Kenya Airways Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Kenya Airways Flight

Kenya Airways has indeed been very user-friendly in providing travelers with first-rate services. Nevertheless, there may be times when unexpected cancellations can lead your plans to fall through. When these situations arise, the Kenya Airways cancellation policy assists in easy reversals. Furthermore, some rules are associated with this service that one must follow in order to cancel a flight and receive a refund as well. Apart from this, it is quite helpful for the airline too when timely cancellations are made by travelers. 

Guidelines for Kenya Airways Cancellation Policy

At times, cancellations may happen at the last moment. For that, you may be charged higher fees than usual. To get the benefit of free cancellation, you can revoke it more than sixty days before the planned departure. This will prevent you from paying a high fee. 

To know more about other guidelines as well that can benefit you, please look below: 

  • A reservation that has been booked by calling the carrier officials, via the authorized website, and visiting the airport is eligible for direct cancellation. 
  • In case you have a booking with a travel agency, you can get in touch with it to reverse a plane ticket. 
  • Up to thirteen hours prior to departure, you may cancel your flight. 
  • If you are having refundable tickets, then you will receive your money back. This will be in the actual form of payment on revocation, owing to the Kenya Airways flight cancellation policy. 
  • The air carrier will automatically cancel your reservation when you miss any of the scheduled flights without notifying them in advance. This may invite certain consequences.
  • For cancellation, a flyer must inform the air operator. Otherwise, its full fare can be charged as a fee. 
  • A similar method that you used to book a plane ticket can be utilized to submit a request for a reversal too. 
  • Kenya Airways gives a complete refund given that cancellation has been done due to a death in the family. 
  • Assuming that tickets are purchased at discounted prices, then the air operator will provide you with a partial refund. Sometimes, no amount may be returned. 

Policy for Kenya Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

It is obvious that nobody is making plans to cancel deliberately. Nevertheless, if the need arises for real, then make sure that you are reversing your flight in twenty-four hours of purchasing it. Also, you won’t be responsible for any reversal charges, following the Kenya Airways 24 hour cancellation policy or service. Interestingly, you can get your entire refund too. 

Note: This policy is accessible for all kinds of tickets. This includes Best Buy, Economy Super Flex Business Class, Economy, Business Best Buy, Economy Flex, and many more. 

How to Cancel Kenya Airways Reservations?

There are two procedures given that you can follow while canceling your flight. Selecting any 1 depends on where you made your booking. For utilizing a method under the Kenya Airways cancellation policy, your booking should be made via direct channels with this air operator. On confirming this, you can begin to initiate one method. You can connect with the agents on call for personal assistance as the first method. Otherwise, by using the website of Kenya Airways, the cancellation can become easier for certain passengers. 

Method 1: Connecting with the Customer Service Center

Calling the knowledgeable customer service center is all it takes for a Kenya Airways ticket cancellation. Your inquiries and requests are in extremely skilled hands when you need to revoke your plane ticket. You just have to find the phone number from the authorized website. Before calling, make sure that you are having your plane ticket details and other information that can be needed in the procedure. 

Given below are the steps explaining how to find out the airline’s contact number, according to your region:

  • Kindly visit the site of Kenya Airways. 
  • Once the website has been loaded, press the “Guest Support” button at the top of the page. 
  • Move down. You will have different options like “Talk To Us“, “Flight Delay and Cancellation”, “My Refunds”, “KQ Contacts”, etc. Choose the last one, under the Kenya Airways ticket cancellation policy. 
  • There, you can receive the phone numbers as per your country as well as the city. 

Some contact numbers are mentioned below for your reference:

CountryCityTelephone Numbers
IndiaMumbai 91-22-67986798
Hungary Budapest+36-1-999-1430
Kuwait Kuwait +965-22970243

Method 2: Using the Authorized Website

Kenya Airways has made complete utilization of its site by offering a passenger online method. It is helpful for many reasons, including the comfort of the passengers. You can cancel your flight with this easily. Also, keep some information ready with you for this method. 

Should you want to start the procedure as soon as possible, then go to the Kenya Airways website. There, with the help of Manage Booking, reverse your plane ticket with ease. 

The main steps of how to cancel Kenya Airways flight are as follows: 

  • The initial step is to head to this link: 
  • Tap the “Manage Booking” tab that is provided on the 1st page of this carrier’s website.  
  • Now, add the details such as your “Booking Reference Number” or “E-Ticket Number” and “Last Name”. 
  • Press the “Continue” feature. 
  • Then, to cancel, select your flight. 
  • Hit the “Cancel” option. 
  • A fee can be asked if applicable. 
  • At last, your cancellation will be confirmed upon paying your fees. 

Kenya Airways Flight Cancellation Charges

The cancellation fees of this carrier can be dependent on when you cancel your plane tickets. If you are revoking them during the twenty-four hours of a reservation, then you can get a free benefit. This will not involve any cancellation charges. However, after this period, you will be levied penalties. It is suggested that when your reason is genuine, cancel it in the risk-free period. Otherwise, you can pay and reverse your flight. 

Read below to understand better the details of fees: 

  • A cancellation cost ranges from 25% to 100%, depending on the class of travel. 
  • Visitors can be charged a fee of USD 100 on cancellations when they have tickets with a price between USD 100 to USD 149. 
  • In case the ticket fare is more than $150, you will be assessed USD 150 as Kenya Airways flight cancellation charges.
  • If a revocation is made sixty days or less before the planned leaving date, then there is a cost of USD 75. 
  • Provided that you are holding a ticket worth $100, each passenger will be levied USD 75 as a penalty. 
  • The kind of fare that a traveler has purchased, the place he or she is going, and the cancellation time will all affect the revocation penalty charged by Kenya Airways. The provider will determine the fees after taking these variables into account. 

Kenya Airways Cancellation Refund Policy

To obtain a refund from the air carrier, you need to check whether or not you are eligible for the same. This eligibility can demand that you have a direct booking with the air carrier. Otherwise, the provider will deny your refund request, according to the Kenya Airways cancellation policy. Likewise, other eligibility criteria can also impact the refund. 

To know further, you can see the information below: 

  • You will be eligible to request a refund for a ticket purchased via Kenya-authorized channels. 
  • Kindly connect with the travel agent straight to set up your refund request in case you have booked your flight via that person. 
  • All return requests are liable to the terms of the ticket type and fines or penalties. 
  • In some cases, you will be refunded your amount in the form of a trip voucher. This process can take up to thirty to forty days due to the massive volume of refund requests received. 
  • Concerning the Kenya Airways ticket cancellation policy, when you revoke your booking in twenty-four hours of purchasing it, you will be given a complete refund. 
  • After one day or 24 hours of a reservation, a flyer can get a refund after paying some fee. 

How do I Claim a Kenya Airways Refund? 

A passenger can apply for a refund by using different methods. Using an online method is the best of all. This is because all information that the airline needs is included in the form systematically. This can increase the speed of the request. Otherwise, the refund request may be rejected when incomplete information has been provided. 

Please read below to know how to claim a refund at Kenya Airways: 

  • To request a refund, please come to this carrier’s website. 
  • At the top of the page, you can see the “Guest Support” feature. Press this feature. 
  • Roll down the page. Now, as is guided by the Kenya Airways cancellation policy, hit on the “My Refunds” button. 
  • Then, on the next page, search for the “Refund from Here” feature. 
  • After finding it, choose that option. 
  • Now, you can have the refund form. 
  • Enter the “Passenger’s First Name”, “Email Address”, “Last Name”, “Booking Reference”, “Reason for Refund”, and other information as instructed in the form. 
  • Click on the green highlighted button named “Submit Request”. 

Alternatively, on call as well, a refund can be applied. You will have to find the relevant contact number from the site. The rest of the procedure will be initiated by an official.

Kenya Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

When a passenger’s reservation has been disrupted, he or she can claim compensation from Kenya Airways. This carrier does not allow compensation in every situation. Likewise, you cannot get a reimbursement if your flight has been reversed due to severe conditions that cannot be controlled. Yet, in some cases, you might obtain this. There can be more such complex situations when the air operator compensates you. The details regarding this are given below: 

  • Flyers are subject to compensation when Kenya Airways cancel flights or postpones them. 
  • You will be compensated depending on the route and distance. 
  • In the instances of longer delays, sometimes, the air carrier provides all essential services. They can comprise lodging, ground transportation, meals, and refreshments. 
  • Approximately up to USD 700 can be claimed from this carrier. 
  • The compensation can be paid out for flight delays, missed planes due to the airline’s fault, or boarding denials. 
  • Carriers like this one must pay €250 for trips that are less than 1500 kilometers long. 
  • You are eligible to take €400 when your flight covers a distance that is between 1500 to 3000 kilometers. 
  • In case of journeys longer than 3500 kilometers, you will be compensated up to €600. 
  • Should you be required to file a claim for Kenya Airways flight cancellation compensation, then you must do so in writing within seven days of your arrival. This procedure can be done at the airport office.
  • A customer should satisfy two criteria in order to be eligible for reimbursement. They are mentioned below:
    • Over three hours after your flight’s scheduled time, you have reached your location. 
    • No extraordinary events led to the delay in your reservation. 

Bringing up the Rear, 

At times, it is crucial to cancel a ticket for some reason. There can be alterations in plans, tickets can be booked by mistake, etc. The Kenya Airways cancellation policy makes this possible. It is an inclusive and beneficial policy. Along with other benefits, it offers customers various revocation methods. Thus, every customer is free to utilize this policy whenever and as required. 

FAQs – Kenya Airways Cancellation Policy

Can Basic Economy Travelers make Kenya Airways 24 hour cancellations?

Travelers with Basic Economy tickets on Kenya Airways cannot have many advantages when it comes to cancellation. Even so, you can cancel your ticket without paying any service fees. This can be revoked in twenty-four hours of a booking. Also, you can get a complete refund on it later. 

Why did Kenya Airways cancel flight?

With this airline, various reasons can affect a visitor’s journey. This can be due to COVID-19 restrictions, bad weather, air traffic, shortage of employees, pilot illness, and many more. At times, because of security issues too, Kenya Airways cancel flights. 

How to make Kenya Airways flight cancellation before check-in?

The airport is where cancellations, prior to check-in, can be made with the highest degree of reliability. You can request to make your flight cancel there when you meet the officials. Keep handy some flight information that may be asked at the airport. You will also be required to incur some penalties. The officials will then revoke your flight on your behalf and notify you later. 

How to cancel flight Kenya Airways offline?

Based on the offline method, you must call the airline authorities. Tell them why you want Kenya Airways flight cancellation. After that, you will be prompted to send the details of the flight. They can be your ticket number, leaving time and date, complete name, etc. Then the authority will start the procedure and inform you after completion. 

How to cancel Kenya Airways flight online?

For online ticket cancellation, you must access the Kenya Airways website. There, the “Manage Booking” tab is accessible. In that feature, input your “E-Ticket Number”, or “Booking Reference” as well as “Last Name”. Then your flight for which you need to cancel must be chosen. To complete the Kenya Airways cancellation procedure choose the “Cancel” feature. 

What are the Kenya Airways flight cancellation charges within 24 hours?

Luckily, a passenger won’t have to pay extra Kenya Airways flight cancellation charges during twenty-four hours. This can be assured for revocation made in a day of reserving a ticket. Also, this is appropriate for any type of ticket you have. 

When can I receive Kenya Airways flight cancellation compensation?

Travelers can receive compensation when the air carrier undo the plane tickets for emergencies. Also, Kenya Airways is concerned about their inconvenience. So, as soon as possible, the air carrier tries to provide them with reimbursement, either in cash or as a service.

What are the Kenya Airways flight cancellation policy conditions?

Understanding the cancellation policy’s conditions is crucial. This is because they make the entire procedure simple. For a valid reason, this policy allows you to revoke a booking. Also, you will be qualified for a refund upon cancellation, provided that you meet the requirements. With the Kenya Airways cancellation policy, you may be prevented from paying the fees in some instances. 

Are Kenya Airways flights cancelled today?

Kenya Airways may cancel a booking today for factors such as mechanical issues, terrorism attacks at the airport, or other circumstances. Find the operator’s website to get the current position of your reservation. In this way, you will be able to find out whether or not it is canceled.

What is the Kenya Airways ticket cancellation phone number?

The phone number of Kenya Airways is +254-20-3274747. Normally, this number is accessible for a full day. Therefore, you can get in touch at any time for Kenya Airways flight cancellation.

What is the Kenya Airways ticket cancellation policy?

The Kenya Airways cancellation policy covers the essential conditions for canceling a flight with ease. Therefore, one can understand it as a framework of important conditions. Also, it can evaluate if a reservation is allowed to be canceled or not. 

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