Dallas Love Field Airport Code DAL

Airport Codes


Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 32°50'49"N / -96°-51'-6"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KDAL
Observation Time: 14/07/2021 4:00 am

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About Dallas Love Field Airport Code

Dallas Love Field Airport constitutes two codes. One is the IATA code and the other one is the ICAO code. The Dallas Love Field Airport IATA code is DAL. The ICAO code for this airport in Dallas is KDAL. 

About Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

One of the fastly increasing airports in the United States is Dallas Love Field Airport, with the DAL Airport code. The city-owned public airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, is located 6 miles northwest of Dallas, Texas. Dallas Love Field spans across a surface area of 530 hectares at the height of 148 m.

The name of this airport has been derived from Moss L. Love who happened to be a part of the army of the U.S. In the memory of his passing away in a plane crash, this airport was significantly named.

The passenger counts in the previous decade have increased by 90 per cent. DAL Airport offers exclusively domestic flights, serving 16.7 international tourists in 2019. This airport has been known for improving as well as maintaining the quality of its flying services. Therefore, it has been able to attract so many travellers per year.

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) Terminals

DAL Airport having the DAL Airport code is equipped with just a single terminal. This terminal is located at the north end of the airport. Access roads run around the car parks and go on 2 levels to destinations in front of the terminal gate. With reference to its terminal, the car rental office is based along Herb Kelleher Way at the southernmost end of DAL Airport.

A centre space and two wings are included in the terminal of DAL Airport. There are a few cafés, a conference center, and a safety control post in the core area of it. The ticket wing is at DAL Airport’s east area. It comes with check-in at the border and airline offices. The baggage claim facility is located west of the DAL Airport’s terminal. 

Dallas Love Field Airport Runways (DAL)

DAL Airport (Dallas Love Field Airport code) has 3 runways. The names of these 3 runways are 13R-31L, 13L-31R, and 18-36, respectively. These runways form a total length of 22,699 ft. All of the runways at Dallas Love Field Airport are lighted. The 13R-3L is the main runway while 18-36 is the shorter runway. The 13R-31L and 13L-31R are made up of a concrete surface. Interestingly, the 18-36 runway is made up of an asphalt surface.

Other Nearby Airports From Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

  • Abilene Regional Airport
  • Angelina County Airport
  • Alice International Airport
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport
  • Biggs Army Airfield (Fort Bliss)
  • Childress Municipal Airport
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  • Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport
  • Corpus Christi Naval Air Station/Truax Field

Major Airlines Flying From Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • JSX
  • Taos Air
  • Southwest Airlines

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
13R-31L 8,800 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
13L-31R 7,752 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
18-36 6,147 ft 150 ft Asphalt Yes
Are there any facilities for disabled people at Dallas Love Field Airport?

Yes, there are a variety of options available for disabled people at Dallas Love Field Airport, having a DAL Airport code. The whole terminal has wheelchairs and transfer carts. Customers can seek help from check-in to boarding. All toilets are accessible to disabled people. Also, there is a disabled parking facility in all the car parks of this airport.

Are baggage carts available at the terminal of Dallas Love Field Airport?

Yes, baggage carts are available at the terminal of Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL Airport code). These carts are accessible for lease to the general public. They are located near the ticketing hall and are placed outside. Another point for baggage carts is located outside at the lower ground transportation of the airport. The final location for these carts is on level 3 of the parking garage near the baggage claim.

Do you need shuttle services for travelling to Dallas Love Field Airport?

There are no shuttle services or rail services necessary to travel about DAL Airport with the Dallas Love Field Airport code. It is because all the parts of the airport can be reached on foot. Passengers can connect within the secure area if they don’t need to pick up luggage between their flights. Parking garages have been made available within a walking distance of the terminal of this airport.

Passengers hiring a car must take a shuttle bus from the lower level ground transit facility to the rental office. Covering the entire distance by walking may not be very convenient. The ground transit facility is only a few kilometres away.

Is there any pet facility there in Dallas Love Field Airport?

Yes. There is a pet facility available in Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL Airport code). However, with the exception of assistance for animals, pets travelling with customers should be kept in cages. A post-security animal rest facility is placed in the stem and two relief sites are located right outside the terminal. One of them is big enough for the animals to run around in.

How many gates are situated at Dallas Love Field Airport?

The DAL Airport has a total of 20 terminal gates that may be approached via a centralized security checkpoint. The flight registration area is on the right. At the same time, the baggage hall is on the left at DAL Airport’s main terminal.

Is Dallas Love Field Airport a good one?

The DAL Airport, with Dallas Love Field Airport, is located barely 6 miles northwest of Dallas City. Its location makes it good and easy to reach for many. It is by far the most accessible of all the airports for visitors to the city centre and areas towards the east. In addition, DAL Airport recently had a makeover. It included a new terminal, shops, restaurants, and a baggage claim space. So, apart from conveniently reaching it, it is also good in the sense that it has numerous facilities that you may require as a traveller.

Can I get the food and drinks facility and family restrooms at Dallas Love Field Airport Terminal?

Throughout DAL Airport’s (Dallas Love Field Airport code) terminal, there are full-service restaurants, fast food places, and grab-and-go alternatives. Love Landing has a food counter open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This can be really comforting for travellers who are flying via or to this airport during early morning or late night hours.

Aside from the food kiosks, there are family restrooms placed next to all the restrooms. These rooms are right in the middle of the gate concourse. They are also in the pre-security area of the terminal, next to the rental car offices and just below the Skybridge.

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