Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines is a major carrier of Panama that provides international air services to over 30 countries. It is headquartered in the city and has emerged as the flag carrier of Panama. Its center hub is located at Tocumen International Airport. This airline is one of the most popular members of Star Alliance. As one of the biggest airlines, it has many subsidiaries including Copa Airlines Colombia.

As an emerging airline, Copa has made its baggage policy relatively simple for easy accessibility to its customers. Baggage indicates the items carried by the passengers while flying. Knowledge about the different types of baggage can also be essential and can be attained with the policy. Hence, understanding the Copa Airlines baggage policy can, in a way, help travelers in efficiently planning their trips.

Hand Baggage Allowance Baggage Allowed under Copa Baggage Policy

To make travel comfortable for the flyers, the Copa baggage policy allows various types of luggage for international flights. Passengers can carry any type of baggage as long as they comply with the luggage regulations.

Given below are such different categories for which Copa Airlines baggage allowance can be sought:

  • Luggage in the Hold: This is also known as the checked baggage. It refers to the luggage that is carried by the airline itself in the hold of the aircraft. This baggage is not accessible to the passengers on the flight. Hold luggage must be checked in with the departure airline and may later be collected at the arrival airport. The Copa Airlines checked baggage policy determines certain restrictions on the weight of the allowed bag. It may be mandatory for the flyers to follow these rules to ensure safe travel.
  • Hand Baggage: It is also referred to as carry-on baggage or cabin baggage. As the name suggests, this is that baggage that can be brought on board by the passengers. Travelers can have access to it in the cabin. Usually, the carry-on items are stowed in the overhead bins and the storage space given under the flyer’s seat. As per the Copa Airlines hand luggage allowance, all items agreeing with the baggage regulations can be carried by the flyers in their cabin. However, certain restrictions can be imposed on specific types of goods.
  • Infant Luggage: Copa Airlines international flight baggage policy allows provisions for easy travel for parents with babies. Certain special allocations can be given to facilitate comfortable journeys with infants. Parents can be allowed to carry child-care items.

Hence, the luggage policy of this airline can take into account various circumstances of different types of travelers and try to cater to their needs.

Apart from these basic types of baggage, the Copa Air baggage policy also accommodates the following:

  • Traveling with Pets: Pets are usually considered hand luggage. Passengers of Copa can travel with their pets in the cabin if all the necessary conditions are complied with. The charges to travel with them can start at $25 for domestic flights and $125 for international flights. However, the policy concerning traveling with pets might change depending on the travel destinations, as some countries restrict entry.
  • Flying with Sports Equipment & Musical Instruments: With the Copa baggage policy, international flights can allow flying with specific sporting and musical equipment. The sporting articles allowed are divided into small and large equipment. Under the former, items relating to archery, bowling, golf, camping gear, and paintball can be allowed. For the latter, allowance can be given to bikes, paddles, kayaks, and pole vaults that can be carried in the cargo. Further, musical instruments like ukuleles, flutes, and clarinets can be allowed. These may be classified as hand or checked baggage as per their dimensions.

Note: When you are flying with more than one airline on your trip, the rules for the baggage policy may change. Thus, along with the Copa Airlines baggage policy, the other carrier’s policy should also be checked.

Hand Baggage Allowance Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Policy (Luggage in Hold)

The luggage carried as checked baggage should meet certain conditions. These are mentioned under the Copa Airlines checked-in baggage allowance. The size, weight, and fee structure of the same are explained here:

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Weight Limit

  • The maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • Passengers of the Economy class can carry one bag of 23 kg while Business class passengers can get 2 bags within the given limit.
  • The weight limit for the Business class in international flights is 32 kg or 70 pounds.

Copa Airlines Checked Luggage Size Limit

  • The size limit, that is the sum of length, width, and height is 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • For the transport of bags falling within the range of 159-294 cm or 63-115 inches, oversize costs may apply.

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

  • The first bag complying with the weight and size limits can be transported without any costs.
  • Fees for the carriage of the second bag can be $45.
  • The prices from the third bag onwards can be around $175.

Note: Excess or additional baggage fee for pieces exceeding the weight limit can start from around $40 under the Copa baggage policy.

Hand Baggage Allowance Copa Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

The carry-on luggage of Copa Airlines can be one personal item and a standard bag. This baggage can include items like laptops, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, or instant food. These articles might only be allowed if they can easily fit in the cabin space provided. The conditions for weight, size, as well as fees to be paid are:

Copa Carry-on Weight Conditions

  • For the carry-on standard bag, the weight limit is 10 kg or 22 pounds.
  • The weight limit for the personal bag may not have been mentioned by Copa but it should fit under the passenger’s front seat.

Copa Airlines Hand Luggage Size Conditions

  • The personal bag should not exceed the dimensions 17109 inches or 583522 cm in terms of length*width*height.
  • The size limit of the external dimensions of the standard bag is 221410 inches or 563626 cm.

Copa Airlines Baggage Fees for Hand Luggage

  • The personal and standard bag can be carried for free if it meets the required conditions.
  • When you want to carry items with sizes more than the limit, the extra fee may start from USD 40 depending on the destination.

Note: Copa Airlines oversize baggage charges can be applied on carry-on items exceeding 46 linear inches or 118 cm.

Hand Baggage Allowance Infant Luggage Policy

Special importance can be given to infant travel under the Copa Airlines international flight baggage policy. Babies between the age of 1-23 months can avail of its benefits. The items that can be carried under this policy include:

  • Diaper bags
  • Car seats
  • Foldable strollers
  • Disposable bags
  • Changing stations

The ticket fares for the travel of infants are as follows:

  • On domestic flights, no extra charges are levied for the boarding of infants.
  • For international flights, the price can be 10% of the adult flight ticket when the infant can travel in the lap.
  • If a separate seat is reserved for the baby, then the usual ticket fair price can be charged after the deduction of the discount for children.
  • Infants can also travel in strollers or high chairs provided that these items do not exceed the dimensions mentioned under the Copa Airlines carry-on baggage policy.

Note: Baggage for the infants traveling in a seat can be checked as per the conditions of the regular Copa Airlines checked baggage policy. This feature may aid in the carriage of extra baggage without additional costs.

Hand Baggage Allowance Copa Airlines Baggage Guidelines for Missing/Delayed Baggage

Sometimes the delivery of baggage by the airline might get delayed for various unavoidable reasons. It may also get misplaced or go missing. In such situations, the Copa Airlines baggage policy can act in the best interest of the customer and ensure a safe return.

The guidelines to be followed in such mishaps are as given:

  • A claim can be filed with the airline’s official site in case of damaged, delayed, or missing baggage. For this:
    • You can visit the link “”.
    • Then go to the “Booking Details” section.
    • Give the necessary details as asked.
  • Travelers awaiting their baggage can also seek information from the “Reservation Center” at the airport.
  • Under the Copa Airlines lost baggage policy, if the delay in delivery exceeds 24 hours, passengers can lodge a complaint with the airline. This has to be seven days within deboarding the flight.
  • Damaged luggage can be reported to the “Baggage Services Office” at the arrival airport. A quick inspection may be carried out by the airport authorities and the necessary compensation can be given by the airline.

Note: The responsibility of the safety of the carry-on baggage rests with the passengers. Hence, passengers need to stay alert and cautious onboard with regard to the same.

Copa, being one of the biggest airlines with its network extending to different nations, aims to improve the quality of the journey. The Copa Airlines baggage policy can ensure smooth and safe travel. Under it, accommodation can be provided to different types of passengers with different baggage needs. This can help in easy accessibility to the customers. It is also important for travelers to follow the conditions mentioned in this policy. In doing so, customers can enjoy one of the best flying experiences.

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