Kuwait Airways Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Kuwait Airways Flight

Some passengers can make their reservations in advance to prevent rushing at the last minute to find an appropriate flight. There are also times when they may need to cancel their bookings because of unforeseen circumstances. Then they must have a thorough understanding of the Kuwait Airways cancellation policy. Multiple terms and conditions need to be adhered to for flight cancellations. Reading the policy will make certain that every important term is known.

Things to Remember while Traveling with Kuwait Airways

Customers should follow some terms in accordance with this policy in order to cancel a flight. They must revoke their reservations up to two hours prior to the departure time.

Kuwait Airways Cancellation Policy

Read the information below as well to know about the other important things to keep in mind regarding Kuwait cancellation policy

  • Tickets that are partially used cannot be canceled. 
  • According to the Kuwait Airways cancellation rules, make sure to contact the travel agency for any revocation. This is suggested only when the agency has booked your ticket.
  • A penalty is charged when you revoke a booking after one day of purchasing it. 
  • Assuming that Kuwait Airways reversed your flight, the money you paid will then be fully compensated. 

Does Kuwait Airways have 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, Kuwait Airways has 24 hour cancellation policy. Travelers can cancel a flight immediately or within 24 hours after a booking. This rule is applied when you have booked your flight one week from the leaving date.

How to cancel a Kuwait Airways Flight? 

While canceling a flight at Kuwait Airways, it is important that you know the method of doing it. So, the air carrier has provided multiple methods through this policy. You can cancel your flight online by visiting the website of this carrier. Or else, if you are going with the second one, the officials will cancel Kuwait Airways tickets on your behalf over the phone. By referring below, you can know the details of these two. 

Method 1: Online via Kuwait Airways Manage Booking

The online method is provided by the air carrier for visitors’ comfort. It is helpful for many reasons such as constant reliability. Also, it is a trustworthy cancellation method as your details will be kept secure. By using this, head to the Kuwait Airways website. You will be required to provide details that verify you as the owner of a booking. Only when this verification is complete, the cancellation can be thought of.

The following is the process showing how to cancel Kuwait Airways ticket online:

  • Login to your Kuwait Airways account. 
  • After that Open the “Kuwait Airways Manage Booking” option.
  • Now Enter “Last Name” and Booking Ref or E-TICKET Number.
kuwait airways manage booking
  • Then Enter the “Retrieve Booking” button. 
  • Now, you have your Booking lists. Select that you want to cancel.
  • Tap on the “Cancel” feature. 
  • Pay the Kuwait Airways cancellation fee if necessary. 
  • You will get a notification on your email address.

Method 2: Using Offline Method to Cancel a Flight

Kuwait Airways has two options to connect, WhatsApp Service and Call Center

For any query related to your bookings, connect with Kuwait Airways at:

WhatsApp service:
+965 22200171

Call Center: 171 (Only for local calls)
+965 24345555 ext 171
(For International calls, 24/7)

Or You can email us at the mailing address.

Mailing Address: Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E
Washington, DC 20590

How much is the Kuwait Airways Cancellation Fees?

Kuwait Airways is committed to keeping low charges for several processes including flight cancellations. Also, after considering some variables, the Kuwait Airways cancellation charges can be decided. One such variable is the number of days left till the planned schedule. Considering this variable, in some cases, you will be given free cancellation as well. 

Based on such variables, the fees charged on cancellations are hinted at below:

DurationCancellation Fee
Cancel within 24 hours of purchase (if purchased at least 7 days before departure)USD 0
60-+ days before departureUSD 0
31 – 59 days before departureUSD 69
7 – 30 days before departureUSD 99
6 days to 1 hour before departureUSD 119

How Kuwait Airways Refund Policy Works?

To be eligible for receiving a return, some rules should be followed, as per the refund policy provided by Kuwait Airways. The amount of the refund will vary based on the routes. In addition, the booking details, fare classes, and destinations can affect the same. 

Follow the rules of Kuwait Airways refund policy:

  • For plane ticket cancellations made within twenty-four hours of purchasing, you can get a complete Kuwait Airways ticket cancellation refund. This rule will be valid when the ticket is purchased no later than seven days before the leaving date. 
  • On non-refundable tickets, you must provide the necessary documentation to the air carrier. 
  • Keep in mind the method of payment you have used to purchase your flight ticket. This is because the refund is also processed similarly. 
  • A traveler can use his/her reward points to make a payment for revoking a flight quickly. This rule is applied when you have a refundable ticket. 
  • Only refundable tickets are eligible for returns.
  • When you have purchased your ticket using credit cards, a refund process will take seven working days to be complete, under the Kuwait Airlines cancellation policy. 
  • In the case of cash bookings, the refund procedure may take up to twenty working days. 

How do I Claim a Kuwait Airways Cancellation Refund?

The travelers of Kuwait Airways are eligible for refunds on cancellation by following some rules. So, concerning this, proper information should be needed. After this has been ensured, to promptly claim your payment, you can come to the main website. You must choose the Manage Booking option here. Fill up the necessary details as instructed. Once your air carrier flight is shown, you will have a refund form. You might now be asked to provide some details to claim a Kuwait Airways cancellation refund. Enter the required information in this form. Finally, double-check your details and submit the document to the air operator. 

Kuwait Airways Compensation on Canceled Flight

When a flight is canceled or postponed by Kuwait Airways, you will be given compensation. This can be based on the number of hours the flyer has been delayed with respect to the journey. While the compensation is given, please note that it may not always be in the form of money. During long delays, at times, the air carrier provides meals, beverages, hotel stays, etc. In addition to this, depending on the situation, other benefits are provided to you. 

Note: A passenger can also be eligible for reimbursement when the provider does not notify him or her on time for the reversal. 

Read the following information to know the perks and compensation available: 

  • Up to €600 can be claimed as a Kuwait Airways delay compensation.
  • In some cases, you will be given an alternate flight to travel.  
  • When the air carrier executes reimbursement on the customer’s behalf, it will charge a penalty. This can be around 30 percent of the total sum. 

Tourists of this air operator can cancel their reservations, under the Kuwait Airways cancellation policy. It makes it easier to carry out the revocation using various ways. Additionally, there is minimal or no cost associated with the same, varying from one situation to the other. They can get benefits relating to refunds as well from the policy. In order to cancel your domestic, as well as foreign flights, anytime, you can do so by referring to this policy and its rules. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cancel Kuwait Airways ticket online?

A passenger can simply cancel Kuwait Airways tickets online. The website of this operator is where you must go to for initiating the process. The “Last Name” and “E-Ticket Number” can be required. These details will be added in the “Manage Booking” section. Now, your booking will be displayed on the screen. To go ahead, kindly click the “Cancel” tab. 

What is the Kuwait Airways ticket cancellation policy?

All the terms and conditions governing cancellation are established by this policy. It details how to reverse a booking with Kuwait Airways. The fees associated with flight cancellations, as well the possibility for cost waivers, are provided. In all, the policy assists in the whole process of a plane ticket cancellation. 

Are last-minute Kuwait Airways flight cancellation charges high?

Last-minute flight cancellation charges can be a little high. At the last minute, the airline may not be able to alot your seat to any other passenger. Hence, it may undergo some loss. To balance it, Kuwait Airways cancellation charges can be kept higher than usual.

Which methods are covered in Kuwait Airways flight cancellation policy?

This policy has mentioned two different methods for cancellations. For the online method, you will have to visit the website of Kuwait Airways. Alternatively, if you have an urgency to cancel a reservation, then you can call the air carrier immediately. It can help you to revoke a flight as soon as possible on the call.

When is the Kuwait Airways ticket cancellation fee not charged?

Assuming that a traveler cancels a flight in one day or twenty-four hours of a reservation, no Kuwait Airways cancellation fee will be charged. This period is known as risk-free time. Also, during these hours, any type of ticket can be canceled with no fee. Additionally, you will be eligible for a refund the same as the value of your ticket. 

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