Icelandair Check-In Policy 

Icelandair Check In Policy 

Completing the check-in process with Icelandair is very easy. You can use various methods to proceed with Icelandair check-in which includes online check-in via web or mobile and offline check-in through airport counters or self-service kiosks. To thoroughly understand these methods and their functioning, you should be aware of the Iceland Air check-in policy. This policy outlines the check-in times, deadlines, and important guidelines that are important to understand and follow to avoid any last-minute issues in boarding a flight. Here in this article, you will know every step involved in the check-in process for Icelandair.

What is the Icelandair Check-In Policy?

The Icelandair check-in policy refers to the official check-in rules and regulations mandatory for the process. The policy is designed to clarify the various check-in methods and their respective timings. As per the check-in policy of Icelandair, you must have the necessary travel documents required during check-in, to ensure a smooth travel.   

Check-in Guidelines

For a smooth check-in process with Icelandair, you should follow the important guidelines given below:

  • Confirmed reservations are mandatory to check in for Icelandair flights.
  • For Icelandair check-in, Third-party bookings should be confirmed with travel agents.
  • As per Icelandair’s check-in policy, modifications like seat selection should be completed before checking in. 
  • You must check-in for Icelandair even if you are flying without baggage.
  • It is important to adhere to the check-in times for Icelandair. Generally, you must check in for Icelandair 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your flight. 

Check-In Documents

You are required to submit certain travel documents to ensure that you are checking in for the right flight with Icelandair. So, as per the check-in policy of Icelandair, it is necessary to have the following documents and credentials:

  • Booking Reference 
  • Passengers Full Name
  • Confirmed Flight Ticket 
  • Passport 
  • Identity Proof 
  • Medial Certificates when required 
  • Visa during international travel

International Icelandair Check-In Policy 

Apart from the basic guidelines given in the Icelandair check-in policy, you should consider additional guidelines specific to international flights. It is important to be well-informed of check-in timings for international flights with Icelandair. So, if you are traveling with Icelandair on an international route, you must check in at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight.

Additionally, different international destinations may have special document requirements. So, you should check specifically for your destination over the official website of Icelandair. 

What are the ways to check in on Icelandair Flight? 

Icelandair offers several convenient check-in methods to suit different preferences. According to the Icelandair check-in policy, each method comes with different procedures and guidelines. All the major Iceland Air check-in methods are discussed below:

Option 1: Via the Official Website 

The Icelandair online check-in is most preferred as it allows you to complete the process from home. In addition, you can check in early with this convenient option i.e. Icelandair check-in through the website. You can begin the Icelandair web check-in by entering the last name and 6-digit booking number.

icelandair online check in

Moreover, you can follow the process given in detail below:

  • Visit Icelandair’s official website.
  • Click the “Check In” icon on the homepage.
  • Enter your “Last Name” and “Booking Reference.”
  • Press enter, review your flight, make any necessary changes, and confirm your check-in.
  • Receive a confirmation email with details to print out your boarding pass.

Option 2: Using the Mobile App

icelandair mobile check in

Besides the website, you can also make use of the mobile app to check in online for Icelandair. The Icelandair app is available for both Android and iOS mobiles. This app has all the features to navigate your booking and journey with Icelandair. 

To complete mobile check-in with Icelandair, you must follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your account or create a new account with Icelandair. 
  • Go to the check-in page of the application. 
  • Enter the details asked like the booking code, flight number, and your full name. 
  • View your flight and complete the check-in process. 
  • You will now get your mobile boarding pass. 
  • Verify your details and print out the pass if required.

Option 3: At the Airport Counter

icelandair check in at airport

According to the Icelandair check-in policy, If you are unable to access the online site for any reason, you can check in at the airport counter. Here, airline agents will be present to help you get through the Icelandair check-in procedure: 

  • Arrive at the airport terminal ahead of schedule.
  • Locate the Icelandair check-in counters.
  • Provide personal and flight details, along with necessary documents like passports or IDs.
  • Complete the check-in, receive your boarding pass, and proceed to TSA screening.

Option 4: Using the Kiosk

icelandair check in at the airport kiosk

Moreover, you can also choose self-service kiosks to check in for Iceland Air flights. As stated in the Icelandair check-in policy, these kiosks are only available at a few airports in locations like Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Oslo, Paris, and Edmonton. 

You can follow the steps given below to complete the Icelandair check-in:

  • Arrive at your departure terminal at least 2 hours before departure.
  • Find the nearest and available kiosk.
  • Enter your airline and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Provide the required details and complete Icelandair check-in to receive your boarding pass.

How early to check in for a flight with Icelandair? 

The Icelandair check-in times depend on your mode of check-in and destination. Generally, you must check in at least 60-90 minutes before the departure of your flight. However, the specific times for Iceland Air check-in are given below, as per the policy:

  • The Icelandair online check-in starts 24 hours before departure for all flights.
  • For domestic flights, you have to complete check-in with Icelandair at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • For International flights, you must complete the check-in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

NOTE: For Greenland flights, you must arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to the departure of your flights.

How to get a boarding pass for Icelandair?

After completing the check-in process with Icelandair, you can easily obtain your boarding pass in various formats such as digital form or printed form. Those using online check-in methods can download the boarding pass and scan it at the gate to board the flight. However, when you’re checking in at the airport, the airline staff will provide you with a printed boarding pass for Icelandair. But, if you cancel your Icelandair ticket in any case, the boarding pass will no longer be valid.


The Icelandair check-in policy provides you with several check-in methods. It provides the option of early check-in via online modes and easy access to the airport counters and kiosks. The rules applicable are also clearly defined under this policy. So, you can choose any check-in method at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check in for an Icelandair flight?

You can begin the check-in process online by entering your last name and 6-digit booking number at the official website of Icelandair. You can also choose to check in at the airport as per your preference.

Can you check in online for Icelandair?

Yes, you can check in online for your Icelandair flight using their official website or mobile app.

When can I check-in for my Icelandair flight?

As per Icelandair’s check-in policy, you can check in for domestic flights 45 minutes before the scheduled departure and 2 hours before the departure for international flights.

Do you have to check in online at Icelandair?

No, it is not mandatory to check in online at Icelandair as you have the option to check in at the airport. You can opt for the online method for early check-in and to avoid long queues at the airport.

When does check-in open on Icelandair?

Icelandair check-in usually opens 2 to 4 hours before the scheduled departure. If you prefer online check-in, it generally opens 24 to 48 hours before the departure.

Is checking in early for Icelandair important?

Yes, early check-in for Icelandair (generally, 60 minutes before scheduled departure) is important to ensure a smooth travel experience.

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