Air Caraibes Cancellation Policy

airfleetrating-air caraibes flight cancellation policy

Tickets can be reversed in the event of an emergency or even a minor change in your travel itinerary. Certain travelers may not be ready for such abrupt revocations. Air Caraibes cancellation policy has you covered in these situations. Understanding the policy properly can be advantageous for you. 

How to Cancel Your Air Caraibes Ticket?

In accordance with the Air Caraibes cancellation policy, a number of ways have been provided for discontinuing your booking. The primary method to revoke your booking function is through the website.

airfleetrating-air caraibes ticket cancellations methods

Method 1: Cancellation via Air Caraibes Manage My Booking

Customers may go through the authorized website of this airline carefully for smooth flight reversals. Canceling through the Home Page is also an easy process, especially when you have the complete booking details with you.

  • Visit the official “Air Caraibes” website.
  • Look for “Air Caraibes Manage Booking” and click on it.
air caraibes manage my booking
  • Scroll down and fill in your “Reservation Number” and “Surname”.
  • Hit the button that says “Look For”.
  • Select the booking that you want to cancel.
  • Pay a fee if necessary.

Method 2: Use Chatbot to Cancellation

The chatbot can be a more convenient option among others. This Aircaraibes bot is well-developed and offers a variety of alternatives to pick from. Simply typing in the keywords will get the necessary results. Then you will be able to cancel your trip.

Aircaraibes Chatbot

Method 3: Via Social Media Handles

On the majority of social media sites, the carrier has an official account. Customers can get in touch with it using the desired handle. They may contact the airline by directly messaging their queries in relation to the Air Caraibes flight cancellation policy. 

Links to all the sites are given below:

Social Media PlatformsLinks

Method 4: Using Contact Number or Mail ID 

Passengers may contact the carrier across several locations. There are region-specific numbers and mail IDs that fliers can use for their convenience. As they do so, they can place their requests for flight revocations.

To go ahead with your concern, these details should help:

AreaAir Caraibes Phone NumberMail ID
Guadeloupe+ 590 (0)5 90 82 47
Sainte Lucie+ 1758 453 0393
Haiti+ 509 29 15 00
Dominican Republic+ 1 809 549 93
Saint Martin+ 590 (0)5 90 87 10 36+ 599 (0)5 99 54 67 66 3/4
Cuba+ 537 204
For European Residents+ 39 02
Other Countries+33 (0)3 63 29 73 97

What is the Air Caraibes Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes things may go beyond your control. Then you may have to cancel bookings but only after adhering to certain rules. 

It has well-laid rules for its customers such as the following: 

  • The Air Caraibes flight cancellation policy applies to customers who have booked their tickets through the official website.
  • There are no provisions for “No-Show” passengers.
  • The airline may revoke bookings without prior notice.
  • Flight reversals aren’t free of cost. You may have to pay a fee for revoking your flight.

Why Air Caraibes cancel flights?

At times, certain circumstances lead to difficult consequences. Flight cancellations are an example of such situations. The carrier may have to revoke bookings or take-offs when things are beyond its control. 

Air Caraibes Cancellation Policy

Listed below are a few possible causes that can result in a revoked Air Caraibes flight:

  • The passenger may arrive after the given deadline for check-in.
  • This airline may be unable to reach the buyer within 48 hours of the booking.
  • Any disruption in the payment made will automatically lead to a reversed booking.
  • A customer may fail to provide the required documents.
  • Political instability like international tension or directives given by the government may occur.
  • Deteriorating weather conditions are not suitable for flights to take off.
  • The carrier can discontinue a flight due to overbooking.
  • Certain conditions may put passengers at risk while flying.
  • Air traffic or epidemics can be observed.

Partial or Complete Air Caraibes Ticket Cancellations

When the air operator revokes your booking, it will either do it partially or completely. In both scenarios, you should know the provisions available.

If the Entire Journey is Canceled

  • Given that your trip is revoked according to the carrier’s standard conditions of sale, the credit for this will expire. 
  • Oney Bank will after that repay the passenger under the Air Caraibes cancellation policy.  

When a Part of the Trip is Revoked

  • The credit will be modified to reflect the revised ticket price. 
  • Passengers will have to pay the interest due on the date of partial cancellation.
  • They will be notified about:
    • Revised credit terms.
    • The amount.
    • Dates of their new monthly payments. 

Note: The amount of bank card payments will be adjusted as necessary.

When Can You Cancel Your Flight on Air Caraibes?

Under certain conditions, fliers can revoke their bookings. A few examples of when they can do so are listed below:

  • The purpose behind traveling may change.
  • Customers may face problems with their connecting flights.
  • You will have to reverse a booking if there is a change in destination.
  • Owing to job obligations, you may undo your flight.
  • The sudden death of a closed one may force a flier to revoke a trip.

Air Caraibes Refund Policy

After discontinuing your flight, you may want a refund. The Air Caraibes refund facility is useful when you need help. Customers should understand the procedure and follow certain rules. 

airfleetrating-air caraibes ticket refund

The policy has clear instructions for conditions where customers will be allowed money-back.

  • A complete amount is available for an unused ticket. Hence, you can claim it.
  • You can claim so in accordance with the “Ticket’s Fare Conditions”.
  • Customers are entitled to this when schedule changes cause significant inconvenience.
  • Refunds may be requested when forced to fly in a class lower than reserved. 
  • When the ticket is booked through a travel agency/agent, the traveler must contact the same.
  • The agency can then make an Air Caraibes ticket refund request.
  • Your amount will also be processed in accordance with “Fare Regulations”.
  • The process starts within 30 days after the request is received.
  • Money will be credited to the account from which it was deducted while booking.
  • Fliers will be paid back in the same currency that was used while booking.
  • Passengers may have to pay a “Refund Fee”.

The carrier can notify the passengers in writing that they will not be able to fly on the scheduled flight. Accordingly, they can apply for refunds.

Amount of Refund Offered 

In some scenarios, the complete amount of your ticket will be given back to you. However, there are also circumstances in which partial refunds are observed.

Flex TicketFull fare price
Basic TicketAirport taxes only
Smart TicketTaxes indicated on the ticket

Limitations of the Refund Policy

Only certain fliers can use this policy. Also, when they do so, they should know the limitations of the same.

  • When a customer cancels a booking, the following are non-refundable:
    • Service fees
    • Taxes 
    • Other charges
  • The airline may apply restrictions on the refund in certain circumstances.
  • You can learn about these conditions directly from Air Caraibes refund policy.

Conditions that Lead to Denied Refund

The airline may, at times, refuse to refund the passengers. You should be careful while booking your tickets to avoid such a situation. Discussed below are situations where the carrier refuses to reimburse.

  • A ticket whose validity has already expired cannot be refunded.
  • It is not given when a traveler has been refused admission by transit authorities and sent back to the place of departure.
  • Stolen, forged, or tickets obtained through fraud are excluded.
  • Tickets that are booked as “Non-Refundable” are not covered.

Requesting a Refund

The Air Caraibes refund policy can work online. The website is designed in a way through which fliers can make a request for their money. The procedure involves filling out a form. Go through the following to complete the process smoothly.

  • Come to the “Homepage” of Air Caraibes. 
  • Scroll down and look for “FAQs”.
  • Click on that and then land on “Contact Us”.
  • Now, hit on “Refunds”.
  • Make a refund request through “Manage My Reservation”.
  • You can also click on “Complaints and COVID-19” and get directed to another page.
  • Press “Refund Request”. 
  • Then head to “Airline Ticket Refund”.
  • Fill out the form that appears thereafter.

How much is the Air Caraibes Cancellation Fees?

The airline may charge its customers some amount if they revoke their bookings. The amount varies depending on:

Flight TypeFare TypeCancellation Fee
Domestic FlightsBest ValueUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €50
Within 24 hours of departure – €80
No show – €100
ValueUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €70
Within 24 hours of departure – €100
No show – €120
FlexUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €80
Within 24 hours of departure – €120
No show – €150
Flex PlusAnytime before departure – No fee
International FlightsShort-HaulUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €150
Within 24 hours of departure – €200
No show – €250
Medium-HaulUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €200
Within 24 hours of departure – €250
No show – €300
Long-HaulUp to 7 days before departure – No fee
Within 72 hours of departure – €250
Within 24 hours of departure – €300
No show – €350

Air Caraibes Flight Cancellation Compensation

The airline is supposed to reimburse its fliers if and when the need arises. Compensations are reserved under the rights of customers who fly through Air Caraibes. One may request this when the flight is discontinued.

  • Travelers with a “Contract of Carriage” can ask for provisions.
  • Fliers may also be offered a ticket on another airline.
  • Denied boarding due to overbooking, will fetch customers compensation, provided all other conditions are fulfilled.
  • Damage incurred due to a canceled flight can fetch each passenger a maximum of 4694 SDR.
  • The compensation policy ensures that customers are provided with every possible alternative.

How to Claim Compensation on a Canceled Flight?

Customers can submit forms for a variety of inquiries and claims. A similar approach is used to request Air Caraibes flight cancellation compensation.

  • Once on the main page of this airline’s website, access the chatbot.
  • Type “Compensation”.
  • Two options will pop up.
  • Click on “Making A Claim”.
  • A page will appear with several options, press on “Others”.
  • Fill out the form that appears thereafter.
  • You will have to give your personal details and attach important documents.
  • After you are done, hit the “Send” button.

The cancellation policy of Air Caraibes is a structured framework that addresses consumer concerns. It not only helps them with revocations, but it also provides a summary of refunds and compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What if I cancel my Air Caraïbes flight? Can I get a refund?

You can revoke your ticket and obtain a refund as well.

What to do when an Air Caraibes flight is canceled?

At times, when your flight is discontinued, ask for a refund or compensation from the carrier.

How do I know if the Air Caraibes ticket is refundable or not?

If you have bought a “Flex Ticket” while booking, then it will be considered refundable.

How do I cancel my Air Caraibes ticket?

Reversing a ticket is very easy and can be done through the airline’s official website.

What is the Air Caraibes refund policy?

This policy is a set of rules that help customers with the procedure involved in getting a refund.

Can you get an Air Caraïbes refund?

Yes, one can get a refund, if he/she has a “Flex Ticket” booking.

Can Air Caraibes tickets be refunded?

Some tickets of this operator can easily be refunded

How to get a refund or compensation from Air Caraïbes?

Fliers can request compensation or a refund through “Manage My Reservation” on the website.

What to do when your Air Caraïbes flight is canceled?

If due to an unforeseen circumstance, your flight gets canceled, then you can contact the carrier for assistance.

When can I claim a refund for my canceled Air Caraibes flight?

Making a refund request will be easier if you have a Flex ticket.

I was flying with Air Caraibes to a non-EU country. Can I still claim compensation?

You can contact this airline to find out your eligibility for compensation.

How long do I have to wait to get compensation or a refund?

Travelers can request for a refund as soon as the flight is canceled and the request will be processed within 24-48 hours.

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