Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy
Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy

The Iberia Airlines’ baggage policy has been created to inform passengers of its standard rules. These rules are related to carrying limited luggage onboard. Carrying only limited baggage will make the passengers’ travel plan safe and secured. This policy additionally focuses on how many checked bags the flyers can carry with them. It also describes the fees charged for taking these checked bags.

Iberia Airlines Baggage Allowance for Carrying Checked Items

To get the items checked, a passenger needs to pack them according to the size and weight restrictions of Iberia Airlines. These restrictions of the baggage are based on the itinerary and the cabin class through/on which the flyers travel. Once the items are checked, they can be carried inside the Iberia Airlines flights. 

Iberia baggage allowance policy for checked items is inclusive of the following rules:

  • Baggage weighing more than 32 kilograms may not be carried on this airline.
  • Passengers with luggage carrying more than 23 kilograms, although less than 32 kilograms, can be charged an additional cost per item.
  • The Iberia Airlines checked baggage policy allows every piece of your bag to have a maximum dimension of 158 centimeters.
  • When measuring the luggage, be sure to consider the handles, sections, compartments, and wheels.
  • You must label your goods inside and outside of the luggage once they have been checked.
  • This label should include your personal details, as suggested by the Iberia Airlines checked baggage allowance policy.

Note: The checked baggage allowance at Iberia is categorized for short and long-haul routes. The allowance of these bags varies according to the class of the travel.

Look at the chart below to find the number of bags approved as per the cabin class:

Cabin ClassNumber of Bags
Economy Basic Class0
Economy Optimal Class1
Economy Flexible Class1
Business Class2
Business Plus Class3
Business Club Class3

Iberia Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin baggage allowance refers to taking hand luggage on Iberia Airlines. This operator may have a very strict cabin or hand baggage allowance for its flyers. The cabin baggage policy of this operator allows the dimensions of 40 x 30 x 15 cm. Based on these dimensions, travelers can take any personal items with the main baggage. 

Note: The standard examples of personal baggage include a laptop bag, small backpack, a purse, etc. Iberia Airlines baggage allowance for Europe, U.S., Africa, and other countries is the same. 

The rules that apply for carrying cabin baggage on Iberia Airlines are as follows:

  • Iberia Airlines baggage policy for Economy passengers allows them to carry a maximum weight of 10 kilograms.
  • For Business Class passengers, this operator can permit 14 kilograms of bags inside its cabin.

Iberia Airlines Excess Baggage Policy

The Iberia Airlines’ baggage policy can charge some additional fees on carrying bags more than the number allowed. The excess baggage fees are charged on the basis of the route traveled and the number of bags carried. 

Tip: To know the exact Iberia Airlines extra baggage fees of your route, you can utilize the calculator tool of the airline. This tool carries the exact information on your flight date, class of travel, fare purchased, and the baggage time allotment purchase. Then you can add how many pieces you want to carry. Afterward, run the tool to know about the accurate baggage fees.

To find about how much Iberia Airlines excess baggage fees are charged to its travelers, see the table displayed below: 

RouteCabin ClassFare TypeOnline Price (in Dollars)Price at the Airport (in Dollars)
Boston – MadridEconomyBasic – 1st Bag5560
Basic – 2+ Bags170200
Basic Plus- 1st Bag85100
Basic  Plus- 2+ Bags170200
Premium Economy/Business ClassAll fare types170200
Los Angeles – MadridEconomyBasic Plus 1st Bag85100
Basic Plus 2+ Bags170200
Premium Economy/Business ClassAll fares170200
Los Angeles – AthensEconomyBasic 1st Bag85100
Basic Plus 2+ Bags170200
Premium Economy/Business ClassAll fares170200

Iberia Airlines Baggage Fees for Carrying Overweight Items

Overweight baggage is considered to have more than the required or allocated bag weight. When it comes to carrying overweight items, Iberia Airlines staff can be stringent. The staff of this airline checks the overall weight and size of the bags carried by a passenger. Travelers need to be careful and weigh their luggage as per the dimensions approved. The dimensions falling between the range of 33-40 kilograms fall under the overweight baggage weight.

On carrying heavy items onboard, Iberia Airlines’ overweight baggage fees have to be paid by travelers. Look at the charges described below for bringing overweight bags in the cabin of this operator:

RoutesCabin ClassOverweight/Oversized Fees (in Dollars)
U.S.A/Mexico/CanadaEconomy & Premium Economy Class100
Business ClassFree
Asia/Latin America/South AfricaEconomy & Premium Economy110
Business ClassFree
Domestic Europe/North America/The Middle EastEconomy & Premium Economy66

Allowed Items at Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines is well-known for keeping the safety of its passengers. Ensuring the safety of the flyers, the Iberia Airlines carry-on baggage policy accepts only certain items to be taken on the aircraft. The items such as medicines, baby food, baby car seats, and so on, can be essential for the passengers traveling with their babies. Along with these, some additional items, potentially safe, can also be transported with the visitors as the Iberia Airlines carry-on baggage allowance.

Here is the list describing what items can be brought with the flyers of this Spanish Airline:

  • Reading materials
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptop
  • Power banks
  • Chargers
  • Strollers
  • Purses
  • Backpack
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Clothes
  • Binoculars
  • Wheelchair
  • Assistive devices

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy for Liquids

Iberia Airlines permits customers to bring liquids inside its cabin. These liquids must be in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 mL, following the Iberia Airlines baggage allowance for international and domestic flights. The containers must be enclosed in a clear plastic bag with a bonding clasp or zip fastener. Water, syrups, beverages, stews, mouthwash, hair gel, body lotion, fragrances, creams, mascara, and anything else with a comparable consistency can be transported inside the Iberia flights. 

Note: To facilitate the security staff’s examination, all of the above-mentioned things must be placed loosely within a plastic bag. At the security checkpoints, you will need to present these bags separately from your hand luggage. 

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy for Pets Onboard

Pets can travel with passengers on Iberia flights. For transporting pets in the cabin, certain documents are needed for verification purposes. Documents such as veterinary passports have to be submitted at the airport to know the vaccination status of the pets. When you do not have any extra checked bags, you can transport your pet as hand luggage. This pet must be seated with you under the seat. 

Some other rules also apply to carrying furry pets, according to the Iberia Airlines hand baggage policy. These are: 

  • Concerning visits to European Union Member States, the legislation on the carriage of pets among European Union Member Countries stipulates that animals must be carried using a pet passport that indicates the following:
  • A microchip or a plainly visible mark has been used to identify the pet.
  • The animal has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • Pets must have a certification of all the vaccines given to them.

Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy for Carrying Infants

Iberia understands what traveling with a baby entails. This is why it has specific ground rules that must be adhered to. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of both passengers and employees. The basic rule that a newborn cannot travel before the period of two days is critical for both the infant’s health and the safety of the passenger accompanying it. It also has other restrictions for taking newborns onboard, in addition to this rule. 

The following are the guidelines stated by the Iberia baggage policy for infants:

  • A baby cannot occupy its seat when traveling with an adult.
  • Infants, more than 2 years of age, have to buy their own ticket.
  • You can pay the child fare when you do not own a baby carrier or a car seat, as suggested in the Iberia Airlines baggage allowance for Business Class.
  • When your baby turns 2 during the conclusion of the trip, it must buy a ticket that includes a child fee for the whole voyage. 
  • On Iberia intercontinental flights, cribs are provided for infants who are under 8 months old and weigh less than 11 kg. 
  • The quantity of these cots available on each Iberia flight is minimal, and not all infants will be able to use one. 
  • The airline advises that carry-cots be reserved ahead of time.

Sports and Musical Instruments Accepted by Iberia Airlines

Sports and musical instruments can be taken with Iberia Airlines as a part of checked baggage. For transporting checked sports and musical items, these rules shall apply:

  • The sports and musical instruments must not exceed more than 23 kilograms on Iberia aircraft.
  • When you are flying long-distance, you may check your sports equipment for free as included in the checked baggage allowance.
  • Large sports and musical equipment, such as pole vaults, canoes, guitars, and violins, may not be permitted on Iberia. They may have to be shipped via IAG Cargo.

The following are the musical and sports items approved by Iberia Airlines baggage Economy and Business Class baggage allowance:

Ski equipmentGolf equipmentNon-motorized bicyclesBowling equipment
Windsurfing boardsBodyboardsSurfboardsSkateboards
Scuba diving equipmentHang glidersParaglidersTabla
DrumsPianoCell bassDrumsticks

Note: All the above-mentioned items can be passed through the checkpoint of Iberia Airlines. Hence, carrying them onboard is considered safe on the journey.

Prohibited Items at Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines takes care of passengers in terms of safety. From a safety point of view, carrying some items is regarded as prohibited. These prohibited items can create problems for some flyers as they can be dangerous. 

The items that are approved in the Iberia Airlines baggage policy are: 

  • Firearms
  • Guns
  • Stunning devices
  • Sharp objects
  • Tools
  • Blunt instruments
  • Explosives
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Gas cylinders
  • Lithium batteries
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Corrosives
  • Radioactive substances
  • Toxic materials
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Inflammable solids
  • Reagents
  • Chemicals

Note: Carrying the above-listed items may cause delay or cancelation of your journey. It is recommended not to travel with such items in your luggage.

The rules of the Iberia baggage policy may be simple or strict, based on the views of the passengers. They have to be followed to fly smoothly to destinations.

Now when you have read about this airline, you might also be interested to know about the baggage policies of other air carriers. If you have plans on flying to China, reading Xiamen Airlines’ baggage policy can be great for your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Iberia Airlines Business Class baggage allowance?

Business Class travelers of Iberia can carry 3 bags on international and domestic routes. Iberia Airlines baggage allowance permits the Business Class flyers to bring 32 kilograms of weight. For adding more bags, the passengers can pay extra fees to the airline.

How many bags are allowed at Iberia Airlines hand baggage allowance?

Visitors can take only one bag under the Iberia Airlines hand baggage policy. The maximum weight of the bag must not cross 7 kilograms. The bag must be locked to carry the items safely inside the flights of this air carrier.

How much are Iberia Airlines overweight baggage fees?

The baggage fees of Iberia Airlines for overweight items vary as per the route. For the U.S. routes, the Economy and Premium Economy passengers have to pay $100. For Business Class passengers, the baggage fees of $110 are applicable.

Is the Iberia Airlines lost and found baggage policy reliable?

Yes, Iberia Airlines lost and found baggage policy can be reliable. When your luggage is lost on board, you can contact the airline for your item and it can guide you better for the issue. Passengers who traveled with the airline have given some good reviews about its lost and found policy. These reviews suggest that this service of the airline can be reliable.

Can I bring a backpack and a carry-on on Iberia Airlines?

Yes, you can bring both, a carry-on plus a backpack on Iberia Airlines. Following the Iberia Airlines carry-on baggage allowance, upon taking two or three baggage pieces, the flyers can also include one bag of carry-on items.

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