Air Tahiti Nui Cancellation Policy

airfleetrating-Air Tahiti Nui Cancellation Policy

Travelers can use the Air Tahiti Nui cancellation policy to understand how to revoke a ticket. This can also provide them with the benefit of refunds. In situations wherein the carrier has to discontinue a reservation, the policy can help them learn how to receive compensation or assistance.

Air Tahiti Nui Flight Cancellation Highlights

Here are the rules to follow when canceling your flight with this carrier:

  • Reversals are allowed when the fare conditions enable the same. 
  • Unused reservations are subject to revocations.
  • The above stands true in the case of return/onward trips too.
  • Avoid online check-in or discontinue it when you are certain about not flying.

Air Tahiti Nui 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Air Tahiti Nui offers a 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy for reservations made at least one week before the flight’s departure.

  • The benefit is available without any penalty.
  • Flight must be purchased through the official website.
  • There should be 1 week or 7 days left before the departure of your flight.

For refunds, under the Air Tahiti Nui 24 hour cancellation policy, refer to the table below:

Mode of Making PaymentsDuration of Refunds
Using credit cardsIn 7 days
Via cash/checksIn 20 days

How to cancel Air Tahiti Nui Flight ticket?

airfleetrating - air tahiti nui flight cancellation method

Air Tahiti Nui offers two ways to cancel tickets:

  1. Online Cancellation
  2. On-Call/Email Cancellation

Air Tahiti Nui Cancellation via Manage Booking

Passengers can cancel their tickets via Air Tahiti Nui Manage Booking.

  • Firstly Login to Air Tahiti Nui Website.
  • Open Air Tahiti Nui Manage Booking Section.
  • Fill in your Booking details, “Booking Reference Number” and “Last Name“.
  • Select the booking that you want to cancel.
  • Pay the cancellation fee if Necessary.
  • You will get a notification on your email address.

Air Tahiti Nui Cancellations via On-Call/Email

It is feasible to call this airline or send an email to it. In either case, you will be able to get help to revoke your plane ticket. Prefer using the following details for Air Tahiti Nui flight cancellations:

LocationEmail IDPhone Number
United (0) 844 482 1675
French Polynesia+(689) 40 476 787
Ireland+353 1 804 5100
North America+(877) 824-4846
Chile56 22 2433 135656 9 7797 3600
Brazil(+5511) 3106 3295
FranceLuxembourgBelgium0825 02 42 02
Mexico+52 (55) 55 96 35 50 44 286 99 55 069 770 673 004 931 172 722 02 43 45 83 89
Taiwan+(886) 2 8161 3411
Japan+81 3 6228 5604 
Korea+(82) (0)2 752 0301
Hong Kong+(852) 2926 2030
China+(8610) 65950066
+64 (9) 869 6840
+7 495 641 51 21
+61 (2) 906 189 09

How much is the Air Tahiti Nui Cancellation Fee?

In various instances, fees are applicable whether you discontinue your flight or the airline does it. When you want to find out the Air Tahiti Nui cancellation fee, the following information can help:

Cancellation TimeCancellation Fees
Within 24 hours of booking: No fee
More than 24 hours but less than 7 days before departure: $100 to $400
More than 7 days before departure: Full refund of base fare, taxes, and fees

Air Tahiti Nui Refund Policy

After your ticket is discontinued, you can get your money. Then by understanding the guidelines of the refund policy, you can receive it:

airfleetrating-Air Tahiti Nui Refund Policy
  • In case of reversals/oversells, charges for unused optional facilities are refunded.  
  • If the amount is given on a credit card, then it will appear in several cycles. 
  • Unused tickets are subject to money-back.
  • After submitting the proof, Air Tahiti Nui refunds are given to:
    • The passenger named on the ticket
    • Or, the person who has paid for it
  • Lost tickets can be reimbursed after providing:
    • “Passenger Receipt”
    • “Passenger Coupon”
  • Refunds can be claimed once.
  • Based on the ticket payment, money is given in the same currency.

Refunds for Tickets Bought in the US

For United States-based purchases, a flier will need to provide some information. Without this, the airline may not be able to go ahead with a money-back request.

The details required for requesting Air Tahiti Nui refunds are as follows:

  • The copy of your ticket or its number
  • Information regarding the payment mode.
  • For credit card payments, provide:
    • Your card’s number
    • The type of the card
    • Its date of expiry
  • An email ID or address for sending receipts
  • For payments via checks or cash, give:
    • Your present address for mailing
    • The person’s name who will receive the refund

In the case of US-based ticket purchases, refunds are given in 7 days when you have paid via a card or 2 days in the case of checks/cash.  

Note: Money-back for lost tickets or adjusted refunds may not be ensured as per the above.

How to Obtain Air Tahiti Refunds for US Tickets?

You can draft one mail and send it to this air operator. When your ticket purchase relates to the United States, the mail will be considered. Then it will be processed further.

Address for MailingAir Tahiti Nui, Refund Accounting 5901 West Century Blvd, Suite 1414Los Angeles, CA 90045

For additional help, the Air Tahiti Nui refund policy guides using the phone number – 1 (877) 824 4846 (US).

Money-Back for Lost Tickets

According to the Air Tahiti Nui cancellation policy, after providing the proof, lost tickets get refunded. They should be unused. Also, it should not be replaced.

When can Air Tahiti Nui Refuse Refunds?

In case your ticket is not valid, refund requests are refused. On certain other grounds too, this can happen such as:

  • Security concerns
  • When the requests are for refunding:
    • Charges for changing dates
    • Reversal costs
    • For concerns relating to connecting airlines

Air Tahiti Nui Cancelled Flights Policy

As per the cancelled flight policy, this carrier can revoke your trip. This is due to such reasons:

  • Suspicious behavior
  • Extensive flight delays leading to reversals
  • Not following the other policies of the carrier
  • Deplaning Air Tahiti’s aircraft
  • Incomplete payment of a ticket
  • Failure to complete check-in on time

When the reason for the Air Tahiti Nui cancelled flights relates to the conduct of a passenger, the airline can ask for a fee.

Notifications for Air Tahiti Nui Cancelled Flights

Fareholders will be informed about changes in the status of their flights. The correct contact details of a person will be needed. Ensure that the following are accurate:

  • Your complete name
  • Current contact number
  • Other contact information

In case your name on the ticket mismatches, get it corrected. Attempt to use the name change policy for this purpose.

For flights via US airports, notifications will be shared as follows:

  • The carrier will inform you within a duration of 30 minutes after confirmation.
  • Agents will also be given Air Tahiti Nui flight cancellation updates.
  • Thus, people with third-party reservations can be notified through them.
  • This information will be updated via:
    • The US airport’s boarding gate
    • Website
    • Telephone
    • In-person through inquiries

In the case of other locations, these points are vital:

  • The airline will try to inform you as soon as possible.

Air Tahiti Nui Canceled Flight Compensation

When this airline revokes your flight, it exercises the compensation policy. Given that a flight is revoked, it is possible that you may not board your connecting plane. 

  • In this situation, you can check who is the carrier of the transit trip. 
  • In case this carrier is Air Tahiti, it will provide you with help. 
  • You can request another connecting flight.

During other instances, the compensation for Air Tahiti Nui cancelled flights is given in these ways:

  • Rerouting
  • Another flight in the case of:
    • Weather problems
    • Medical issues
    • Landing in another location than specified

Other Compensation for Air Tahiti Nui Cancelled Flights

At times, a ticket is valid. Even then, a passenger may not be able to fly. In this instance, its validity will be increased. This benefit is given when the following occur:

  • A person has a booking but the trip is revoked
  • Missing a destined stop that is:
    • The individual’s departure point
    • A stopover
    • Or, his/her destination
  • Not following the flight schedule
  • Missing a transit trip
  • A change in the class
  • The desired space is not given

After Beginning a Journey

Suppose that a trip began but a flier was not allowed to travel despite the fare being valid. Then the Air Tahiti Nui compensation is given as follows:

  • Give extensions until flown
  • Or, extensions for 3 months in some cases

In the Instance of Death

Assuming that a traveler is dead en route, the flight change option can be used. The benefit of validity extension is observed. Or, the stay (minimum) is removed. When a journey has started but the traveler’s family member dies, the validity can be changed.

In the scenarios above, Air Tahiti Nui can ask for the document/certificate/proof of death.

Due to Situations not Controlled

This operator will attempt to control situations. However, when it fails to do so, the following may occur:

  • Not getting the reserved seat
  • Unable to reach the destination/stopover
  • Missing a flight or a transit trip

In these circumstances, the Air Tahiti Nui compensation is given as follows:

  • Providing other flight services
  • Rerouting
  • Giving a refund
  • Compensation (particularly when the reserved seats aren’t given)

The above provisions are in synchronization with the Conditions of Passenger Carriage – Article 11.

Involuntary Types of Refunds

During these occurrences, involuntary-natured refunds are given:

  • Revoking a trip
  • Not providing the seat booked
  • Going against the schedule
  • Not reaching the destination/stopover
Ticket UsageInvoluntary Benefit
Completely unusedThe sum of fees and the fare paid
1 portion usedTaxesFees 1-way charges (with reduced costs)Or, differences in the amount paid and the service used

Voluntary Types of Refunds

Aside from the reasons above, passengers can get their money back. This will be of the voluntary type.

Usage of TicketVoluntary Benefit
1 portion usedThe differences in charges and the fare paidAdditionally, the differences in applicable charges and fares for the travel
Fully unusedThe sum same as the charges/fare paid(After deducting service/reversal fees)

Club Tiare Cancellations & Air Tahiti Nui policy

Membership under this program can be cancelled. In this case, accrued miles will not be given. Members can undo their tickets too and seek Air Tahiti Nui refunds when possible.

Refunds for Award Tickets

Award tickets under Club Tiare are associated with the following refund rules:

  • The tickets will be valid for 1 year beginning from the travel date.
  • Its return date needs to be 12 months after the point of departure.
  • When a fare is unused and expires, refunds are not given.
  • Assuming that the fare is valid, the refund charge will be:
    • 100 USD
    • Or, 10,000 miles

Club Tiare, Miles, and Cancellations

You can earn miles when flying with this air operator. But during certain instances, they may not be credited:

  • Reversals may happen beyond the control of this operator/its partner carriers.
  • These situations include:
    • Weather issues
    • Safety concerns
    • Labor problems
  • In relation to these, miles will be given only for the portions of journeys traveled.

Club Tiare Refund Policy for Upgrade Awards

Upgrade awards require the use of miles. When you begin a journey but do not wish to continue it, your booking is subject to partial utilization. Then, the award won’t be refunded.

  • To get rewards refunded, revoke a trip before it begins.
    • This refund will cost:
    • 10,000 miles/100 USD
  • For excess/overweight baggage allowance, miles aren’t refunded upon reversals.
  • In the instance of no-shows:
    • Miles are not given back.
    • Award tickets get discontinued.
    • Return trips are not provided.
  • In exceptional cases involving death, flexibility may be given.

To sum it up, you can always rely on the Air Tahiti Nui cancellation policy to reverse a booking. From refunds to compensations, it covers everything essential to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Air Tahiti Nui cancellation policy?

This airline provides a policy that facilitates reversals in a number of situations.

What is the cancellation charge of Air Tahiti Nui?

When you revoke a ticket, you can learn the exact charge in the process.

How much Air Tahiti Nui flight compensation?

Monetary compensation is calculated as per the taxes, fees, and charges paid.

How can I get Air Tahiti Nui ticket refund when I cancel my flight ?

The US fliers can mail their requests to the Refund Accounting office of this airline to get their money.

Does Air Tahiti Nui have a free change or cancellation policy?

Yes, within a period of 24 hours, free revocations can be made.

How do I change or cancel my Air Tahiti Nui booking?

Call this operator or reach it on social media platforms to cancel your trips.

What if Air Tahiti Nui cancelled flights?

You can ask for compensation when your flight is no longer available.

Is there an Air Tahiti Nui 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, a 24-hour policy can be found for revocations.

How to get Air Tahiti Nui compensation?

You can reach this airline on call or at the airport to receive your compensation.

Who can get Air Tahiti Nui refunds?

An individual who is named on the ticket or the one who has made a payment can get a refund.

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