Denver International Airport Code DEN

Airport Codes

ZIP CODE 80249

Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 39°51'42"N / -104°-40'-22"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KDEN
Observation Time: 17/08/2021 2:10 am

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About Denver International Airport Code

Denver International Airport code is derived from the city of Denver, in the USA. It has two airport codes, DEN as its main IATA code. The other two codes are KDEN and DEN as their ICAO code and FAA code. Apart from these three codes, this airport is also known for its ZIP code 80249.

About Denver International Airport

Serving a metropolitan area of Colorado, Denver International Airport is located in the Western United States. This airport, constituting the DEN Airport code, is spread over an area of 33,531 acres of land. DEN Airport is known to be North America’s largest airport. It is also the second-largest airport in the world. Having such a vast surface area, it accommodates 35 million passengers worldwide.

Denver International Airport (DEN) Terminals

DEN Airport, with the Denver Colorado International Airport ZIP code 80249, has Jeppesen Terminal with three concourses. They are laid out in a uniform structure above each other. The size of this terminal is 1.5 million square feet and comprises 6 levels in total. Level 5 of DEN Airport’s terminal has various stores, restaurants, luggage, and safety checkpoints towards the South and the North. Additionally, Level 6 has the top passenger drop-off system, check-in equipment, a snack area, and a footbridge entrance into Concourse A. Few parking spaces are also surrounded at this airport’s (Denver Airport code) main terminal.

Denver International Airport (DEN) Runways

There are six runways at Denver International Airport. These runways are identified as 17R/35L, 17L/35R, 16R/34L, 16L/34R, 8/26, and 7/25, respectively. DEN Airport, initially recognized by the DIA Airport code, has four runways located on its North and South. In the other two directions, the runways are situated on the airport’s East and West sides. One of its runways is 16,000 feet big. Each route approaching from the runway has device landing technologies and is known to attend many people, domestically and overseas.

Other Nearby Airports from Denver International Airport (DEN)

  • Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (66.25 miles)
  • Cheyenne Regional Airport Jerry Olson Field (98.29 miles)
  • Eagle County Regional Airport (103 miles)
  • Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field (106.62 miles)
  • Laramie Regional Airport (114.56 miles)
  • San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field (166.18 miles)
  • Western Neb. Rgnl/William B. Heilig Airport (164.4 miles)

Major Airlines Flying from Denver International Airport

Cargo Airlines

  • AirNet Express
  • Bemidji Airlines
  • Amazon Air
  • DHL Aviation
  • IAG Cargo
  • FedEx Express
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • UPS Airlines

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
07-25 12,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
08-26 12,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
16R-34L 16,000 ft 200 ft Concrete Yes
16L-34R 12,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
17R-35L 12,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
17L-35R 12,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
Is Denver Airport hard to navigate?

Denver Airport can be hard to navigate with immense passenger traffic. Sometimes, it may be difficult for a regular traveler to navigate the nearest places to this airport. However, traveling to this airport can become easier with the Denver International Airport code DEN.

What is Denver Airport known for?

Denver Airport is known for the number of runways it occupies. It has a total of 6 runways. These runways cover a distance of approximately 76,000 feet. It is believed that this airport, with the DIA Airport code, is the second-largest one in terms of its size. Also, in 2019, DIA Airport was given the title of 29th best airport in the USA by Skytrax.

Where is Denver Airport located?

The address of Denver Airport is 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, USA. This airport is situated 25 miles away from downtown Denver. It can be navigated quickly by first-time travelers utilizing the Denver Airport code DIA.

Is Denver the biggest airport in the world?

Denver Airport is the second-largest airport in the world due to its size. It occupies 33,531 acres of land. Consisting of the Denver Airport code, it is the largest airport in North America.

How busy is Denver International Airport (DEN Airport code)?

Denver International Airport is the world’s 20th busiest airport and the United States’ fifth busiest airport. DEN is among the busiest carrier hubs in the world’s biggest aviation industry. It handles around 69 million passengers passing yearly.

How long does it take to get through Denver Airport security?

It takes a minimum of 30-60 minutes to pass through the security checkpoint at Denver Airport. The ideal time for checking in is at least two hours before your departure. So, it is recommended that you reach this airport’s (Denver USA Airport code) premises early.

Does Denver Airport have terminals?

Yes, Denver Airport has a single terminal for domestic and international travelers. This terminal is known as Jeppesen Terminal and is located on the landside of the airport (Denver Airport code). Additionally, the structure of this terminal was split into East and West to make the directions simpler for flyers.

Can you walk between terminals at Denver Airport (Denver International Airport ZIP code)?

No, you cannot walk between the terminals at Denver Airport. This airport has no path for pedestrians. If you want to transfer between the concourses, then you can go by train to the airport with the DEN Airport code.

Does Denver Airport have a lounge?

Yes, Denver Airport has two United Club lounges. These lounges are near gates B32 and B44 with the DEN Airport code signage. Passengers can relax and wait for their flights at these lounges.

What time does the TSA close at Denver Airport?

The North TSA Checkpoint at Denver Airport closes at 9 p.m. It remains operational from 4 a.m. till 9 p.m. The South TSA Checkpoint at this airport (DIA Airport code) shuts down at 6 p.m.

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