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Blue Grass Airport Code LEX

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Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 32°30'6"N / -93°-39'-45"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KLEX
Observation Time: 05/03/2021 4:50 am

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About Blue Grass Airport Code

Blue Grass Airport code is LEX. This three-letter IATA code (LEX airport code) is based in Lexington city where Blue Grass Airport is located at an elevation of 298 meters above sea level. Regarded as the gateway to Kentucky’s rich equine heritage, Blue Grass Airport is unarguably the most beautiful airport in the country blessed with lush green vistas. This is why this facility got its name Blue Grass. 

About Blue Grass Airport (LEX Airport)

Blue Grass Airport (Blue Grass Airport Code) is one of the busiest airports in the state by passenger volume. According to a 2017 report, the airport welcomed over 1.3 million passengers making it one of the most happening hubs of an exquisite cultural confluence.  American Airlines, Allegiant Air, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines are four major airline carriers of the airport. 

Spread across a 911 acre piece of land and flanked by two world-class runways, the airport welcomes passengers from 17 destinations worldwide. Blue Grass Airport is popular for its Aviation Museum of Kentucky that features restored aircraft and memorabilia.

Blue Grass Airport (LEX Airport) Terminal

Blue Grass Airport (LEX airport code) is a single terminal facility featuring exclusive facilities such as ATMs, shopping outlets, and food centers (grill restaurant, cafe, taproom) among others. 

Nearest Airport to Blue Grass Airport (LEX Airport)

  • Louisville International Airport: 74 miles 
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport: 83 miles 
  • James M. Cox Dayton International Airport: 152 miles 
  • Indianapolis International Airport: 192 miles 

Major Airlines Operating from Blue Grass Airport (LEX Airport)

  • Allegiant Air 
  • American Eagle 
  • Delta Air Lines 
  • Delta Connection 
  • United Express

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
15-33 11,756 ft 300 ft Partially concrete, asphalt or bitumen-bound macadam Yes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Blue Grass Airport situated?

Blue Grass Airport, having Blue Grass Airport code, is a commercial airport. It is located 6 miles west of the city of Lexington in Fayette County, Kentucky. This airport is surrounded by world-famous horse ranches. It is located across the street from Keeneland Race Course.

What is another former name of Lexington, KY Airport? What is the size of the Lexington, KY Airport? How many passengers does it transport every year?

The Lexington KY Airport having LEX Airport code, is originally known as Blue Grass Airport. This airport spans over 1,000 acres of land. The Blue Grass Airport in Lexington serves over more than 1.2 million travelers each year.

Are there any ATMs at Blue Grass Airport?

Yes, there is an ATM facility available at Blue Grass Airport having LEX Airport code. This Airport has two ATMs. The first ATM is located at the entrance of the airport. It is situated just on the terminal’s ground floor. The second ATM is located at Concourse B, which is on the second floor of the airport.

What are the communication facilities available at Blue Grass Airport?

There are various communication facilities available at Blue Grass Airport. These facilities include access to free Wi-Fi at the terminal. Apart from Wi-Fi facilities, passengers can purchase postage stamps from the information center of the airport. Also, for communication purposes, FedEx dropbox, as well as USPS Mailbox, are situated at the LEX Airport’s terminal.

Is there any benefit for differently-abled people at Blue Grass Airport?

Yes, travelers with disabilities will find Blue Grass Airport (Blue Grass Airport code) to be totally accessible with all the benefits. Besides the security checkpoint & baggage claim, there are elevators on every side of the terminal. 

In addition to these, unique parking places are allocated for individuals with disabilities at all parking zones. Wheelchairs and extra help from and to the gates are also available at this airport.

Are there any business or conference rooms available at Blue Grass Airport? What facilities are provided there?

Yes, there are business conference rooms at Blue Grass Airport. The “Club at BlueGrass” is a corporate executive lounge at the Blue Grass Airport, which has the LEX Airport code. It is located on the third floor of the airport’s Concourse B. The facilities here include complimentary drinks and snacks, as well as photocopying services.

What are the bus facilities available at Blue Grass Airport, and at what time do they operate? What are the fares?

The Transit Authority of Lexington provides bus 21 from Blue Grass Airport to the Transit Centre. The shuttle is operating from Monday through Friday at daytime hours. The route takes around 40 minutes of time, and the price is USD 1.

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