Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy

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Royal Air Maroc has a considerate facility for easy cancellations. Customers may easily reverse their flights under difficult situations using the Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy. The procedures for dealing with ticket reversals are simple and advantageous through loyalty programs.

Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy Highlights

Fliers should have an understanding of how this particular airline functions when it comes to the cancellation policy. The guidelines are to be followed by passengers. For loyalty program members and cash and mile ticket holders, more provisions are served.

  • Passengers can get a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours.
  • Cancel the ticket within 24 hours without any cancellation fees.
  • Anything related to reversals will be looked after when booked through official sources.
  • You may be charged for canceling a flight.
  • Reimbursements are a part of the policy and are the result of Royal Air Maroc canceled flights.
  • Transferred Miles cannot be canceled.
  • The members of “Platinum Benefits” will lose their vouchers if they revoke a ticket.
  • Passengers with Eco Serenity or Business Serenity tickets are not subject to cancellation fees under Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy.

Royal Air Maroc 24 hour Cancellation Policy

Under Royal Air Maroc 24 hour cancellation policy, Passenger can cancel their ticket within 24 hours without paying any penalty and are eligible for a refund. This carrier has special provisions for those who want to undo their bookings within 24 hours of making them. The scheduled time of departure should be at least a week/7 days afar. 

  • Canceling reservations within the first few hours will benefit fliers.
  • Passengers can get a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours.
  • Cancel the ticket within 24 hours without any cancellation fees.
  • Royal Air Maroc accepts refund requests exclusively through their authorized channels.
  • Eco Essential, Eco Classic, and Business Essential tickets are non-cancellable.

How to Cancel Royal Air Maroc Flight?

You can cancel a flight in multiple ways. It is easier to do so on call. Otherwise, the website of the airline is available. For further help, you can rely on social media platforms to connect with it.

airfleetratingroyal air maroc flight cancellation policy methods

Method 1: Cancel Royal Air Maroc Flight Online

Canceling a Royal Air Maroc flight ticket using the website of the air operator has to be the smartest choice. You will have readily available options that the site offers. 

Royal Air Maroc Manage Booking

Cancel your ticket by Royal Air Maroc Manage Booking, follow the steps:

  • Open the Royal Air Maroc website.
  • Find and Click on the “Royal Air Maroc Manage Booking.
  • Enter your Last name and Booking number.
  • Click “Go” and you will be directed to another page.
  • Select the booking that you want to cancel.
  • Pay the cancellation fees if necessary.
  • After completing the process you will get a confirmation in your email.

Method 2: Cancel Ticket via Customer Service Number

Calling the airline to reverse a booking will be a far easier process than using the carrier’s website when in-person guidance is required. Find the contact details for various locations in the table below.  

LocationContact Number
Morocco089000 0800 
France0820 821 821
Belgium02 219 30 30
Switzerland+41 22 731 77 54
Spain902 210 010
Netherland+ 31 20 36 95 027
England020 730 758 00
Italy800 254 740
Canada001 514 285 14 35
the United States1 800-344-6726
Portugal01 213 500 020
Germany0699 200 14 61
Senegal221 33 849 47 47
Russia+ 7 495 363 63 65

Customers can also enquire about their booking by sending an email to

The contact details for Safar Loyalty Program users are given below as per ticket fares:

Fare CategoryEmail IDPhone Number
Bluesafarflyer@royalairmaroc.com05 22 48 97 02
Silver/Goldsilvergold@royalairmaroc.com0212 522 912 912
Platinumplatinum@royalairmaroc.com080 200 2000

Method 3: Using Social Media

To use the Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy, the carrier can be approached through its social media pages for reversals. It is active on various networking sites. Fliers can directly message on the official handle of the carrier or, share a post, tagging the handle. Someone from the airline would revert back and help you resolve your query. 

Links for all the platforms are given in the table as follows:

Social Media PlatformsLinks

Reasons for Canceling Royal Air Maroc Booking

Your plans may change for personal reasons. Customers occasionally find themselves in situations wherein they are forced to withdraw their reservations.

airfleetrating-royal air maroc cancelled flights reasons

Some such scenarios are as follows:

  • You might have to turn back after a loved one dies.
  • Withdrawing a ticket is a must when the schedule changes.
  • Accidents or poor medical conditions can also lead to revocations.
  • A concerned person may be subpoenaed or has to fulfill jury duty.

Royal Air Maroc Safar Plan

The loyalty program of the carrier, called Safar Flyer, offers a variety of discounts and advantages to all of its customers. Traveling with this airline or any of its partners will help you earn “Miles”. The plan further ensures easy cancellations and refunds.

  • The plan has four types: 
    • Blue
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Silver Benefits
  • If bookings are canceled beyond the carrier’s control, fliers won’t receive “Miles”.
  • Expired Miles cannot be credited back when a reward ticket is canceled.
  • Miles cannot be given to the member or a third party.

Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Fee

Certain airline services charge customers some amount when they withdraw their bookings. The Royal Air Maroc cancellation fee is somehow limited to its “Award Ticket” holders. The charge is in accordance with the conditions of the fare price. 

Fare TypeRoyal Air Maroc Cancellation Fee
Non-refundable faresNo refund
Flexible fares24-hour risk-free cancellation policy
Semi-flexible faresCancellation fee applies
Economy Class20% of the fare
Business Class25% of the fare
First Class30% of the fare

Royal Air Maroc Refund Policy

The air operator provides refunds to its passengers when they revoke their trips. They are also provided when you discontinue the booking with conditions applied. Customers are helped by the Royal Air Maroc refund policy to protect their rights. 

airfleetrating-royal air maroc cancelled flights refund
  • Flight cancellations within the control of the airline demand a refund.
  • The price equivalent to the ticket price is given back.
  • It is reimbursed to the bank account when making the booking through a credit card.
  • This may take up to 7 days.
  • When booked using cash, it will be refunded within 20 days.
  • Ticket reversals within 24 hours are eligible for a complete refund.
  • Taxes and service fees are given back after the deduction of a“Refund Fee”.
  • “Issuance Fees” are non-refundable.
  • Tickets bought at reduced prices are non-refundable.
  • Your request would be processed by the source from where it was issued.

Fare Types and Refunds Offered

Various information regarding different types of fares is given as follows:

Fare TypeCancellationRefundMiles
Eco EssentialNot AllowedNon-EligibleNone
Eco ClassicNot AllowedNon-Eligible100%
Eco FlexAllowed under some conditionsAllowed after fee deduction125%
Eco SerenityAllowedRefundable150%
Business EssentialAllowedNot Allowed200%
Business FlexSubject to conditionsAllowed after conditioned fee200%
Business SerenityFree CancellationSubject to conditions200%

Note: Circumstances that fall under “Force Majeure” are exceptional.

Royal Air Maroc Cash and Mile Tickets Policy

This air operator offers a unique way out for customers who want to save while booking their flights. The option provided ensures that customers collect miles when they travel. 

  • While making a reservation, those miles can be converted into credits. 
  • You can pay the remaining amount in cash. 
  • Cancellations and refunds revolve around “Cash and Miles Tickets”.

Refund for Cash and Mile Tickets

The Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy makes way for refunds and compensations for certain tickets. Cash and Mile tickets offer various advantages to their passengers. 

The provisions related to refunds are:

  • The amount will be reimbursed to the “Safar Flyer Account”.
  • Refund requests are taken from calls and official sources of Royal Air Maroc.
  • Further, the following ticket holders can get a refund:
    • Eco-Flex
    • Business Flex
    • Business Serenity 
  • Once the tickets are exchanged, you only have 3 months to ask for your money back.
  • Tickets are refundable when they have not been utilized.

However, there are also certain restrictions put forward by this policy:

  • Tickets that have been partially used are non-refundable.
  • The fare types mentioned below are not eligible for a refund:
    • Essential
    • Classic
    • Business Essential 

Royal Air Maroc Canceled Flights Refund Request

This service provider has a separate section for taking up concerns and requests. You can make use of it to share a concern or even apply for a “Safar Flyer”. 

Specifically, to request a refund, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the authorized website of the carrier.
  • Once on it, click on “Information”.
  • The page expands and you are provided with options.
  • Towards the left corner, you will find “Service Claims”.
  • Click on that and then tap on “Refund Request”.
  • A form comes up and fliers should fill it with sincerity.
  • Once you are done, press “Submit”.

Royal Air Maroc Cancel Flight Policy

The airline has to cancel bookings when things are beyond its control. It reserves the right to act in either scenario, with or without warning. Royal Air Maroc canceled flights due to operational issues. 

Reservations can also be canceled when:

  • The airline will be forced to undo flights if the government issues a cancellation notice.
  • Technical failures in the flight may occur.
  • In case the security checks are not cleared, flights won’t be allowed to take off.
  • The carrier expects full payment for its bookings or it may not let you fly.
  • The money paid should be validated within 24 hours or else the booking will be annulled.
  • Deteriorating weather conditions may not be suitable for take-off.

Royal Air Maroc Compensation on Canceled Flight

The Royal Air Maroc airline offers its travelers every possible alternative to lessen the inconvenience caused when a flight is reversed. The compensation offered is in the form of services. The Royal Air Maroc compensation covers:

  • The airline ensures that fliers are well accommodated.
  • Transportation costs are also taken care of.
  • He/she may also be given a seat in another aircraft if the situation permits.
  • Meals and refreshments are provided as per the needs of customers. 
  • Compensation is also provided to passengers if the airline is unable to provide a seat due to overbooking.
  • Customers facing downgrading are eligible for reimbursement.

Royal Air Maroc Special Services

This airline makes constant efforts to improve its quality in relation to special assistance. Accepting concerns/claims and looking after refund requests is a dedicated lot for the carrier. As soon as it receives your claim, an acknowledgment receipt with your claim reference will be sent to you. 

  • Claims that can’t be categorized can be sent to:
  • The email should contain your request in detail.
  • Travelers can choose between:
    • Customer Service Complaint
    • Safar Flyer Request
    • Sales support
    • Refund Request

The Safar Flyer Request has a dedicated site to attend to the requests of its members exclusively. You will have to log in to your flier account. Once you log in, you can follow the instructions and achieve what you want.

The Royal Air Maroc flight cancellation policy revolves around provisions for customer satisfaction. It has guidelines that cater to the needs of customers through policies. However, one may be on the advantageous side if he or she is a member of the “Safar Flyer Program”. The benefits attached to the program enable customers to get the desired benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Royal Air Maroc refund policy?

This policy indicates who is eligible for a refund after reversing a flight.

What is Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy?

It is a policy that lets you discontinue a flight and receive a refund or compensation.

How to cancel Royal Air Maroc flight?

You can discontinue flights or bookings by visiting the official website.

Are Royal Air Maroc flights canceled?

The air carrier may revoke flights due to uncontrollable circumstances but you can officially confirm the same.

What to do when Royal Air Maroc cancelled my flight?

Passengers must contact the airline immediately after it discontinues the flight.

What happens if I cancel my Royal Air Maroc flight?

In case you have to reverse a booking, you can request a refund.

Can I cancel my return flight with Royal Air Maroc?

You can undo one leg of your trip with this carrier.

How do I know if my Royal Air Maroc flight is refundable?

While booking a flight, check the specifications to know whether your ticket is refundable.

How much will the airline charge me if I cancel my tickets on the same day of departure?

The fee/charge is not certain. You can contact the carrier for detailed information.

Can I cancel a Royal Air Maroc flight within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, travelers can reverse their flights within twenty-four hours of booking.

How to save money on Royal Air Maroc ticket cancellation fees?

Revoking a reservation within twenty-four hours will help you save up on the fee.

How Much Royal Air Maroc Flight Compensation?

Monetary compensation has not been promised, however, travelers are offered services.

Can I get a refund and compensation if I cancel my Royal Air Maroc flight?

You may be eligible to make a refund request. But you won’t be compensated when you undo a flight.

How to claim flight cancellation Royal Air Maroc?

Fliers will need to fill up a form for claim compensation.

Why do Royal Air Maroc flights get canceled?

Flights might get revoked due to bad weather, mechanical problems, or damage to the aircraft.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Royal Air Maroc booking?

When you do so within twenty-four hours of booking and the departure date is more than 7 days ago, you may be eligible for a refund.

Can I cancel a flight Royal Air Maroc on call?

As per your location, you can dial the airline’s phone number to revoke a trip on-call.

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