How to speak to someone at EgyptAir?

How to speak to someone at EgyptAir for help

While traveling with EgyptAir, travelers often ask: how to connect with someone at EgyptAir? However, you can directly connect with EgyptAir customer services representatives by calling +1-877-799-1495 without being on hold. The communication channels are simple, they can connect with the airline customer service via provided phone numbers. Additionally, Egypt provides email addresses where travelers can share their concerns with the professionals. Whether they require help with flight bookings or need to make a special request, EgyptAir has a team of professionals to help.

When connecting via call or email, travelers can seek detailed information about flight schedules and services. EgyptAir’s committed and professional team is always at travelers’ service. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various communication channels available at EgyptAir. From 24/7 customer support to online assistance, we will detail each method to ensure that you can connect with EgyptAir in the most convenient way possible.

How to Speak to Someone at EgyptAir?

EgyptAir offers a range of accessible contact options to suit every customer’s needs. Whether they prefer speaking directly to a representative, sending an email, or seeking assistance online, EgyptAir ensures that flyers have various channels to reach out. These options are designed to provide prompt responses, resolving inquiries and concerns with the utmost attention and care.

  • 24/7 Customer Services: For continuous support, EgyptAir customer service is available around the clock.
  • Phone Number: For immediate assistance, dial EgyptAir customer service or +1-877-799-1495 from anywhere around the globe.
  • Online Connection: Connect with EgyptAir through their official website or email.
  • Email for Specific Queries: Use dedicated email addresses for particular concerns like web booking support or payment issues.

EgyptAir 24/7 Customer Services

No matter when flyers need assistance, EgyptAir’s customer service team is always available. The EgyptAir call center operates 24/7 to address flyers’ queries irrespective of the time. They can reach out to them at any hour for support on a wide array of issues. To connect with this round-the-clock service, one can dial their dedicated phone number or send an email. Both of these are promptly attended to by their skilled and trained customer care representatives.

What is the EgyptAir Phone Number?

EgyptAir has offered specific phone numbers to cater to both domestic and international inquiries. It ensures that the concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. Here’s how flyers can use the numbers:

  • EgyptAir’s Phone Number is: 0900 70000 1717
  • This number is available 24/7 to assist flyers.
    • When to Use:
      • Booking domestic and international flights.
      • Inquiries about flight schedules and status.
      • Managing existing reservations.
      • Special requests for domestic flights.
      • Resolve EgyptAir baggage allowance queries.
      • Assistance with baggage and travel policies.

How to contact EgyptAir Internationally?

EgyptAir provides specialized contact options for foreign affairs, ensuring that international travelers can easily access the assistance they need. Some of the key details for connecting EgyptAir from outside Egypt are given below:

To communicate internationally, the office address is:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Corniche El Nil, Maspero
  • This address is crucial for in-person queries or formal communications related to international travel with EgyptAir.

EgyptAir’s Email address to contact outside Egypt is

  • For those who prefer digital communication, this email address offers a direct line to EGYPTAIR’s foreign affairs department. 
  • Queries about international policies, flight bookings, or any travel-related concerns, are resolved by the team via email assistance.

The Operational hours of the foreign affairs office:

  • Sunday to Thursday, from 09:00 A.M. to – 03:00 P.M.

How to connect with EgyptAir online?

Connecting with EgyptAir online is a straightforward and easy process. The airline offers various email addresses and online forms to address specific needs. Here’s how you can utilize these online services:

Email for Booking-Related Requests

For queries related to EgyptAir bookings and cancellations, the flyer can reach out via EgyptAir customer service email:

  • Seat Assignment: To select or change your seat for a comfortable journey.
  • Special Request: For any specific needs or accommodations during the flight.
  • Make Change in Reservation: If the travel plans change and flyers need to modify their booking.
  • Browser Problem: If flyers are facing technical issues while accessing the website.

Payment Support Email

If travelers encounter problems during the payment process, EGYPTAIR has a dedicated support email. The EgyptAir email address for payment-related issues is Specifically, it is used for addressing issues related to payments during online bookings or transactions.

Online Refund Request

EGYPTAIR provides an easy-to-use online refund request form on its official website. This online form simplifies the process of requesting a refund for tickets purchased online.

  • Steps to Fill the Form:
    • Go to the Website’s Home Page.
    • Find and click on ‘Contact Us’ at the beginning of the page.
    • Select the ‘Online Refund’ option.
    • Then, open the ‘Online Refund Form’.
    • Fill out the required details for the refund request.

“We Care” Form

EgyptAir shows its commitment to customer service through the “We Care” form.

This form can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page of  EgyptAir’s official website. The “We Care” form allows flyers to easily share their queries, concerns, or feedback directly with the airline.

Can I connect with EgyptAir from the USA?

Yes, For those in the USA looking to connect with EgyptAir, there are dedicated contact details for major cities like Washington and New York. These contacts ensure that travelers can easily get in touch with EgyptAir for any assistance or inquiries they might have.

EgyptAir contact details for Washington, D.C.

  • Office address: 1730 Rhode Island Avenue NW Suite 1015, Washington DC 20036
  • Airport Office location: Washington Dulles International Airport – IAD Suite 630
  • EgyptAir airport office phone number is +1 703 572 8770. 
  • EgyptAir customer service phone number (USA)
    • 202-903-0940
    • 202-640-1875
    • 202-788-2737
  • Email addresses:

EgyptAir phone number and email for New York, USA 

  • Office Address: 90 Broad Street – Suite 501, New York, NY 10004 USA
    Reservation Office Phone Number:
    • +1 212 581 5600
  • Email to connect with EgyptAir reservation office: NEWYORK_TO@EGYPTAIRNYC.COM and
  • Airport Office phone number: 212-315-0900
  • The fax number for Reservation: +1 212 586 6599
  • EgyptAir New York Office operational hours:
    • 09:00 A.M.– 05:00 P.M., Monday to Friday

In summary, EgyptAir provides a wide range of convenient and accessible contact options for customers worldwide. 24/7 customer service and specific email addresses for various needs are provided. Moreover, EgyptAir offers direct contact details in major US cities. These communication channels ensure that customers can easily connect with the airline to resolve travel queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to speak to someone at EgyptAir?

EgyptAir hotline number 0900 70000 1717 can be used to contact EgyptAir.

How to speak to someone at EgyptAir online?

To speak to someone at EgyptAir online, use the email address for booking-related queries.

What is the phone number for EgyptAir?

The phone number for EgyptAir is 0900 70000 1717.

Does EgyptAir customer service provide a chat option?

Currently, the chat facility is not available to connect with EgyptAir Customer service.

How to speak to someone at Egyptair International?

To speak to someone at EgyptAir International, use the email

How do I contact EgyptAir 24/7?

To contact EgyptAir 24/7, dial their customer service number, which is available around the clock.

Is there any EgyptAir customer service USA phone number?

Yes, EgyptAir customer service USA phone numbers include 202-903-0940 (Washington D.C.) and +1 212 581 5600 (New York).

How to speak to someone at EgyptAir from the USA?

To speak to someone at EgyptAir from the USA, use the Washington or New York reservation office phone numbers.

What is the EgyptAir customer service email?

The EgyptAir customer service email for general inquiries is

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