Air Corsica Cancellation Policy

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When you book a flight with Air Corsica, you can do it without any concerns relating to its management. You are entitled to a number of benefits under the Air Corsica cancellation policy. Customers will be provided with several methods which will help them revoke their flights without trouble. 

Air Corsica Flight Cancellation Policy Guidelines

Canceling a booking will only be easier if you abide by certain rules that are laid by the carrier. Given below are those that you should remember when you deal with reservations directly made with this airline.

  • Provisions made under this will be limited as per “Conditions of Carriage and Sale”.
  • The carrier will not be liable for amendments for situations that fall under “Force Majeure”.
  • Passengers will have to pay a fee if they discontinue their flights.

Provisions for Canceling a Flight within 24 Hours

Revoking a reservation within twenty-four hours of booking can be beneficial. Though Air Corsica may not have a dedicated policy for addressing this, it has flexible rules when it comes to its customers. 

Fliers can always look out for options given in the Air Corsica cancellation policy. Then they can contact official sources for further information.

Policy for Cancellations due to COVID-19

When your flight is dismissed due to COVID-19, rest assured and do the needful. You can report the airline regarding the same and apply for reimbursement. Or, you can easily make changes to your itinerary and postpone your flight amidst the coronavirus.

  • Fees regarding changes will be according to the originally booked ticket.
  • For rescheduling a flight, one can:
    • Call on “09 69 36 22 20”. 
    • Send an email to “”.
    • Or, directly send a message on “Twitter” and “Messenger”.
  • Passengers can always ask for a reimbursement.
  • The concerned amount can get transferred to your account within a week. 

Reasons for Revoking a Flight

Things may not always go as planned, and you may have to make changes to previous plans. The Air Corsica cancel flight option is a convenient way out of stressful scenarios. 

The following circumstances may require fliers to undo their reservations:

  • In unfortunate circumstances which include the death or severe illness of a close one
  • Pressing commitments associated with work
  • Sudden changes in the purpose of the trip

Canceling a Corsica Resident Ticket

The airline has special provisions for travelers who have a resident ticket. The most profitable advantage that it offers is this ticket. You can get a free-of-cost refund and make changes to your booking.

  • Customers can reverse their tickets 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the initial flight.
  • The fare price is refunded after the return trip.
  • Contact “09 69 36 22 20” to withdraw the reservation.

Note: “No-Show Passengers” cannot make use of these provisions.  

Air Corsica Flight Cancellation Fee 

Any small amount may be charged after a customer revokes his/her flight. An Air Corsica flight cancellation fee will include both the cost of ticket reversal as well as expenses related to the application process.

The fee may vary based on: 

  • Fare type
  • Duration of reversal
  • Length of the flight

Tip: For customers having a resident ticket, a fee equal to the fare’s price is imposed.

Air Corsica Flight Cancellation Procedures

Fliers may need to use a variety of ways to reverse their flights. The process will depend on the needs of travelers. This airline has two primary options for revoking bookings.

airfleetrating-air corsica flight cancellation
  • The online method includes:
    • Social Media 
    • Official website
  • Offline method via:
    • Calls

You can go through the detailed process entailed below for easier access to all the options mentioned above.

Method 1: Via Social Media Sites

Fliers can directly message the airline on various social networking sites. One can also post a query and tag the airline. It should clearly state your request for canceling your ticket. 

The carrier uses the following platforms:

Social Media HandlesLinks

Method 2: Through the Official Website

For a large number of travelers, using the Air Corsica cancel flight option via the official website may be easy. To utilize this, you will need your booking-related information. Then you can manage it online anytime.

You can complete this process by following simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Air Corsica.
  • Look for “Manage Booking” and click on it.
  • Now, fill in your “Reservation  Number” and “Last Name”.
  • Hit on “Manage My Booking”.
  • Follow the instructions as per the website for easy ticket reversal.

Method 3: Calling the Airline

This carrier has a well-developed contact team that offers prompt assistance to its customers. This facilitates those who may not be comfortable with online revocation procedures.

The Contact details are listed under.

CountryContact NumberDayTime
France09 69 36 22 20Monday-Sunday8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Any Other33 (0) 4 95 20 95 20Monday-Sunday8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Note: Usually, calls made for withdrawing a booking are free of cost.

Air Corsica Refund Policy

The concerned service provider offers refunds to its passengers under several conditions. These can include: 

airfleetrating-air corsica ticket refund policy
  • Denied boarding
  • Missing their flights under unavoidable situations 

During these, they may claim a refund. The Air Corsica refund policy aids customers in reserving their rights as per the following: 

  • The airline will reimburse partially or completely, depending on “Fare regulations”.
  • Note that the amount of refund will vary based on the fare price.
  • Customers need to provide the following to request a refund:
    • “Passenger Coupon” 
    • Or, “passenger receipt”
  • Refunds will be made in the same currency used for booking.
  • Bookings made through mediums other than official sources are excluded.
  • For such bookings, use the same mediums for refunds.
  • Requests once confirmed cannot be undone.

Refund for Delay and Refused Boarding

  • The airline ensures that the return is in accordance with the ticket price.
  • It should also be given when a passenger denies boarding a flight.
  • The amount should be given for the part of the journey provided and for the one not provided.
  • Reimbursements will be provided within seven/7 days as per the rules. 

Note: The above-mentioned reasons should be according to Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

Limitations of Air Corsica Ticket Refund Policy

There are situations when this airline may refuse to give a refund to its passengers. Fliers should be well aware of these situations and be careful. 

Your request can be denied due to the following reasons.

  • Requesting a refund after the validity of the ticket will be futile.
  • It can be denied if the traveler is barred from the destination. 
  • The ticket being used is proven to be fake or illegally obtained.
  • In any case, where the ticket issued is “Non-Refundable”, this benefit can’t be given.

When can Air Corsica Cancel Flights?

This carrier can revoke your trips at times. This can happen whether or not a situation is under its control. Given that it cannot control it, there may be fewer provisions to expect. But when Air Corsica cancel flights due to reasons that can be managed, it can provide help.

Prior to seeking help, you should know when or when not to expect it.

Outside its Control,

Abrupt changes in plans can be problematic if you are traveling for an important cause. Sometimes your flight may get canceled due to situations that the carrier cannot control. 

Other than bad weather conditions your, flights can be revoked because of:

  • Airstrikes and government notices not allowing take-offs
  • Technical or mechanical problems in the aircraft

Within its Control

The carrier also reserves the right to nullify your booking. You may have to face that when you are not careful about the following:

  • You break the law or do not comply with security check-ins.
  • The comfort of co-passengers is compromised because of you.
  • You prove to be hazardous under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • In case fare prices and taxes are due, your trip can be revoked.
  • This can happen when you are traveling without proper documents.
  • The concerned ticket is fake.
  • Ticket is booked through a source/agent that is not approved by the concerned authority.

Air Corsica Cancellation Compensation

Customers can claim compensation when their booking is revoked without prior notice. They can even ask for the same if their flight is delayed causing severe inconvenience.

The air operator provides for its customers and offers help in various forms when a flight is revoked. However, there are certain limitations that fliers should be aware of. 

The Air Corsica cancellation compensation is available in the form of services only and mostly through a third party:

  • It may provide accommodation in a hotel.
  • You may be offered transportation by the carrier.
  • “Ground Carriage Services” are allowed under restrictions.

The ticket fare conditions apply to all compensation claims.

Note: Services provided will have their own “Conditions of Carriage”.

Assistance for Cancellation and Refund Queries 

The airline has a dedicated page for dealing with complaints and resolving claims made by customers. It is easy to use the page for all your queries.

  • Go to the official website of “Air Corsica”.
  • Look for “Contact” and click on the icon to the left of that.
  • A page opens up with contact numbers.
  • You can scroll down to see several options.

Here onward, choose the most relevant set of steps to resolve your concern:

Canceling Step

  • Hit on “Your Current Reservations”.
  • Fill out the form and give in all your details.
  • The “Message” section should be used for elaborating on your request.
  • After you are done, press “Validate” and your request will be filed.

Step to Requesting a refund

  • You can press the option for “Flight Claims, Baggage Claim, Refund Request”.
  • Go to the end of the page. 
  • Hit on “Disputes and Complaints”.
  • A new page opens where you can click on “Our Customer Relation Site”.
  • As soon as you do that, a new page opens up.
  • You can request by going to “Open or Consult a File”.
  • Customers will have to go through a thorough procedure for this.
  • Fill in personal details and then follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Note: Keep your “File Reference” and “Ticket Number” while you do the procedure.

The Air Corsica cancellation policy is well-designed. It helps travelers to revoke their reservations easily. It has all the information that the fliers might need. They can also get an idea regarding refunds and compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air Corsica have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

You can contact the airline to be certain about a well-defined 24-hour reversal policy in this matter.

How to rebook a canceled flight with Air Corsica?

Queries related to rebooking can be solved through the airline’s website.

Can I cancel my flight and get a refund from Air Corsica?

Yes, customers can reverse their bookings and get a refund after the deduction of a small amount.

How long before departure can I cancel a flight?

If you own a “Resident Ticket”, then you can cancel 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

How much refund do I get if I cancel my flight?

The amount of refund will vary depending on the fare price and cancellation fee.

Can I submit a claim if my flight was canceled?

Yes, one can submit a claim when a flight is revoked.

How can I claim a refund for my flight ticket?

A refund request can be made through the “Contact Us” page on the official website.

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