Wizz Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

wizz airlines baggage fees
Wizz Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

Wizz Air has been among the top airlines, globally. The Wizz Airlines baggage fees policy has modified its rules for the easy journey of its large number of passengers. The Hungarian Air carrier policy’s rules may be strict for the flyers to follow unless they pay a high amount of extra baggage fees for additional flexibility. The baggage fees can be charged on bringing more than the required luggage inside a flight. So, to prevent these hefty baggage fees and plan a smooth trip, maintaining the rules of this policy can be a must. For this, the policy and its baggage rules should be understood.

Wizz Air Baggage Allowance for Checked Items Onboard

Baggage allowance of Wizz Air for bringing checked items can be provided to the passengers of every cabin class. Though the Wizz Air baggage allowance in 2019, 2020, or 2021 may vary as per the cabin class, it may permit more bags than usual. The checked baggage allowance of this carrier can accept a total of 6 bags for every class of travel. Passengers can buy the initial three bags online and the rest three luggage bags at the airport. 

Wizz Airlines Baggage Fees

When a traveler purchases more than 6 bags for storing luggage, he/she may be incurred with extra Wizz Air baggage fees. The baggage fees may vary according to the season type. That means the extra baggage fees of this air carrier can vary on the basis of High Season and Low Season. High season can start from March to April, June to September, or December to January. Low Season can remain active in all months. Hence, before making any travel plans with Wizz Air, you should find out which season is active to prevent extra baggage costs.

Mentioned here is the Wizz Air baggage allowance price list. It is as per the tickets booked in advance and at the airport:

Baggage Weight in KilogramsBooking MethodLow Season PriceHigh Season Price
10Online 9 to 47€ 13 to 57€ 
20Online15 to 67€ 21 to 83€ 
20At the Airport55€ As per the flight
32Online21 to 89€ 30 to 109€ 
32At the Airport110€ Depending upon the flight

Note: Wizz Air baggage allowance weight may not permit the passengers to bring any checked luggage above 32 kilograms or 70 lbs. Apart from the weight constraints, the size limits may also be looked upon. As for the size restrictions, any luggage that surpasses 149 x 119 x 171 cm dimensions may cost Wizz Air extra baggage fees.

Wizz Air Additional Baggage Fees for Carrying Excess Items

Travelers can bring excess baggage at Wizz Air by paying extra baggage fees. Wizz Air excess baggage fees may depend on the number of bags a flyer may take with him/her. The travelers of Wizz Air can check a total number of 6 bags. These bags should be within the restricted size and weight limits. The size and weight constraints of these bags should be 152 centimeters and 70 lbs. 

When any passenger is found to carry more than 6 bags, he/she may have to pay a sum of €9 per kilogram. Based on the season of flight and where you buy your luggage, the Wizz Airlines baggage fees can vary. For international and domestic routes, a 20 kilograms allowance can cost between €15 and €55. A 32 kg permit can cost between €23 and €120, on the basis of the itinerary.

Note: Carrying overweight or oversized bags more than 70 lbs and 62 linear inches may not be accepted by the airline. However, on bringing overweight or oversized items on the flight, Wizz Air check baggage policy may charge additional fees of €60 per kilogram.

Wizz Air Hand Baggage Allowance

The flyers of Wizz Air can take items onboard as their hand baggage. Hand baggage refers to the bags that can be taken with a traveler while boarding Wizz Air’s aircraft. Hand baggage at this airline can also be known as carry-on luggage. Wizz Air may levy a price for carry-on bags, however, every flyer can be permitted to transport one personal item onto the plane. This personal item can be a laptop, baby bag, or big fanny pack. Wizz Air carry-on baggage allowance should be no bigger than 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm and no heavier than 10 kilos. 

Passengers can buy a Wizz Priority, Go, or Superior travel fare when they wish to bring carry-on bags without spending an extra cost. By doing so, the flyers may not receive a nicer cabin by upgrading the ticket but they may gain boarding and baggage benefits. Cabin baggage may cost you money if you do not upgrade your ticket. Wizz Air carry-on luggage can cost from 5-35€ if purchased ahead of time, regardless of the time of year and itinerary. Wizz Air’s baggage fee at the airport may rise to 20€ or more, based on the cabin class. Hence for obtaining benefits on your hand baggage allowance, you can purchase it in advance online through the airlines’ website.

Items Allowed to be Carried at Wizz Air 

For safety and security reasons, the passengers of Wizz Air can be permitted to bring certain items on the flight. These items can be considered as carry-ons and have to pass through the security measures in order to be regarded as safe. When a flyer is traveling with his/her baby, carrying essentials can be a must. Essentials such as a diaper bag and a stroller can be considered safe while flying with Wizz Air.

Other items that can be approved by the Wizz Air checked baggage allowance are as follows: 

  • Baby car seat
  • Cereals
  • Baby food
  • Medications
  • Books
  • Carrycot
  • Umbrella
  • Walking stick
  • Assistive devices
  • Crutches
  • Medical devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Handbags
  • Small bags
  • Purses
  • Backpack
  • Tablets
  • Electronic devices
  • Smartphones
  • Air mattresses
  • Headphones
  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Pillowcases
  • Carrying basket

Note: Under the Wizz Air baggage policy, carrying these items can be safe but they should be within 7 kilograms. If found to be restricted to more than 7 kgs, then these items cannot be taken as a carry-on by the passengers of the airline. In some instances, Wizz Airlines baggage fees may also be asked for.

Wizz Air Baggage Policy for Pets

Wizz Air generally cannot accept any pets inside the cabin of the aircraft. This air carrier also cannot support the pets in the cargo hold section of the airplane. However, prior to booking your tickets with this airline, it is a must to inform the airline while carrying assistive or guide dogs with you. By informing the airline in advance, it can be easy for their staff to identify and make arrangements for your guide dog to travel safely.

Wizz Air Baggage Policy for Infants

Wizz Air may permit passengers to bring their infants onboard. The infants may be given priority boarding if the passenger wishes to. Upon being given priority boarding, the travelers may access security fast-track baby food and milk in the flight. Apart from baby food/milk, infants can also fly with their baby cots and car seats. 

More amenities pertaining to the Wizz Air priority baggage allowance are listed below:

  • The airline may allow you to take one personal item onboard.
  • Personal items should be of the size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm.
  • Free priority boarding can be given to any two adults carrying one infant.
  • Complimentary strollers or baby carriers may be given to the infant.
  • Seat selection can be accessed via the priority boarding option for infants.
  • From the Wizz Air boutique selection, some toys for kids and infants can be purchased.
  • If a baby is not seated on the lap, then the infant ticket can be purchased from the airline, as may be stated in the Wizz Air baggage allowance for infants.
  • Additional baggage for infants cannot be applicable even if the passengers buy a ticket.

Wizz Air Sporting Instruments Allowed on Flights

By paying a certain amount of the Wizz Air additional baggage fees, flyers can board the flight with their sports instruments. The baggage fees for bringing sports instruments can be different online and at the airport. Concerning the baggage policy rules, the fees for carrying sports items at the airport can be €40. When you are in a hurry and need to buy it from the airport, Wizz Airlines baggage fees may rise to €60.

The sports instruments that can be transported in the flight are:

  • Bicycles
  • Archery equipment
  • Bowling equipment
  • Bows and arrows
  • Bicycles
  • Skiing equipment
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Diving equipment
  • Emptied canisters
  • Hunting trophies
  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Pole vaults
  • Water sports equipment
  • Hang gliders 

Musical Instruments Accepted on Wizz Air

When carrying musical instruments onboard with Wizz Air, their dimensions and weight can be checked by the airline. Musical items under the 80 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm size restrictions can be taken on flights.

For taking instruments as small as flute and clarinet, the size should be under 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. The weight of the small musical equipment should be less than 10 kgs. If these restrictions are followed properly, then the flyers can bring small musical instruments inside the cabin luggage.

Musical instruments that are accepted under the Wizz Air baggage policy are as mentioned below:

  • Piano
  • Cell bass
  • Tabla
  • Drumsticks
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Guitar

Prohibited Items at Wizz Air

Wizz Air may not give permission to bring certain prohibited or restricted items on its flights. Such items can be inclusive of harmful elements, sharp edges, etc. This may be because carrying poisonous or sharp-edged things may be considered fatal to some flyers. 

Items that can endanger the lives of the staff/passengers and are considered as prohibited by the airline can be:

Scissors KnivesHammerAxes
Radioactive materialsAcidsAlkaliCorrosive substances
ExplosivesLithium batteriesPesticidesStun guns
Magnetic itemsFirearmsInsecticidesChemicals

Note: Carrying the above-mentioned items on a flight may result in delays. It can also cause problems to the passenger who is carrying such items. Hence, avoid bringing any of the above-listed items on a flight to smoothly board the plane.

The flyers of Wizz Air should meet all the expectations of the airline to enjoy a hassle-free experience of their trip. By following the policy’s rules, Wizz Airlines baggage fees may also be avoided. 

Flyers can also read the policies of other well-known airlines. To read about one such operator, you can view Saudi Arabia Airlines baggage policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase Wizz Air baggage online?

To buy more luggage online, you can add in your purchases and pay the final Wizz Air baggage fees by logging in to the website. For adding up to 3 bags, you can do so online. When you wish to add another 3 bags, you will have to visit the airport.

How many bags can you check in via Wizz Air?

Passengers can check-in up to 6 bags via Wizz Air baggage policy. Three checked bags can be purchased online and the remaining 3 can be bought from the airport. When a flyer buys a single luggage item, the weight limit allotted can be around 10kg. On buying 2 bags, the weight restriction can be 20 kg and so on.

What are the liquid restrictions imposed on Wizz Air?

For bringing liquids onboard with Wizz Air, these restrictions have to be kept in mind:

* As per the Wizz Air baggage allowance, liquids should be packed in ziplock containers.
* The maximum volume of all the liquids should be under 100 milliliters.
* A plastic bag containing the liquids must be separately shown during the screening process.

When any of these requirements do not meet the rules of the policy, liquids may be discarded.

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