IndiGo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

IndiGo Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancelations and changes in flights are quite common these days. Various passengers make requests for cancelations on a daily basis due to the sudden changes in their plans. The IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy facilitates the processing of such requests. It provides for cancelation in different circumstances resulting from different reasons. It also administers compulsory cancelations due to emergencies. Several rules and regulations are imposed on the cancelation of flights. These rules are made for the easy cancelation process for the customers. Passengers traveling via IndiGo Airlines need to adhere to these rules for their easy cancelation process.

Hence, it becomes immensely important to comprehend this policy before booking tickets with this airline. This knowledge can make the cancelation procedure simple to follow and easy to undertake. 

Overview Of The IndiGo Flight Cancellation Policy 

The main purpose of this policy is to provide Go IndiGo flight ticket cancellation. In other words, it is a designated set of regulations determined for the proper cancelation of tickets. It not only guides the customers through these rules but also ensures their security. Besides, it highlights the various ways by which flights can be canceled. Apart from the guidance during cancelation, this policy provides information about refunds and compensation as well. It covers all the steps from the moment of initiation of the cancelation to the last stage of confirmation. 

There are certain eligibility conditions given by this policy. These are listed as under: 

  • Flights directly booked with IndiGo can be canceled at all times. 
  • On most of the ticket fares, you will have to make the request for cancelation at least 2 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • The airline permits its passengers to cancel their reservations immediately after booking as well. 
  • Service charges may apply for direct assistance from the airline’s officials in case of any cancelations or changes. 
  • Immediate cancelations within 24 hours can be available for flights scheduled more than 7 days from the date of prospective cancelation. 
  • You may not be eligible for ticket reversals on flights involving codeshare or interline partners.
  • If you have accidentally booked two tickets, then you will be allowed to cancel the one with the lower fare. 
  • For tickets booked through ant third-party sites or agents, IndiGo flight cancellation cannot be done directly. You will have to connect with the respective agents.
  • If you wish to cancel some group reservations, then you must separate them as individual tickets and proceed with the further cancelation procedure. 

Note: There might be expectations for the above-mentioned conditions in certain instances. You can review the carrier’s official site for more information on these exceptions. 

What Can Cause You to Cancel Your IndiGo Flight? 

Canceling flights is a common occurrence nowadays, especially due to emergencies. There can be various reasons that can lead to the ultimate reversal of reservations. The IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy supports various causes. Having prior knowledge about these district reasons can prepare you when cancelations become inevitable. By knowing this, you will also know the ways in which you can avoid these causes. This will help you in drafting your travel plan with caution. 

The most common reasons due to which passengers cancel their flights are given below: 

  • Family occasions 
  • A last-minute change in the plans 
  • Serious injuries 
  • Modification in destination 
  • Issues with the baggage 
  • Conferences 
  • Work emergencies 
  • Important events 

Tip: To avoid cancelations due to this last-minute hassle, you can plan your trip in advance.  For instance, you can check the IndiGo Airlines baggage policy to overcome any issues with the baggage while boarding. 

Most of the time, this airline does not require its passengers to mention their reason for cancelation. It aims to make travel convenient for its customers by facilitating cancelations irrespective of their reason. 

Note: The carrier does not only provide for IndiGo flight cancellation, it also enables travelers to change their ticket, flight, and seat. To use this feature, you can log on to the main site of IndiGo. 

Methods To Cancel Flights On IndiGo Airlines 

Cancelations can be done at any time. Passengers can cancel their flights anytime for several reasons. In order to cater to these unforeseen requests, the airline extends different methods of cancelation. Some passengers might prefer conventional options to modern methods or vice versa. Hence, to meet the demands of various customers, the airline offers both online and offline options under the Go IndiGo flight ticket cancellation policy. With this cancelation policy, you are free to choose the method that you find the most suitable for your requirements and expertise. 

Given below are the two main ways to cancel IndiGo flights: 

  • By using the online site 
  • By using the customer care service 

The chatbot feature and the email option can also be used to request cancelations. Otherwise, the IndiGo Airlines mobile app is another plausible method to cancel your reservations. All of these options will be available 24 hours and seven days a week. 

Additionally, through these methods, you can not only cancel flights but also change reservations, upgrade your seat types, check in and print your boarding passes. 

Note: There is little to no difference in the execution of the IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy by either of these methods. Hence, the method of cancelation does not impact the success of ticket reversal. 

Method One: IndiGo Flight Ticket Cancellation Online via its Website 

The online IndiGo flight ticket cancellation is facilitated through the main website of this carrier. It is one of the easiest ways to make requests to the airline. Under this method, the passengers themselves carry out their cancelations. Hence, it is reliable as well. You can opt for this method for the reversal of long-distance flight tickets as well. 

You can cancel your IndiGo flights online by opening its main website, submitting your details in the Edit Booking section, and processing cancelations. The step by step procedure to avail of this feature is described below: 

  • Initially, log in to your web browser and search for the link “” This link will redirect you to the main webpage of the carrier. 
  • Upon reaching the website’s homepage, scroll down to the “Plan Your Travel” section. Here, you will be provided with a series of options. Click on the “View All” button and select the “Edit Booking” option. 
  • Now, on the left side of the Edit Booking page, you will be given a dropdown list of the items you can modify on your booking. From this list, select the “Cancelation” option. 
  • The Cancelation page of IndiGo will now be opened. Here, you will have to retrieve your booking. 
  • As per the IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy, you can retrieve your reservation either by using the PNR number or not using it. For ticket retrievals using the PNR number, enter the following details: 
  • PNR Number or Booking Reference 
  • Email or Last Name 
  • For ticket retrievals without using the PNR number, you will have to provide the following information: 
  • Registered Mobile Number  
  • Departure Date 
  • Arrival Airport 
  • Departure Destination 
  • After entering the above-mentioned details, continue by clicking on the “Get Itinerary” button highlighted in blue. 
  • Review your booking now and select the ticket that you wish to cancel. 
  • Select the Cancel Booking option and pay the amount required, if needed. 
  • You will get a confirmation email on your registered id. 

The cancelation procedure is more or less similar on the mobile app as well. You will have to provide your details in the same manner and request cancelations on the app. The mode of canceling the tickets depends on the convenience of the passengers. The airline has both desktops as well as mobile app versions for the smooth flight canceling process.

Note: Utilizing the IndiGo flight ticket cancellation online option at least a few days before the flight’s departure can be helpful. Cancelations at the very last moment can be troublesome due to the time constraint. 

Method Two: Cancelations Using The IndiGo Customer Care 

The most famous and the most widely used non-conventional method of cancelation is the use of customer care. Passengers can prefer this option in case of any cancelations at a short notice. The customer care agents offer complete assistance for the hassle-free processing of the Go IndiGo flight ticket cancellation. This offline method can also prove to be viable for those travelers who are not closely associated with technology or who are not willing to cancel their tickets via the online method.

You can connect with the airline’s officials by dialing any of the following numbers: 

  • The toll-free number for USA passengers- 1-844-297-3904

You can check the Contact Page of IndiGo Airlines for numbers pertaining to different regions or other ways to reach their customer care. 

Upon connecting with the officials of the airline, follow the given steps to request your cancelation: 

  • The agent will first ask you about the reason for your call. Mention that you want to cancel your flight. You may also mention the reason for canceling your flight for further clarification to the agent. 
  • Then, you will be required to provide information about the flight that you wish to cancel. This includes ticket number, reference code, passenger full name, PNR number, arrival, and departure dates. 
  • You will then be given the option to choose flight cancelation or flight change. Insist that you want to cancel your flight. 
  • The agent will analyze your ticket fare and let you know the conditions under the IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy. 
  • The officials will then initiate the cancelation process and it will be completed soon. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the cancelation is processed. 

Note: You can also simultaneously request an IndiGo cancellation refund while your flight is being canceled. 

In case of cancelations due to medical reasons, you may have to provide a medical certificate in support of your condition. However, this is not mandatory in all cases and cancelation can be completed without any legal proof. It is only a precautionary measure. 

Flight Cancellation Charges in IndiGo

When you decide to discontinue your flight, you may have to pay the IndiGo flight ticket cancellation charges. These charges mainly depend on the type of ticket you wish to cancel. The time at which passengers make their cancelation requests also plays a vital role in determining your fee. Additionally, service charges may be imposed upon connecting with the airline directly. 

Given below are the various amounts of fees, under the IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy, to be paid depending upon your ticket fare and time of request: 

  • For cancelations of international tickets at least 0-3 days before the official departure of the flight, the following charges apply: 
  • On Lite Fare, Regular Fare, and Return Fare tickets- around 6500 INR or USD 86.
  • On Flexi Plus tickets- around Rs.6500 or the airfare.

When there are 4 days or more left for cancelation, the fee will be reduced. It can drop to around INR 6000 for Lite and Regular tickets and INR 1000 for Flexi Plus tickets. 

  • For all cancelations on domestic tickets before 0-3 days from departure, the following IndiGo cancellation charges apply: 
  • On all ticket fares (Lite, Regular, Flexi, and Return) – around INR 3500 or USD 46

On domestic cancelations before 4 days or more, the charges are reduced to INR 3000 for LIte, Regular, and Return fare, and INR 500 for Flexi Plus fare. 

Free Ticket Cancelation 

You can avail of free cancelations on IndiGo Airlines provided that your ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking. Ticket reversals without any flight cancellation charges in IndiGo will be possible if your flight is scheduled 7 days from the date of cancelation. You can claim a full refund on such tickets and avoid the payment of the cancelation fee. 

IndiGo Ticket Cancellation Refund Policy 

As per the IndiGo Air ticket cancellation refund policy, the airline provides refunds upon your cancelation. However, it is important to note that only the tickets deemed refundable can be refunded. You will not be able to claim refunds on tickets that are non-refundable. Your class type will decide if your ticket is refundable and it can be found on the carrier’s official site. 

To request a refund upon cancelation, follow the steps mentioned here: 

  • Open the main site of IndiGo Airlines at its official link. 
  • Go to the “Edit Booking” section and choose the refund option from the list of tabs. 
  • Retrieve your booking by providing necessary details about the PNR number, passenger name, and Booking Reference. 
  • Select the Request Refund option to claim a refund. Confirm your flight credentials. 
  • As per the IndiGo cancellation and refund policy, your amount will be processed within 7-10 business days in the form of payment you prefer. 

Note: You can also check the status of your refund by clicking on the “Refund Status” option on the online site. Enter the details of the ticket which has been canceled and check the status. 

Compensation For Flights Canceled By IndiGo 

Owing to various reasons, the flights might sometimes get canceled by the airline itself. In other cases, they may get delayed due to weather problems or other technicalities. Some of the main causes for IndiGo flight cancellation and delays by the airline are highlighted below: 

  • Rains, storms, and cloudy weather 
  • Breakdown of the aircraft 
  • Faulty or damaged tires 
  • Issues with luggage 
  • Delays at connecting airports 
  • Technical issues 
  • Passenger overload 

When flights get canceled due to the reasons mentioned above or due to any other emergency, you will be entitled to some compensation. The airline usually provides a compensatory amount of INR 20,000 when the flights get canceled. If your flight is delayed for 2 hours or more, the airline will fully refund your amount or book you an alternative flight. The same is for the case of preponed flights. 

Note: You can seek more information about compensation for delay and IndiGo cancellation refund at the airport help desk. 

IndiGo Airlines aims to offer convenience and comfort to its customers. For this purpose, it has formulated an inclusive and efficient IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy. It also allows free cancelations to suit the customers’ needs. This airline gives 24-hour assistance in case of cancelations and changes. Thus, it is an extremely beneficial and useful feature, especially for frequent flyers and long-distance travelers.

Indigo Flight Cancellation and Refund policy FAQs

Some of the common Indigo Airlines Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy FAQs:-

How to cancel an IndiGo domestic flight ticket online?

The process to cancel your domestic tickets with IndiGo is similar to that of international flights. You can simply visit the webpage of the airline and enter the required details. You may then use the IndiGo flight cancellation feature to cancel your tickets online. The payment of the cancellation  fee can be made through the online mode itself.

Why do IndiGo flights get canceled?

cancellations on the part of the airline can be due to various reasons. The main cause of the cancellation  can be unsuitable flying conditions due to bad weather, hailstorms, heavy rains, and snow. Sometimes, faulty aircraft, technical difficulties, and delays can also result in flight cancellations. Luggage issues may be one of the reasons as well.

How to cancel my Indigo flight for free?

To be free from the payment of IndiGo flight ticket cancellation charges, you can go for the 24-hour policy. But if you reverse your reservation within 24 hours of its booking, you will not have to pay any amount. Thus, you can use this risk-free period to avail of free cancellations

Can I cancel my IndiGo flight ticket?

Yes, the IndiGo Airlines flight cancellation policy allows the canceling of your tickets. You cannot only cancel but also modify and upgrade your tickets. Tickets directly booked with this carrier can be eligible for cancellations and changes. Both online and offline methods of cancellation  of flights can be utilized for this purpose.

How can I get a refund with my flight ticket cancellation  on IndiGo?

You can claim a refund on canceled tickets of IndiGo. The amount of refund depends on the original fare of your reserved ticket. Usually, you will be refunded the balance after deducting the cancellation  charges from the fares. To get full refunds of your tickets, you will have to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking.

How can I cancel my IndiGo flight ticket?

If you wish to discontinue your trip, you can cancel your flights. For this, you can opt for IndiGo flight cancellation online or connect with the customer care. You will have to open the carrier’s official site and find the Edit Booking option. Retrieve your reservation by entering the necessary details and proceed with the cancellation  of your ticket.

How to cancel an IndiGo flight ticket online?

For the online cancellation of your IndiGo ticket, open the main site of the airline. Go to the ‘Plan Your Travel’ section and select the ‘Edit Booking’ option. Here, select the ‘cancellation ‘ tab. Now, submit your flight information to view your reservation. Click on the ‘Get Itinerary’ button and select the ticket you want to cancel. Follow the on-screen directions and complete the cancellation  procedure.

How to get a refund for canceled flights on IndiGo?

Upon the confirmation of your flight cancellation , you will have to make a claim for a refund. For this, open the official link of the airline. Provide your PNR number and passenger name in the Edit Booking section. Then, select the Request Refund option and claim a refund. Your amount will be transferred to you in about 7-10 business days.

What are IndiGo cancellation charges?

If you fail to cancel your booking within the risk-free period of 24 hours, you have to pay the IndiGo cancellation  charges. These charges vary with the time of request and the nature of the flight. For domestic flights, they usually start at INR 3500. In the case of international flights, they start at INR 6500.

How do I know if my flight is refundable?

Under the Refund section of the website, you can find complete information about the eligibility of your refund. Hence, you can check this section while booking your ticket. This will allow you to know if your reservation is refundable or non-refundable. It will also determine the extent to which you can claim a refund.

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I’m not so tech-savvy. But I had to cancel my ticket at a rather odd hour. Then I didn’t feel like connecting on call. So, I preferred doing it online. The website was easy to navigate. But the steps here on how to cancel a indigo flight ticket online made it all the more easy for me to go about the process. The entire process took me around 45 minutes.

Martin D.
8 months ago

The page finely mentions how to cancel indigo domestic flight tickets online. But it would have been better to know the best time to cancel them. I know that online cancellations via the website can be done at any time. But what is it with indigo? I had to do the whole process thrice. Because every time in the mid of it, the site would either hang or start working too slowly. I think this is probably because of the traffic issues but the problem must be fixed by the airline.

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