Top 10 World’s Safest Countries to travel in 2023

10 Safest Places to Travel During Covid in 2021

Traveling and experiencing new locations are among the finest pleasures ever, but hey, it could be intimidating! It makes logical that you might be wary of traveling if you’re more vulnerable or a solo traveler. Yet, everyone must like traveling, and it should be enjoyable and calming rather than terrifying. As a result, I’ll present a few of the Safest Countries to travel to without worry.

Even if these are not the only places you can go in safety, they could be a good place to start while you establish your bearings before going a little further.

So if you want to revive your already shelved travel plans for a handful of life, you must check out the following guide enlisting 10 Safest Places to Travel in 2023. 

Top 10 World’s Safest Countries and Places with Airports to Visit in 2023


Regarded as the land of chocolates and luxury watches, Switzerland tops the list of “10 Safest Places to Travel in 2023. To back up the fact is the stamp of approval given by Deep Knowledge Group. 

Despite being quite close to the cities where Covid-19 wreaked havoc, this land of beautiful mountains waged a tough war against the virus and has come out as the safest haven for travelling. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or a few days  in peace amidst nature with your family, Switzerland has many surprises in store for you. 

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Zurich, Lake Geneva, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Lake Geneva, Lausanne, Davos, Chateau de Chillon, Bern, Lake Lugano and Ticino, The Rhine Falls, Swiss National Park, Oberhofen Castle, etc. 

International Airports in Switzerland

  • Zurich Airport Zurich Airport Code: ZRH (IATA), LSZH (ICAO)
  • Geneva Airport Geneva Airport Code: GVA(IATA), LSGG (ICAO)
  • Basel Airport Basel Airport Code: MLH (IATA), LFSB (ICAO)
  • St. Gallen Airport St. Gallen Airport Code : ACH (IATA), LSZR (ICAO)
  • Lugano Airport Lugano Airport:  LUG(IATA),   LSZA( ICAO)
  • Bern Airport Bern Airport Code: BRN (IATA), LSZB (ICAO)
  • Sion Airport Sion Airport Code: SIR (IATA),  LSGS (ICAO)


Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, Turkmenistan serves as a gateway to a great culture, captivating history, and exquisite architecture. It is surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan which are still dealing with the previous Covid-19 crisis. However, this beautiful country, blooming deep in the Karakum Desert, banned all incoming flights right on time to keep Covid at bay.  And, as a result, Turkmenistan is one of the safest places to travel right now. 

Places to Visit in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, Darvaza, Mary, Kunya-Urgench, Balkanabat, Kaakhka, Dasoguz, Turkmenabat

International Airports in Turkmenistan

  • Ashgabat International Airport Ashgabat International Airport Code: ASB (IATA), UTAA (ICAO)
  • Balkanabat Airport Balkanabat Airport Code: BKN (IATA),  UT1H (ICAO)
  • Dashoguz Airport Dashoguz Airport Code: TAZ (IATA), UTAT (ICAO)
  • Mary Airport Mary Airport Code : MYP(IATA), UTAM(ICAO)
  • Turkmenistan Airport Turkmenistan Airport Code KRW (IATA), UTAK (ICAO)
  • Turkmenabat Airport Turkmenabat Airport CRZ (IATA), UTAV (ICAO)

Vatican City

Also known as the Holy See or See of Rome, Vatican City is the heartbeat of the global Catholic faith. It welcomes more than 5 million tourists from all over the world every year and, despite it all, this beautiful country has managed to stay away from the Covid-19 crisis even today. Its proximity to Rome (one of the worst affected destinations by Coronavirus) could have played a major spoilsport in dealing with the deadly virus. However, surprisingly, the Holy See emerged as a Covid-Free nation in June 2020. 

Places to Visit in Vatican City 

St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Palace Highlights, Pinacoteca, St. Peter’s Square, Museo Pio Clementino, etc. 

International Airports in Vatican City

There are no airports in Vatican City. However, you can use Leonardo da Vinci (FCO), also known as, Fiumicino Airport (IATA: FCO, ICAO: LIRF) in Rome to visit the Holy See. 


A paradise flanked by Mount Yasur ( the world’s most accessible active volcano), Vanuatu is unarguably the most beautiful tropical island country in the Pacific Ocean that offers endless underwater adventures such as diving and snorkeling to its beholders. It is formed by a melange of several other gem-like islands brimming with surprises you will hold in your heart for life. 

This country had the strictest policies in place right on time due to which it has not reported any single case of Covid-19. So this is why this majestic Waterworld features on our list of the safest places to travel in 2023.

Places to Visit in Vanuatu

Port Vila, Luganville, Port Olry, Mele Maat, Mele, Lakatoro, Lenakel, Espiritu Santo

International Airports in Vanuatu

  • Bauerfield International Airport Bauerfield International Airport Code: VLI  (IATA),  NVVV)(ICAO)
  • Santo Pakoa International Airport Santo Pakoa International Airport Code: SON (IATA), NVSS (ICAO)
  • Tanna Airport Tanna Airport Code TAH (IATA), NVVW (ICAO)


Just like its neighbor in Oceania (Vanuatu), Australia the Land Down Under has managed to keep Coronavirus at bay. The Land Down is one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world. According to a report, more than 9 million tourists visited this beautiful country in 2019–registering an increase of nearly 2.4%. 

So if you still have that mysterious craving for the Great Barrier Reef, fly to Australia today and explore the exotic aboriginal culture. 

Places to Visit in Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, etc. 

International Airports in Australia

New Zealand 

Regarded as God’s Own Country, New Zealand features on the U.S. State Department’s level 1 travel advisory list. This majestic country is a treasure trove of breathtaking sceneries, delicious food, and some of the best wines. Besides, there is no Corona in the country. So you can explore this God’s country even during the crisis. 

Places to Visit New Zealand

Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch, Rotorua, Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, Wellington, Bay of Islands, Wanaka, Taupo, Kaikoura, Abel Tasman National Park, Dunedin, etc. 

International Airports in New Zealand

  • Auckland International Airport Code: AKL (IATA), NZAA (ICAO)
  • Christchurch International Airport Code:  CHC (IATA), NZCH (ICAO)
  • Queenstown Airport Code: ZQN (IATA), NZQN (ICAO) 
  • Rotorua Airport Code: ROT (IATA), NZRO (ICAO)
  • Wellington International Airport  Code: WLG (IATA), NZWN (ICAO)


According to a survey conducted by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, Canada is one of the safest places to travel. The survey reveals that the Great White North is safe for all age group people including the most vulnerable age group of middle-aged and mature people. 

If you want to explore outdoor activities like a maniac, Canada has a lot in store for you. It is a world of camping, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and whatnot. 

Places to Visit in Canada

Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Banff, Whistler, Niagara Falls, Victoria, Ottawa, Banff National Park, Calgary, Lake Louise, Vancouver Island, Jasper National Park, Jasper, Regional Municipality of Niagara, Lak Ontario, Tofino, Prince Edward Island, etc. 

International Airports in Canada

  • Calgary International Airport Code:  YYC (IATA), CYYC (ICAO)
  • Edmonton International Airport Edmonton Airport Code: YEG (IATA),  CYEG (ICAO)
  • Fredericton International Airport Fredericton Airport Code: YFC (IATA), CYFC (ICAO)
  • Gander International Airport Gander Airport Code: YQX (IATA), CYQX (ICAO)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport Halifax Stanfield Airport Code: YHZ (IATA), CYHZ (ICAO)


Georgia is a hidden paradise of an exotic heritage blessed with divine nature and culture. Despite being a small country, nestled in the heart of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is formed by a melange of all kinds of climates. It is a paradise for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping.  

You can visit this country any time of the year as it is Corona-free. The best part is that you don’t even need to go in quarantine for 14 days. 

Places to Visit in Georgia

Tbilisi, Batumi, Mtskheta, Stepantsminda, Kutaisi, Borjomi, Gudauri, Mestia, Gori, Sighnaghi, Ushguli, Telavi, Ushguli, Telavi, Bakuriani, Svaneti, Akhaltsikhe, Zugdidi, Kobuleti, Poti, Ureki, Chiatura, etc. 

International Airports in Georgia

  • Tbilisi Airport Tbilisi Airport Code: TBS (IATA), UGTB (ICAO)
  • Kutaisi Airport Kutaisi Airport Code: KUT (IATA), UGKO (ICAO)
  • Batumi Airport Batumi Airport Code: BUT (IATA), UGSB (ICAO)


A perfect destination for people looking to blend their souls in an exotic cultural and religious heritage, Portugal is the ultimate gateway to exquisite landscapes and splendid beaches spanning 850 kilometers. Several parts of the country are allowing you to revel in the legacy of an endless history. 

Places to Visit in Portugal

Lisbon, Porto, Faro Disctrict, Sintra, Lisbon, Madeira, Albufeira, Lagos, Funchal, Faro, Coimbra, Obidos, Cascais, Evora, Nazare, Sao Miguel Island, Ponta Delgada, Portimao, Cascais, Aveiro, Tavira, Madeira Island, Braga, Guimaraes etc. 

International Airports in Portugal

  • Lisbon Airport Lisbon Airport Code: LIS (IATA), LPPT (ICAO)
  • Porto Airport Porto Airport Code: OPO (IATA), LPPR (ICAO)
  • Faro Airport  Faro Airport Code: FAO (IATA), LPFR (ICAO)


The home to the legendary Sachertorte cake, Vienna features last (but not the least obviously) on our “Safest Places to Travel in 2023” list. If you love exploring cultures, then this country offers more than you ask for. It blends cultures with religion, diversity, and architecture. 

All you need is your health certificate to enter this country and be part of its unique heritage. 

Places to Visit in Vienna

Historic Center of Vienna, Schonbrunn Palace, Tiergarten Schoenbrunn, Albertina, The Hofburg, Natural History Museum, Belvedere Museum, Wiener Staatsoper, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Leopold Museum, Rathaus, etc. 

International Airports in Vienna

Vienna International Airport Vienna International Airport Code: VIE (IATA), LOWW (ICAO)

While we are still grappling with Covid-19, there are a few countries offering us a chance to experience the world in its original form. And the GOOD NEWS is that this list ain’t over yet. Stay tuned to check more countries carving them a place out here.

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