Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Numerous unpredictable circumstances may result in sudden flight cancellations. In regard to this aspect of flying, Azores Airlines has curated a special policy. Known as the Azores Airlines cancellation policy, it assists passengers in securely revoking their bookings. Therefore, it is definitely beneficial to become aware of its regulations. 

General Applicability of Azores Airlines Flight Cancellations

This carrier has given a certain set of rules to determine whether your ticket will be deemed eligible for revocation or not. 

Some of the main conditions for Azores flight cancellations are: 

  • All the flights operating under EU-controlled airports can be revoked. 
  • Bookings made via official sources like the website or ticketing counter will be eligible. 
  • Flights traveling from a third-world country to an EU-operated airline can be reversed. 
  • Commercial tickets including fares open to the public can be revoked at any time. 
  • The revocation period lasts up to 45 minutes before the flight’s departure. 
  • Your reservation has to attain the “Confirmed” status before it can be canceled. 
  • A separate charge will be levied for using this service. 
  • Reimbursements can only be claimed on bookings controlled by the airline. 
  • This feature is also made available on tour operator flights. 
  • Contact the airline to get help for reversals after check-in.

For the latest updates to this policy, you are advised to frequently check the carrier’s official site. 

What is Azores Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Passengers will be given an opportunity to revoke their flights for free. Under the Azores Airlines 24 hr cancellation policy, any flight changes or reversals made during the risk-free period, will not be charged any amount. 

airfleetrating-azores airlines 24 hr cancellation policy
  • During this period, you can request for your bookings to be held without paying for them. 
  • Extra fees can be avoided when the flight is scheduled for at least one week later from the date of booking.  

At times, your ticket is not deemed eligible for free reversal even though you have made your request during the penalty-free period. You can directly reach out to the airline agents for help. 

Notifications Regarding Azores Flight Cancellations

The airline can sometimes be compelled to discontinue its flights due to certain external forces. Under such circumstances, every passenger with a confirmed booking has a right to be informed of sudden revocations. 

Under the Azores Airlines cancellation policy, the necessary information is given to travelers. 

  • Notifications regarding the following will be issued:
    • Canceled trips
    • Delayed plans
    • Rerouted flights 
  • On the official site of the carrier, updates can appear. 
  • Announcements will be made at the airport near the boarding gates. 
  • Personal telephone calls will be made to fliers. 
  • For this, accurate contact information has to be shared at the time of booking. 
  • In case your personal details are faulty, use the name change feature to fix them.
  • The information will be sent out within 30 minutes of confirmation.

When you receive no such updates even after the flight is confirmed to be revoked, you can claim compensation. 

What is the Azores Airlines Compensation Policy

With convenience being the main aim of this carrier, it offers reimbursement to the customers affected due to sudden cancellations. This Azores Airlines compensation can only be availed when the airline itself revokes the flights owing to various distinct causes. 

Generally, flights are revoked due to 2 main factors:

  • Manageable causes
  • Unmanageable factors 

The rules for reimbursement differ in each of these cases. 

Manageable Causes

These refer to those issues which are well within the control of the carrier. They include: 

  • Aircraft breakdown 
  • Technical and mechanical issues 
  • Baggage allowance/overload problems 
  • Overbooking 
  • Pilot’s delay 
  • Understaffing 
  • Irregular in-flight services 

Reimbursement for Manageable Causes

The airline provides both monetary and service compensation when this happens:

  • First, you will be informed about the revocation of your flight. 
  • Then you will be allowed to choose whether you want a: 
    • cash reimbursement 
    • Or, a rerouted flight on the same/new day

If you go with cash compensation on Azores Airlines, you will be entitled to:

  • The full price of the ticket will be returned back. 
  • This amount will be reimbursed in whatever form you opt for: 
    • Liquid cash
    • Electronic bank transfer 
    • Travel vouchers 
    • Cheques or bank orders 
    • Signed deeds 
  • The compensation will only be allowed for unused parts. 

Note: The airline will reimburse the passengers within 7 days from the date of cancellation. Otherwise, you can file a delayed complaint.

Limitations of this Facility

  • It cannot be given for modifications after the confirmation of the flight cannot be availed. 
  • The distance of the flight can also affect the total amount of money back. 

The following table highlights these points:

Distance of the flight Amount of compensation 
Less than 1500 km or 932 milesEUR 250 or USD 266
Between 1500 km and 3500 km or 932 miles and 2175 milesEUR 400 or USD 426
All other flights EUR 600 or USD 638 

Accommodation When Causes are Manageable

When you choose to be accommodated on a rerouted flight on the same day, the services offered will be as follows: 

  • A new flight will only be arranged to the same destination as that of the original one. 

Note: Seat selections may or may not be possible in this scenario.

  • The airline will not accommodate any connecting flights. 
  • Canceled flights operating under the EU will be rerouted without any distinction. 

However, after the unexpected Azores flight cancellations, the airline may arrange a rerouted flight as per the below-mentioned conditions. then it has the right to deduct your compensation by 50%: 

  • The rerouted flight is no more than 2 hours later than the original flight of 1500 km. 
  • Your rerouted trip is between 1500 and 3500 km and the new flight is only 3 hours late. 
  • If the departure of the rerouted flight doesn’t exceed more than 4 hours of the departure of the original flight whose distance is 3500 km+. 

Note: Rerouting flights to locations other than the “original” or the “final” destination may require additional payment. It which will not be included in the compensation amount. 

Compensation in the Form of New Flights

You may choose to be assigned a new flight but not on the same day of departure of the original flight. Then the SATA Azores Airlines cancellation policy offers: 

  • Free hotel accommodation for overnight stays
  • Free transportation services between the airport and the hotel 
  • Reimbursing additional costs incurred due to the flight’s reversal

Note: The above-mentioned services will be offered in addition to the regular reimbursement.

Other Service Compensation:

Apart from the monetary reimbursements and the stand-by flights, it is the duty of the airline to take into account the wellness of the passengers. For this, the given service compensation is given: 

  • When the waiting time for Azores Airlines cancellations exceeds long hours, you get:
    • Meals
    • Drinks 
  • You will be given refreshments and snacks as well. 
  • Two free telephone calls can be made. 
  • Free e-mail and fax services will also be extended. 

Exceptions to Compensation Policy on Azores Airlines

There are certain conditions under which the airline cannot offer reimbursement. The passengers themselves will have to bear the losses. 

Such situations are highlighted below:

  • Notified regarding the revocation at least 2 weeks before the official take-off of the flight 
  • The information is conveyed 7 days before departure and rerouting is given
  • Your arranged flight doesn’t cause a flight delay of more than 4 hours 
  • The new flight is scheduled to reach within 2 hours of the original arrival time 
  • Unable to avoid the reversal even after putting in the best efforts 

Note: If you have received the information about the revoked flight well in advance, you can go for the Azores Airlines cancel flight feature and make a new reservation. 

Compensation Policy for Unmanageable Causes

Sometimes, cancellations might result from causes purely out of the control of the carrier. These uncontrollable circumstances leading to Azores Air cancellations can include: 

  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Orders from the government 
  • Attacks from foreign groups 
  • Lockdowns 
  • Pandemics or epidemics 
  • Strikes 

In these instances, the airline will only be able to arrange a stand-by flight if possible. Otherwise, you will have to revoke the current flight. Then forfeit the charges paid without any compensation. 

Denied Boarding Compensation on Azores Airlines

Certain passengers may be denied boarding. Or, due to overbooking, they may miss flights. Such instances can result in the cancellation of their flights. Hence, you will be entitled to compensation under the Azores Airlines refund policy: 

  • It will only be given on official SATA flights. 
  • The airline will check if there are any passengers who are willing to give up their seats. 
  • They will be given the necessary compensation for their sacrifice:
    • Monetary reimbursement 
    • Accommodation on a new flight 
  • When no passenger is willing to voluntarily give up a seat:
    • The airline itself will revoke the booking of certain fliers. 
    • They can claim monetary compensation. 
Amount of ReimbursementCondition
USD 650Alternative flight scheduled to reach the destination within 4 hours of the original arrival time
USD 1300New flight to reach the destination more than 4 hours later than the original time 

The Azores Airlines cancellation policy extends the following compensation for denied boarding in case of one-way flights: 

Stand-by Flight Timing Compensation 
Delay of more than 4 hours 400% of the total fare
Delay of more than 1 but less than 4 hours200% of the total fare
Delay of one hour No monetary compensation 
  • The compensation in the form of cash or cheque will be deposited within a day. 
  • If you do not want cash reimbursement, you can ask for a new free booking. 
  • You also have the right to take legal action and deny any form of reimbursement. 
  • Once you accept compensation, the airline will have no further responsibility.

Exceptions to the Denied Boarding Compensation:

The airline will not be liable to pay you any amount or arrange any flight when: 

  • In breach of the general guidelines of the SATA or Azores Airlines cancellation policy 
  • Denied boarding because of general cancellations and not overbooking 
  • Not allowed to board the flight due to safety regulations 
  • Transferred to a new seat at no additional cost 
  • An alternative flight is immediately arranged without any delay 
  • When the flight on which you are denied boarding has 60 seats or less. 

In case you are not being given compensation irrespective of following all the guidelines, you will have full rights to take the necessary action. 

Azores Airlines Refund Policy

Once your request for revocation is processed, you can get a refund. It can be claimed on all flights revoked in accordance with the cancellation policy. 

airfleetrating-Azores Airlines Refund Policy

The basic guidelines of the Azores Airlines refund policy are as follows:

  • Cash refunds will be finalized in about 20 days and 7 days for credit card purchases. 
  • Necessary documents and proofs have to be submitted. 
  • A service fee will only be refunded when the said service remains unused.
  • The ticket will be eligible for a refund for one year. 

A refund charge also becomes payable when requesting reimbursement on the cancelled flight. The charges on domestic flights under the Economy class are: 

Type of Ticket Refund Charge 
SmartFee starts at 65 Euros 
Value Fee starts at 35 Euros 
Comfort No charge 
Discount No refund permitted 

For all the above-mentioned ticket types, full refunds can only be availed when requested before the scheduled take-off.

Refund Charges for Inter-Island Trips

The Azores Airlines ticket refund charge for inter-island bookings is as follows: 

Type of ticket Refund Charge 
Smart 50% of the ticket’s price 
Value No charge 
Discount No refund permitted

However, no refund will be permitted when the inter-island booking is only up to 48 Euros. 

Refunds for Trips Involving Europe/Africa

When claiming a refund on flights traveling to and from Europe and Africa, the following charges become payable: 

Ticket Type Refund Fee
SmartFee starts at 65 Euros 
Value No charge 
Comfort No charge 
Discount No refund permitted 

Money-Back for North American Trips

The reimbursement fee on North American flights is mentioned as under: 

Fare Type Refund Cost 
SmartFee starts at 100 Euros or USD 125
Value Fee starts at 50 Euros or USD 75
Comfort No charge 
Discount Fee starts at 175 Euros or USD 225

Note: On Azores Air Pass bookings, you can only attain reimbursements before the departure. A fee will be charged based on your travel type. 

How to Claim a Refund?

The Portuguese carrier allows its customers to claim refunds either directly or indirectly. 

  • Direct refunds can be claimed by:
    • Contact the airline authorities. 
  • The reimbursement claimed using this method will be issued via GDS.
  • The indirect Azores Airlines ticket refund can be claimed:
    • Filling out the “Refund Application Form”. 
    • It will be issued by the airline agents through a BSP link. 
    • This method is preferred for:
      • Involuntary cancellations 
      • Commercial refunds 
  • A fee of 25 Euros will be charged. 
  • To use the indirect method:
  • Call the airline agents. 
  • Request for a BSP link. 
  • Fill out the necessary form. 

For reimbursement on travel agency booking, you will have to contact the agent directly. 

Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy for No-Show Passengers

Those who fail to show up at the airport without actually canceling their flights will be regarded as no-show travelers. They will be subject to these conditions: 

  • A certain amount of penalty will be charged ranging from 70 Euros to 120 Euros. 
  • Your ticket will be regarded as cancelled. 
  • Any remaining flights on the same itinerary will be revoked as well. 
  • You will not be able to claim an Azores Airlines refund. 
  • The price paid for the ticket has to be forfeited. 

Azores Getaways Cancellation Policy

Getaways refer to a complete package. It permits fliers to book tickets, hotels, car services, and any tourist services. You can customize your getaway as per your travel plan.

In the case of their revocations, the following conditions of the Azores getaways cancellation policy become applicable: 

  • These packages have to be revoked prior to the departure. 
  • Same-day reversals result in the payment of the full cost of the package. 
  • These are non-refundable. 
  • You will have to contact the airline authorities before reversing these tickets. 

Methods to Cancel Flights on Azores Airlines

To facilitate different passengers to undo their trips, the cancellation policy allows both the online and the offline mode of revocation. 

airfleetrating-How to Cancel Azores Flight Tickets

Method 1: Online Cancellation

The online method enables quick reversal of all types of bookings. The details of the passenger’s trip will be essential to manage bookings through this.

  • Go to the official link of the site. 
  • In the quick-access dialogue box given on the homepage, select “My Trip”. 
  • Enter your “Booking Code” and “Last Name”. 
  • Select the reservation that you wish to revoke. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions. 
  • Use the Azores Air cancellation option to undo your booking. 

Once it is done, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Method 2: Offline Revocation

Under this method, you will simply have to connect with the airline agents. For this, you may dial any of the following numbers: 

Region Number 
General (+351) 296 209 720.
USA (+1) 669 292 5454
Spain (+34) 915 687 350
Germany +49 (0)69-770 673 056

In case, the number pertaining to your region is not mentioned here, go to the “help” section of the main site. Find your respective region. 

Once you connect with the authorities: 

  • Request for Azores Airlines flight cancellation. 
  • Give all the necessary details asked. 
  • Pay the required fee. 
  • Confirm the revocation through the mail received. 

It will be best to rely on this method when a trip involves an unaccompanied minor or pets.

Social Media for More Help

When you have any minor questions about Azores Air cancellations, get them solved through a simple exchange with the airline agents. You can use the carrier’s social media to reach out to them. 

Social Media Handle 

This cancellation policy not only helps in quick reversals but also enables timely refunds and compensation. It caters to different passengers and allows people from all over the world to easily revoke their flights. 

Azores Airlines Cancellation Fee 

Free cancellations are only allowed within the risk-free period. After that, you will be liable to pay Azores Airlines to cancel flight charges. 

Domestic Flights BlueskyGoldsky 
Economy 30€Free
Executive 30€Free
International  Flights BlueskyGoldsky 
Economy 50€Free
Executive 50€Free

You can pay this amount through any of the available payment modes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I cancel my Azores airline flight within 24 hour?

You can avoid paying any charges for revocations when done within twenty-four hours.

How to cancel a flight with Azores Airlines?

Either use the “My Trip” section on the online site or contact the airline at its toll-free number.

Are Azores flights refunded if cancelled?

The Azores Airlines ticket refund can only be attained on refundable fares after their revocation.

Can I cancel an Azores Airline flight within 24 hours?

Yes, the carrier enables revocations within the first 24 hours of booking.

Can I get a refund for cancelling my flight with Azores Airlines?

You can avail of refunds after paying the necessary charges.

How do I get a refund if my flight is cancelled with Azores Airlines?

To claim a refund, get in touch with the carrier’s agents through the general toll-free number.

How do Azores Airlines compensate for cancelled flights?

This operator provides both monetary and service compensation based on the reason for discontinuation.

How do I know if my Azores Airline flight is refundable?

To know whether your ticket is eligible for a refund, you will have to connect with the airline agents.

How much does Azores Airlines cancel flight compensation?

The amount of Azores Airline’s compensation varies based on the reason for revocation and the distance of a flight.

Can I get a refund and compensation if my Azores Airlines flight was canceled?

You can either opt for a refund or compensation on this carrier but not both.

How long does Azores Airlines take to process the refund?

It might take 20 days to process cash refunds and 7 days to process credit card refunds.

Is it possible to seek a refund from Azores Airlines?

Yes, you can seek a refund on this carrier as and when you require it after the revocation of your flight.

Is it possible to cancel a flight with Azores Airlines within 24 hours?

Flights on this airline can be revoked within the first day of booking without any charge.

Can I get compensation for Azores Airlines ticket cancellations?

The compensation will only be extended in case of involuntary flight reversals.

How to claim compensation for a canceled or delayed flight from SATA Azores Airlines?

Compensation can be claimed by reaching out to airline agents or authorities.

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