Vueling Airlines Cancellation Policy

Vueling Airlines Cancellation Policy

Vueling is a low-cost carrier based in Spain. It has established the Vueling Airlines cancellation policy to facilitate reversals at minimal fees. Another key advantage of this policy is that it makes the cancellation procedures simple and easy. Essentially, there are different procedures not only for reversals but refunds too. Hence, this policy includes refunds and other such processes as well. 

Conditions under Vueling Airlines Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of Vueling Airlines contains certain conditions to make revocations easier. When you properly adhere to these, the reversal procedures can become simple. Additionally, these conditions assist you in avoiding any major fines or fees that may be incurred while reversing flights. Furthermore, this policy’s terms apply to both non-refundable and refundable tickets. 

The main conditions of this policy are as follows: 

  • Up to 48 hours prior to travel, you can cancel your reservation. 
  • According to the Vueling flight cancellation policy, when a passenger is having a direct reservation with a third party, he/she has to get in touch with it regarding revocation. 
  • In the case of Excellence Fare, you can revoke a flight up to two hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • You cannot reverse a solo trip or the flight of just one person. An entire booking must be canceled.

Vueling Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

The Spanish carrier has offered a variety of fares to passengers. These comprise Basic, Family, TimeFlex, Options, and others. The 24 hours cancellation policy applies to all kinds of fares. To take advantage of this policy, you can cancel your reservation during 24 hours after purchasing any of these fares. By doing so, this air carrier gives you the chance to cancel the flights without incurring any fees. 

To know the other advantages of the Vueling cancel flight 24 hours policy, you can read below:

  • Only when a cancellation request is made in a specified time, an entire refund will be issued to flyers. 
  • The above rules are only valid when the departure date is at least seven days far away from the date of purchase. 

How to Cancel a Flight on Vueling?

A visitor may not always be happy with a reservation he or she has made. Otherwise, the reservation may no longer be required. Observing this, the airline has given 2 methods to cancel a plane ticket at any time when not needed. Some charges may be applied as well. So prior to canceling a flight, make sure of the reversal charges. After being informed about the same, you can decide whether the online or offline Vueling flight cancellation method will be more suitable.

Method 1: Going to the Website

The most used way to cancel a flight is online. Travelers may not experience any difficulties or problems while using this way, provided that they understand the steps well. To ensure the same, all the steps are systematically provided by the airline based in Spain. In addition, you will be able to use this no matter where you live. 

  • Initially, concerning the Vueling Airlines flight cancellation policy, obtain access to this operator’s website ““. 
  • Click on the “Your Booking” tab on the main page. 
  • Input details like “Booking Code” and “Purchaser’s Email”. 
  • Press the “Go” button. 
  • The plane ticket information will now appear on your display. Select one ticket for its cancellation. 
  • Opt for the “Cancel” feature. 
  • In the end, verify whether or not this flight is canceled. 

Method 2: Over the Telephone

When reservations need to be canceled, travelers can find the calling option to be helpful. This is because a rapid reversal can be made without going to the airport. Therefore, this option can be the best, particularly in an emergency. Adhering to the Vueling cancellation policy, you will need some information like booking code, email ID, and complete name to use this method. 

Now, for calling, you will need the contact number of this Spanish air operator. To find it, kindly visit the website of this air carrier. At the bottom of the page, you will have to choose Contact Our Customer Service Center. Move down to the next page and opt for the All Our Phone Numbers feature. In that tab, you can get almost every country’s phone number along with the timing and calling fees charged. You can pick one contact as per your preference and connect with the airline immediately in case of flight cancellation. 

Take the following actions once you get the phone number: 

  • Call the air operator and ask an agent regarding the Vueling flight cancellation process.
  • On the phone, give a thorough description of your flight ticket and other information asked. 
  • Next, you will be requested to pay a penalty or fee after giving the information when needed. Make sure that you successfully pay this amount.
  • The agent will finish the process after the payment is done. You can wait on the call for the completion of the process. Otherwise, he/she will inform you about the same by mail. 

Fees Charged for Vueling Flight Cancellations

In some cases, a flyer will have to pay a fee if she or he chooses not to travel. This is due to the expenses made by Vueling Airlines in order to give you a seat on one of its flights. Hence, when a passenger discontinues a trip, a fee is applied.

These fees or penalties are calculated relying on some factors. These can be revocation timings and the destinations involved. Also, according to the Vueling Airlines cancellation policy, the ticket type is another such element. After taking these elements into account, this airline assesses cancellation fees. 

For further details about the fees charged, kindly read the following: 

  • Vueling has instituted cancellation fees for foreign and domestic flights. 
  • When a ticket cancellation request is made after one day of a booking, a fee of USD 100 to USD 500 will be charged. 
  • Passengers will be levied penalties or fees of USD 100 to USD 400 when they cancel plane tickets in less than twenty-four hours before the planned departure. 
  • Travel insurance holders are exempt from the cancellation costs. 

What is the Vueling Flight Refund Policy?

The Spain-based airline has made a refund policy for its tourists. By properly adhering to this policy, you can get refunds on cancellations. However, there are some limitations on what number or amount of refunds you can expect from the airline. This can be decided depending on the fare type. 

There is further information in relation to this policy. If you follow this, then you can get your refund easily: 

  • A flyer has 30/thirty days from the date of travel to get a refund. This can be only possible when your ticket is non-refundable. 
  • Passengers of Optima, TimeFlex, Family, and Flex Pack can get refunds in the form of travel credits. This rule can be applied when you reverse your flight up to forty-four hours earlier than the departure. 
  • A complete refund is given on reversal made within one day of a reservation. 
  • After one day of a reservation, in case the cancellation is done, you will not get a full Vueling flight cancelled refund. 
  • Assuming that you have a valid reason for canceling a flight such as a medical condition, court order, etc., then you can get your money. It can be provided as trip credit. For that, you will have to present the necessary documentation as needed by the airline. 
  • On Basic Fares, you cannot get a refund on cancellation. However, when you have added a Flex Pack with Basic Fare, you can get credit as your refund. 
  • Travelers can get their ticket value back in seven to ten working days after making requests, under the Vueling flight cancellation policy. 
  • The actual payment method will be used to complete the refund by the airline. 
  • A visitor can receive this amount but the credit card processing cost will be deducted. Any additional services purchased at the time of the reservation may also be charged. 
  • On a non-refundable fare, you will be eligible for a future trip credit only. Also, it can be used for 365 days after the airline issues it. 

How do I Get a Vueling Cancel Flight Refund?

Using the Vueling Airlines website, a passenger can request a refund. You can get access to a special feature called ChatBot. By answering its questions, you can quickly request your refund. However, the time to credit it will depend on the airline as well as the terms of the Vueling Airlines cancellation policy for refunds. 

The following steps for requesting a refund will help you in using ChatBot:

  • Head to this link ““. 
  • Scroll down the homepage at the bottom. Tap on the “Contact Our Customer Service Center” feature. 
  • You can look for the “Request Refund for Justified Reasons”. Choose this option.
  • Now, you will have the “ChatBot” feature on the following page. 
  • By providing your “Booking Code”, as well as “Email ID”, you will know the whole procedure for requesting a refund. 
  • Follow the instructed steps on your screen. Then submit your refund request via this feature. 

Vueling Flight Cancellation Compensation

Vueling Airlines does its utmost to be on time and steer flight delays or any situations that can result in cancellations. The flights can, nevertheless, be canceled under some circumstances. The air carrier has provided compensation for the convenience of the passengers in such circumstances. 

These compensation details are available for travelers’ review: 

  • When a flight is canceled by the airline, in some cases, you will be provided with alternate transportation to your location. 
  • If a reservation is canceled within fourteen days of take-off, then you will be provided with a USD 700 voucher as Vueling cancel flight compensation. 
  • A visitor will receive USD 75 as reimbursement when a flight is two hours late. 

Some of the amounts given as compensation are given below:

Flight Distance (in Kilometers)Compensation (in EUR)
In excess of 3500600
1500 or less250
From 1500 to 3500400

In Essence,

Services or facilities like flight cancellations are provided by Vueling Airlines under its policy. Also, it satisfies the needs of travelers by giving different methods for reversals. The Vueling Airlines flight cancellation policy further clarifies the terms vital for these methods. Thus, along with the flexibility to revoke, the simplicity of executing the methods is also ensured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Vueling flight?

A passenger can cancel a flight, in accordance with the Vueling Airlines cancellation policy, regardless of the cause. Up to 48 hours prior to the departure, you must inform the air operator about this. You can also get a refund using this policy. Nevertheless, the fees must be paid to the airline against it.

How to cancel a Vueling flight?

In an emergency, when a passenger wants to cancel a flight, she or he can do so by calling the customer service of this carrier. For calling it, the main website will help find the needed telephone numbers. Choose a number that is appropriate for your country. Once connected with the officials on the phone, you can ask for ticket reversal. As directed, provide the information along with cancellation fees.

Can you cancel Vueling flight within 24 hours?

Visitors who have made reservations with this carrier can cancel Vueling flight within 24 hours of bookings. Additionally, it is believed that it would be more profitable to reverse a ticket at this time. During this period, visitors may not be charged any fees.

How do I cancel my Vueling flight?

In order to cancel a reservation, an online method is provided by Vueling Airlines. To initiate this method, you will have to locate the website of this provider. Then opt for the “Your Booking” section. Add the details such as “Passenger’s Email” as well as “Booking Code”. Once the booking has been displayed, choose the “Cancel” tab to reverse it.

What are the ways for Vueling Airlines flight cancellations?

There are two ways for Vueling Airlines flight cancellations. First, you will have to visit the website. Follow the ongoing instructions under “Your Booking” and cancel your flight. Or else, you can go with the offline method. With this, you can connect with the air operator through its phone number. Request the agents and provide the details needed for ticket cancellation. 

Can Vueling cancel flight 24 hours before departure?

Vueling Airlines can cancel a flight at any moment. Thus, it may occur after or before 24 hours of the departure time. In such situations, you can rely on this air carrier to assist you. Also, you can request it to put you on any other plane or receive a Vueling canceled flight refund.

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