Aegean Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Aegean Airlines Flight

Sometimes, tourists may have to cancel their reservations due to conflicting commitments. These can be related to professional or personal matters. For that, travel plans may be canceled at the last moment. Using the Aegean cancellation policy, they can do so with ease. It describes the rules, conditions, and fees that are associated with the procedure of canceling a flight. Additionally, it will emphasize the important factors to consider in mind while doing the revocation procedures. 

Guidelines for Aegean Cancellation Policy

Some passengers may want to undo their flights at the last moment. Pertaining to this, the airline has facilitated this cancellation service/policy for them. They can cancel their reservations up to thirty minutes earlier than the planned departure. Once this period has passed away, the air carrier does not allow them to cancel flights. This is because, after this, tickets will be automatically canceled and the airline will not be responsible. 

Other rules depending on some scenarios are given below: 

  • If you miss your flight, then you will be responsible for paying a fee equal to the amount of the ticket. 
  • Under the Aegean Air cancellation policy, travelers can request their amount for the portion of the tickets that were not used. 

Quick Note: Based on the kind of class and category a visitor has, different conditions may apply for cancellation. 

Aegean Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

There is an Aegean 24 hour cancellation policy provided by the air operator. It takes into account situations wherein a passenger might purchase the incorrect tickets or decide no longer to travel with Aegean Airlines. Relating to this and other situations, this policy gives the advantage of instant cancellation. 

To utilize this policy, passengers can undo their plane tickets during twenty-four hours after reservations. In order to do so, they will not have to bear the cancellation charges. Also, a refund of the total sum of a ticket is provided. However, according to the Aegean Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, this rule is eligible only when there are seven days left prior to the scheduled flight’s departure. 

Quick Note: Only plane tickets reserved straight with Aegean Airlines website or by telephoning the customer service department are eligible for this policy. 

How to Cancel Aegean Flights?  

To execute a cancellation method, locating the main website of Aegean is essential. You can manage your reservation by logging into your account on that. After that, you can cancel your flight with ease. Another method is also provided by the airline for a traveler’s convenience. It can be done by calling the customer service department. Over the phone, you can share your query and simply make an Aegean flight cancellation with the help of specialized guidance from the carrier’s officials. 

Method 1: Cancel an Aegean Flight Online

On the Aegean Airlines website, a flight cancellation can be done from the flyer’s official account. His/her basic information is used in this procedure to assist the flyer in taking action. Also, at any time, it can be executed. By doing so, it gives instant verification of a flight cancellation as well. To proceed, you will have to access the carrier’s website. There, the My Booking feature will help you add details and cancel your plane ticket quickly. 

  • According to the Aegean flight cancellation policy, initially, browse the operator’s website. 
  • On the main page, the “My Booking” tab is available. Press on that tab. 
  • To continue, enter the basic details including “Last Name” and “Booking Reference (PNR)” in the given blanks. 
  • Hit on the “Continue” feature. 
  • Now, a passenger can see his or her reservation. 
  • Choose the booking and choose the “Cancel” button. 
  • Pay the necessary fees and confirm whether or not a flight is canceled. 

Quick Note: When you have any issue while doing this method, you can connect with the air operator. Once you make a request for revocation, Aegean Airlines cancel within 24 hours. 

Method 2: Ticket Cancellation on Call    

A traditional method is given wherein a visitor can take advantage of a ticket cancellation over the phone. You can either request the officials to guide you about the method or do it on your behalf. In addition, with this, you will be guided personally. 

For initiating the reversal by the officials, your accurate flight information is crucial. So please provide the requested information as soon as you connect. Then pay the fees and wait for the officials to inform you soon regarding the Aegean flight cancellation.  

The following table shows some numbers of different countries. If your country number is not mentioned, then follow the steps written below:

CountryTelephone Number
Greece+801-11-20000 (National)+30-210-6261000 (International)
Saudi Arabia +966-800-844-1206
  • Head to the website of Aegean Airlines to initiate the procedure. 
  • On the website, choose your preferred language.
  • Then, at the top of the main page, you will have the “Help and Contact” button. Hit on it. 
  • Move down the following page at the bottom. 
  • Now, choose your original country.
  • By selecting, the phone numbers will be displayed. 

Aegean Airlines Cancellation Fees

Depending on a number of factors, the airline will charge you differently for ticket cancellations. The timing of the reversal and when your tickets were issued are the primary determining factors. However, in order to provide customers with ease, this airline typically charges modest prices. 

Based on the circumstances, the details on fees are listed below: 

  • When a cancellation is made in twenty-four hours of the leaving time, you will be required to pay a fee between USD 100 to USD 500. 
  • Tourists can cancel their flights for free on the same day of purchasing them, according to the Aegean 24 hour cancellation policy. 
  • In case you have missed the risk-free period, you will be responsible for some penalty. 
  • For domestic flights, these are the cancellation fees to be paid: 
    • Flex Fare: £45 
    • ComfortFlex Fare: £45 
  • The cancellation cost is as follows for international flights: 
    • Flex Fare: £50 fee can be levied
    • ComfortFlex Fare: a penalty of approximately £50 will be charged. 
  • For a one-day journey: 
    • When you cancel a flight more than 45 days before your trip, the air carrier will charge a 15 percent fee. 
    • A 30% fee will be paid in case you reversed a flight 44 to 16 days prior to the departure. 
    • In the event of a cancellation of 15 to 8 days prior to the planned leaving date, the airline will levy 50 percent as an Aegean Airlines cancellation fee.
    • When a cancellation is done seven days prior to the departure, the full amount of the ticket can be charged as a service fee. 
  • Multi-day trips: 
    • A 20 percent fee can be levied upon confirmation of cancellation. 
    • If you cancel a reservation between ninety to forty-six days before your trip, then 50% will be paid as a fee. 
    • A penalty of 75% can be charged for a cancellation made between 45 to 31 days before the leaving date. 
    • Given that you cancel a flight within 30 days of your trip’s start date, then the whole cost of the ticket can be charged as a fee. 

Policy for Aegean Cancellation Refunds

On making a flight cancellation, a passenger would require his or her money back immediately. The person will have to first know whether or not he/she is qualified for the same. If you are qualified and have requested a refund, then also it typically takes seven to twenty days for it to be credited to your account. So, it is recommended to request a refund as soon as possible from the air carrier when the need is urgent. 

The eligibility criteria to qualify for a refund are as follows: 

  • When you have booked a flight via an agent, you must contact her or him in case of receiving a refund. 
  • If a traveler cancels his/her ticket on a similar day as that of buying it, then she/he will receive the entire Aegean cancellation refund. 
  • The air operator will issue a refund using the initial payment method. 
  • All reservations revoked due to coronavirus have been refunded by the air carrier. 
  • In some scenarios, you will obtain a credit coupon on cancellation. This can be utilized to book more flights with Aegean Airlines in the future. Also, you can only use it for the following 18 months. 
  • The air carrier has added 10 percent more value to the credit coupon for flights that are canceled starting on January 7, 2020.
  • In case you have booked a ticket with a travel agency and extra services with Aegean Airlines, you are eligible for receiving a refund. 
  • When you have used a coupon, Miles+Bonus, and bank loyalty scheme points to buy your flight ticket, you will be eligible to submit an Aegean Airlines cancellation refund request. The corresponding Miles, points, or coupons will be returned to you. 
  • You should email the Business on Board program if your reservation is booked using the same. 
  • Assuming that passengers are reversing their bookings after the planned departure time, then this airline will not issue any refunds.

How to Apply for an Aegean Refund? 

On cancellation, most travelers expect a refund. Understanding that, the air carrier has made some requirements to meet. If you fulfill all the requirements, then you must request a refund as soon as possible. In order to do so, you will have to come to the carrier’s website. There, enter the information as asked in the refund form. After adding it, owing to the Aegean Airlines cancellation policy, submit the same to the air carrier and wait for confirmation. 

There are various measures that must be taken to complete the refund form. They are as follows: 

  • Click on the following link:
  • To reach the refund form, kindly click on the “I have Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions” feature available on the website. 
  • Now, press the “Apply” button. 
  • After hitting that feature, a refund form is displayed. 
  • Enter the details, including “Passenger Name”, “Contact Email”, “Passenger Surname”, and “Contact Phone Number”. 
  • Scroll down the page, and add some other information as well. Both the “Ticket Number” and “Booking Reference” will be needed. 
  • Once the details are properly mentioned, you can select the “Submit” tab. 

Quick Note: Make sure that each refund request pertains to one person only. If there were more than one person on your original reservation, then he or she will need to file a new request. Also, every person will get a separate return. 

Aegean Airlines Cancelled Flights Refund/Compensation

On canceling a traveler’s flight, the air carrier gives a refund in the form of compensation. Despite not being a European Airline, Aegean must abide by its regulations. This can be followed in order for travelers to easily get compensation from the airline for flight delays or cancellations. Additionally, it can safeguard you from reversals and provide you with the Aegean Airlines cancelled flights refund in the form of money or other means. 

The overall compensation amount can be decided based on the delay length and distance traveled. Considering these, the information is mentioned below: 

  • According to EU rule 362/2004, assuming that a flight is canceled by the carrier more than fourteen days in advance, then no reimbursement will be given to the travelers. 
  • The air carrier, Aegean Airlines, has the right to claim compensation on a passenger’s behalf. For that, it will charge some amount as a penalty. 
  • You can submit an Aegean cancelled flight refund claim for up to €600. 
  • On cancellation or delay, the air operator offers an alternate flight option to customers to a similar location and time. 

In Consolidation,

Traveling with Aegean Airlines can induce comfort in your experience. The air carrier wants you to have a positive experience not just when you are flying but on cancellation as well. Given various circumstances, the Aegean cancellation policy serves its customers well. It guides about the reversal process as well as fees charged with that so that you are fully aware of the policy. Thus, you will find it convenient to use.

FAQs – Aegean Cancellation & Refund Policy

How to cancel Aegean flight?

A passenger can call the airline and share his or her concern regarding flight cancellation. You can locate the customer service number on the website of Aegean. Otherwise, you can use the website and cancel a flight online by signing in to your account. There, the My Bookings tab will assist you to enter details and revoke a plane ticket with ease. Also, according to the Aegean Airlines flight cancellation policy, both these methods are available all the time. 

How do I cancel my Aegean flight online?

The online flight cancellation facility is provided by the air carrier. To proceed with it, head to the main website. You must then select the “My Booking” section and accurately enter the information. After adding it, pick your flight and tap on the “Cancel” feature. At last, pay the fees if applicable. 

What is the Aegean Airlines cancellation policy?

This airline’s cancellation policy outlines all the guidelines for reversing a flight. It details when and how to cancel a booking. Also, how much you will be charged and any rules related to that are mentioned. By referring to the Aegean Air cancellation policy, you will know about the refunds as well.

How does an Aegean Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours work?

The 24-hour cancellation policy of Aegean Airlines works with a set of terms that visitors must comply with. It enables them to undo flights without paying any fees in the first twenty-four hours after making their reservations. In addition to this, the air operator offers Aegean Airlines cancellation refunds during this time. It can be equal to the cost of the ticket.

Will I be penalized under the Aegean flight cancellation policy?

Yes, on cancellation, you will have to pay a penalty. When you do not show up at the airport for your flight, then also you will be required to pay a fine. Owing to the Aegean cancelation policy, this can depend on the timing of the cancellation. Furthermore, the kind of ticket is also important to determine the fees.

How to cancel flight Aegean Airlines?

By getting in touch with Aegean Airlines officials, a traveler can cancel a flight offline. They will assist you in canceling your flight. You can check the contact number to reach them on the site. Then, provide some details as asked on the call. Pay the fees and wait till your flight has been reversed.

Why did Aegean Airlines cancel my flight?

The instances of Aegean cancelled flights are rarely observed. Sometimes, they can take place because of restrictions on air traffic as well as a number of other factors. Consequently, managing the same is a challenging task. When this happens, you can be assisted by the airline for flight management.

Can Aegean Airlines refund for cancelled flights?

A visitor is entitled to compensation when the air operator cancels a flight. Even for your connecting flight with Aegean, you will be eligible for the same. This can be based on the length of the delay and the flight distance. 

How to cancel my Aegean flight at the airport?

A passenger can cancel a reservation by visiting the nearby airport. After reaching here, you can meet the representative and request an Aegean flight cancellation. Then you will be asked to submit the flight details. Provide and pay the fees, followed by waiting at the airport. Soon you will be notified about your revoked booking.

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