Air Tahiti Cancellation Policy

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The Air Tahiti cancellation policy is a feature that enables easy reversals. Within or after a point of your purchase, it guides you to discontinue trips. Its rules help you not only with reversals but refunds and compensations as well. To learn about the associated fees too, you should be familiar with it.

Air Tahiti Flight Cancellation Rules

The main rules of the policy include the following:

  • You can use this facility even when your ticket is unpaid.
  • Fliers can buy discounted tickets. They can be fully/partially non-refundable.
  • Depending on the fare bought, it may or may not allow reversals/compensations.

Restrictions of the Policy

The Air Tahiti flight cancellation policy may not provide help when the booking has been made via:

  • A travel agent not belonging to the airline
  • Third-party companies

Air Tahiti Cancellation Policy for No-Shows

Usually, fliers are requested to revoke their bookings in advance. When they take no action and also don’t show up for checking in, they are listed as no-show fliers. 

  • The airline will apply a no-show cost when they seek refunds.
  • Onward/returns trips will be revoked.

Air Tahiti Cancellation of Flight Online

The Air Tahiti cancellation policy is reliable for online aid. Here is how you can use the site to undo a ticket:

airfleetrating-Air Tahiti Cancellation Method
  • Run the website of this carrier.
  • Look for the dropdown “Book and Manage”.
  • Then tap on “Manage”.
  • Insert the following:
    • “Family Name”
    • “Booking/Ticket Number”
    • “Form of Identification”
  • You can press “Search”.
  • After this, you have to find “Manage Booking”.
  • From this dropdown, you can choose “Cancel and Refund”.
  • The request for a refund will be automatically made for online bookings.
  • To proceed, select “Confirm Refund”.

In case any instructions appear, follow them to complete this process.

Air Tahiti Cancellation Fees

You will be asked to pay a fee when a duration of forty-eight hours is not left before your flight’s departure. Otherwise, the carrier will make the seat available for any other flier.

To confirm the Air Tahiti cancellation charges, it will be suggested to contact this operator.

Cancel Air Tahiti Flights for Free

In 2 instances, the Air Tahiti cancellation fees are waived:

  • When you have not made the payment for a flight, you can revoke it for free.
  • On buying trips as per these dates, no fee applies:
    • 1st November 2021 – 3rd March 2022
    • 1st November 2022 – 30th June 2022

Note: In the case of the above-mentioned dates, canceling tickets amidst COVID-19 is also possible.

Air Tahiti Refund Policy

For paid bookings, the refund policy puts forth the following rules:

  • To cancel a trip and get a refund, there should be 48 hours left prior to departure.
  • Your ticket should be unused.
  • It should also be valid.
  • The fare rules associated with your ticket should allow Air Tahiti refunds.
  • A passenger’s name and the following should match:
    • The name written on the ticket
    • Or, the name of the person who made the payment

Tip: In case your information is incorrect on the airline’s document, use the name change policy.

  • Tickets bought online should not undergo any changes to qualify for this benefit. 
  • For online purchases, the refund process is automated.
  • The name on the ticket should be the same as that of the person who needs a refund.
  • Or, the individual who submitted the ticket’s cost should have the same name.
  • The proof will be needed to prove the name.
  • On losing a ticket, kindly submit one of these to get your money:
    • “Passenger Coupon”
    • “Passenger Receipt”
  • Every refund is subject to a fee.
airfleetrating-Air Tahiti Refund Policy

When are Tickets Valid/Unused for Refunds?

A ticket is considered open/unused when:

  • 1 year is left from the departure date.
  • Or, 1 year is left from the point of issuance.

Fees for Air Tahiti Refunds

In certain cases, this air operator can ask for fees while you make a request for a refund. 

Request DurationClass ZClass YClass S
Placed greater than 72 hours prior to departureNone50 € for a child60 € for an adult75 € per child100 € per adult
Made less than seventy-two hours before departing50 percent of the sum50 percent of the sum50 percent of the sum

Obtaining Air Tahiti Refunds without Fees

Assuming that a refund is sought for a baby, the airline will not ask for a fee. This also applies to travelers who are less than 2 years of age. 

Mode of Receiving Refunds

Air Tahiti flight cancellation refunds are available in mainly 2 forms. 

  • You can receive them in cash when you have paid for your purchases in the same way.
  • They are given on credit cards when this was the preferred payment mode.

Credit card and cheque-based refunds are credited 48 hours post making the requests.

Involuntary Types of Refunds

In synchronization with the Air Tahiti refund policy, involuntary benefits are available in the following circumstances:

  • Flights revoked by the carrier
  • Not conducting a trip as per the schedule
  • Stopover-related issues
  • Causes passengers to not board their transit flights

During these, the benefits given below are available when Air Tahiti cancels a trip:

Ticket’s ConditionInvoluntary Benefit
For completely unused faresThe sum equivalent to amount submitted on the “Carrier Network”
For partially used ticketsDifference in fares between the ticket and transport affected 

Voluntary Types of Refunds

There can be certain reasons that are not included in the involuntary Air Tahiti refund policy. For these as well, people can seek refunds. 

Ticket’s TermVoluntary Benefit
When a ticket is partially usedAmount equalling the balance between the paid fare and the used ticket’s travel points after subtracting revocation/service costs
When your ticket is unusedThe sum of the fare you’ve paid after deducting service and reversal charges

Stolen and Lost Tickets Refunds

The Air Tahiti flight cancellation policy comprises provisions for stolen/lost tickets. 

  • You will need to prove that the ticket is lost/stolen.
  • Once the fare expires, your money will be processed.

Note: Usually, the validity term before expiration is 1 year.

  • The ticket should be partially or fully unused.
  • No former refunds/replacements should have been made for it.

Grounds for Rejecting Refund Requests

On certain grounds, this operator can reject requests for money back. People cannot receive Air Tahiti refunds when:

  • The request is made after the ticket has become invalid or expired.
  • The fare is not refundable.
  • The ticket is falsified/deceiving.
  • A traveler has not made the payment for a trip.
  • The booking has been indirectly made.
  • Requests for money-back are in different currencies than the payment one.

In the final instance, should the airline decide to process the request, it may do so as per exchange fees.

Limitations of Refund Policy

The Air Tahiti cancellation policy for refunds is limited in these instances:

  • This policy cannot assist you in the case of indirect bookings.
  • Money is given back in sync with the “General Conditions of Carriage” of Air Tahiti.

Air Tahiti Cancellation Policy for Multi-islands Pass

A Multi-island Pass lets you do more than fly to one place. Under this, you can purchase the Pass or Extension tickets. But once the airline issues these tickets and fliers provide the payments, canceling or refunding them is disallowed.

Assistance for Unpaid Multi-island Pass Fares

When this airline neither issues it nor gets the payment for a Pass/Extension trip, you can get some assistance. To avail of it, under the Air Tahiti cancellation facility, you can utilize the instructions as follows:

  • Find the official page for “Air Tahiti Multi-islands Pass”.
  • Scroll down this page.
  • Navigate to the following section:
    • “Terms and Conditions for the Modification, Cancellation and Refund of all Pass and Extension Fares”
  • Select “Click Here” given in this section.
  • Wait until the page for assistance opens.
  • Choose “Yes” or “No” under “Is it a Reminder Request?”.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Soon, you will be connected to one agent.
  • You can share your request for flight revocation/refund with him or her.

Air Tahiti Cancelled Flights Policy

When the ticketing time limit is crossed and no payment is received, the carrier can revoke your flight. In this instance, the canceled flight policy is active. This enables the airline to discontinue trips.

It can also happen in these instances:

  • Not complying with the rules of this airline
  • Check-in not being done on time
  • Not following the baggage policy or other such frameworks

Revoked Prior to Departure

The carrier may have to undo your trip prior to leaving. It may do so due to its own fault. Then it will also accommodate you. This benefit is further available for those who are not the inhabitants of the region of cancellation.

Transit Points and Air Tahiti Cancellations

Some fliers may look forward to transit flights. But interruptions at the end of the airline may emerge. It will put them on other flights when feasible. Otherwise, it can provide the following options:

  • You will be reimbursed and transported to the origin island or Papeete.
  • It will give the unused segment’s amount in case you do not continue to fly.
  • When you are a non-resident at the location of reversal, it will accommodate you. 

Air Tahiti Flight Cancellation Compensation

In general, the carrier will let you make 1 call. You can inform a family member/any other person about the unforeseen situation. The further Air Tahiti compensation will depend on the reason for revocation and departure/arrival location. 

Internal Issues

When an internal reason compels the carrier to undo a booking, you can get:

  • The option to fly on another plane
  • Hotel stays/transfers/meals (for non-residents of the location) until you fly
  • The option to cancel the trip

External Issues

Assuming that your trip stands revoked because of an external cause, the airline can:

  • Reverse the trip on your behalf
  • Provide you with rebooking
  • Give meals, accommodation, or transfer options (for non-residents) until the next flight

Aside from these, when a trip is canceled in between or is interrupted, you may be left in a location other than the departure/arrival point. In this case, the carrier can:

  • Give the option of rebooking
  • Ensure free cancellations
  • Help you reach the departure point
  • Refund the unused portion as Air Tahiti flight cancellation compensation
  • Provide other aid in case you remain at the intermediate location

Note: In some cases, you can get miles too.

Other Aid

During instances of overbooking, this airline can assist you. It can compensate those who have a confirmed ticket available to the public. It should comply with the “General Conditions of Carriage” of Air Tahiti. Timely check-in will also be verified.

  • You can receive compensation up to XPF 10,000 or another trip.
  • Food is given as the Air Tahiti cancelled flight compensation.
  • You may expect accommodation and transport facilities.

In case you miss a connecting/transit trip, contact this carrier’s agents for help.

Reimbursement in the Form of Extensions

During some instances, the carrier can increase the validity of your ticket until you board a new flight. This happens when it:

  • Discontinues a destined point
  • Revokes your trip
  • Cancels the departure stop
  • Fails to provide you with the seat you booked
  • Doesn’t operate or stop a flight voluntarily due to delays
  • Prevents you from getting onto a transit flight

You can get this extension for 30 days in certain cases. Otherwise, ask for a refund. 

When a ticket is valid but you are still prevented from flying:

  • The carrier can increase its validity for 30 days maximum. 
  • Or, it can give you a refund as the Air Tahiti flight cancellation compensation.

Denied Air Tahiti Cancelled Flight Compensation

A flier may revoke a flight when he/she will be unable to board it. Then this person can apply for compensation. The carrier can deny the request or reduce the amount when the following are unavailable in a reservation:

  • The complete name same as on the passport
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Requirements for:
    • Additional seats
    • Wheelchairs
    • Unaccompanied minors
  • Contacts/accommodation name based in the departure island
  • Links with international or other flights

Aside from the reservation-related details, the compensation can be reduced/revoked when the minimum time to connect is not available.

Air Tahiti Cancellation Policy for Unaccompanied Children

There can be some chances of reversals until flights depart. Parents/guardians should remain near/at the origin airport till the plane leaves. This is suggested for those whose child is flying alone. 

But when an unaccompanied minor’s flight is discontinued in between: 

  • The carrier will connect with his/her guardians/parents.
  • You can request a return to the departing point.

Help Regarding Cancellation Queries

Should you have any unresolved concerns after/before you cancel Air Tahiti tickets, it will be useful to get in touch with this airline. You can use the phone number +689 40 86 42 42. Or, the following information should help:

Social Media PlatformLinks

In all, the Air Tahiti cancellation policy makes it simple to discontinue a trip. Even when the airline itself has to do so, this policy helps you in seeking assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Air Tahiti 24 hour cancellation policy?

There may be no policy specifically for reversals within 24 hours.

Does Air Tahiti offer any refund after the scheduled departure?

In some cases, you can ask for refunds even after the departure.

How do I cancel my flight on Air Tahiti?

Check the “Book and Manage” section on the website to revoke a flight.

What happens if I cancel my Air Tahiti flight within 24 hours?

You can get the benefit of a refund when you discontinue a ticket early.

Can I get a refund and compensation if I cancel my Air Tahiti flight tickets?

A flier can receive compensation/refund, subject to a few conditions.

How can I check Air Tahiti’s refund status?

Get in touch with this airline to inquire about the status of a refund request.

What is the Air Tahiti flight cancellation policy?

The airline has a cancellation policy that makes it easy to revoke tickets and request refunds.

How to apply for Air Tahiti refunds?

When you cancel your trip online, refund requests are shared in the process.

What is the Air Tahiti refund policy?

The policy enables you to receive your money back after you undo a ticket.

How much is the Air Tahiti cancellation fee?

To confirm the fee, make a connection with this operator.

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