VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel VivaAerobus Flight

The VivaAerobus cancellation policy is useful in a number of situations. These can be unanticipated personal or work emergencies. This policy is designed with a lot of features to make it easier for you to cancel flights in these situations. Whether you want to cancel a Zero Fare, Smart, or Extra class ticket, this policy comes in handy. Also, it can give you every option to start the reversal process at any time in an emergency before the departure. This cancellation policy also includes a section devoted to a revocation done by the air operator. Thus, VivaAerobus will help you even when the reversals are not done by you. 

VivaAerobus Cancellation Policy Guidelines

A passenger must abide by the guidelines set forth by the VivaAerobus authorities while canceling a flight. These can be applied only for those tickets that are purchased on call or through the Mexican carrier’s website using points. If you have bought the flight tickets using one of these ways, then you are eligible to make cancellations and claim refunds too. 

Please see the information below to learn more about the other guidelines that will be useful to you while revoking your bookings: 

  • The air carrier will charge a penalty on a cancellation done after one day of a booking. 
  • A reversal fee applied in the cancellation process is not refundable. 
  • Travelers can’t cancel their plane tickets on their own when they have flight packages or bundles. 
  • According to the VivaAerobus cancelation policy, you will need assistance from a travel agent for reversing your flight if you had booked a ticket via him/her. The policy may not be effective in that case.
  • All your ticket money will be lost in the event that you don’t show up at the airport. 
  • There will be no revocation fee assessed to a tourist who cancels a flight due to an extenuating situation. This can be inclusive of illness, judicial order, death in the family, etc. In these or similar situations, you need to provide relevant documents as proof. 
  • Should you have a booking for an Award Ticket, then you cannot amend or cancel it. 

VivaAerobus 24 hours Cancellation Policy Features

The Mexican airline permits you to cancel your trip on a similar day as the one on which the reservation is made. This can be done as long as the carrier’s check-in window is open. The VivaAerobus cancellation policy for 24 hours indicates that by doing so, you will not have to spend any amount on paying penalties. Additionally, you can expect an entire refund when you cancel the ticket using the 24-hour policy. These conditions are only applicable when the departure date is seven or more days away from the revocation. 

airfleetrating-VivaAerobus 24 hours Cancellation

Note: Whether you have a non-refundable or refundable ticket, VivaAerobus offers a free flight reversal. Therefore, flyers of all its classes such as Extra, Zero Fare, Smart, and Light should be aware of the twenty-four-hour cancellation policy.

How to Cancel a Flight on VivaAerobus?

Visiting the airport is a preferred way of canceling tickets. But for your convenience, VivaAerobus has introduced other ways so that you can cancel them from your location. You can use its website or contact number for this purpose. See to it that you follow the guidelines of both methods correctly to cancel VivaAerobus flights.

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Method 1: Viva Aerobus Cancel Flight Online 

A plane ticket cancellation procedure can be easily done via this provider’s website. Before you move to the site, make sure that you are executing this at the specified time. It can be done four hours earlier than the planned departure. After this period, the website may not accept your cancellation request. 

The following are the steps indicating the process to use the VivaAerobus cancel flight online method: 

  • Please visit the VivaAerobus website ““. 
  • You must now click the “My Bookings” button. 
  • A box will open. In that, you need to add some information including the “Last Name”, and “Reservation Code” belonging to you. 
  • Now, you can click the “Search” tab. 
  • The reservation made by you is likely to appear here. Select the “Cancel” feature for this. 
  • You will then be prompted to confirm the reversal by paying a fee. If no fee is asked for, then free cancellation will be assured.

Note: You can save the confirmation of this cancellation for applying for a refund in the future.

Method 2: Over the Telephone 

VivaAerobus has nurtured the objective to give incredible services to its tourists on call. Services such as flight cancellation are included in these. The carrier based in Mexico has a skilled staff who will serve you in any way to cancel VivaAerobus flights. Both domestic and international flights are to be considered for cancellation via this calling method. For contact information, you can check the website. Otherwise, you can try to dial +52-(81)-8215-0150 to directly connect with the staff. 

Look at the information below to know the further procedure: 

  • On the phone, you will have to state the reason for the call. 
  • After explaining the situation, you can request flight cancellation from the officials. 
  • Then you might be required to provide the necessary information, such as flight details, ticket number, your/passenger’s entire name, etc. 
  • After verification, it is possible that the air carrier will ask you to pay a fee. You can ask about the exact charge and submit it.

In the end, you will receive a notification when the flight cancellation process has been successfully completed. This will help you verify that you executed the calling method in the right way.

VivaAerobus Cancellation Fees

The fees levied for flight cancellations by this airline can vary, based on some aspects. One of these aspects is the location involved in traveling. It can play a significant role in deciding the fee structure in the VivaAerobus cancelation policy. Hence, when you are traveling around, to, or from Mexico, then the fees can be charged differently. 

See below to know the details of the VivaAerobus cancellation fees:

When you go around Mexico, the following fee is charged:

Duration for CancelingFees
After 1 day of making a reservationUSD 80
Between 4-5 hours from the departureUSD 110

In case you fly to or from Mexico, you need to be conscious of the following:

Duration for CancelingFees
For a flight leaving in twenty-four hoursUSD 45 to USD 50
For flights leaving between 4 to 24 hours from the departureUSD 62 to USD 67

VivaAerobus Cancelled Flight Compensation

When passengers experience delays or cancellations due to this airline’s mistake, it makes an effort to compensate them. There are several requirements that must be completed by both passengers and the air carrier in order to be eligible for reimbursement. These requirements have been established in accordance with European legislation. 

The following are the requirements of VivaAerobus cancel flight compensation that you must know: 

  • If a flight is canceled and delay of 4 hours or more, then you will be compensated. 
  • Travelers will be responsible for accurately submitting the banking and contact information to the air carrier for proceeding with the process of compensation. 
  • The reimbursement shall be given in 10 calendar days.
  • When Viva Aerobus cancel flights or delays/diverts/replaces them for reasons not directly attributable to the airline, you will not be reimbursed. These occurrences can be because of natural disasters, bad weather, air traffic, strikes, and the decisions made by the government.
  • The airline offers its customers to rebook flights on another aircraft when compensating them otherwise is not possible.

VivaAerobus Refund Policy 

To get a refund on cancellation, you should be aware of some conditions. They are covered in this airline’s refund policy. One condition is that a visitor must cancel his/her plane ticket on time. Regardless of the type of ticket, you will be deemed a no-show when you fail to reverse prior to the planned schedule. If you are listed as a no-show visitor, then you will not be qualified for a refund. Make sure to cancel it earlier than your leaving date and time. Otherwise, you will lose the value of your whole ticket. 

airfleetrating-Viva Aerobus Refund policy

Other such conditions related to a refund are mentioned below: 

  • A full refund is available for a flight cancellation requested during the twenty-four hours of a booking. 
  • The amount of a refund can depend on the kind of ticket. Also, whether or not a ticket is refundable plays an important role.
  • The VivaAerobus refund policy may not provide refunds for low-fare classes. Nevertheless, you can confirm the same from the airline.
  • A traveler will receive money in the form of a voucher in some instances. It can be used for future purchases. However, it cannot be transferred or billed.
  • On non-refundable tickets, after the risk-free period, you will be refunded the amount by deducting some charges against it.
  • You will receive a refund for cancellation done prior to the departure time. It will be given in the actual form of payment.

Note: This Mexican air operator will execute your refund using the method of payment you originally used. The final sum of money will not appear in your account right away. The functioning of the VivaAerobus refund policy is such that it can take seven to ten business days. 

How do I Receive a VivaAerobus Refund? 

In the event of a cancellation, for receiving a refund, you must fulfill some eligibility criteria given in the VivaAerobus refund policy. When the criteria are matched, you can apply for refunds. Although you can connect with VivaAerobus at the airport, it will be more feasible to apply for refunds online. With the availability of a direct feature to make a request, no inconvenience may be seen.

  • Open the below link:
  • You can search for the “How to Request a Refund” feature. 
  • After finding it, you can get the steps for claiming the amount. 
  • By following them, you can quickly request your money back. 
  • In the end, get in touch with the airline to know the status of your refund. Otherwise, you can check it online via this Mexican carrier’s website as well. 

In a Nutshell,

VivaAerobus has expertise in handling cancellations. Over years, with the continuous implementation of its VivaAerobus cancellation policy, it has become experienced in assisting passengers. Hence, when you have to revoke your booking, you can trust this professional airline to supply you with the best methods. Eventually, your requests will be appropriately handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the VivaAerobus Airlines refund policy rules?

The Viva Aerobus refund policy has streamlined the requirements for receiving your money back after cancellation. The type of ticket determines the total amount of money you will get. If it is a refundable ticket, then you can get your money back easily.  

Will you get Viva Aerobus Cancel flight online notification?

Yes, any cancellations or delays attempted by Viva Aerobus are to be notified online. The updates can be sent to your registered email. 

How to cancel flight VivaAerobus online?

1. Open the Web browser & Sign into the website
2. After that, click on the “My Booking” tab.
3. Once the booking has been displayed, hit the “Cancel” option.
4. Next, when prompted by the operator, pay the necessary cancellation fee.

How to cancel a VivaAerobus flight via Phone number?

You can cancel a Viva Aerobus flight via dial, +52-(81)-8215-0150.

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