Air Vanuatu Cancellation Policy

airfleetrating-Air Vanuatu Cancellation Policy

Minor changes in travel plans can lead to ticket cancellations. For this purpose, the Australian carrier has given this Air Vanuatu cancellation policy. It seeks to ensure that passengers can easily undo their trips. Additionally, rules regarding refunds and compensation are mentioned in it.

What are Air Vanuatu Flight Cancellations Guidelines?

To be able to cancel flights with Air Vanuatu, you will have to follow the basic guidelines: 

  • Only reservations made officially with the airline can be canceled. 
  • Rules may differ based on the country you are traveling to. 
  • The “new booking” rules apply to all reservations made after 1 April 2020. 
  • Submit the necessary certificates to use the Air Vanuatu cancel tickets option. 
  • Any passenger not meeting the legal requirements will not be allowed to revoke tickets. 
  • The rules for domestic and international flights can differ. 
  • Your ticket type/fare will affect these rules. 
  • You should complete the ticketing process within 72 hours after booking. 
  • Exceeding the ticketing time limit will result in the flight’s revocation. 

Is there an Air Vanuatu Cancellation Policy for COVID-Affected Flights? 

Due to COVID-19, several passengers are obliged to revoke their flights while some tickets are being canceled by the carrier itself. 

airfleetrating-air vanuatu cancelled flight due to covid
  • The rules of this policy will be applicable to all NF/218 tickets. 
  • The value of tickets can be converted to travel credits. 
  • For the conversion, the ticket has to be previously confirmed. 
  • These credits can be used for any type of future reservation. 
  • Or, you can change the flight’s date and time or rebook it. 
  • You can also reverse these flights for free. 
  • If your ticket remains unused after Air Vanuatu cancellation, extend its validity up to December 2023. 

When the airline itself revokes the flight:

  • Only tickets deemed refundable under the fare conditions will be reimbursed. 
  • Refunds are generally offered in the form of travel credits. 
  • You will not be permitted to transfer your affected reservation to another flier. 
  • This refund cannot be accessed by no-show passengers. 

What is the Air Vanuatu New Bookings Cancellation Policy?

On new bookings, the following cancellation policy rules are applicable: 

  • Their value can be retained when revoked. 
  • They can only be retained in the form of credit or vouchers. 
  • Future bookings using these credits can only be done on Air Vanuatu flights. 
  • Fare rules of any previous/existing policies will be replaced by these new regulations. 

Is there an Air Vanuatu Cancelled Flights Compensation Policy?

Sudden Air Vanuatu flight cancellations can happen by the carrier due to:

  • Controllable circumstances 
  • Uncontrollable factors 

Controllable Circumstances:

Some of the main controllable causes include: 

  • Maintenance issues 
  • Technical glitches 
  • Mechanical problems 
  • Delays of the pilot 
  • Baggage issues 
  • Industrial strikes
  • Insufficient fuel 

In these situations, the airline will be liable to provide compensation:

  • Information regarding the cancellation
  • Assigned an empty seat to the same destination in the same class 
  • An alternative aircraft

If you do not want to continue your trip using these alternatives, you can request: 

  • A monetary refund for the applicable amount 
  • Travel credits 
  • Free ground transportation services 
  • Meals, drinks, and communication services 

Uncontrollable Circumstances:

Such uncontrollable situations might also lead to flight revocations:

  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Orders from the government 
  • Incoming air traffic 
  • Border restrictions 
  • Sudden change in domestic policies 
  • Attacks and strikes 

Refer to the following Air Vanuatu flight canceled compensation in these instances:

  • The carrier will try to accommodate the inconvenienced passengers on a new flight. 
  • Charges for hotel accommodations or transportation will not be covered. 
  • Free meals or communication access may not be granted. 

Are Mid-Way Air Vanuatu Flight Cancellations Possible?

Sometimes, passengers may be required to reverse their bookings after they have already checked-in and boarded the flight. This can be due to: 

airfleetrating-Air Vanuatu Flight Cancellations Possibilities
  • Sudden medical emergencies 
  • Changes in travel plans 
  • Calls for meetings 
  • Family emergencies 
  • Work Requirements 

For Air Vanuatu flights cancelled midway, the following are important: 

  • The flight will be diverted to immediately reach a landing point. 
  • You will be allowed to disembark at the nearest airport. 
  • The cost incurred for such disruptions will not be covered by the carrier. 
  • You will have to bear all the transportation costs and accommodation charges. 
  • The airline will not assist you in reaching the new/old destination.
  • Losses suffered by the airline can be charged to your account except in case of medical emergencies. 

Note: These rules apply to flights operating on a codeshare/companion basis.

What is the Air Vanuatu Refund Policy?

Refunds on this carrier will only be issued after the official reversal of the tickets. These refunds can be voluntary or involuntary. 

  • Refunds can be availed for the entire price paid for the ticket during reservation. 
  • Taxes, government fares, and airport service charges will be included in the amount. 
  • The amount will be credited to the account of the person named in the ticket. 
  • Or, it will be given to the one who has paid for the ticket. 
  • Identification proofs are required, as per the Air Vanuatu refund policy.
  • Any restrictions on refund mentioned on the ticket will be rigorously followed. 
  • Reimbursements on tickets purchased online will be deposited directly to the travelers. 
  • The money-back cannot be transferred to another passenger. 

Note: Refunds on travel agency bookings will be issued to the respective agent. 

Involuntary Refunds

When the flights are revoked against the will of the passenger due to certain unavoidable reasons, the reimbursements issued are known as involuntary refunds: 

For Unused Tickets:

  • The amount will be equal to the entire fare of the ticket. 
  • It will include all the additional charges paid like:
    • Taxes
    • Tariff charges
    • Service fees 

Partially Used Tickets:

  • The amount of refund will be equal to the difference in fare between the: 
  • Original price of the ticket 
  • The part that has been used 
  • In the case of Air Vanuatu cancelling flights, these will be a part of the refund:
    • The carriage fee paid
    • Taxes
    • Government tariffs

Voluntary Refunds:

Passengers who willingly undo their flights can also claim a refund if eligible.

Unused Tickets:

  • The full price of the ticket along with charges paid for extra services will be reimbursed. 

Semi-Used Tickets:

  • Only the refund for the unused portion including fare difference and taxes paid is issued. 

Note: Money-back will not be issued on non-refundable fares. Hence, you will have to make a new reservation in this case. 

When Can Air Vanuatu Refuse Your Refund Requests?

According to the Air Vanuatu refund policy, the airline has the right to refuse the requests when:

  • The validity of the ticket expires 
  • When you have revoked the flight due to medical emergencies
  • Reservations were made via unofficial sources. 

Note: In case the airline does not grant you a refund even though you have met all the necessary conditions, you may file a complaint. 

How to Claim A Refund on Air Vanuatu?

To claim a refund on this carrier, you will have to contact the airline authorities. 

  • Call the general toll-free number at +678 20200. 
  • Submit all the necessary details. 
  • The agents will process your refund request once all the documents are securitized. 
  • It might take the airline around 7 days to deposit back your money. 
  • Once the amount is given for an Air Vanuatu cancelled flight, you will receive an email. 

How do I Cancel Flights on Air Vanuatu?

To make sure that different passengers can revoke their flights with ease, this carrier provides two options. These include the website and calling options. 

airfleetrating-Air Vanuatu Cancellation Method

Method 1: Using the Site

The online option to access the Air Vanuatu cancel tickets feature can be utilized in this way:

  • Open the Official Website of the carrier. 
  • On the first page of this site, find “Manage Booking”. 
  • Here, enter your “Last Name” and “Reference Number”. 
  • Continue by clicking on the “View My Booking” option. 
  • This will enable you to retrieve your official/direct reservation
  • Now, select the booking that you wish to cancel
  • Follow the instructions given on the site to continue.
  • Use the cancellation Air Vanuatu option to undo your booking. 
  • Pay the required charges. 
  • After you manage your booking, you will get a confirmation mail to your registered address. 

Method 2: By Calling

Under this method, you will have to make your request directly with the agents. 

  • Connect with the agents at the airline’s official contact number
  • Put forward your request for revocation by submitting all the necessary details
  • Pay the revocation fee as required under the Air Vanuatu cancellation policy. 
  • The agents will undo your reservation once all the details are scrutinized. 
  • Confirm the revocation at the mail received. 

Depending on your country, the contact number of the airline can change as follows: 

Region Contact Number 
Santo +678 36422
Australia 02 8335 4600
Fiji+678 20200
New Zealand +649 373 3435
Tanna +678 88667

In case your country or region’s number is not highlighted here, you can find it on the main website of the airline.

Who is Eligible for Air Vanuatu Cancellations?

Whether your ticket is eligible for revocation or not depends on the type of ticket and fare type, as per the Air Vanuatu flight cancellation policy:

Ticket TypeEligibility
Business Class Flexi Eligible on a fee 
Smart Fare Revocations are non-refundable 
Flexi Fare Eligible on a fee
Super Sale Not eligible 
Sale Fare Not eligible 

What is the Air Vanuatu Cancellation Fee?

The Air Vanuatu cancellation fee can be ascertained as per the following:

  • The exact amount of the fee will be disclosed:
    • At the time of booking
    • Or, during the revocation
  • The fee varies depending on the:
    • Fare type
    • Time of revocation
  • Your destination might also affect the revocation charges. 
  • You can pay this fee: 
  • Offline at the sales center in your region
  • Or, via online modes 

Note: Passengers can connect with the airline agents, as well, to know the fee amount. 

Other Means to Reach Air Vanuatu

The Air Vanuatu cancellation policy provides different options for passengers to connect directly for queries.

You can connect with the authorities at the following mail IDs:

For minor questions, you can use the carrier’s social media handles:

Social MediaOfficial Link

This cancellation policy seeks to ensure the utmost convenience to travelers when it comes to revocations and refunds. Passengers with different tickets can use these features and avail of the various services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air Vanuatu 24 hour cancellation policy?

This airline has not specifically mentioned a 24-hour revocation policy. But you may try canceling tickets earlier.

What is the cancellation fee of Air Vanuatu?

The Air Vanuatu cancellation fee can be found at the time of revoking a ticket.

How can I get compensation for Air Vanuatu cancelled flights?

To claim compensation, you will have to connect with the airline agents.

What to do if I cancel my Air Vanuatu flight ticket within 24 hours?

The general cancellation rules will apply to all types of revocations done at any time.

Does the Air Vanuatu Airline offer any refund after the scheduled departure?

Generally, refunds will only be granted on reversals made before the flight’s take-off.

Does Air Vanuatu have a free change or cancellation policy?

A cancellation fee will be charged on all flight reversals.

How do I cancel my flight on Air Vanuatu?

You can either use the main website of the carrier or connect with its agents to reverse bookings.

What happens if I cancel my Air Vanuatu flight?

You can claim a refund or rebook a new flight after the cancellation of the original ticket.

Can I cancel a Air Vanuatu flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you will be permitted to revoke your flights within the first 24 hours of booking

What happens if you cancel a Air Vanuatu non-refundable flight?

You will not be able to access reimbursements under the Air Vanuatu refund policy.

How do I know if my Air Vanuatu flight is refundable?

Reach out to the airline authorities to get information regarding the refund eligibility of your flight.

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