Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation

At times, it is possible that a passenger may book a ticket with the wrong destination. Lacking the possibility of a change, this situation may lead to flight cancellation. There is an Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy for such problems. A passenger is given the freedom to cancel a plane ticket with its assistance. For most ticket types, this freedom is available. As a traveler follows the policy, certain benefits like compensation and refunds can be accessed too.

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Highlights of Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

It is helpful to comprehend this cancellation policy and all of its rules. Owing to these rules, travelers can reverse their booking at least twenty-four hours before the planned departure. They also need to obtain confirmation for cancellation. When this is ensured, they can apply for refunds.

Ethiopian offers a flexible cancellation policy. Some of the common key highlights of Ethiopian Airlines:

  • Full refund for unused tickets
  • 24-hour free cancellation
  • Flexible cancellation policy for COVID-19
  • Pro-rata refund for partially used tickets
  • Refunds for involuntary cancellations
  • Flexible date changes
  • No-Show Fee exemption
  • Reimbursement for additional cost
  • Refund Protection
  • No penalty for changing your flight

Ethiopian Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As of Ethiopian 24 hour cancellation policy, customers can cancel their reservation without penalty by contacting the Global call center or local ticket office within 24 hours of making the reservation, provided the reservation was made seven days or more before the flight’s departure.

Ethiopian Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

2020 onward, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted many air journeys in the world. For this reason, attempting to cancel a reservation can be your requirement too. With Ethiopian, you can find a cancellation policy that makes it less complex to revoke flights because of COVID-19. You should be completely aware of this policy to revoke your flight as well. With this, you can know whether or not you can cancel your flight depending on factors like time. 

How to Cancel Ethiopian Airlines Tickets?

Currently, this airline lets you access 2 methods to undo your Ethiopian plane tickets. Both can facilitate quick cancellations, whether performed offline or online. While the first method, through the website, is accessible to all flyers, the other one is region-specific. Accordingly, certain variations are involved in their execution.

ethiopian airline cancellation policy

Method 1: Ethiopian Flight Cancellation Via Manage Booking

When there is a time issue, using the online cancellation method is suggested. This is carried out through the functional site of the airline. On its main page, you will find My Bookings. This is a tab that can let you proceed after providing your correct particulars like your name. Even when you perform the method, the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy guides that you will have to pay a fee after crossing the risk-free period.

  • Login to the Ethiopian Airlines account.
  • Click on the, “Manage Booking” section, available on the Homepage. 
  • Enter your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name”.
  • After that, Click on the “Retrieve Booking” feature. 
  • Now, Select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • Press the “Cancel” option to go further with the procedure. 
  • When asked, pay the Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation fee. 

As soon as your request reaches the airline, it will revoke your booking. You will also be given a message that verifies this action.

Method 2: Ethiopian Flight Cancellation Via Phone Call 

At some point in time, there may be an emergency demanding you to cancel your flight. For such an emergency, the air carrier has offered immediate assistance via this calling method. This is a time-saving method that gives you a particular phone number that works in your location. Therefore, you can expect quick guidance and go ahead with flight cancellation.

Some of the contact numbers are shown in the table below: 

Country Telephone Number 
Argentina +54-11-5168-6142
Hong Kong+852-3008-3642

To get more contact numbers, head to the website of this carrier. 

How much is the Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Cancellation Fee?

Following the cancellation policy, when you cancel a booking, you will be charged. If you want to avoid the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation fee, then you must cancel a plane ticket within twenty-four hours of purchase. This is when no fee will be asked for. Should the charge be demanded, paying it will be necessary to cancel the booking.

The cost can frequently vary depending on the itinerary. Sometimes, it can be influenced by the ticket type you have purchased. The route preferred and reversal timing are the additional factors that can help ascertain the cancellation cost. 

The cancellation charges for Ethiopian Airlines are as follows:

Cancellation TimeCancellation Fee
Within 24 hours of bookingNo fee
More than 24 hours but less than 7 days before departure$25 to $200
More than 7 days before departureFull refund of base fare, taxes, and fees

Ethiopian Airlines Refund Policy

Travelers have the option to cancel their flights in an emergency. Concerning that the emergency can be genuine, they are entitled to get a refund. To receive this, they must adhere to certain guidelines. One such guideline is that when the tickets have been booked via a third party, they can obtain a refund indirectly. This will be done via that organization and not by directly approaching Ethiopian.

The other refund-related guidelines of the Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation policy are as follows: 

  • When a refund request is made on or after the departure date, you will have to incur an extra no-show charge. 
  • Passengers are allowed to seek refunds when cancellations are done during the pandemic. Then the refund’s processing may take up to 3-4 weeks. This can be due to the high number of requests received in the pandemic. 
  • In some instances, you will have the choice to keep your plane ticket open and later use it whenever needed. This can be applicable for up to one year. 
  • The air carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, will not offer money-back after the ticket expiration date. 
  • Kindly keep in mind that once you submit your refund request by filling out the form, you cannot cancel it. This is an important rule of the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy for refunds. 
  • The processing of the refund can take some time. It can be acknowledged in seven to ten working days when requested in scenarios other than the pandemic. 
  • You are eligible for the full amount of a refund when a flight is reversed in twenty-four hours of making it, provided that the request is quickly placed. 

How to Claim an Ethiopian Airlines Refund? 

Ethiopian Airlines gives the option to execute your refund request using offline as well as online methods. A passenger can use the Ethiopian website to claim a refund online. You only need to fill out the form that is provided on the site. Or else, you can apply for a refund request by going to the airport or calling the carrier. Both ways are speedy to get the amount back. 

Follow the instructions below, as per the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy, to submit the Ethiopian Airlines refund request form: 

  • Open “Flight change and Refund request” available on the Homepage.
  • Select “Request a Refund”. 
  • You can get a refund form now. The form contains information such as “Email Address”, “Full Name”, “Booking Reference”, “Phone Number”, and other necessary details. By filling out the details in it, you can request your amount with ease. 
  • Once you have done this step, hit on the “Submit” feature. 
  • Now, as soon as possible, you can get your Ethiopian Airlines cancelled flight refund. 

Ethiopian Airlines Compensation on Delayed or Canceled Flight

A customer can be entitled to compensation in the event that his or her flight is delayed for longer hours or canceled by the air carrier. This can be dependent upon how far you have traveled on your journey. 

To know further regarding the compensation amount, you can look here: 

  • A passenger can claim a maximum of USD 700 from Ethiopian Airlines. 
  • Sometimes, the air carrier will apply for compensation on a customer’s behalf. For that, a basic fee can be deducted from the total sum. This can be nearly thirty percent.
  • When you find out that your flight has been canceled by the air operator, you will have the choice to receive the reimbursement. Otherwise, you can ask the air carrier to plan another journey for you over the subsequent flight. 

Take a Look

Ethiopian Airlines is aware that last-minute cancellations of journeys are a typical occurrence. Due to this, it has created a flexible Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy or feature for its customers. In addition to this, it has not kept the reversal fees so excessive. A customer can revoke a flight at any time in an emergency since the fee charged is not high. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did Ethiopian Airlines cancel ticket?

At Ethiopian Airlines, canceling flights is influenced by a variety of factors. Even when there is no pandemic, these ticket cancellations can be made. Also, these can include pilot sickness, shortage of labor, and more. Ethiopian Airlines cancel tickets frequently when there are mechanical issues with the aircraft as well. 

How do I make Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellations online and offline?

A passenger must initially choose a method that suits his or her needs in order to cancel a reservation on Ethiopian Airlines. Both offline and online methods are accessible. Kindly use the “My Bookings” section on the authorized website of this carrier in case you want to go with the online method. Otherwise, you can contact the air operator offline and request a cancellation over the phone. 

How to cancel Ethiopian Airlines ticket offline?

When you choose the offline method for Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation, you will need to call customer service. You can use the contact number +000-800-100-7947. Contact the staff and let them know you need to cancel a flight. Give your number of tickets and the complete names of all the passengers. Your reservation(s) will be reversed after you pay the appropriate service fee. 

How much is the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation fee?

During twenty-four hours of a booking, if you cancel your flight, then you can do so without any charges. After this period, however, you will be levied between $100 to $500 as a fee. Also, Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation fees can depend on the ticket type, cancellation timing, etc. Hence, the said amount can vary. 

When is Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours not permitted? 

The  twenty-four-hour cancellation policy of Ethiopian Airlines has a restriction. Due to this carrier’s rigorous policy, once the risk-free period has passed away, you cannot revoke it for free. This period comprises the first 24 hours of reservation. Furthermore, in some cases, refundable tickets may be subject to free reversals. However, you might not find this flexibility with the non-refundable tickets. 

Why Ethiopian Airlines cancelled my flight frequently?

There are some restrictions on how frequently Ethiopian Airlines cancel tickets. These can include severe weather, safety concerns, etc. So, to know the exact frequency of cancellation by this carrier, you can connect with it on call. 

Is there an Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation policy for COVID-19?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines COVID-19 policy is available. If you do not wish to fly due to an astonishing increase in coronavirus infections, then you can quickly cancel your booking using this policy. It also helps Ethiopian Airlines to cancel reservations when flying is unsafe due to the pandemic. 

How to cancel a flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

A passenger will have to visit the authorized Ethiopian website to cancel a flight easily. Owing to the Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy, go to the “My Bookings” feature next. Add all the information requested here by the air carrier. Then pick your reservation and choose the ” Cancel” tab. 

Can I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines?

The flexibility to cancel a flight is offered by Ethiopian Airlines. You have to abide by its cancellation policy rules. Then you can effortlessly revoke a flight. Additionally, in some instances, you will be free from paying service fees. 

Can you cancel Ethiopian Airlines ticket for free?

Yes, when you want to take advantage of free cancellations, you must reverse your bookings in twenty-four hours of making them. This period is known as “risk-free”. You are free to make any reversal to your ticket in these hours without incurring any fine. 

What is the cancellation or refund policy of Ethiopian Airlines?

The flexible Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy and refund feature enable customers to cancel their flights and claim their money back. This policy also covers the fees and penalties that should be incurred while reversing a booking. Also, some guidelines are mentioned to apply for a refund in the policy. Hence, both policies are vital for unexpected cancellations. 

Does Ethiopian Airlines have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, the twenty-four hours policy or feature for Ethiopian Airlines is accessible to revoke flights. It applies to cancellations of plane tickets in twenty-four hours of making the initial flight reservations. Any kind of ticket can be reversed during this time period in accordance with the rules. In this period, you can also save your fees. 

How long does refund take Ethiopian airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines refund time is up to three to four weeks.

Does Ethiopian airlines have 24 hour cancellation?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket by contacting the Global call center or local ticket office within 24 hours of purchasing the booking.

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