SWISS Air Cancellation Policy

swiss air 24 hour cancellation policy

Due to health problems, a passenger may cancel a flight. It can be prevented but you may still decide against flying in this situation, just to be safe. The Swiss Air cancellation policy is made to help passengers from this hassle. They can make a reversal with the help of this policy and expect a refund when possible. Aside from health problems, the policy also caters to other reasons for cancellations. Going through it in depth can develop your knowledge better.

Swiss Air Cancellation Policy

Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy Highlights

A traveler should follow certain conditions outlined by Swiss Air in order to qualify for cancellation. By adhering to these conditions, reversing a plane ticket can be made straightforward. Travelers with all types of tickets are subject to the same. Concerning this policy, plane tickets can be revoked up to 24 hours before scheduled departure.

The conditions for the Swiss Air cancellation policy are as follows: 

  • When the first 24 hours have passed after booking, you will have to pay cancellation charges. 
  • It is essential to cancel a flight with a similar method as when you made your booking. 
  • When you book a flight via a travel agency, the airline cannot be directly approached.
  • It can be termed a no-show situation in case you arrive at the airport but do not board. In such situations, reversal fees are equal to the cost of the flight. 
  • According to the Swiss Airlines cancellation policy, in the case of an Award ticket, you may not receive your money back. 
  • Assuming that you have canceled a flight due to health issues, you can receive a complete refund. For that, you will have to present all medical documentation asked for.  

Swiss Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

It can take a lot of work to organize a trip. Yet, sometimes obstacles arise and journeys may be canceled. For that, Swiss Airlines has introduced a 24 hour cancellation policy. Owing to this policy, to get the benefit of Swiss Air free cancellation, a traveler will have to reverse a flight within 24 hours of buying it. To be eligible for the said benefit, the booking should be made a week prior to the flight’s leave time.

The following are the other conditions of the 24-hour policy: 

  • Group reservations and rewards tickets are not covered in this policy. 
  • The Economy Class is subject to the Swiss Air 24 hour cancellation policy. 
  • This policy assists visitors to receive a complete refund on cancellations. 
  • If you have bought a ticket using points, then you can only get a return on cancellation within twenty-four hours of reservation.

COVID-19 Policy for Swiss Cancellation

A growing concern that has increased the number of flight cancellations is the coronavirus. For that, the Swiss carrier may allow tourists to cancel their plane tickets. This cancellation may not be charged any fees. Furthermore, with regard to the COVID-19 situation, a refund may also be processed. 

Ticket Cancellation Reasons at Swiss Air

At times, passport issues can restrict tourists from flying. Suppose that a passport has been stolen. Or else, other situations related to the passport can also affect traveling. Thus, this policy helps you to make easy cancellations. 

A visitor can cancel a flight for the following reasons as well: 

  • Medical injuries or occurrences
  • Unforeseen family events
  • Work emergencies 
  • The inability to catch flights on time

How to Cancel Flight SWISS Air?

The carrier based in Switzerland has provided numerous choices for plane ticket cancellations in order to make its services available to multiple kinds of travelers. Owing to the Swiss Air ticket cancellation policy, using the online method or getting in touch with the customer service department are two of these options. Both methods are quite simple to utilize. 

Method 1: Cancel Swiss Flight via Manage Booking

A passenger should go to the Swiss main website to cancel his/her plane ticket. This quick and easy online procedure can be finished in a matter of minutes. Additionally, using this procedure can be the best choice for canceling foreign flights. For that, on the site, you will have to input your ticket information in the Book and Manage section. 


Given below is a step-by-step breakdown explaining how to cancel a Swiss Air flight Online:

  • Open the official website of Swiss Air.
  • Open the “Manage my booking” section available on the Homepage.
  • To view your Booking Log in with your Travel ID or your Booking Code.
  • Fill in your six-digit booking code and your name.
  • After that, Click on the “Submit” button. 
  • Select the booking that you want to cancel.
  • Click on the “Cancel” tab. 
  • Pay the fee if applicable. 
  • At last, wait for the confirmation from Swiss Airlines. 

Method 2: Offline Way to Cancel a Swiss Flight

Following the Swiss Air cancelation policy, when you wish to reverse a flight at the last moment, the offline method can be the best. You will have to contact the customer service department of Swiss Air. By doing so, the cancellation procedure can proceed easily. This is because the representatives will themselves deal with the same. 

The contact numbers can be found at the main site of the airline. Follow these steps to learn how to find them for your country: 

  • To reach the contact numbers, kindly come to the main website of the carrier. 
  • Scroll down the homepage of the site. Press the “Contacts” feature given in the “Customer Support” section. 
  • Again scroll down the page. You can have the “Your Local Contact In” tab. Hit on it. 
  • There6, you can find the contact numbers of the customer service department of Swiss Airlines. 

Some contact numbers belonging to different countries are mentioned as follows: 

Country Contact Number 
United Kingdom +44-345-601-0956
Sri Lanka +94-1-12-43-54-03
Singapore +65-68-23-20-10

For other countries’ phone numbers, you can see the main website of the air operator. 

Pick the contact number and dial it. On-call, ask the officials to cancel flight Swiss Air. Give the plane ticket details to the officials. Then they will track your booking and cancel your flight quickly. Since this procedure may not always be free, please ask how much fee is to be paid and how. Post the payment has been made, you will be informed about the completion of the cancellation procedure. 

How much is the Swiss Air Cancellation Fee?

The Swiss Air cancellation fee depends on the fare type, location, and the time of cancellation. Also, domestic and foreign flights can be charged when reversals are made. 

To know the exact fees, please refer to some points below: 

Cancellation TimeCancellation Fee
Within 24 hours of bookingNo fee
More than 24 hours but less than 48 hours before departure€20 to €50
More than 48 hours but less than 7 days before departure€50 to €200
More than 7 days before departureFull refund of base fare, taxes, and fees

Swiss Air Refund Policy

A passenger can take a refund from Swiss Air in some instances after cancellation. For that, you should adhere to the cancellation policy in order to receive a return. Also, after making your request, please wait for seven business days. Then the passenger’s refund can be credited to the account. 

Furthermore, you need to be aware of the following things to get your refund: 

  • The amount will always be sent in the same mode of transaction that has been utilized to purchase a ticket. 
  • Visitors who desire a refund should meet the requirements in three to five working days. 
  • A traveler can obtain an entire refund in case he or she has canceled a flight in twenty-four hours after its booking. 
  • According to the Swiss Air cancellation policy, the ticket should be refundable. 
  • On non-refundable tickets, you will receive trip points that may be used to book a new flight. 

How to claim a refund from Swiss Airlines? 

A tourist can get a refund by locating the Swiss main website. There, you can have the refund form. By adding information to the form, you can easily claim the amount. The detailed steps for claiming money back, under the Swiss Air flight cancellation policy, are stated below: 

  • Open Refund section available under Customer Support.
  • To request ticket refund manually
  • Fill Flight booking and passenger Name.
  • Click on the Submit Button.

Swiss Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

Assuming that the air carrier cancels a passenger’s flight, she/she will be given compensation. The Swiss Air cancelled flight compensation can be decided by some factors. These are inclusive of but not limited to the kind of ticket you have, route traveled, etc. Following this, flyers are entitled to complimentary refreshments from the air operator when there is a notable delay in the trip. 

Please refer to the below points to get a better understanding of the Swiss Air compensation for cancelled flights: 

  • The carrier may compensate up to €600.
  • Provided that the airline claims compensation on a customer’s behalf, a penalty will be taken from the total amount. This can be around 30% of this amount.
  • In case of more than three hours of delay, owing to an airline error, you will be provided with the next flight. If you do not wish to fly on the same, then you will be given complete Swiss Air cancelled flight compensation. 
  • Presuming that long delays are expected, you will be provided hotel accommodations. 

Sometimes, after a reservation, cancellations may be opted for. Knowing whether or not the air carrier you have selected can allow you to cancel a flight and give you a refund is useful. With the airline based in Switzerland, you can expect both. The Swiss Air cancellation policy allows revocations and provides refunds as well. Flyers won’t have to worry provided that they abide by all of the aforementioned requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel a Swiss Air flight?

Passengers are allowed to cancel their Swiss Air reservations. The flexible Swiss Air cancellation policy allows you to cancel before or after one day of a reservation. In addition to this, there are multiple methods given to revoke a plane ticket. 

When can Swiss Air cancel booking?

Swiss Air can cancel a booking of a flyer at times. This depends on certain situations that may harm your safety. This is why it is essential to know your flight’s current status. In order to learn the reservation status before going to the airport, you can connect with the air operator. 

Can I cancel flight Swiss Air after check-in?

Under the Swiss Air flight cancellation policy, plane tickets can be undone up to twenty-four hours before departure. So, you may not be able to reverse a booking after check-in. Eventually, to know the availability of this in exceptional instances, you can get in touch with the air carrier. 

How to cancel flight Swiss Air?

You can use the offline method to cancel a Swiss flight. On-call, you can request the revocation and give the representatives the plane ticket details. The information can be your entire name, ticket number, timing, and date of departure. Then the officials will start tracking your booking and begin with the procedure. 

What are the limitations of the Swiss Airlines cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy’s limitation is observed in its refund process for those travelers who require their money instantly. To credit it, the airline can take around 7 days, as per the Swiss Air cancellation policy. But to speed up the process, you can try initiating the refund request early.

What are Swiss Air ticket cancellation policy guidelines?

The guidelines of the cancellation policy are very important to understand because they make reservations easy to cancel. It can permit you to immediately revoke a flight for a valid reason. Furthermore, you will be eligible for a refund on cancellation when you qualify for it. By referring to this policy’s guidelines, you can also avoid the revocation penalties. 

How to cancel a booking on Swiss Air online?

To cancel flight Swiss Air online, you will have to access the main website. From a drop-down menu of the “Book and Manage” feature, you can pick the option “Manage My Booking”. Then input the details as asked in the appropriate spaces and reach for the “Submit” tab. Now, to revoke a flight, choose your reservation, and hit on the “Cancel” button. At last, pay the fees when asked.

Can the flights of Swiss Air cancel 24 hours before departure?

Yes, Swiss Air has the authority to cancel a flight at any time. Then, it can be before or after twenty-four hours as well. When this happens, you can count on the airline to help you. You can ask it to put you on any other flight or refund your ticket’s value.

What is the Swiss Air cancellation penalty?

A penalty will be assessed when a traveler cancels his or her flying plans. This can depend on the kind of ticket, reversal date, etc. In the case of Basic Fare tickets, you will have to sacrifice your whole ticket’s amount as a Swiss Air cancellation fee. On reversing a flight after one day of booking, you will have to pay a penalty starting from USD 100 and going up to USD 400. 

How to avoid cancellation fee Swiss Air?

A visitor has twenty-four hours to cancel a booking after making it. It is possible to cancel it without paying a fee. You can relax about the revocation charges during this risk-free period. Additionally, on cancellation, you can get your entire payment refunded. In this way, you will be able to avoid the fee.

How can I cancel my Swiss Air flight?

The carrier based in Switzerland, Swiss Air, has offered two simple methods for canceling a flight. The first method can be exercised online. You will have to come to the main website of Swiss Air and enter the details in the “Manage My Booking” tab. In the offline method, you will be directly connected with the carrier officials over the phone to cancel flight Swiss Air

Can I get a Swiss Air cancellation refund on the same day?

A refund can be given to a traveler when he/she cancels a flight adhering to the rules of the policy. It cannot be given on a similar day, however, regardless of obeying all the rules. Usually, only up to seven working days, a refund can be credited to the account. To find out the precise time for the refunded amount, you can contact Swiss Air. 

How much is the Swiss Air cancelled flight refund?

A Swiss Air cancelled flight refund can be accessed when the air operator cancels a reservation. The ticket type, route taken, and other factors can influence the refund. In accordance with the cancellation policy, you will get a return in the form of compensation up to €600 depending on the factors.

Can I get Swiss Air compensation for cancelled flights?

Yes, flyers can receive compensation for canceled reservations. It can be granted when Swiss Air cancel booking or postpones it. Swiss Air is aware of how inconvenient it can be for flyers to have a reservation canceled. Depending on the kind of ticket you have, compensation will be decided. 

Will Swiss Air cancel flights?

Swiss Air occasionally cancels flights due to a variety of reasons, such as Weather, Mechanical problems, Labor disputes, and Air traffic control issues.

Is Swiss Air cancelling flights?

It is difficult to say definitively whether or not Swiss Air is canceling flights, as the airline does not typically release this information proactively.

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