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Abu Dhabi Airport is a popular airport located in the heart of the capital city of UAE. It is the fastest-developing aviation ground and the second-largest airport in the UAE. This airport serves 30 airlines and travels across 120 destinations globally. It comprises three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Abu Dhabi International Airport code is AUH. This IATA code (Abu Dhabi Airport Code) is based on the name of the capital city Abu Dhabi. AUH is situated at a height of 27 meters above sea level.

Below is the extensive guide on terminals and the airlines operating from AUH airport to lay the course of travel for the passengers and ensure a convenient experience. 

General Info of Abu Dhabi International Airport

Here is the overview of the Abu Dhabi Airport – 

AirportAbu Dhabi International Airport 
Abu Dhabi Airport CodeAUH
Owner/OperatorAbu Dhabi Airports Company
Opened2 January 1982
AUH Hub forAir Arabia Abu Dhabi
Etihad Airways
Etihad Cargo
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Abu Dhabi Airport AddressAbu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Abu dhabi Airport CoordinatesLAT / LON 39°50’38″N / -89°-40′-40″W
Distance from Abu Dhabi 31.2 km via Al Hayer 
Distance from the city32 km (25 mins by car)
Phone Number+971 2 505 5555
Destinations Served120 destinations in around 60 countries
Flight InformationArrival, Upcoming flights, and Schedules are available here 

Abu Dhabi International Airport Codes


Terminal Map of Abu Dhabi Airport International

Abu Dhabi Airport, referred to by AUH, specifies the following details regarding the Abu Dhabi Airport terminal map for the convenience of the passengers. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Map Terminal 1


Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2 Map


Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3 Map


Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminals 

Abu Dhabi has 3 Airport Terminals. We will enlighten below of each.

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 is the oldest terminal of the airport. It is available for service residents traveling to and from Abu Dhabi city. It features modern check-in and boarding facilities with a circular gate area. A circular gate area connects the departure gate bridges. It includes three levels-

  • Level 1– It is the ground level and includes the Arrivals Area and Departure areas with passport control, security checks, check-in counters, and baggage control.
  • Level 2– It is located at the Departures area connecting gates 3 to 11 and comprises the amenities offered by the airline.
  • Satellite Lower Level– It includes the departure gates from 14 to 19. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2

Terminal-1 is the second terminal responsible for tackling low-carrier flights. It is a small facility situated on the west of Terminal 1 in a separate building. It includes 19 check-in counters, two baggage counters, and bus boarding gates. Add to that-

  • It consists of a single level with arrival and departure areas with facilities for cafes, restaurants, etc. 
  • The left side of the terminal includes the arrivals area, with passport controls, customs, and security check-ins. 
  • The right side includes the departure area with check-in, security check, customs, and passport. 
  • Facilities like relaxation areas, prayer rooms, duty-free, and concessions are available at gates 24,25, and 26. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is the biggest terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport and includes the Skypark Plaza. It is the newest terminal added to the airport and houses duty-free facilities, a food court, and departure gates from 28 to 35 and 58 to 61. It is an extension of Terminal 1 on the west and has two levels- 

  • Ground Level– It shares the arrivals area with Terminal 1 and includes security check-in, customers, arrival halls, luggage claim, etc. 
  • Level 1– There are different arrival entrances for Economic, Premium, and Special guests. Level 1 is available after the passengers complete the security check-in. The Mezzanine includes a Food village with shops, cafes, duty-free, and boarding gates from 28 to 61 in the departures area. 

Airlines Operating from Abu Dhabi International Airport

Here is a detailed rundown of the top direct flights from Abu Dhabi (AUH) and other flights:

  • Air Arabia– Air Arabia Airline uses Terminal 1 for the arrivals and departures at the airport.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines– Saudi Arabian Airlines operates from Terminals 1 and 3 for departure and Terminal 1 as the arrivals terminal. Follow the Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage policy for a smooth process. 
  • Badr Airlines– It uses Terminal 1 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport for arrival.
  • Middle East Airlines– Middle East airlines use Terminal 1 for arrival and Terminal 1 and 3 both for departures.
  • Turkish Airlines– Turkish Airlines utilizes Terminal 1 for arrival and departure. Turkish Airlines codeshare flights use Terminal 3 for travel. Passengers can check in at Turkish Airlines at AUH Airport.
  • PIA– Pakistan International Airlines arrive and depart via Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
  • Gulf Air– Gulf Air uses Terminal 1 for arrival and Terminal 1 and 3 for departure. The codeshare flights operate via Terminal 3.
  • Etihad Airways– Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Terminal 3 is reserved for arrival and departure at the airport.
  • Royal Jordanian– Royal Jordanian uses Terminal 1 for arrivals and Terminals 1 and 3 for departure. The codeshare flights operate via Terminal 3. 
  • Air India Express– It uses terminal 1 for arrival and departure. Go to the terminal where the airline boards to check in. Head to Air India

List of Airlines Use AUH Airport Terminals

AirlinesContact NumberAirlines use Terminal
Air Arabia+971 65580000Air Arabia Terminal Abu Dhabi Airport
Saudi Arabian Airlines+971 2 6344220Saudi Arabian Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Badr Airlines+971 65573688Badr Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Middle East Airlines+971 2 6225753Middle East Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Turkish Airlines+971 2 6261010Abu Dhabi Airport Turkish Airlines Airport Terminal 1
PIA Airlines+971 2 6336670PI Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Gulf Air+971 2 6434783Gulf Air Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Etihad Airways+971 2 5110000Abu Dhabi Airport Etihad Terminal 3
Airblue+971 2 6454050Airblue Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Royal Jordanian+971 2 6225335Royal Jordanian Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Air India Express+971 2 6334766Air India Express Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2
Air India+971 2 6334766Air India Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2
Egypt Air+971 2 6391115Egypt Air Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Syrian Arab Airlines+971 2 6171707Syrian Arab Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
IndigoIndigo Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Biman Bangladesh Airlines+971 2 6342597Biman Bangladesh Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Wizz Air02 – 235 1351Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1
Go First Airlines+971 2 4180841Go First Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2
Srilankan Airlines+971 2 5758281Srilankan Airlines Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1

Nearest Airports to Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport is surrounded by numerous local, domestic, and international airports. Some of the options are given below-

  • AI Bateen Executive Airport– It is located 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles southeast of the Abu Dhabi city center. 
  • Dubai World Central-Al Maktoum International Airport– It is located 89.9 km to the northeast of Abu Dhabi Airport and can be reached via E311. 
  • Dubai International Airport– Dubai International Airport is located 126.7 kilometers via E11 to the north of Abu Dhabi Airport. 
  • Al Ain International Airport– Al Ain international airport is located 138.4 kilometers to the west of AUH  airport. You can travel via E22 or Al Ain Road to the west of Abu Dhabi airport. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Runways

Abu Dhabi International Airport AUH is serviced by two parallel asphalt runways. Here you can check the details.

13R-31L13,452 ft148 ftAsphaltYes
13L-31R13,452 ft197 ftAsphaltYes

Abu Dhabi Airport Security Check and Customs

AUH adheres to strict customs, laws, and protocols to ensure a safe and secure experience on the journey. 

airfleetrating-abu dhabi airport security check and customs

Abu Dhabi Airport Security Check

  • All hand luggage is screened and passed through the metal detector. 
  • Wheelchairs, pushchairs, and walking aids are thoroughly checked, and X-ray screening. 
  • Veiled female passengers have a dedicated counter with automatic doors for security checking and to protect their dignity. 
  • For liquid gels and liquids, containers cannot surpass the quantity of 100 ml. 
  • Items like firearms, knives, cutting tools, bludgeons, Explosives, chemical goods, and other substances are prohibited and will be restricted by the airline. 

Customs at Abu Dhabi International Airport

  • Cross the arrivals area towards the exit gate, Passport Control, and the Baggage carousels. Collect the baggage from the customs office. 
  • UAE follows a non-tolerance drug policy and possession in the least amounts too can cause imprisonment. 
  • Any medication must be supplemented with the appropriate government medications. 
  • Substances such as Opium, Cannabis, etc. are prohibited and heavy penalties are levied on the offender. 
  • Transportation of dangerous weapons and firearms is banned. 
  • Pirated video, audiotapes, and illegal computer software are prohibited under copyright laws and will be detained by the airline if found. 
  • Offensive printed media, CDs, videotapes, films, and media with potential religious propaganda should not be brought to the UAE. 
  • Passengers will be banned if there are suspicions of illegal financial actions and money laundering. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Duty Free Allowances

Find the Duty Free Abu Dhabi Airport Liquor price,

  • 24 cans/ 1 carton of beer, 4 liters of alcohol 
  • Cigars worth 816 USD
  • Gifts like Perfume worth 816 USD
  • Cigarettes worth 545 USD  or 400 sticks of cigarettes 
  • Tobacco worth 2 kilograms 

Abu Dhabi Airport Lounges

Passengers can refuel and refresh at the lounge in Abu Dhabi Airport for Economy and business classes.

airfleetrating-Abu Dhabi Airport lounges

Some of the popular choices include-

  • Al Dhabi Lounge– Al Dhabi Lounge powered by Abu Dhabi Hospitality Company is located at terminal 1. It includes a Seated Massage, Prayer Room, Work Station, dedicated smoking area, etc.
  • Etihad Premium Lounge– It is available on Terminal 1 for passengers flying in Etihad Business Class and Etihad Airways Partner airline guests traveling in Business Class.
  • Etihad US Premium Lounge– Passengers who are traveling from UAE to the states in the United States can utilize the premium lounge in Abu Dhabi international airport Terminal 3.

AUH Airport Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Abu Dhabi International Airport ensures that passengers who stay at the airport for longer durations or run out of power can avail of its charging facilities. In Addition to this-

  • Wi-Fi- Passengers can access the complimentary Wi-Fi service available at all airport terminals. 
  • Charging Stations– The airport incorporates secure charging stations throughout the airport for tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. 

Abu Dhabi Airport Lost and Found

Passengers can use the Abu Dhabi Airport Lost and Found department for any Baggage lost and found related requirements.

Check the Abu Dhabi Airport Lost and Found contact numbers-

Available Choices Operation TimingsContact Number 
Etihad Airways 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM+971 (0) 2 511 2170
Other Airlines 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM+ 971 (0) 2 505 2063
Etihad Planes and Etihad Lounges https://www.etihad.com/en-ae/help/lost-and-found

Abu Dhabi Airport Services and Facilities

Here is a rundown of all the facilities and Abu Dhabi Airport Arrival Services,

  • Wifi
  • Shower
  • Shop
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Currency Exchange
  • ATMs
  • Prayer Room
  • Smoking Areas

Travel to and from Abu Dhabi International Airport

The passengers can travel to/ from Abu Dhabi Airport via taxi, bus, rental car, and exclusive Etihad coach and chauffeur. 

  • Public Transport
  • Taxi
  • Etihad Chauffeur and Coach

Directions by Car to Abu Dhabi International Airport

If you are traveling by your car to the Abu Dhabi international airport, you can follow the directions given below-

airfleetrating-Abu Dhabi Airport departures area

1. From Dubai 

  • Travel for almost 80 kilometers on the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11 highway) towards Abu Dhabi.
  • Continue to follow the signs to Abu Dhabi.
  • There is a turn to Abu Dhabi Airport after the signposts for Yas and Saadiyat Islands.

2. From Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1

  • Abu Dhabi Airport is located 38 kilometers away from downtown Abu Dhabi. 
  • It is connected by three major streets: 2nd Street (Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Street, 8th Street (Salam Street), and 30th Place (Khaleej Al Arabi Street). 

3. From Al-din to Abu Dhabi Airport

  • Travel on the E22 highway (Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road) for 132 km, then travel via the E11 highway towards the north. 
  • Get on E20 heading to Abu Dhabi and the airport, followed by signposts until you reach the airport.

Parking at Abu Dhabi International Airport(AUH)

Short-Term Parking 

You can park your car at terminals 1,2, and 3, and the garden parking. Check the Abu Dhabi airport parking charges below. 

DurationTerminal 1 and Terminal 3Terminal 2 and Garden Parking
0-30 mins105
30 – 60 mins2010
Each additional hour105
24 hours240120

Abu Dhabi Airport Valet Parking

It is a great way to save time and money. You can park your car in front of terminals 1 and 3 as they are in close proximity to each other. You do not require any reservations. 

Car Rental Abu Dhabi Airport

AUH houses various prominent car rental companies open 24 hours a day. Car rental services offer convenience and reliability, making renting a car easier and more economical.

Some of the Abu Dhabi Airport car rental companies include- 

  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Dollar Rent a Car
  • Fast Rent A Car
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Payless 

Hotels Near Abu Dhabi Airport

You can find some of the popular Abu Dhabi hotels near the airport included,

  • Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island: It is located 10 minutes walk from the Ferrari World and spread across 2,400 sq. kilometers.
  • Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi: It is located adjacent to the Yas Links golf course, and the hotel-serviced apartments and 164 studios are located nearly 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel: The passengers can connect via the Skypark walkway located on Terminals 1 and 3.

These are some of the popular hotel/ resort choices near Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is recommended that travelers do their own search, and find the best deals and offers before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Abu Dhabi airport code?

The airport code for Abu Dhabi Airport is OMAA/ AUH.

How many terminals does Abu Dhabi Airport have?

Abu Dhabi Airport comprises three passenger terminals named Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.

Are there any hotels near Abu Dhabi international airport?

Casa Shakhbout, Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport, Relaxing Condo in Al Raha Beach, and AlZeina Terrace Apartment are some of the accommodations.

What items are not allowed in checked luggage at AUH airport?

Some banned items include explosive materials, ammunition, blasting caps, fireworks, gasoline, etc. or any combination of these items.

What happens if you lose something at an Abu Dhabi airport?

You must contact the baggage service or airport staff about the loss.

Where can I leave my car in Abu Dhabi?

The airport comprises valet parking for passengers who wish to park their cars and save time.

How can I connect to Abu Dhabi airport WiFi?

You can search for a wireless network called ADAC wireless network from your tablet or smartphone.

Can I get lounge access at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Yes, AUH allows passengers to have access to lounges in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Which lounges are available at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Al Dhabi Lounge, Etihad Premium Lounge, Etihad First Class Lounge & Spa, and many others.

What flights are operating from Abu Dhabi?

Etihad Airways, Biman Bangladesh, Air Baltic, Middle East Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, and Airblue.

How to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi Airport?

You can travel via the free inter-terminal shuttle bus between the terminals.

Can you walk between terminals at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Yes, the passengers can walk between the terminals as they are located adjacent to each other and have a maximum walking time of 20 minutes.

How do you get a free lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport?

The lounges operated by Etihad Airways provide free access to silver, gold, and platinum membership holders.

Is there long term parking at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Yes. Long term parking at Abu Dhabi Airport is available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

How many nonstop flights are there from Abu Dhabi?

Etihad Airways is the sole airline facilitating non-stop flights from UAE to the United States.

Does Abu Dhabi International Airport have a hotel inside?

Yes. The airline has plenty of accommodations inside the terminal.

Can I leave AUH Airport during a layover in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you certainly can leave Abu Dhabi Airport during a layover. However, there are a few limitations and they depend on how much time you have between your flights. You don’t require a visa if you’re only passing through Abu Dhabi Airport, having the AUH Airport code. Also, a majority of nations will require a visa to exit the airport.

Is Abu Dhabi Airport open for tourists?

Yes, Abu Dhabi Airport, officially having the Abu Dhabi International Airport code, is open to visitors and tourists. In December 2020, Abu Dhabi resumed the flights for international tourists as well. A green list had also been released. Presently, this list is bi-weekly revised. This indicates that the airport is open to tourists. Even during the pandemic, it stays open and the need for quarantine may not necessarily be there.

How many terminals does Abu Dhabi Airport have?

There are three passenger terminals at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which has the Abu Dhabi Airport code. They are named Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. The oldest terminal of AUH Airport is Terminal 1. It has a bi-level arriving and departing space.

How early should I arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport?

According to AUH Airport (Abu Dhabi Airport 3 letter code), you must leave ample time for the boarding process. Therefore, it will be suggested to leave some time before your flight’s departure to complete the boarding process. Check-in typically opens four hours prior to the scheduled flight for Etihad. It opens three hours before the scheduled flights for all the other carriers and finishes one hour prior to the departure. So, it is advised for passengers to arrive three to six hours prior to their flight timing.

Do I need a permit to go to Abu Dhabi Airport?

Yes, you need a permit to enter Abu Dhabi Airport, which has an AUH Airport code. However, the passengers arriving at Abu Dhabi Airport must present a copy of their passport as well as a copy of their UAE resident visa only if applicable. All the travellers must go to the Medical Screening Desk at Abu Dhabi International Airport. They will undergo thermal screening and a COVID-19 PCR Test to avoid medical problems at the airport.

What is not allowed at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Commodities from Israel or goods carrying Israeli trademarks or badges are prohibited from entering Abu Dhabi Airport. Ivory and rhinoceros horns are also prohibited from being brought into the airport. At AUH Airport, gambling tools and machines are banned. Furthermore, three-layer fishing nets also are not permitted at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Is Abu Dhabi open for international flights?

Yes, Abu Dhabi Airport is open for international flights. On 26 March 2020, Abu Dhabi International Airport, with AUH Airport code, facilitated the return of Emiratis, overseas migrants, and international citizens from their home countries to the United Arab States. The airport opened international flights for resettlement and expulsion reasons.

What is the earliest departure flight from Abu Dhabi International Airport(AUH)?

MS919 is the first International Airport flight to Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Airport ZIP code) with the earliest departure. The flight leaves at 00:50 for Cairo. As this usually takes more time, we suggest that you spend a few hours in the hotel or near the AUH airport before the departure of your trip.

Does Abu Dhabi Airport have a hotel?

Yes, there is a hotel called Abu Dhabi Transit Hotel at AUH Airport (Abu Dhabi Airport code). Abu Dhabi Transit Hotel is situated beside Terminal 1 at the Departure Transit Lounge of the airport. Only travellers in transit have access to the hotel.

How long can you stay at Abu Dhabi Airport?

The maximum staying time at Abu Dhabi Airport is around 7 days for passengers. The stay facility is applicable at different rates at Abu Dhabi Airport. This facility is known to be available for guests traveling via Abu Dhabi mainly through the Etihad worldwide network.

Do I need a visa to transit through Abu Dhabi?

Yeah, at Abu Dhabi Airport, with the Abu Dhabi Airport code, you need to have a transit visa. 48-hour travel permits to the airports of the UAE will be provided free of charge.

Can you sleep at Abu Dhabi Airport?

If your flight is late or you arrive early, then you may sleep at Abu Dhabi Airport with the AUH Airport code.

Does Abu Dhabi Airport have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Passengers can get access to free wifi.

Where is Abu Dhabi Airport located?

Abu Dhabi Airport is located in Abu Dhabi city in the United Arab Emirates.

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