Top 10 World’s Fastest Commercial Planes

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You may know that bigger is better. The bigger the plane appears to be, the better it can be to fit most passengers in. However, apart from the size, speed is also an additional factor when flying in an airplane. In the world of air travel, speed has always been a priority. Everyone would want to fly on the fastest commercial planes to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

With the fastest airplanes, it takes very little time to reach the toughest continents. However, during initial times, passengers paid extra costs to get to their travel places on time. Now, things have changed a lot during these times. Looking at the current scenario, there are many fastest passenger planes in the world that will not cost you much and land you at your favorite spot on time. 

Here we have shown the top 10 commercial airplanes with the fastest speed. From Tupolev TU 144 to Boom Supersonic, we will be telling you about most of the planes in this category.

What is the fastest commercial plane in the world?

There is not one but multiple fastest passenger aircraft to facilitate various travelers flying from all over the world. These planes are categorized on the basis of their speed, supersonic property, powerful engines, changing series, and much more.

Tupolev TU 144 and Aérospatiale Concorde are two significant airplanes that have the highest passenger plane speed. Along with these two, we will also discuss some other fastest planes ahead in this blog.

Tupolev Tu 144

Tu-144 was the fastest passenger plane in the world. It was also the commercial supersonic transport in 1982. At an average operational elevation of 16,000 meters, Tu-144 flew 102 scheduled aircraft. You would be surprised to know that it traveled at a speed of about 2,200 kilometers per hour or 1,400 mph. Tu-144 continued in service as a freight plane until 1983. After this, it served as a business jet for the Soviet Space Program and NASA till 1999.

Aérospatiale Concorde

Many of you would not have heard of or seen the legendary Aérospatiale Concorde, known for its distinctive flying wing design. Between 1976 to 2003, the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde was a Britain turbojet-powered superfast passenger aircraft. This commercial had a 2,180 airplane speed in km/h, which was more than twice the speed of sound. It could accommodate 92 to 128 passengers in its seating configuration.

Passengers had to pay a hefty amount to fly on this commercial jet. The tickets ranged up to be 30 times more expensive than a standard flight, making them exclusively accessible to the wealthiest travelers.

Boeing 777

Boeing 777 is the nation’s biggest twinjet with a peak speed of 745 miles per hour. It had a typical cruising speed of 554 miles per hour. It is highly successful as well as the fastest passenger jet with 1642 planes scheduled by October 2020. 

Another surprising feature of this aircraft is that it features a ten-abreast seating configuration. Along with this, it is capable of a standard three-class capacity of 301 to 368 people. Fly-by-wire controls were introduced for the first time on this Boeing.

Convair 990

The Convair 990 Coronado is a multiple-engine narrow-body jet aircraft from the United States. It was an extended variant of the company’s previous Convair 880. This speedy aircraft was built to respond to American Airlines’ demand. 

Convair was so confident in the projected 990 models that it promised American Airlines the aircraft’s peak performance before it was built. It had a capacity of 22,500 feet during its descent in 1961. At the height of 22,000 feet, this airplane’s top speed was 675 miles per hour.

Dassault Falcon

Coming to the next fastest aircraft is the Dassault Falcon Aircraft. Dassault Aviation manufactures the Dassault Falcon line of business aircraft for a long time. In 1963 and 2017, it developed two distinct fastest commercial planes. With roughly 1,230 pilots in 90 countries, the service has generated 17.8 million hours of flying time. 

Not many people would have known that three jet engines were used in powering this airliner. It was formerly a pretty regular occurrence on second-generation planes. However, its new Falcon 7X type was hailed as one of the world’s fastest planes in the Dassault Aviation Industry.

Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier Aviation created and built the Bombardier Global Express. It is a wide-cabin business jet with a capacity of 11,100 kilometers. Due to its flexible wing construction, this aircraft provided a smooth ride amidst turbulence. 

It has a faster cruising speed as well as a better interior layout and illumination. What makes this aircraft different from others is that it can carry 12-16 flyers in three cabin parts and has a passenger jet speed of 950 km/h.

Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a broad-wheelbase plane produced by Airbus. It was Singapore Airlines first flew this aircraft in 2007. It is the world’s most extended airline in the world. The colossal A380 is still an incredible sight and has an appealing structure.

Most people believe it is unbelievable that a jet of this size can take off with so much elegance. This aircraft came with a speed of passenger flight of 1,185 km/h. This aircraft’s twin deck can handle over 800 travelers at once and has been doing the same for so many years. 

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Let us now look at another of Boeing’s fastest planes the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Boeing 787 Dreamliner is again an American jet airliner constructed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was built of a carbon-fiber hybrid airframe. The 787 is designed to handle long-distance commercial aircraft with greater efficiency.

By GEnx or Trent 1000 turbo-turbofan motors, the Dreamliner 787 can deliver its high cruises and fastest speeds. There are noise-reducing reflectors on its wingtips to reduce unnecessary noise in the aircraft. It has also been equipped with raked wings to enhance fuel efficiency. This plane runs at a speed of about 954km/h.

Cessna Citation X

Another fastest jet plane on our list is Cessna Citation X. The Cessna Citation X is a business jet manufactured by Cessna and a member of the Citation series of aircraft. The international plane speed for this aircraft was 1,127 km/h. 

Additionally, this plane can accommodate up to 9 passengers at a time. Citation X is equipped with two Rolls-Royce AE 3007C or AE 3007C1 engines that provide maximum performance while in flight.

Boom Supersonic

Last on our list of fastest commercial planes in the world is the Boom Supersonic. Boom Supersonic is an American firm that is developing the world’s fastest airplane, capable of reaching speeds of 1,800 km/h. The aircraft, dubbed the Boom Overture, will have a range of 7,870 kilometers and be introduced in 2030.

This airplane will have a seating capacity of 65-88 people and will be a one-third-scale technology demonstrator. Unlike the Concorde, it aims to make supersonic travel accessible to everyone and not just the wealthy.


So, this was a detailed list of the fastest commercial planes in the world. People in a hurry or who need to access jet planes for their travel can use them. We hope we made your travel plans better by giving you the information on these commercial aircraft.

Have you ever heard about any other such aircraft?  If yes, then kindly share your experiences with us. We will be glad to listen to them. You can share your past travel experiences in the comment section below.

Here, you got to know about the fastest commercial planes. In addition to these, you will be surprised to learn about the biggest airplanes in the world. Tap here to learn about them now.

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