Is Sun Country Airlines Safe? 

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Sun Country is a famous low-cost carrier. Sun Country is headquartered in the US state of Minnesota. This airline serves about 94 regions and has around 120 itineraries. Before deciding to fly with this carrier, many passengers seek to know Is Sun Country Airlines Safe and whether all the regulations are followed. Hence, it is important to know the safety record of the airline. 

Why is Sun Country a Safe Airline?

Though Sun Country is an ultra lost cost carrier, it does not compromise when it comes to safety. It undertakes regular safety and security checks and also follows the necessary guidelines. 

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  • This carrier is recognized by official Aviation agencies like IATA and FAA. 
  • It has not been through any major accidents in recent years. 
  • Cleanliness and neatness are maintained on all its aircraft. 
  • Pilot and staff training is properly ensured. 
  • Testing aircraft before letting them fly is mandatory. 

How Safe is the Sun Country Airlines Fleet?

Sun Country airline currently uses the Boeing 737 Aircraft for all its operations. Different models of this plane are used to suit different itineraries. The safety of the fleet is taken care of by making sure that they are tested and properly cleaned from time to time. 

  • The Boeing 737-700 can carry 138 passengers and is used for all charter flight operations. 
  • The Boeing 737-800 has a capacity of 186 and is listed under VIP configuration. 
  • For the danger-free transport of cargo, Boeing 737-800 BCF is used. 
  • Each part of the aircraft is thoroughly checked before taking off. 
  • The seats, overhead bins, and restrooms are cleaned after each trip. 
  • According to the Sun Country baggage policy, weight limitations apply to carry-on and checked bags.

These airplanes are designed to handle their said capacity and hence eliminate the risk of overloading. 

What are Sun Country Airlines Reviews for Safety?

Given its impressive record, Sun Country Airlines reviews for safety are quite high. However, this airline is seen to be a little behind when it comes to customer service. Steps are being implemented by the airline to set a more customer-friendly approach. 

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  • This carrier has been given a 3-star rating by most sites and passengers. 
  • It received the 2023 World Airline Awards for the Best Low-Cost Carrier by SKYTRAX. 
  • The staff has left behind a good rating in terms of the working environment. 

These reviews include the overall reliability of the airline along with its safety practices. 

How is Sun Country Airlines Safety Record?

Looking at the Sun Country operations, its safety record can be said to be up to the mark. But, a few accidents have also left behind a mark on this record. These incidents are a wake-up call to the airline to implement new protocols. 

  • The Boeing 737 operating from Las Vegas to Saint Paul in February 2022 faced an unsafe gear indication. 
  • When flying from Portland to Fort Worth in 2020, the Boeing 737 suffered a hydraulic failure. 
  • In 2013, the B737 between Washington and Lansing faced issues with its wings while landing. 
  • However, there has never been any loss of life due to these accidents.
  • Any small chance of danger, Sun Country cancels flights to protect its passengers.

Hence, Sun Country Airlines safety records show no fatalities during the course of their operations. 

Is Sun Country Safe to Fly to the US? 

Sun Country has several destination points in the US like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami etc. When flying to these regions in the US, different measures are followed to make sure the passengers reach safely. 

  • The rules given by the FAA are thoroughly implemented. 
  • Special regulations as required under the “ US entry requirements” are adhered to. 
  • Items restricted by the US government will be prohibited as check-in or carry-on. 
  • Under the airline’s pet policy, certain breeds are not allowed to travel as per the safety regulations given by the US. 
  • Before departing to the US, it is made sure that the engine is tested. 
  • Other specific guidelines exclusively applicable to US travel are properly followed as well. 

Overall, Sun Country puts all efforts to make US-traveling flights safe and comfortable. 

What are Sun Country Airlines Safety Measures In-Flight?

In-flight measures play the most important role in the maintenance of all safety principles. The handling of the flight operations within the aircraft depends on the cabin crew and the pilot. 

  • Only a trained and skilled crew is appointed by the carrier. 
  • Before take-off, the crew depicts all the safety practices to be followed in case of accidents. 
  • Any kind of issue while on board can be reported to the in-flight staff. 
  • The staff seeks to maintain cleanliness inside the flight at all times during the journey. 
  • In case of any in-flight medical emergencies, quick guidance will be provided by the crew. 
  • The in-flight crew and pilot stay in constant touch to monitor the flight’s flying condition. 
  • Assistance relating to seatbelts, luggage, or snacks is offered to the passengers. 
  • The aircraft will be equipped with safety jackets, oxygen masks, and vests. 
  • Animals traveling on board will also be under check by the cabin crew. 
  • In case of turbulence, immediate instructions will be given to the passengers. 

Is Sun Country Safe to Fly During Covid-19?

The recent pandemic has caused great havoc all over. In order to maintain the safety of the passengers and the staff during these times, the airline has implemented a few measures. However, irrespective of these conditions, it is risky to travel during a health crisis. 

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  • The carrier made it mandatory for the airline staff and passengers to wear masks. 
  • Only those who are tested negative will be allowed to fly. 
  • Passengers with any signs or symptoms of Covid will not be allowed to travel. 
  • The aircraft is sanitized regularly to make it safer for the customers. 
  • Contactless payment options are to be used for buying on-board snacks. 
  • Medical reports of old-age passengers and those with a sickness history are checked. 
  • The neatness of seats and lavatories is prioritized. 

Is Sun Country Safe and Certified?

Sun Country is certified under the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and IATA (International Air Transport Association). 

  • These international agencies act as a supervising authority for the airline. 
  • Only the fleet tested by these authorities will operate. 
  • IATA gives the regulations for pet travel for this airline. 
  • Pilots and staff will be tested by the FAA. 
  • Penalties will be charged if any of the FAA guidelines are violated. 

Sun Country is a certified airline whose safety is a major priority under these agencies. 

Sun Country Airlines tries to operate all its flights with utmost precision. It considers safety to be both reliability and cleanliness. Hence, it seeks to ensure the smooth functioning of its proceedings and provide passengers with the utmost care and convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sun Country Airlines safe?

Sun Country is a safe low-cost carrier undertaking operations on different itineraries.

How is Sun Country Airlines safety record?

Sun Country has a clean record with no fatal accidents so far.

How good is Sun Country safety record?

Sun Country has only gone through minor incidents and not any major accidents.

Is Sun Country a safe airline?

Sun Country is one of the safest carriers that offers both cleanliness and comfort.

How safe is Sun Country Airlines?

It is quite safe as its accident record is known to be clean.

Is Sun Country safe?

This airline comes under the list of safe low-cost carriers.

How is Sun Country Airlines safe?

Due to its systematic operations and passenger reviews, it is said to be a safe carrier.

Are Sun Country Airlines safe?

Sun Country airline duly follows all the safety protocols and maintains a constant check on its operations.

Is it safe to fly Sun Country Airlines?

There is little scope for accidents when flying with Sun Country.

Is Sun Country safe to fly?

Sun Country implements the safety regulations to the best of its efforts to make it danger-free to fly.

Sun Country Airlines is it safe?

Safety, security, and reliability are immensely prioritized by the airline on all its routes.

How to know if Sun Country safe?

The passenger and staff reviews can be checked to know how safe Sun Country is.

What is Sun Country Airlines review?

Sun Country has received a 3-star rating in terms of its safety.

What is Sun Country Airlines’ history of major accidents or incidents?

Sun Country has not met with any major accidents resulting in the death of onboard fliers.

What are the safety standards that Sun Country Airlines adheres to?

The safety guidelines given by FAA, entry requirements, and in-flight measures are all adhered to by Sun Country.

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