Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to cancel Pegasus Airlines Flight

Pegasus is a Turkish-based carrier that provides several useful services to its customers. One such service is flight cancellation. So, when you have a booking with this carrier and you need to reverse it for some reason, the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy will assist you. You will learn about all the necessary guidelines to follow when revoking your flight in this policy, along with the costs involved. 

Explaining the Terms of Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

The terms outlined in this cancellation policy must be adhered to by passengers for reversing their flights. By doing so, they can be away from any difficulties faced while performing the cancellation procedures. 

Look below to know the terms of this cancellation policy: 

  • You can cancel a flight within and after twenty-four hours of a booking.
  • A Business Flex Ticket, according to the Pegasus cancellation policy, can be revoked. Then it can also qualify for a refund.
  • After check-in, travelers who want to revoke their bookings must pay the full cost of the tickets. 
  • If a member of your family passes away and you have to cancel your flight, then this Turkish carrier can allow you free cancellations.
  • This policy includes a section related to cancellations done by the air operator. When this happens, the Pegasus Airlines Cancel Booking policy may offer facilities or reimbursement to the customers. 

Policy for Pegasus 24 Hour Cancellation

A circumstance may develop shortly after you reserve a flight to any destination. This can prevent you from traveling. Also, there may be no alternate option except cancellation. For this, the Pegasus 24 hour cancellation policy comes into effect. 

With this same-day cancellation policy, you are permitted to undo your reservations quickly. Nevertheless, it must be canceled a week or more in advance from the leaving date. By doing so, you can avoid paying any fees. Furthermore, this policy can help you receive a refund without any deductions. 

Procedures to Cancel Your Flights with Pegasus Airlines

Should you wish to cancel your flight due to an emergency, then you should be aware of the methods provided in this cancellation policy. You can choose either a website-based or a calling method. Talking about the website, the Pegasus flight cancellation policy lets you revoke a flight all by yourself. Otherwise, call the airline and solve your concern related to revocation. 

Method 1: By Making a Call to the Carrier Officials 

Contacting this Turkish air operator is useful when you have any concerns about your reservation. Your concerns will be answered or solved in a matter of minutes by the officials on the call. In order to cancel their flights as well, travelers can use this option.

Follow the procedure added below to request a cancellation on the call:

  • According to the Pegasus cancellation policy, first of all, dial the main number of the airline. The phone number 00-90-850-250-6777 will connect you to the airline’s customer service department. 

Note: When this number is not working in your area or region, you can pick the other one from the website of this operator. 

  • Tell one of the carrier staff members about your request to cancel a flight. He or she will assist you throughout the procedure. 
  • You will now be requested to give details including “PNR No” and “Complete Name”. 
  • The revocation procedure will then be started by the staff member. Once it is finished, you will need to pay the appropriate cost. If the benefit of Pegasus free cancellation is available, then this cost will not be required. 

Method 2: Through Pegasus Airlines Website

The provider has offered an online mode for conveniently managing flight tickets. With this mode, you can cancel your flight easily. The Pegasus flight cancellation policy also suggests the use of this method when connecting flights have to be canceled. All you require for this is internet connectivity and some details to initiate the procedure. 

Here are the detailed steps regarding how to cancel Pegasus flights online:

  • Navigate to this link ““. 
  • At the top, you will have many options. The “Manage My Booking” feature needs to be chosen among these. 
  • Entering the “PNR No” and “Surname” is the next step. 
  • After that, move forward with the “Next” tab. 
  • Now, choose your reservation for its cancellation. 
  • Then opt for the “Cancel” feature and, furthermore, pay the fines for reversal when required. 

Fees for Pegasus Airlines Flight Cancellation

Under the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy, a fee can be applied in a few instances. One such instance is seen when you are not canceling the ticket on the same day of its booking. Last-minute cancellations are included in the other instances.

When you are asked to pay this cancellation fee, you can inquire about its value. This can be done while you are performing a revocation procedure. Otherwise, it is best to dial this airline’s phone number. An agent can determine the exact cost.

Policy for Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Refund

Pegasus Airlines has a customer-centric refund policy that is quite effective during cancellations. You can easily get your refund by following this policy. You will get refunds in the same currency using which you have purchased your tickets. 

Before you expect the amount to be credited, here is more information to know:

  • A Pegasus Airlines cancelled flight refund can take between seven to ten business days to reflect in your account. 
  • When you buy a flight ticket from an agent, you can directly get in touch with him or her regarding your refund request. 
  • The holders of non-refundable tickets are not entitled to complete refunds.
  • Regardless of when you cancel a plane ticket, the Flex Plan will provide you an entire refund on cancellation. 
  • In the event of an international flight’s cancellation up to twenty-four hours before departure, you will receive a 50% refund of your ticket price. 
  • The customers of Pegasus Airlines will only get back their airport taxes if they cancel their reservations less than two hours before take-off. This rule applies to Business Flex Tickets as well. 
  • When a refund request is submitted after the scheduled flight’s departure, you are not eligible for any money back. 

How do I Request a Pegasus Refund? 

A visitor has a variety of ways to request a Pegasus flight cancellation refund. Among all, the most suggested way is to use the website of this operator. Through this, you will obtain a form. Via relevant details of the passenger, the form will help in getting back your money.

Note: If insufficient details have been submitted, then the airline may deny your Pegasus cancelled flight refund request. 

To find the refund form, a number of steps have to be followed. These are given below:

  • In your browser, open this link:
  • The “Write to Us” option will be available. Opt for that. 
  • Now, you will reach the refund form. Enter the requested information such as “Name”, “Email”, “Surname”, “Reason”, “The Name of the Bank”, and other details. 
  • After entering all the necessary information, make a selection for the “Send” tab. 
  • The form will now be submitted. In a few days, your refund amount will be credited to your account. If not, then connect with the airline immediately. 

Pegasus Cancel Flight Refund or Compensation 

Under the pegasus compensation policy, the air carrier will first attempt to reserve another plane ticket when it is determined that your flight is indeed running late or canceled due to its fault. You will be provided with other compensatory services when this is not possible. 

The following are the additional advantages you can get when your flight is canceled by Pegasus Airlines: 

  • Up to €600 compensation could be claimed from this airline. 
  • Suppose that the air operator claims Pegasus cancelled flight refund on your side, then it will charge a fee. This fee can be around 30% of the total compensation amount. 
  • When you are traveling from the UK or EU and the air carrier cancels your flight, you will be eligible for up to €520 as a reimbursement. 
  • Provided that your Pegasus reservation has been canceled less than fourteen days earlier than the take-off, then you will be entitled to the following:
    • For flights under 1500 kilometers, you can ask for £220 as compensation. 
    • Pegasus Airlines cancelled flight refund is £350 for booking within the EU for flights that are longer than 1500 kilometers. 
    • For flights exceeding 3500 kilometers outside the EU, you will be provided compensation of £520. 
  • This Turkish carrier has the authority to reject compensation requests when the cancellation is done due to extraordinary circumstances. 
  • A passenger has six years to file for a Pegasus cancel flight refund. This can only be applied when he/she is traveling from the United Kingdom with this airline. 
  • Different local regulations might be in effect if you were arriving from another nation. Accordingly, you may or may not receive compensation.

Briefly, to Conclude 

Some passengers find the elements included in the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy to be helpful. This policy makes it easier to cancel flights. Additionally, the passengers can easily afford the small amounts that are charged as fees against reversals. Also, due to the many options offered, you can revoke your flight from any place in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Pegasus cancel flights today?

For reasons like security threats at the airport, a lack of security, or any other situation, Pegasus Airlines cancel bookings. To know the status of your bookings today, you can check the website of this operator. You will learn immediately whether or not the flights are canceled or in operation. 

How to cancel Pegasus flight?

A passenger can follow the online approach to cancel a Pegasus flight. To do this, first, access the website of this operator. Go to the “Manage My Booking” tab next. Now, the “PNR” and “Surname” are to be mentioned in the blanks given on the site. Next, pick your plane ticket and tap on the “Cancel” feature to complete the process. 

Can I cancel my Pegasus flight for free?

When you cancel a flight during the first twenty-four hours of a reservation, you can avoid paying a fee to the air carrier. Pegasus free cancellations can be availed in this way. After this duration or period, you will be asked to pay some charges for cancellations. 

How to cancel Pegasus ticket?

By calling the customer service department, you can easily cancel your Pegasus plane ticket. On the call, initially, request an agent to guide you regarding the offline procedure. Then provide details as requested by him or her. Pay the fees and wait for this agent to inform you that the ticket has been revoked.

What if the Pegasus flight cancellation refund is not received on time?

A tourist can alert the air carrier immediately when a Pegasus cancel flight refund is not given to her/him promptly. You can do it over the phone or in person by going to the airport. Or else, you can notify such problems via email as well. 

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