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Airplanes have evolved into a trendy mode of transportation with a higher capacity for carrying people. The biggest airplanes are used in military missions and for airlifting many passengers. They take travelers to various areas around the cosmos in a short amount of time. Not only do they quickly reach but also allow a larger aircraft’s capacity to transport extra cargo and passengers.

Stratolaunch and Airbus Beluga are among the biggest aircraft in the world. Along with their sheer size, their capacity, and weight are their highlights. To know more about these huge aircraft, you can read here. In addition to these, we will talk about other aircraft as well. 

Here, we have included the top ten biggest aircraft in the world. Their names can be checked below:

What are the 10 Biggest Aircraft in the World?

Antonov An-225 Mriya, Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender, etc., are among the biggest airplanes on earth. Their bodies are large and can fit many people as well as cargo. Their size enables them to incorporate several engines and other such features.

To brief you more about such 10 airplanes in the world, we have provided more information below.

Antonov An-225 Mriya

Antonov An-225 Mriya was recorded as one of the biggest airplanes in 2023. Antonov Design Bureau created this vital cargo load plane. With a total lift capacity of 710 tonnes, the An-225 is the largest aircraft ever constructed. 

Now, let us have a look at some of the unique features of the Antonov An-225 Mriya. It boasts the 290-foot wingspan of any airplane currently in the air. If we talk about its engines, a total of six turbofan engines launch this powerful plane. It maintains the world record for a transportable finish load of 253,820 kg.

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Being included in the top 10 best aircraft in the world, Stratolaunch has the largest wingspan. It is said that this wingspan is the largest in the entire aviation industry. With a total passenger load of 226,796 kilograms, this airplane is developed by Paul Allen, the Co-Founder of Microsoft Office.

Stratolaunch has the highest passenger capacity of 1,300,000 pounds and is designed to carry a payload of 550,000 pounds. For maximum speed, Stratolaunch is propelled by six Pratt & Whitney PW4056 engines.

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is among the biggest aircraft used by the US military. It is equipped with a cargo capacity of over 135 tonnes, making it on the list of the largest airplanes. In May 2017, Air Force stated that the giant airliner would be reactivated.

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy can transport two M1 Abrams tanks, 16 Humvees, three Black Hawk helicopters, and a range of many other vehicles. It can travel up to 7,000 miles without refueling. This also makes it the longest-range combat airlift at a global level. Additionally, it is used by the Air Force when it needs to carry a large amount of cargo at a time.

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Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

Now, let us talk about the giant cargo plane with an overall broad body. Aero Spacelines Super Guppy is used to transport heavy cargo components. This airplane is amongst the largest aircraft on earth to have carried a whole Saturn V spacecraft’s third stage. It can take an immense cargo load of 23,800 kilograms.

According to the US space agency, Guppy’s large size is ideal for delivering spaceships and rocket components. NASA has a love for Super Guppy as it is a supersonic cargo plane flying at a speed of 480 km/h and is well-shaped for cargo delivery.

Airbus A380-800

Airbus A380 is manufactured by Airbus. It is a wide-body airplane. European Airbus developed this massive 14-engine aircraft in 1988. It was initially known as Airbus A380 but was later renamed Airbus A-360. Airbus A380 is the European version of the Boeing 747 and A380-800 is the world’s biggest passenger plane.

When it comes to its characteristics, the Airbus 360 can hold up to 555 passengers at a time. It can carry 320000 liters of gasoline and has a wingspan of 79.75 meters. It is considered in the top ten airplanes, and countries such as France, Germany, and Spain are proud of this airliner.

Boeing 747-8

Now, coming to the next on our list of biggest airplanes in the world is Boeing 747-8. This aircraft is known as the “Queen of Skies” it is globally the biggest and tallest twin-engine passenger airplane. Boeing 747-8 is a commercial airliner built in the United States. If a single arrangement is used, then 700 passengers may be accommodated in this aircraft. In comparison, 600 seats are supplied in a double-class arrangement. 

Boeing 747-8 has a travel speed of 14,816 kilometers. It will be replaced by the brand-new Boeing 777X which is set to start its services in 2022. Each of Boeing 777-9’s wings is reported to be the world’s biggest single reinforced structure.

Antonov An-124

Antonov Design Bureau has created yet another magnificent aircraft that is among the top ten aeroplanes in the world. The Russian Air Force operates An-124 Ruslan which is the world’s biggest combat aircraft. Aside from the solitary An-225, An-124 was the world’s biggest and heaviest freight aircraft for over 30 years after its debut in 1984. 

An-124 can transport even more than what C-5 Galaxy can. Also, it comes with a claimed payload capacity of 165 tonnes albeit its range is not as lengthy. An-124 is a Soviet engineering accomplishment that continues to fly and transport duties for Russia.

Tupolev Tu-160

Talking about the most powerful, supersonic, and combat aircraft ever built, Tupolev Tu-160 should be a part of your knowledge. Its airframe is also the most enormous variable-geometry swing-wing aircraft in the world. It had a wing extent of 183 feet and a landing weight of 606,271 pounds.

Tu-160, a Soviet-designed aircraft, first flew in 1981 and established 44 world records. It was the final bomber that the Soviet Union ever constructed. These reasons make this aircraft to be known as the largest aircraft on earth.

Airbus Beluga

Airbus Beluga has been created by Airbus and is now in use among Airbus Transport International. Airbus Super Transporter is another name for the Airbus Beluga. This aircraft has been included in the top 10 best aeroplanes in the world due to its wing span being 44.84 meters long. In addition to this, it has an 86.5-ton payload and a fuel capacity of roughly 35000 liters. They transport the bulk of the plane as well as its large and heavy cargo. It cost around 183 million euros to construct it. The engines, wings, gearboxes, and various other components of this plane are comparable to those found in Airbus A300. 

McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender

The last one on our list of the biggest aircraft in the world is the McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender. The United States Air Force and Royal Netherlands Air Force flew this aircraft for the first time on July 12, 1980. It is the world’s largest tanker airplane in terms of fuel capacity. The plane can carry a vast quantity of fuel, around 52,250 gallons, due to its 164-foot wingspan.

KC-10 has some unique properties, such as three primary wing tanks for jet fuel and substantial fuel tanks beneath the cargo floor. It can be operated with a crew of 75 people and 73 tonnes of cargo or with an all-freight configuration of 85 tonnes of cargo. It measures 55.35 meters in total and 50.41 meters in wingspan. Additionally, it has a fuel capacity of almost 1,60,000 gallons which is sufficient for an excellent long trip.

The Bottom Line

From Stratolaunch and Airbus Beluga to Boeing 747-8 and Tupolev Tu-160, we discussed most planes that are really big. As you read in this blog, their size is massive enough to fit in tonnes of load. Being so huge in size, they come with huge wings and several engines. With these attributes, they not only remain big but also fly with speed.

In this reading, we discussed the planes with the biggest sizes. Along with these, we have also found the fastest ones. Click here to read about the fastest commercial planes in the world. We will be coming up with more such blogs to improve your knowledge of airplanes and the aviation industry. Keep reading with us.

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