Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

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Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

As an emerging airline, Copa has made its baggage policy relatively simple for easy accessibility to its customers. Understanding the Copa Airlines baggage policy can, in a way, help travelers efficiently plan their trips. Baggage indicates the items carried by the passengers while flying. Knowledge about the different types of baggage can also be essential and can be attained with the policy. In addition, how much luggage to carry is specified in it.

Copa Airlines International Baggage Policy 

The Copa Airlines baggage policy for international flyers has been designed to give rules regarding allowance. It is more accommodating in comparison to the domestic baggage allowance. Extra luggage allowed on international flights is also more. Additionally, the provision to carry sports equipment is greatly liberal on these flights. 

Copa Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy 

On a domestic flight, Copa Airlines baggage allowance is less. This is especially so for bags that are either oversized or overweight. Accordingly, a minimal fee is charged. More restrictions may apply on the transport of sporting items, musical instruments, and liquids on international flights. 

Rules of Copa Baggage Allowance Policy

To make sure that all the fliers enjoy a safe journey, this airline has given certain rules regarding baggage. Knowing this Copa baggage information will help to steer away from any trouble during check-in. You should follow these rules and adhere to the general principles given by the airline. This will prove to be convenient for both the passenger and the airline authorities. 

Given below are the main general baggage rules and regulations given by this airline. 

  • The allowance of checked and carry-on luggage varies depending on your destination, class of service, and date of travel. 
  • Passengers will not be permitted to transfer their baggage allowance to others. 
  • The Copa baggage fees will include taxes as levied by the origin country. 
  • Excess or overweight baggage will only be accepted if there is enough space on the airplane. This extra baggage will be subject to additional charges. 
  • Specific and potentially dangerous items will only be accepted by the airline upon a signed declaration. This will be given by the concerned authorities. 
  • When your itinerary involves connecting airports, you will have to check in your luggage for the second time at the connecting airport. 

Note: For more general information about the Copa Airlines baggage allowance policy, you can contact the carrier by reaching out to its agents. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Weight International Limit

The Copa Airlines maximum baggage weight depends on your class fare and your status as a ConnectMiles Prefer member. The members of this club will be entitled to certain additional benefits. However, all the passengers, irrespective of their ticket fare, are obliged to obey the set weight limits. Any baggage going over any limits will be charged an extra fee. Also, sometimes it may not be accepted at all by the airline. 

Given below are the weight limits of the checked baggage as per the different classes of service: 

Membership Status Basic Fare (Economy) Class Fare (Economy) Full Fare (Economy) Promo Fare (Business) Full Fare (Business) 
Regular Passengers 23 kg or 50 lbs 23 kg or 50 lbs23 kg or 50 lbs32 kg or 70 lbs 32 kg or 70 lbs 
ConnectMiles Silver Members 23 kg or 50 lbs23 kg or 50 lbs23 kg or 50 lbs32 kg or 70 lbs 32 kg or 70 lbs 

Note: As per the Copa Airlines baggage rules, the standard weight limit for both domestic and international flights is the same. However, there is a difference in the amount of the fee charged for bags. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Fees

The fees for your checked luggage vary on the nature of your flight, that is, whether international or domestic. Usually, the Copa baggage fees for international flights are more than that of domestic ones. This charge can also depend on your membership status and whether your ticket is a regular one or the award type. 

In this regard, all the details of international baggage for regular passengers are as follows: 

Fare1st Bag 2nd Bag 3, 4, and 5 Bags
Basic USD 35 USD 50 USD 180 
Classic Cost-free USD 50 USD 180
Full Cost-free cost-freeUSD 180
PromoCost-freecost-free USD 180 

The international baggage fees for ConnectMiles Silver members are shown below: 

Fare1st Bag2nd Bag3. 4, and 5 Bags
BasicCost-freeUSD 50 USD 180 
Classiccost-freecost-freeUSD 180
Fullcost-freecost-freeUSD 180
Promocost-freecost-freeUSD 180

The Copa Air checked baggage fees for domestic passengers with regular tickets are given here: 

Fare1st Bag2nd Bag3. 4, and 5 Bags
BasicUSD 25USD 45USD 45
Classiccost-freeUSD 45 USD 45 
Fullcost-freecost-freeUSD 45 
Promocost-freecost-freeUSD 45 

For domestic fliers with ConnectMiles Silver membership, the baggage charges are: 

Fare1st Bag2nd Bag3. 4, and 5 Bags
Basiccost-freeUSD 45 USD 45 
Classiccost-freecost-freeUSD 45 
Fullcost-freecost-freeUSD 45 
Promocost-freecost-freeUSD 45 

Note: These fees can get modified with time. Hence, you can check the airline’s official site for recent changes regarding baggage fees. 

Types of Baggage Allowed as Copa Baggage Policy

To make travel comfortable for flyers, the Copa baggage policy allows various types of luggage for international flights. Passengers can carry any type of bag as long as they comply with the regulations. 

Given below are such different categories for which Copa Airlines baggage allowance can be sought:

  • Luggage in the Hold: This is also known as checked baggage. It refers to the luggage that is carried by airline itself in the hold of the aircraft. It can be used once collected at the destination airport. The Copa Airlines checked baggage policy determines certain restrictions on the weight of the allowed bag. It may be mandatory for the flyers to follow these rules to ensure safe travel. 
  • Hand Baggage: It is also referred to as carry-on or cabin baggage. As the name suggests, this is the baggage that can be brought on board by the passengers. Travelers can have access to it in the cabin. Usually, the carry-on items are stowed in the overhead bins. The storage space is given under the flier’s seat. As per the Copa Airlines hand luggage allowance, all items agreeing with the regulations can be carried by the flyers in their cabins. But certain restrictions can be imposed on specific types of goods. 

Hence, the luggage policy of this airline can take into account various circumstances of different types of travelers. It also tries to cater to their needs. 

Note: When you are flying with more than one airline on your trip, the rules for luggage policy may change. Thus, along with the Copa Airlines baggage policy, the other carrier’s rules should also be checked.

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Policy (Luggage in Hold)

The luggage carried as checked possessions should meet certain conditions. These are mentioned under the Copa Airlines checked-in baggage allowance. The size, weight, and fee structure of the same are explained here: 

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Weight Limit: 

  • The maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds or 23 kg. 
  • Passengers of Economy Class can carry one bag of 23 kg. Business class passengers can get 2 bags within the given limit. 
  • The weight limit for Business Class on international flights is 32 kg or 70 pounds

Copa Airlines Checked Luggage Size: 

  • The size limit, that is the sum of length, width, and height is 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • For the transport of bags falling within the range of 159-294 cm or 63-115 inches, oversize costs may apply. 

Copa Airlines Checked Baggage Fees: 

  • The first bag complying with the weight and size limits can be transported without any costs. 
  • Fees for the carriage of the second bag can be $45. 
  • Prices from the third bag onwards can be around $175. 

Note: Excess or additional fees for pieces exceeding the weight limit can start from around $40, which indicates the Copa airlines baggage policy. 

Inside Copa Airlines Checked Baggage

Along with basic items like clothes, food, and electronics, the Copa Airlines check-in baggage allowance permits passengers to transport special items too. These can include sporting or musical instruments. Strict rules apply to the transport of these articles. 

Sports Equipment in Copa Air Checked Baggage 

With the Copa baggage policy, international flights can allow flying with specific sporting items. The articles allowed are divided into small and large equipment. Under the former, a fee of USD 180 is charged. If these items are found to be overweight, then a fee of USD 180 is asked for. 

The following equipment comes under the small category: 

  • Tennis equipment 
  • Parachuting items
  • Paintball articles
  • Golf kit
  • Camping tools
  • Fishing equipment
  • Archery kit
  • Bowling items

In the large sports equipment category, the Copa Airlines baggage weight limit is 45 kgs or 100 lbs. These items cannot be more than 115 inches or 294 linear centimeters in size. In order to transport them, you will have to pay a fee of USD 150. 

This list highlights the articles that come under the large sports equipment category: 

  • Windsurfing gear
  • Ski equipment
  • Surfing items
  • Paddle Boarding tools
  • Pole Vaulting kit
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Kitesurfing equipment
  • Bicycles 
  • Diving items

Note: Each of the pieces of equipment mentioned above has its weight and size restrictions. This information can be found on the website of the carrier. 

Musical Instruments as Copa Air-Checked Luggage

Based on the weight and size of your musical instruments, they can be allowed as either carry-on or checked baggage. For the checked category, these instruments must not weigh more than 23 kgs. Also, they need to be within 62 inches or 158 cm. The Copa Airlines check-in baggage allowance rules require them to be carefully packed in hard cases. Any damages to instruments packed in soft cases will not be under the liability of the carrier. 

The musical items given here are allowed as checked luggage: 

  • Keyboard 
  • Drum set cymbals 
  • French horn 
  • Trombone 

Note: Copa Airline extra baggage fee will apply to instruments exceeding the size and weight limits. 

Copa Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

The carry-on luggage of Copa Airlines can be one personal item or a standard bag. This can include items like laptops, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, or instant food. These articles might only be allowed if they can easily fit in the cabin space provided. The conditions for weight, size, as well as the fees to be paid, are 

Copa Carry-on Weight Conditions:   

  • For the carry-on standard bag, the weight limit is 10 kg or 22 pounds.
  • The weight limit for the personal bag may not have been mentioned by Copa but it should fit under the passenger’s front seat. 

Copa Airlines Hand Luggage Size Conditions: 

  • Your personal bag should not exceed the dimensions 17*10*9 inches or 58*35*22 cm in terms of length*width*height.
  • The size limit of the external dimensions of the standard bag is 22*14*10 inches or 56*36*26 cm. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Fees for Hand Luggage :

  • The personal and standard bag can be carried for free if it meets the required conditions. 
  • When you want to carry items with sizes more than the limit, the applicable extra fee may start from USD 40 depending on the destination. 

Note: Copa Airlines oversize baggage charges can be applied on carry-on items exceeding 46 linear inches or 118 cm.

Items Allowed Under Copa Air Carry-on Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines carry-on baggage allowance facilitates the passengers to carry a variety of items. They can be brought on board and used by travelers during the flight. The following items will be allowed as carry-ons on this airline: 

  • Video game consoles
  • Laptop bags 
  • Briefcases 
  • Backpacks 
  • Purses 
  • Handbags 
  • Ready-made food 
  • Items bought at the airport 
  • Headphones 
  • Tablets 
  • Safety Pins 
  • Shoes 
  • Accessories 
  • Coats and jackets 
  • Diaper bags 

Note: All these items mentioned above will only be allowed by the airline when they are within the carry-on baggage weight and size restrictions. 

Assistive Devices in Copa Air Carry-on Baggage 

To cater to passengers with special needs the Copa baggage allowance policy accepts assistive devices to be brought on board. Usually, no extra fees are charged for the transport of these items. The list of such devices that can be carried by passengers is given below: 

  • Portable respirator 
  • Wheelchair 
  • Wheelchair batteries 
  • Crutches 
  • Walking cane 
  • Walker 
  • Any orthopedic aid 

Note: No special permission is required for the transport of these devices. Moreover, there is generally no specific weight limit for them. For more detailed information, you can directly visit the TSA website. 

Liquids Under Copa Airlines Carry-on Luggage 

Passengers can bring liquids in their carry-on luggage as well. However, they must obey the Copa baggage weight limits. Furthermore, only certain harmless liquids will be accepted by this carrier. The following restrictions apply to the transport of liquids in your carry-on luggage: 

  • All the liquids must be carried in safe containers not exceeding 3.4 oz or 100 milliliters. Any container bigger than 100 ml will not be accepted even if the liquid is not filled to the top. 
  • As per the Copa Airlines baggage rules, these containers must be cautiously sealed in plastic bags with zipping lock protection. 
  • This zipper bag should not be more than one quartz in size. 
  • Liquids like juice, breast milk, insulin, or medication will be allowed. 

Musical Instruments Allowed as Copa Carry-on Baggage 

As mentioned earlier, based on the size, some musical instruments are allowed in carry-on luggage. To be carried as a personal item, these items should be within 36 inches or 90 cm. To be taken as carry-ons, they should meet the Copa Airlines carry-on baggage size limit of 46 inches or 118 cm. 

The following musical instruments will be allowed as hand luggage: 

  • Clarinet 
  • Transverse Flute 
  • Ukulele
  • Trumpet 
  • Saxophone 
  • Bass Guitar
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Guitar 

Note: Should these instruments be carried in soft cases, then this airline will not be responsible in case of damages. 

Items Prohibited by Copa Airlines

Different types of passengers travel on an airplane. To safeguard all these passengers, the airline prohibits them from carrying certain items. They can be prohibited as both checked and Copa Airlines hand baggage allowance. With reference to this, some of the restricted articles are as follows: 

  • Corrosive products 
  • Steel weapons 
  • Firearms 
  • Ammunition 
  • Sprays
  • Powders 
  • Medications 
  • Liquid nitrogen 
  • Alcohol bottles 
  • Lighters 
  • Matches 
  • Knee defenders 
  • Inflatable items 
  • Insulated packages 
  • Gas cylinders 
  • Dry ice 
  • Electronic cigarettes 
  • Camping stoves 
  • Blood samples and organs 
  • Batteries 

Note: The airline will have full authority to suspend your reservation provided that any of these items are found in your baggage. 

Copa Airlines Excess Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines excess baggage refers to overweight and oversized items. When you want to carry these additional items, you will have to pay the additional charges accordingly. Any object that goes over the standard limit of weight and size restrictions is considered excess. 

Given below are the rules regarding the Copa overweight and oversized luggage allowance: 

Copa Airlines Overweight Baggage Rules:

Checked luggage exceeding 23 kgs on the standard fare comes under overweight baggage. The fees for this depend on the excess over the allowed weight as follows: 

  • For bringing bags in the weight range of 23 kgs-32 kgs or 51 lbs-70 lbs, you will have to pay the Copa Airlines excess baggage fees. The amount can be USD 100 per bag. 
  • To check-in bags in the weight range of 33 kgs to 45 kgs or 71 to 100 lbs, you will be subjected to pay USD 200/piece. 

Copa Airlines Oversize Baggage Rules:

Copa Airlines oversize baggage consists of all luggage that exceeds 62 cm. For this, you will have to pay a fee of USD 150. This applies to every oversize bag if it measures between 63 inches and 115 inches or 159 cm and 294 cm. 

Note: The airline will reject any items that exceed the limitations given for oversized and overweight allowance. In such a case, you will either have to reduce the weight of your luggage or leave the extra bags behind. 

Infant Luggage Policy

It is helpful to learn that the Copa Airlines international flight baggage policy allows provisions for easy travel for parents with babies. Certain special allocations can be given to facilitate comfortable journeys with infants. Parents can be allowed to carry child-care items too. 

Special importance can be given to infant travel, with reference to the Copa Airlines international flight baggage policy. Babies between the age of 1-23 months can avail themselves of its benefits. 

The items that can be carried as per this policy include: 

  • Diaper bags
  • Car seats 
  • Foldable strollers 
  • Disposable bags 
  • Changing stations 

The ticket fares for the travel of infants are as follows: 

  • On domestic flights, no extra charges are levied for the boarding of infants. 
  • For international flights, the price can be 10% of the adult flight ticket when the infant can travel in the lap. 
  • If a separate seat is reserved for the baby, then the usual ticket fair price can be charged after the deduction of the discount. 
  • Infants can also travel in strollers or high chairs. This is possible when these items do not exceed the dimensions mentioned in the Copa Airlines carry-on baggage policy. 

Note: The bags for the infants traveling in a seat can be checked as per the conditions of the regular Copa Airlines checked baggage policy. This feature may aid in the carriage of extra items without additional costs. 

Traveling with Pets on Copa Airlines

Pets are usually considered hand luggage. Passengers of Copa can travel with their pets in the cabin given that all the necessary conditions are complied with. The charges to travel with them can start at $25 for domestic flights. The amount is nearly $125 when flying internationally. However, the policy concerning traveling with pets might change. This will depend on the travel destinations as some countries restrict entry. 

How to Add Bags on Copa Airlines? 

This airline’s baggage allowance policy facilitates prepaid payment for your checked items. In other words, it allows its fliers to add bags to their reservations in advance. You can do so through the online website of the carrier, as is hinted at by the Copa baggage allowance policy. It can be done either at the time of booking or during the web-check in process. But it is best to add your bags at the time of web check-in to avoid any hassle. 

In this regard, the detailed procedure for adding bags during web check-in is described below: 

  • Go to the official site of this carrier by keying in the address “”. 
  • On the home page, scroll down a little to find a panel of tabs. 
  • From this panel, go to the “Web Check-in” section. 
  • Upon clicking on this tab, a dialogue box will be prompted. Here, you will have to enter your details like the last name exactly as it appears on your reservation. Also, submit your reservation number. 
  • Next, click on the web check-in option given to the right. 
  • You can now follow the on-screen instructions to add the required number of bags as per the Copa baggage weight limit. 
  • Make the payment of the required baggage fees. 
  • After your bags are successfully added, you can print the boarding pass. 

It is to note that this feature is not available for adding Copa Airlines oversize baggage or overweight luggage. Also, you can get a discount if you add your bags online rather than at the airport. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Guidelines for Missing/Delayed Baggage

Sometimes the delivery of baggage by the airline might get delayed for various unavoidable reasons. It may also get misplaced or go missing. In such situations, the Copa Airlines baggage policy can act in the best interest of the customer and ensure a safe return. 

The guidelines to be followed in such mishaps are as given: 

  • A claim can be filed with the airline’s website site in case of damaged, delayed, or missing baggage. For this:
    • You can visit the website of “”. 
    • Then go to the “Booking Details” section. 
    • Give the necessary details as asked. 
  • Travelers awaiting their baggage can also seek information from the “Reservation Center” at the airport. 
  • In accordance with the Copa Airlines lost baggage policy, when the delay in delivery exceeds 24 hours, passengers can lodge a complaint. This has to be seven days after deboarding the flight. 
  • Damaged luggage can be reported to the “Baggage Services Office” at the arrival airport. A quick inspection may be carried out by the airport authorities. Then the necessary compensation can be given by the airline.  

Note: The responsibility for the safety of the carry-on baggage rests with the passengers. Hence, they need to stay alert and cautious onboard with regard to the same. 

Copa Airlines Missing/Lost/Delayed Baggage Compensation

This airline tries to always deliver your luggage on time. It also puts immense effort to avoid damage to your items. But, in unfortunate circumstances, your baggage might go missing or undergo damage. In such cases, this airline provides Copa Airlines with delayed baggage compensation. 

The compensation is provided in accordance with the extent of the damage. The value of goods delayed is converted into monetary terms. Then the compensation is offered. This carrier covers all out-of-pocket expenses. You can receive this compensation either in the form of cash or as travel certificates. To know the exact amount of compensation, you will have to visit the authorized site of the carrier. 

Bottom Line 

Copa, being one of the biggest airlines with its network extending to different nations, aims to improve the quality of every journey. To accomplish this, the Copa Airlines baggage policy can ensure smooth and safe travel. Under it, accommodation can be provided to different types of passengers with distinctive baggage needs. This can help in easy accessibility to the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give 2 bags in checked baggage to Copa airlines?

It’s depending on the fare class and route. Passengers may be able to check up to 2 bags for free in certain fare classes, while other fare classes may charge a fee for the second checked bag.

Is carry-on free with Copa airlines flight?

Copa Airlines allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free on their flights, subject to size and weight restrictions.

What size is a carry-on bag on a Copa airlines flight?

The maximum carry-on size for Copa Airlines is 46 linear inches (115 cm).

How early can I check my baggage at Copa Airlines?

Passengers can typically check in 4 hours in advance of an international flight and 6 hours before a domestic flight.

How much baggage is allowed on Copa Airlines?

The maximum baggage allowed for Economy class passengers is a weight of 10 kg (22 lbs).

What is Copa Airlines policy on checked baggage allowance?

Copa Airlines’ policy on checked baggage allowance depends on various factors such as destination, ticket type, and frequent flyer status, and therefore can vary between passengers. Passengers are advised to check their baggage allowance when booking their flight.

What are the Time Limits for Checking Baggage on Copa Airlines?

For domestic flights, Copa Airlines recommends checking in baggage at least 90 minutes before departure, and for international flights, at least 120 minutes before departure to allow sufficient time for processing and loading onto the aircraft.

What are the Excess Baggage Rules of Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines’ excess baggage rules and fees depend on various factors such as destination, ticket type, and frequent flyer status, and can vary between passengers. Passengers are advised to check with the airline for specific details on excess baggage.

Does Copa Airlines give free checked bags?

Copa Airlines’ checked baggage policy varies depending on factors such as destination, ticket type, and frequent flyer status, which may include free checked baggage for some passengers.

Can I check a bag with Copa basic economy?

Yes, passengers with Copa basic economy tickets can check a bag, but they may be subject to additional fees depending on the destination and frequent flyer status.

Can you check more than 2 bags on Copa airlines?

Yes, passengers on Copa Airlines can check more than two bags, but charges may apply for additional bags.

Can I pay for my baggage with cash on Copa airlines?

Yes, passengers can pay for their baggage with cash at some Copa Airlines airport ticket counters, but this may depend on the airport and local currency availability. However, it is recommended to pay with a credit or debit card to avoid any inconvenience.

How much weight can I take on an international flight on Copa airlines?

The weight limit for international flights on Copa Airlines varies depending on the destination, ticket type, and frequent flyer status, but generally ranges from 23 kg (50 lbs) to 32 kg (70 lbs) per checked bag.

How strict is Copa Airlines with carry-on size?

Copa Airlines is generally strict with carry-on size and weight limits and may require passengers to check their bags if they exceed the limits.

Does Copa airlines include baggage?

Copa Airlines baggage policy varies depending on various factors such as destination, ticket type, and frequent flyer status, which may include free checked baggage allowance for some passengers.

How to Add Bags on Copa Airlines?

Passengers can add bags on Copa Airlines during the booking process online, through the reservations call center, or by visiting a ticket office or check-in counter at the airport.

How much does Copa Airlines charge for baggage?

The Copa baggage fees depend on your destination, class of service, and your membership status as a ConnectMiles member. On international flights, this fee begins at USD 35 and goes up to USD 180 for regular passengers. For domestic travelers, this fee can range between USD 25 and USD 45 for Basic tickets. 

How many baggages are allowed on Copa Airlines?

As per the Copa baggage allowance policy, passengers can carry checked, carry-on, and excess luggage. For the checked baggage category, you will be allowed to carry a maximum of 5 bags. In the case of carry-ons, you can bring one personal item and one carry-on item. Excess luggage depends on the amount of extra weight you wish to carry. 

How to buy extra baggage on Copa Airlines? 

To buy extra baggage, that is overweight or oversized, you will have to contact the agents of Copa. They will explain to you the procedure for buying additional bags. Follow the process that they tell you and pay the Copa Airlines extra baggage fee. You can then check in this baggage online or at the airport before boarding.

What is baggage allowance for Copa Airlines? 

The Copa Airlines check-in baggage allowance is 23 kgs for basic fare and 32 kgs for Promo fare. You can also buy additional bags. For carry-on luggage, the allowance is 10 kgs. Other than this, you can also carry sports items, musical instruments, special items, and infant baggage, as is indicated by the luggage allowance policy.  

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