 14 days before departing‎€85
Longer than 14 days before leaving€65

The cancellation charges can be updated by the airline. Hence, they can change from time to time. 

Note: A passenger will be levied a higher price as a fee in case she/he revokes a flight in fourteen days of the planned schedule. For such a revocation, a full refund is not provided. 

For WIZZ Flex Passengers

You will not be required to pay any fee as a WIZZ Flex ticket holder. However, service charges may be involved. In case you decide to rebook a canceled trip, you will have to pay the charges then.

Wizz Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

Sometimes, there can be involuntary reversals. For reasons like take-off issues, safety concerns, etc., the air carrier may discontinue a tourist’s flight. In these cases, Wizz Air does not let them face the situation alone. It provides compensation against reversals which can vary in form. 

Note: When the airline discontinues your trip, it will notify you by email, message, or via the WIZZ mobile app.

Look below to know the compensation options or amounts given by the air operator: 

  • You have the option of rebooking the next accessible flight on a similar route. 
  • In case the new flight is also revoked, compensation will again be available as per the second booking’s fare type.
  • If no plane tickets are offered for the same/following day, then you can choose to organize your trip via a suitable mode of transportation or with another airline. 

In the Instances of Delays

  • The airline provides two complimentary phone calls. 
  • Or, it pays expenses of such calls as a Wizz Air cancelled flight compensation. 

Tip: To claim compensation, you should gather all the expense receipts. 

During Re-Routing

  • When the new flight’s planned departure is after one day, the carrier will provide free hotel accommodations. 
  • Also, transportation will be given between the location of the hotel and the airport. 

In Exceptional Scenarios

There can be certain scenarios during which reversals will be vital. Despite taking all the necessary precautions, they may not be prevented. These scenarios can include: 

  • Bad weather 
  • Air traffic 
  • Alerts pertaining to terrorism 
  • Security issues

The carrier will not be liable for any reimbursements in these instances. 

In addition to the above, when you need more help, the carrier encourages you to visit its “Information Desk”. You can find it situated at the airport. Here, you can find information regarding why your trip is revoked. 

Amount of Compensation Offered

On Wizz Air, the cancelled flight compensation can be given under Article 7 of Regulation EC 261/2004 as follows: 

Distance Amount (EUR)Note
Flights between 1501 and 3500 kilometers long 400This cost can be decreased by 50% when a replacement flight is provided. Also, a delay should not surpass the planned time by three hours. 
Above 3500 kilometers 600When a delay is not more than four hours and a new flight is offered, this amount can be lowered by 50%. 
Less than 1500 kilometers 250Should the next accessible flight be given and delays are not longer than two hours, then this reimbursement can be deducted by 50%. 

Note: In instances wherein the airline has notified for revocations, the above-given reimbursement will not be provided. 

Refund Policy of Wizz Air

In some situations, this carrier provides refunds to travelers. To obtain these, they should follow the Wizz Air booking refund policy. In light of this, when you revoke a booking two weeks prior to its departure, you will receive the amount. 

The following are other points you should be mindful of in order to receive a money-back: 

  • Flight tickets for Basic Economy cannot be refunded when they are canceled. 
  • In the instances of non-refundable tickets, flyers will have to pay some fees. 
  • A refund can be offered when you revoke a ticket during the twenty-four hours of booking. 
  • The amount can be credited to the Wizz Account as a credit in the case of Plus Fare. 
  • In seventy-two hours of the request, a refund can be credited to the passenger’s Wizz account as a credit after applying all the fees. 
  • This amount can be accessible for one year. 
  • It can be used to purchase a new plane ticket. 

Note: To get refunds for add-ons or third-party services, aside from reservations, get in touch with their agents.

For WIZZ Flex Passengers

While reserving a WIZZ Flex ticket, you may pay its cost and certain charges. Aside from the cost, these charges may not be refunded. 

You cannot seek a refund for:

  • Service costs
  • Membership charges for WIZZ Discount Club
  • Fees for Privilege Pass
  • Add-ons via third-party platforms

Medical Emergencies and Refunds

  • Presuming that a tourist’s family member dies in a period up to thirty days prior to the planned departure, he or she can claim a refund. 
  • This family member can include a wife, father, mother, sister, husband, brother, grandchild, grandparent, etc. 
  • For that, you will have to give the certificate of death. 
  • The same applies in case a passenger dies.

Method to Claim a Wizz Air Refund

A flyer can simply obtain a refund via the main website of this carrier. After revoking a flight, you can look for a refund option. Then you can add the necessary plane ticket details as asked in the steps. After this, submit a refund request to the air operator. 

In the end, wait for the airline to respond. In 72 hours, you will get your refund in your account. It will be valid for a 90-day period. 

The Wizz Air cancellation policy makes it easy to reverse a flight. It meets the needs of various domestic and international passengers. They can undo their flights for any reason as long as they abide by all the significant rules. 

FAQs – Wizz Air Cancellation Policy

Can Wizz air cancel flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you have the option to revoke your flight within a period of twenty-four hours.

How do I know if my Wizz Air flight is refundable?

You can get in touch with the air operator. It will help you know whether your ticket is refundable.

Can I cancel my Wizz Air ticket before 14 days of the scheduled departure?

Fliers can easily revoke their bookings when there are 14 days left before your flight’s leaving time.

What if my Wizz Air flight is delayed or cancelled?

In case the airline discontinues your trip, you can ask for compensation in cash or kind.

What type of facilities will be provided if Wizz Air cancels my flight?

Flight rebooking, transportation, phone call facilities, etc., are available when the carrier revokes your booking.

Can I submit a claim online for a flight cancellation?

Yes, you may access your WIZZ account and apply for the claim post your trip’s discontinuation.

What happens if I cancel my Wizz Air flight?

It won’t be possible to board a plane after you revoke your ticket but you can get a refund.

Can I get Wizz Air compensation for a 2-hour flight delay?

You may contact this airline and ask for your compensation when the delay is 2 hours.

How do I know if my Wizz Air flight is non-refundable?

After you reach the operator, you will be informed about the type of your ticket.

How to cancel a flight on Wizz Air offline?

Use the official phone number of this airline to undo your booking offline.

What is the Wizz Air refund policy?

The refund policy has various guidelines that can help fliers get their money back after reversing their tickets.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Wizz Air flight ticket?

Subject to a few guidelines, you can claim a refund for a discontinued booking.

How do I cancel my Wizz Air flight refund?

You can apply for a refund after revoking your ticket. But to revoke the refund itself, you should contact this airline.

How do I claim compensation for a cancelled flight of Wizz Air?

The carrier will notify you when it reverses your booking. You can check the notification to know your options.

Can I get compensation for a Wizz Air canceled flight?

Yes, a traveler can claim compensation for a flight when cancelled, subject to eligibility.

When can you claim Wizz Air canceled flight compensation?

In case a situation involves flight discontinuation when the reason is within control, you can be compensated.

How to cancel a Wizz Air flight?

You can get in touch with the officials and ask for a quick cancellation of your Wizz Air flight on call.

Can I get a refund for the COVID-19 cancellation on Wizz Air?

In the case of coronavirus, the air carrier has not implemented any specific reversal policy. Hence, you may not be able to get a refund.

What is the Wizz Air flight cancellation policy for Plus Fare tickets?

When a traveler has a booking with Plus Fare, he or she can request a return on the reversal of the ticket. 

Is Wizz Air refund for cancelled flights in cash?

This carrier provides a canceled flight cash refund in the form of compensation. It can be obtained in cash.

What are the criteria for Wizz Air to cancel flights within 24 hours?

Within the first twenty-four hours of a booking, you can easily undo your plane ticket. Also, you can qualify for a refund. 

How to cancel flight with Wizz Air?

On the official website of this carrier, you can use “Check-in and Bookings” to start the revocation procedure.

Can you cancel a Wizz Air flight online?

Yes, on Wizz Air, the cancel flight online option is available for visitors. 

Is Wizz Air cancelling flights?

This airline sometimes opts to discontinue a visitor’s flight. It can be done because of air traffic, labor shortage, bird strike, and so on. 

What are Wizz Air cancellation charges?

You will be levied between €65 and €83 as a Wizz Air cancellation fee.

Is Wizz Air canceling flights today?

To know the exact status of your booking today, you can locate the carrier’s main site. Or else, you can call the air operator for assistance.

What is Wizz Air’s ticket cancellation policy?

This policy is a framework of terms and conditions that assist you with revocations. 

Why is Wizz Air cancelling flights?

On this airline, flights can be revoked due to take-off issues, being on the lookout for connecting travelers, obtaining security clearance, etc.

Can Basic Economy passengers make Wizz Air cancellations within 24 hours?

Basic Economy flyers will have a 24-hour grace period for reversals. 

What do I do if Wizz Air cancelled my flight?

When the carrier reverses your booking, it can help you get compensation or another available flight.

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Lavonne J. Shelton
3 months ago

I urgently need to cancel a flight I booked with Wizz Air just 4 hours ago. I did not pay extra to book a refundable ticket but since I booked it recently I was hoping to get a refund as Wizz air has 24 hour cancellation rule. How much refund can I expect?

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