Milano Linate Airport Code LIN

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 20090

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 45°26'42"N / 9°16'36"E


Weather Observations

Station ID: LIML
Observation Time: 06/07/2021 12:46 pm

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About Milano Linate Airport Code

Milano Linate Airport generally comprises two codes that are very important: IATA and ICAO codes. These codes give recognition to this airport. The IATA Milano Linate Airport code is LIN and the ICAO code of this airport is LIML. This airport is known as one of the massive airports in Italy. 

About Milano Linate Airport (LIN)

Milano Linate Airport (LIN) is a European airport located near Milan, Italy. This airport, with the LIN Airport code, is Italy’s largest airport. It is situated in the Lombardy area. Passengers can take a scheduled flight to and from the LIN Airport and enjoy the best experience.

Milano Linate Airport (LIN) Terminals

Identified by the LIN Airport code, this airport has only one three-story passenger terminal. This terminal is located north of the runway. The first floor of Milan Linate Airport has boarding gates A17 to A21 (five jet bridges). The Departures Hall is on the first level while the Arrivals Hall is on the ground floor of the airport. After passing through security, the passengers can take the escalators to gates A1 to A16 and gates B25 to B28 on the ground floor.

Milano Linate Airport (LIN) Runaways

The LIN Airport has two runways totalling 9,977 feet. One of its runways is lighted. This airport, with its Milano Linate Airport code, is long, respectively, 1972ft. × 72ft. and 8005ft. × 197ft. One of the runaways comprises bituminous asphalt or tarmac surface. The other runway of this airport in Italy comprises asphalt.

Other Nearby Airports from Milano Linate Airport (LIN)

  • Brescia Airport
  • Il Caravaggio International Airport
  • Ghedi Air Base
  • Varese-Venegono Airport
  • Malpensa International Airport

Major Airlines Flying From (LIN) Milano Linate Airport

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Malta
  • Air Dolomiti
  • AlbaStar
  • Air France
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • Blue Air
  • Brussels Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Bulgaria Air
  • Iberia
  • easyJet
  • KLM
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Wizz Air
  • Silver Air
  • Volotea

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
17-35 1,972 ft 72 ft Bitumenous asphalt or tarmac No
18-36 8,005 ft 197 ft Asphalt Yes
Where is Milano Linate Airport situated?

LIN Airport (Milano Linate Airport code) is located near the village of Linate, in the town of Peschiera Borromeo. It is just 7.8 kilometres southeast of Milan. LIN Airport is accessible through the A51 highway and indirectly from the A4, A7, and A1 highways. You can prefer to call Societa Autostrade at +39 (0)6 43 32121 or dial 1518 for directions to and from Linate Airport. Probably due to its location, with two runways and 9.6 million passengers in 2016, Linate Airport (Linate Airport code) was served by various local, international, regular, and low-cost carriers, with direct flights to all parts of Europe and links across the world.

How do I make a payment at Milano Linate Airport?

VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express credit cards, and Masterpass are accepted for online payment. You can use these options to make payments at Milano Linate Airport. You can pay via cash, debit, or credit card of your preference at Milano Linate Airport (LIN Airport code). Access to the ViaMilano Lounge can also be purchased with a credit card straight at the lounge area.

Where can I safely store my car before leaving for a trip if I arrive at Milano Linate Airport by automobile?

Different types of parking facilities are available at Milano Linate Airport (Milano LIN Airport code), based on the demands of each customer:
P1 – TOP CLASS: It has 800 covered parking spaces and is directly connected to the check-in area.
P2 – EXECUTIVE: With 3,000 covered parking spaces and a tunnel directly connecting it to the check-in area, it ensures extraordinary comfort and convenience.
P3 – SMART: Solely available online, the car park contains roughly 350 covered and uncovered parking places for the simplest and most convenient stop at Linate Airport.

How can I get access to parking that I bought online at Milano Linate Airport?

Take the electronic ticket you received after purchasing from Milano Linate Airport (Linate Airport code), which contains the 6-digit (alphanumeric) PIN, with you to the airport. When you arrive at the car park, enter your PIN on the keypad of the entrance machine (if you are at Malpensa, enter the PIN and select Enter); wait for the ticket to be issued and collect it to enter the car park; keep it safe because you will have to insert it in the exit machine when you leave the car park.

Can I use public transportation when I arrive at the Milano Linate Airport with my flight?

You can take any public transportation to your destination if you arrive at Milano Linate Airport (Milano LIN Airport code) from another Italian region. However, if you return to Italy from a country other than those specified above (or if you visited one of these countries within the previous 14 days), then you will be unable to utilize public transportation to get from the airport to your final destination. You will have to hire a private vehicle in that case.

What are the nearby hotels to Milano Linate Airport?

Linate Airport (Milano Linate Airport code) is so close to the city core that you might not need to stay near it. If you have a short layover before flying again, then there are many luxury hotels near Linate like Moxy Milan Linate Airport Hotel. This unique new Marriott hotel brings the high design and style of Milan to the airport. Enjoy comfortable seats, large-screen TVs for presentations, and whiteboard walls for brainstorming with your team in the Plug and Meet gathering rooms. Food and drinks are available in the Moxy Milan Linate Airport Hotel lobby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what time your plane arrives.

What are the services provided at Milano Linate Airport?

Milano Linate Airport (Milano Linate Airport code) provides various services to make your trip more smooth. Take a look at what Linate has to offer in terms of travel services:

The Linate Center
VIP Services
Digital Services
Financial Services
Medical Services
Family Service

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