SriLankan Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel SriLankan Airlines Flight

The SriLankan Airlines cancellation policy provides instructions on why, when, and how to revoke a reservation. Deciding on a flight cancellation is easier. However, executing this, in reality, will require assistance in the case of a flyer who is not aware of the terms and procedures.

This policy’s primary goal is to completely notify you of the procedures to take in this regard. By referring to the same, you can also understand the crucial terms, related costs, exemptions, and other things. 

What are the SriLankan Airlines Cancellation Policy Guidelines?

For multiple reasons, passengers have no choice but to cancel their flights. It is crucial to know and follow the rules that the authorities have created in such situations. You can easily reverse your flight with the same procedure that was employed at the time of booking, owing to these rules. Additionally, it can make it simpler to submit a refund. 

More such rules are provided below: 

  • A ticket is redeemable for a year from the date it was issued. 
  • When you fail to follow through on your planned itinerary and do not cancel your reservation five hours from the departure, you will be marked as a no-show. Then, according to the Sri Lankan Airlines cancellation policy, you will be charged a fee. 
  • A traveler must cancel a ticket at least five hours prior to the planned schedule to avoid paying a higher fee. 
  • Supposing that you are reversing your flight ticket after one day or twenty-four hours of a booking, SriLankan Airlines will charge you a specific fee. 
  • Flights reserved through approved channels of SriLankan Airlines are qualified for direct cancellations. 

Srilankan Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

Many carriers have a twenty-four hours policy. Similarly, SriLankan Airlines also has this policy for its customers’ benefit. With this, you will be entitled to a complete refund on cancellation. Other benefits are allocated as well when you read the following conditions: 

airfleetrating-SriLankan Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy
  • A passenger is entitled to a free SriLankan Airlines ticket cancellation. This is given when he/she has revoked a flight during twenty-four hours of making it. 
  • Only reservations made at least 72 hours before departure are eligible for this policy.  
  • This 24-hour feature is for all ticket types. These types can be Economy, Business Class, and others. 

How to Cancel Srilankan Airlines Ticket

The provider offers a variety of ways to cancel a flight. After considering the urgency of your cancellation, you can select the option that best suits your needs. Either you can connect with the carrier and request the cancellation or do it on your own by using the main website of this air operator.

As a suggestion for choosing one method, you can go through the rules of the Sri Lankan Airlines cancellation policy and check what is more convenient to follow.

airfleetrating-How to Cancel SriLankan Flight

Method 1: Connecting with the Officials on Call

For canceling flights, the calling method works well. Additionally, it is beneficial when you are canceling your international flight because of urgency. To start with this method, you will need the contact number of this carrier.

So, go to the SriLankan website to find out the phone number that is supported by your country. Then you will have to press the 24 Hours Contacting Center feature that is given at the bottom of the page. With just one click, you can have the contact numbers displayed by this air operator. 

Now, the following steps can guide you to the information needed on call: 

  • Over the telephone, ask the representatives to cancel flight SriLankan Airlines. 
  • Then give your flight information. Mainly, this can comprise the following:
    • Entire name
    • Time and date of leaving
    • Booking reference
    • Seat number and more information 
  • After providing these details, you will be requested to pay the fees. Once payment is done, the representatives will complete the process as soon as possible. Followed by this, they will inform you of the same. 

Method 2: Accessing the SriLankan Website 

After making your booking online, you can use the Manage Booking tab to cancel a flight. This is suggested for completely unused tickets. In just a few steps, cancellations will be automatically handled by an automated process. 

Note: When on a single PNR, that has multiple travelers booked, it will result in all bookings’ cancellations. So, make sure that every traveler has his or her personal PNR. Otherwise, for those who do not want to cancel a ticket, the system automatically revokes it. 

See the detailed instructions on how to cancel SriLankan Airlines ticket from the webpage below: 

  • Open your browser and come to the website of this air carrier “” 
  • Ensure that you are on the 1st page of this site. 
  • You will have to pick the “Manage Booking” tab. 
  • Now, you will be required to give some information. It can relate to your “Booking Reference” as well as “Last Name”. 
  • In the next step, please tap on the “>” option. 
  • Your flight will be displayed on the page followed by that. 
  • Pick a reservation that you do not want to go ahead with.
  • Press on the “Cancel” feature. 
  • You will need to pay some penalties when asked. Once you clear the payment, you will be given a message confirming your flight reversal.

In case you plan to apply for a refund, this message can be required. So, make sure that you save it or keep a copy of it with you. 

Requests through Social Media

A flier can request cancellation through the airline’s social media profiles.

Social ProfilesLinks

SriLankan Airlines Cancellation Fees

Carriers like SriLankan Airlines’ main goal is to provide affordable travel services. It is because of this reason that the air operator charges a reasonable price for SriLankan Airlines flight cancellation. Also, it can be based on a variety of circumstances and conditions. 

To know these, you can look at the below-shown information: 

  • Luckily, you have 24 hours’ time after making a reservation to cancel a flight without incurring any fees. 
  • Assuming that you have missed the first twenty-four hours of booking, you will be charged for it. 
  • No-show and cancellation fees can be differentiated. As of now, no-show fees can be kept higher than the regular fees.
  • There are some factors affecting the fees. One such factor is the kind of ticket a visitor has. The cancellation request timing can also play an important role in calculating fees. 

After estimating all the factors, the airline can apply the final charge. You learn about it accurately after getting in touch with this airline.

Srilankan Airlines Refund Policy

Should you have decided not to continue your journey, then you must cancel flight SriLankan Airlines during twenty-four hours of making it. This is suggested in order to receive a complete refund. Also, whether or not you are qualified for the same, it is significant to know the rules. 

Some important rules regarding receiving a SriLankan Airlines refund are provided below: 

  • A refund is unavailable for tickets provided as part of offers or with special conditions. 
  • You can receive your refund with the same credit or debit card that you used to buy the flight tickets. Even if you have used a different card to pay for a cancellation fee, this rule will apply. 
  • Under the SriLankan Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger can make a refund request before the ticket expiration date. 
  • Certain add-ons and services are not refundable. 
  • By requesting this amount, you can get a message in three to four business days from the SriLankan Online Refunds team. It should possibly carry the details of the refund.
  • The procedure to receive a refund is a maximum of fourteen business days long. Kindly check with the bank that issued your credit card when you have not got your refunded amount after the said duration.

What is the Procedure for Claiming a Refund Amount? 

The air carrier has made it easy to get a refund by using the SriLankan website. On this, you will have a unique feature available with the name 24 Hours Contact Center. With the help of this, you will be directed to the refund form. Hence, it will work as a medium of claiming a refund. 

To know the directions for claiming a refund, according to the SriLankan Airlines ticket cancellation policy, the following information will be useful:  

  • Find the website belonging to SriLankan Airlines. 
  • On opening it, click on the “24 Hours Contact Center” tab. 
  • Now, in the search section, kindly write “SriLankan Refunds”. 
  • A box will be displayed with many options. You will have to choose the “Online Refund” feature. 
  • You can now get a refund form. You will have to fill out all the necessary details in it. You will also have to use “Retrieve Booking”. 
  • The next step is to fill in “Flight Information”, “Payment”, “Reason”, and finally, enter your “Personal Details”. 
  • Once you add these details, tap on the “Retrieve Now” tab. 
  • Furthermore, follow the instructions on the display. Soon your information will be submitted to the air carrier. 
  • In some days, you can have your refund in your bank account. 

SriLankan Airlines Cancel Booking Compensation

At times, the air operator, SriLankan Airlines is obligated to cancel a flight. Eventually, it will conflict with a passenger’s trip. As an air passenger, your rights are protected by EU Regulation 261/2004. With this, you can get SriLankan Airlines cancel flight compensation. Also, the actual amount of compensation can be decided based on how far you were to travel. 

To get a better understanding of this, you can see the details below: 

  • From SriLankan Airlines, you can request compensation up to USD 700. 
  • EU law specifies that you can get reimbursement for your inconvenience when the air carrier was at fault. Also, ensure that it failed to notify you about SriLankan Airlines cancelled flights at least fourteen days prior to the leaving date. 
  • Some fees can be deducted from the total amount of compensation. This can be done when the air operator claims reimbursement in place of the flyer. 

In Closing,

Among the most well-known carriers is SriLankan Airlines. This is because of its well-formed policies that help passengers whether they are booking their tickets or canceling them. As seen here, with the help of the SriLankan Airlines cancellation policy, you can learn what to do when a trip cannot be continued. Given the details of the methods, canceling tickets would no longer be problematic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to cancel flight SriLankan Airlines?

A passenger can take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes on a call to cancel flight SriLankan Airlines. Likewise, at the airport, sometimes, you will have to wait for one hour to complete the cancellation procedure, depending on passengers’ requests. Alternatively, if you are going with the online method, then you can do the process within a few minutes on your own. However, at times, when the server is not working properly, it may take some more time to cancel a plane ticket.

How to cancel SriLankan Airlines tickets?

Should you want to cancel a flight, then you can go with the offline method. You will have to call +022-7127-9158. Once connected, tell the officials to cancel your flight and mention the reason as well. You will be asked for some of the details necessary for your identification. After giving these details, then pay the fees if any. In the end, wait for the officials to complete the SriLankan Airlines cancellation process for you.

What is the main reason behind SriLankan Airlines cancellation?

When there is any difficulty in flying a plane, the flight can be canceled. The highest operating weight of a plane is one such factor. In case the weight reaches that threshold, takeoff is impossible. So, flying the plane will also be problematic. This weight can increase due to food, traveler’s bags, fuel, and other things that may be more than the baggage limit. 

How do I pay the SriLankan Airlines cancellation fee?

You will have different payment methods to pay the SriLankan Airlines cancellation fees. One such method can be via a debit or credit card. Or else, the air carrier accepts cash as well.

Are SriLankan Airlines ticket cancellation charges high?

SriLankan Airlines always tries to keep the fees lower for its flyers.

How to cancel SriLankan Airlines ticket online?

To cancel a SriLankan Airlines flight online follow the given steps,
1. Open the Official website of this airline
2.. then go to the “Manage Booking” option.
3. Provide all the information
4. Now, you will reach your reservation.
5. Pick and choose the “Cancel” feature.

Will I receive a SriLankan Airlines cancel booking notification?

You can get a notification via email or text about SriLankan Airlines cancel booking with a reason as well.

Are you informed before SriLankan Airlines cancel flights?

SriLankan Airlines always tries to inform passengers of their canceled flights as much as possible.

What if SriLankan Airlines cancelled flights? 

For valid reasons, SriLankan Airlines may cancel your flight. It may or may not always have control over them. Also, the air carrier does not leave you stranded in such a situation. As it provides you with a seat on upcoming flights, according to the SriLankan Airlines cancellation policy. Or else, you are allowed to request compensation against it. The request can be made on time. Otherwise, you may not get your compensation. 

How to check SriLankan Airlines flight cancellation status?

On a flight’s cancellation, you can get a message or an email from the air carrier.

Can SriLankan Airlines cancel flights due to bad weather?

Yes, Sri Lankan Airlines cancel flights due to bad weather.

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