Saudi Arabian Airlines Cancellation Policy 

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Before traveling with a particular carrier, it is important to know its various policies, especially when you want to revoke a flight. In the same way, understanding Saudi Arabia Airlines cancellation policy before booking a ticket with this airline will prove to be beneficial. The various methods of revocation and the amount of fee charged can be known as well. 

Main Guidelines: Saudi Arabian Airlines Ticket Reversal

It is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that the flight revocation process is conducted smoothly. For this reason, the Saudi Airlines ticket cancellation policy has given a set of guidelines. All the passengers must cooperate with the airline and follow the given rules and conditions: 

  • For the regulations of the policy to be applicable to your reservations, the bookings must have been made through the official sources of the airline. 
  • After the cancellation of the tickets, travelers will be eligible to claim a refund. 
  • In case you have used the assistance of a third-party agency to make your reservation, you will have to contact them for any modifications. 
  • All the tickets booked through the airline’s call center can only be canceled by contacting the respective call center. 
  • You will be required to revoke your flights within the stipulated period of time. 
  • Before undoing your trip, you will be informed whether your ticket is eligible for revocation or not. 
  • Passengers will only be entitled to receive flight compensation when the ticket gets reversed by the airline itself and not by the passengers. 
  • You may be needed to pay a certain amount of fee for undoing your trip. This fee can vary. 

Note: Any questions related to the above-given guidelines can be resolved by connecting with the agents of this carrier. Otherwise, you can also check the main carrier of the site. 

Saudi Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy 

This carrier has a separate Saudi Airlines 24-hour ticket cancellation policy. This policy relates to all flights which are revoked within the first 24 hours of booking. According to this: 

  • No fee will have to be paid when flights are reversed during the risk-free period which is the first 24 hours of reservation. 
  • These passengers will be under no obligation to pay any additional charges as a penalty. 
  • A full refund will be given to the travelers who cancel their booking during the risk-free period. 
  • This period will be calculated from the time of confirmation of your reservation. 
  • In case you exceed the given time window, you will be subject to the payment of the necessary charges. 
  • Generally, this one-day risk-free period policy is applicable to all types of fares. 
  • This policy can only be implemented when your tickets have been booked directly at the carrier’s site. 

Note: Full refunds here refer to the 100% refund amount without the deduction of any charges. 

Saudi Arabia Airlines Refund Policy

All the reimbursements that are given upon the successful revocation of the tickets come under the refund policy. These refunds can be in the form of money or vouchers. Sometimes, they can also be given in the form of services. However, the eligibility for claiming Saudi Airlines’ ticket refund depends on your ticket. 

Eligibility for Refunds: 

On this carrier, in order to be able to request a refund, passengers will have to adhere to the following conditions: 

  • Tickets booked and reversed through the agents of the sales office can only be refunded when you contact the respective agents. 
  • In case you have paid for your ticket using a credit card, then refunds will only be given if the revocation was done via the official site. 
  • To reverse flights that are not registered in the PNR, you will have to reach out to the Guest Care Centre of the carrier using Whatsapp chat. 
  • Passengers will only be permitted to request a refund when the original ticket was paid for in any of the following forms: 
    • SPAN
    • Check
    • Cash
    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • SADAD
  • EMD known as Electronic Miscellaneous Document will be refined to the bank account of the Guest. 
  • All the members of Alfursan can claim their refunds using the official site of the airline.
  • To demand a reimbursement on tickets booked through travel agencies, the only option available is to contact the agent. 
  • In order to get money back on reissued tickets, you will have to go to the sales office. The online website cannot be used in such cases. 
  • To know the Saudi Airlines ticket refund status, contacting the airline agents will be necessary. 
  • The rules of the refund policy might get altered from time to time based on seasonal variations. 

Note: Based on the time of the request, a full refund without the deduction of cancellation charges may or may not be offered. You can connect with the airline to know more about the same. 

Eligibility for Refunds Based on the Ticket Type: 

According to the type of your ticket, that is, adult, child, or infant, your eligibility will be decided. Also, this depends on your ticket fare, that is, Saver, Basic, or Flex. The following criterion will now be implemented: 

  • On Saver fares, refund requests made 2 days before or after the flight’s departure will not be accepted. This is the case for adult, child, and infant fares. 
  • On Basic fares, a fee of around 90 SAT to 110 SAR will be incurred on adult tickets. 
  • Child tickets of Basix fares will be charged 25% less than the adult fares. 
  • The Saudi Airlines booking refund policy charges 90% less than the adult fares on infant tickets of the Basic category. 
  • Also, the same amount of discount on the child and infant fares is allowed under the Flex category as well. 
  • The same conditions apply to Business class fares. 
  • There will be a slight change in the fees when it comes to international flights which will be informed at the time of making a request. 

Note: Generally, these charges remain constant for a major part of the year. However, any change or update in the fee will be informed to the passengers at the appropriate time. 

Claiming Refunds on Saudi Airlines: 

Based on the type of your ticket, you can claim the refund either by online or offline method. Irrespective of the method by which reimbursement is claimed, the amount will be credited back without fail. The only difference lies in the way each of these methods operates. 

If you wish to continue with the online mode, you will have to submit a Saudi Airlines flight ticket refund form. For this, you may follow the steps given below: 

  • Go to your primary search engine and enter the page for “Refund Request Form”.
  • This will redirect you to the official form where you have to provide all the important details like “ticket number” and “last name”. 
  • After giving the details, click on “New Request”. 
  • The website will continue the reimbursement procedure by taking you to the new redirected pages as necessary. 
  • Follow all the instructions given on the site to finish the refund request process. 

Note: Tickets booked via unofficial sources or sites cannot be refunded using the online method. 

As mentioned under the refund eligibility criterion, reimbursements on certain tickets can only be claimed offline. To follow through with the offline procedure, refer to the points given below: 

  • You will have to reach out to the agents at the respective sales office. 
  • To know the number associated with your area, visit the link for this airline’s call-centers.
  • Here, you will find a list of countries along with the contact numbers. 
  • Call the respective number and ask the agent for a Saudi Airlines flight ticket refund. 
  • Give all the necessary details and the agents will continue the process. 
  • The airline will take a few days to fully process your request. 

Note: EMD refund requests can be claimed through the link for “EMD Refund”.

Canceling Flights on Saudi Arabia Airlines 

Passengers have the opportunity to revoke their flights through 2 main options just as under the refund policy. These include online and offline procedures. The former includes visiting the main site of the airline while the latter involves getting in touch with the agents. 

Depending on your convenience, you can choose the option best suitable under Saudi Airlines’ ticket cancellation policy. However, before you select a method, knowing the working of each of these options is necessary. 

Method 1: Reversing the Tickets Online 

This is the most commonly used option for flight reversals. It ensures that the process is completed in a smooth manner without any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, you are recommended to prefer this option when long-distance international flights are to be revoked. 

You will be required to give your details under the “Manage Booking” section to revoke flights by this method. Given below are the steps which explain in detail how to cancel Saudi Airlines flight tickets online: 

  • First, open the main website of this airline by entering the following link in your web browser “”. 
  • On the homepage of the site, you will find a panel of four tabs. From there, select the “Manage Booking” tab. 
  • Here, you will be needed to enter the information asked. In case you select “Reference No.”, the following details should be given:
    • Booking Reference No.
    • Last Name
  • In case you select the “E-Ticket No.”, the details to be entered are: 
    • E-Ticket Number 
    • Last Name
  • Once all the necessary information is filled out correctly, click on the arrow mark given on the right. 
  • Now, when the bookings are revoked select the specific booking that you would like to revoke. 
  • Click on the display button and discontinue your trip using the “cancel reservation” option. 
  • At this stage, make the payment of the revocation charges if required by the carrier. 
  • When your flight is officially revoked, you will get a confirmation mail to your registered address in which you can re-check your details. 

Note: The online site can also be used for making modifications to the ticket or selecting seats. Overall, it is the portal at which numerous features can be accessed including the claiming of Saudi Airlines refunds. 

Method 2: Reversing the Tickets Offline 

When the flight tickets are booked through agents or reissued, they will have to be revoked offline. Nevertheless, the offline procedure is considered the easiest for all those passengers who are not familiar with the technical aspects. To reverse your bookings offline, you just have to connect with the airline agents: 

To reach out to the agents, you can visit the link for call-centers and choose the number suitable to your region: 

  • Once the agents pick up the call, explain to them your reason for calling. 
  • Tell them that you wish to revoke your booking and mention the reason as well. 
  • The agents will ask you to submit the necessary information as required under the cancellation policy of Saudi Airlines. 
  • Upon scrutinizing these details, the agents will begin the revocation process. 
  • Pay the required charges when asked by the officials. 

As soon as the cancellation procedure is completed, you will either get a confirmation mail or a call through which you may recheck the details of the revoked flight. 

What Happens if Saudi Arabia Airlines Cancels Your Flight? 

Under certain circumstances, it becomes essential for the airline to revoke the flights. These may include both avoidable and unavoidable situations. Therefore, when bookings are discontinued by the carrier, passengers will have the right to receive Saudi Arabia Airlines compensation. 

When flights are reversed due to reasons such as: 

  • Mechanical and technical issues 
  • Delay of the pilot 
  • Overbooking of the aircraft 
  • Delay in the onboard services 

Compensation will be offered. This will include both service and monetary reimbursement as follows: 

  • Free food, drinks, and snacks will be provided within the first hour of delay of the flight’s departure time. 
  • Access to free hotel accommodations will be granted along with transportation services to and from the hotel. 
  • Travelers will be assigned seats on alternative flights to the same destination. 

However, the airline will not be liable to issue compensation to the passengers as per the following exemptions: 

  • When the flights are discontinued due to reasons outside the airline’s control like:
    • riots, 
    • strikes, 
    • or bad weather conditions. 
  • If information regarding the revoked flights has been conveyed to the travelers at least 14 days before the scheduled departure, in case of international bookings. 
  • When the status of the revoked flight has been updated to the passengers at least 7 days before in case of domestic flights. 
  • Even when you do not follow the Saudi Arabia baggage policy rules or check-in on time, the carrier may not be responsible for the consequences.

Note: Other exemptions may also be applied as per the Saudi Airlines flight ticket cancellation policy based on the arrival destination. 

Saudi Arabia Cancellation Fees

On this airline, the Saudi Arabia Airlines cancellation fee is generally applicable in the form of refund charges. 

  • These charges can range from SAR 80 to SAR 110 on domestic flights. 
  • On international bookings, they may go up to SAR 350. 

The exact amount of the fee that is applicable to your ticket will be informed at the time of revocation. 

The Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket cancellation policy enables travelers to reverse their bookings without any hassle. It ensures that every passenger has the right to seek assistance and convenience in regard to the reversal procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel a Saudi Arabia Airlines ticket? 

You can reverse flights on this carrier by using either the online or the offline options. 

Are Saudi Airlines flights canceled often? 

The airline does not revoke the flights except when it is absolutely required. 

Why does Saudi Airlines cancel flights? 

Reasons like bad weather conditions, technical or mechanical issues, and strikes cause ticket revocations. 

What are the Saudi Airlines international refund charges?

These reimbursement charges might range between SAR 100 and 350.

How much will be deducted from Saudi domestic flight cancellations? 

A fee of about SAR 80 to 110 will be deducted on revocations of domestic flights.  

How to claim compensation for a canceled flight on Saudi Airlines? 

Passengers should contact the sales office agents of the carrier to claim compensation. 

How much is the Saudi ticket cancellation fee? 

The exact amount of this fee will be informed at the time of cancellation. 

What is Saudi Airlines’ cancellation policy? 

This policy enables revocations and offers compensation and refunds. 

What are the cancellation charges for Saudi Airlines? 

These charges can range between SAR 30 and 350 based on the type of fare. 

How many days for processing Saudi refunds? 

Processing Saudi refund requests might take around 7 – 10 business days. 

How to refund Saudi Airlines tickets online? 

Online refunds can be claimed by visiting the official Saudi site. 

How to cancel/refund Saudi tickets offline? 

Offline requests can be made by calling the respective sales office agents. 

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